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Whenever childhood physical or sexual abuse is talked about, I often hear the question: “What can I do about it?” There are a number of things actually, you could donate cash or give some of your time to any number of charities or agencies that claim to act on behalf of all children, such as […]


This morning, my attention was drawn to a short Twitter exchange that appeared on my timeline. The Conservative ex-Junior Health Minister, Edwina Currie, was asked a question which referred, (I assume) to the recent revelations that it may soon become a legal requirement to report any instances of Child Abuse. Ms Currie was then asked […]


“No stone or rock could ever fall from the sky.” -The Church of Rome Perhaps the greatest natural catastrophe that has ever occurred in history, a single event that in one moment, had plunged the whole of Britain into an age of impenetrable darkness for 11 years, and had almost simultaneously, decimated three of the […]

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