Are certain abilities given to Rh-negative individuals as a condition of their blood factor?

Do people with the Rh-negative bloodtype possess greater psychic abilities?

Are Rh-negative individuals more attuned to psychic awareness?

Do they posses a genetic factor seperate from this world, and that they are, in some way descended from a crossover of humans and a kind of ‘cosmic astronaut.’?


In its barest sense, when an alien life force is merged with human DNA, does it create a human with extra sensory power that can lend itself to greater psychic ability?

Are Rh-positive individuals not as ‘Tuned In’ because they are descended from rhesus monkeys that have only the positive factor and no link to the cosmic influence?

Genetics alone cannot explain the Rh-negative factor, as genes are hereditary, although some theories state that the Rh factor was a ‘mutation’ and was then passed on. That particular theory, however, has no precedent in fact. The one fact we have, is that there is no definitive proof where the negative Rh factor even originated. Of the human blood types, O is the most common. It is a universal blood type. Blood types are further broken down into two groups, negative and positive. This is known as the RH factor.

The RH factor is the Rhesus (rhesus as in monkey) blood factor. If your blood tests positive for this, you have the factor in your blood. If you test negative, you do not have this factor. The RH factor is a protein found in the human blood that is directly linked to the Rhesus Monkey.


When blood type is inherited from your parents, it is known that this factor element of the blood is the most consistent human or animal characteristic passed on to the offspring. There are VERY few aberrations. It rarely, if ever changes. Most people, about 85% of the world’s population, have RH-positive blood. That could and does support the widely-taught theory that humans evolved or were derived from Primates. Yet 15 % of the remainder have Rh-negative blood.(15% of Europeans are Rh Negative , but overall it is nearer 7% of the world’s population).

So does that equally support the theory that they originated elsewhere?

So if a person’s blood type is one of least mutable human characteristics, where did the Rh-negative come from?

This question has puzzled scientists for years. There is some evidence that suggests the Rh-negative blood group may have appeared about 35,000 years ago. The appearance was regional and seemed to, originally, be connected with certain groups/tribes of people. Northern Spain and Southern France is where you can find some of the highest concentration of the Rh-negative factor in the Basque people. Another original group were the Eastern/Oriental Jews. In general terms, about 40 – 45% of Europeans have the Rh-negative group. Only about 3% of African descendent and about 1% of Asian or Native American descendent has the RH-negative group.

Due to the larger European numbers, is that where it was introduced into the human genetic code?

Could this also be where the Caucasian was introduced?

Is the introduction of the Caucasian also related to the Rh-blood factor?

If the Rh-negative factor is a ‘normal’ presentation of blood, then why is there a problem when an Rh-negative mother becomes impregnated with an Rh-positive baby?

Hemolytic disease, is actually an allergic reaction, but it can cause death for the unborn child when the two different blood types are mixed during pregnancy and birth, without medical intervention. When the antigenic substances in the mother’s blood attacks the Rh-positive blood it will attempt to destroy the cells, leading to the ultimate rejection of the ‘alien’ foetus.

So why does the human body produce antigens to a different blood type?

Is the blood group of alien origin?

The only other time this occurs in nature is, as an example, when donkeys and horses are crossbred to produce mules. This is not in any way, a ‘natural act,’ because left alone in the wild, these animals would never cross breed. Only with human intervention would this ever happen.

Was there a cross breeding of two human like beings, similar but genetically different?

People with Rh-negative blood types have certain characteristics that seem to be common among the majority.

Here is a brief list of the most common.

Extra Vertebra

Higher than average IQ

More sensitive vision and other senses

Lower body temperature

Higher/Lower blood pressure

Increased occurrences of psychic/intuitive abilities

Predominately blue, green, or hazel eyes

Red or reddish hair

Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight

Alien abduction and/or other unexplained phenomena?

So what does this mean and what can be concluded from this?

The appearance of Rh-negative blood did not follow the ‘usual’ evolutionary path. In fact, evolution would seem to be ruled out as a possible cause of the anomaly. It has been proven time and again that blood is the least likely to mutate and there are no other blood mutations in nature. The introduction of the Rh-negative blood type was NOT a naturally occurring part of human evolution. This would also lend credence that the Rh-negative factor was introduced from an outside source.

Could the source be from human-like beings from another solar system?

Or are we just as alien as they are, in that we are a product of their manipulation and interference?

