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A FIELD OF DREAMS (Revisited)….

In a previous article on this site, I alluded to the possibility that a number of designs found in Agriglyph’s (Crop Circles) that have appeared in the south-west of England and elsewhere, were ‘Blueprints‘ for an entirely new type of propulsion system. “So was 1997, also a year in which an entirely new propulsion system […]


During the summer months of 1947, something happened – something very significant, and something which began a chain of events, that more than sixty six years later has still not reached it’s full conclusion. That event, which would become arguably the most recognised incident of it’s type, and which became the subject of countless theories, […]


“The eventual goal of science is to provide a single theory that describes the whole universe” – he went on to say that only then, “shall all – philosophers, scientists and ordinary people would be able to take part in the question of ‘why is it that we and the universe exist’, it would be […]


There are numerous groups of people who’s status and position in any society, depend entirely on the continuation of many centuries of deception, duplicity and propaganda, which has served to keep the majority of the human race in a perpetual state of blissful ignorance. A state of invisibly controlled, but forcefully managed equilibrium that must, […]


When people speak publicaly about disclosure, regardless of their position, it does not automatically mean that they are telling the truth. But equally, it does not mean that they are not being entirely honest either. By Arjun Walia Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of National Defense in the 1960′s during the cold war. He […]


What if human DNA has been somehow ‘tampered’ with, at a genetic level for instance? And if so, why? The term ‘Junk DNA’ has been talked about by scientists, who still argue among themselves as to what purpose that 98% of this ‘useless’ DNA served, if any. I find it difficult to believe that only […]


We have reached a stage in our evolution, where hopefully only the deeply religious or extremely naive, still believe that this planet is host to the only ‘intelligent’ lifeforms in the universe. So the term ‘Starseed’ may sound familiar to you. *”I must stress that this article is not to be confused with, or connected […]


I posted an article on this site in August this year, where I attempted to explain why I believed there is no satisfactory explanation, (based on human physiology) that I have found for how humans came to exist on this planet. THE OUTLAW: ‘AGAINST NATURAL LAW’ So, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following […]

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