Could they have come here and manipulated life forms already present on earth to create modern man?

Many ancient texts, including the Christian Bible, do support this theory. Many stories in the ancient texts, especially pre-Christian texts, do tell about a race that from the ‘Heavens to the Earth Came’. And they created man in their image. Humans saw them as their ‘Gods’, living exceptionally long lives and performing ‘miracles’. Flying about in their sky ships, shooting fire from strange weapons and creating ear-shattering booms. The humans watched in awe as these gods built massive and glorious houses and created beautiful cities for themselves. From mans primitive point of view, they were gods.

So who were these ‘Gods’?

Ancient stories tell us a lot about them. They obviously had advanced technology capable of space travel. They knew about aviation, metallurgy, the universe, the cosmic progression, medicine and evidently – genetics. They knew about atomic energy and weapons and used them. Evidence of this can be found almost everywhere on Earth. (Though much is suppressed by mainstream historians and archeologists) They knew about agriculture and how to create more nutritious grains and other food staples. All of the basic grains that humans rely on for food have been determined to have all appeared at the same time spanning roughly a 10,000 year period. A very short time, geologically speaking. And no new grain has since been developed.

Our ancient texts tell us they began to take humans for their spouses. The Bible says, “the gods looked upon woman and found her pleasant to behold and took her as their wives.” They then had children, many children. But not all humans were a result of this interbreeding. The first human was a result of scientific research combining primates with the gods’ genes. The first humans were not a product of interbreeding. But small portions of humans are, and their blood type can support this.

In the first part of this article, it described what happens when two species who were physically similar but genetically different interbreed.

They produce hybrids.

Mules are the hybrid, the product of a union between a horse and a donkey. However, mules are born sterile because there is no genetic relationship between the horse and the donkey.


When humans were first created, were they a product of two genetically similar but not related species?

Were they a combination of the DNA of the primates and the gods and produced ‘artificially’ in a laboratory?

If the gods have the technology to create a new species, they would have no problem overcoming the problem of the hybrids being sterile. A little genetic manipulation and it would no longer be an issue. Three prototypes of humans were created. Each one successively more advanced. Two types by design and the last entirely by chance. Nethanderal Man is suspected of being an early humanoid created by the gods but Cro-Magnon was almost definitely a product of their intervention. The next type is whom we call pre-human and then we have modern man.

Was Modern man therefore, a result of interbreeding between the gods and pre-humans?


This interbreeding for the most part created no problems in the resulting offspring, except for a line that inherited, from their ‘other’ parents, the Rh-negative blood type. This is also supported by the fact that these humans did not inherit the protein found in the blood that is directly linked to the Rhesus Monkey. They did not inherit it because one of their parents did not have the monkey protein. This protein is present only because combining primate DNA with hybrid DNA from the gods created the original human proto-type that carried the monkey protein.

So in conclusion, is it such a leap of faith to suggest that man may be a creation of a highly technological race of human like beings that ‘From the Heavens to the Earth came?’

I could go even further and suggest that these advanced beings are among us today and are still very active in the affairs of man.

But for what reason?

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  1. I am RH negative and a little while ago I looked into this after having to have the anti-d ab so I didn’t abort my fourth child. I found I could relate to a lot of the characteristics but then so could a lot of RH positive folk too. However there is one characteristic that I did find strange and one which I have……

    I have the head ridge, seriously my mum used to call me a kardasian if you know your star trek?? At its peak its probably an inch thicker although it can’t be seen normally you can feel it start just above the center of my nose and ends half way back. The strange thing is I have five children all rh+ except atlas my youngest boy who has negative blood and you guessed it a head ridge to match.

    Whether it is the left over genetic traits of our alien creators or not…….. I love it and in an infinite universe with endless possibilities everything is real.

    Tasha xxx

    • Hi My name is Roxann,

      and have just bizarrely come across this feed, because I was looking into where my blood line originated from, what was crazy was that your feed is dated my birthday would you believe, I am A Rh – my Mother is B RH – and we also have a head ridge … just to the back of my crown going right across, I hate the sun, and over heat , I dislike bright lights even though my sight is near 20/20 , I also have a high blood pressure but with a natural high resting heart rate, I am drawn to water and can stay under water for ages and feel comfortable dolphin swimming
      I am intrigued by Science and people, and can never seem to be satisfied with life always looking for more…. I am always drawn to native Indians, and feel in tune with them, my eyes are hazel/brown/green and change with my mood which is freaky, my daughters are also A RH – and also have a head ridge, and are very deep kids… my eldest always feels some thing /some one is close by, I can never wear watches as they always stop…. and I have an uncanny ability to know that something is going to happen….

      I just felt compelled to reply…. very very intriguing and interesting topic….

      Ann xx

      • Wow, very similar to everything u just stated about urself I too can relate to things. I am rh- and have o- blood. Something about the spiritual sense of angels and native americans I have always been drawn too. The sensitive nature to being haunted by a ghost when I was younger and knowing I have levitated at one point and can still remember like a feeling of meditation and concentration. Ive always been a little quirky and have been told im kind of weird, but I know im okay still, cuz everyone that has ever told me that has said it with a smile. This whole site i fell on by accident. I was actually trying to look up why my eyes are the the only type to seem to be a chameleon, have blue, grey, green, amber and specks of black in one, and all of my immediate family that I know are all blue. Crazy links. Found out more then I think ive ever learned all in a few hours.

    • I have the extra Vertebrae and O-, I don’t think i have that? How can I tell?, I was born in 1957 so, there are only 3 generations in the 1,000 yrs, in- from 1900’s to the year 2000..

    • My mother and father were both AB negative and I also married an AB negative. My children and grandchildren all have the same blood group, with the exception of one.

      This one exception is the only male born in my immediate family in well over 50 years.

      I am of part celtic ancestry, have natural red hair and eyes of a strange colour; they are maybe a green/hazel colour with a blue ring around them, they seem to change colour on day to day basis.

      I always understood that my blood group were of low blood pressure, not high, and mine is so low that following medical procedures I often have to remain in hospital until it increases. I have a condition called PLE (polymorphic light eruption) an extreme reaction to sunlight and if left to my own devices will naturally revert to sleeping during the day and being extremely awake at night.

      My hands and feet are always extremely cold to the touch even though I’m not usually aware of it.

      My offspring share many of these listed traits but have high blood pressure.

      I wish the scientists could come up with the answer to where we originated from.


      • My youngest sister and me are AB- but my mother is AB positive.it’s a terrible thing to think for my parents, both RH positive, got one son and 2 daughters negative. Well, my father’s family women are A- with changing colour eyes like. they got german or Polish ancestry by grandmother. I read that AB group people got only a millenium of real existence in this world. First AB people appeared in balkans and turkey 1200 years ago, if first AB people was amixture of bulgars or gipsy people I ignore but that Jesus was AB- by Turin’s tail, surely, is a mistake. Here in Europe AB- people are usually descriminated. We can’t got a family, german fascist and basque arians say we got jewish blood. In Spain and Portugal only 0,5% are AB- and many with gipsy bood.

        I think that european americans think better about races and bood types. we are human no ET but plusmodern human beings.

        • Hello..I came across this site accidentally but always knew I was different..Iam RH-A woman and neverknew it until I was pregnant with my first born son. They told me I was RH -A with this look on their faces (like I was a alien or something!!) I just smiled..knowing maybe this is why I was this way.. (personality wise) I was 21 at the time. I had to get the Rogame shot to make myself and my baby ok.. and needed further more with my oher children who are not -RH. I have very pale skin black hair and light green yellow eyes. .(which do change with mood..either lighter or darker yellowish green ..weird) .All my life people commented on my eyes and even my dates as a young teenager and young adult.. My 2 children have brown eyes after the father…..I was always sensitive to light and heat and always have cold feet and sometimes my arms ..my blood pressure is high then goes very low..(strange..I’am always dealing with “this other side of me” I was a sick child growing up and always under a Doctor’s care .. I feel as If I have a auto-immume system disorder inside me… I always healed myself and my children ( I kept that to myself..only now in words I mention it) I feel so intuned with nature and the earth and take notice to things most people don’t…. The swaying of the trees the faint little breezes …scents/ smells of intensity. I don’t have many friends.. Very to myself and sometimes even separte from my family and my husband. I don’t mind and prefer it that way…I cannot tolerate certain foods eggss some meats or alcohol or smoke… I’am very intuitive and sometimes I feel a strange gift inside of me ( either if someone harms me or my family) I can either do good or bad with it..( I always try to do the right thing and do “good”) I always pray and Iam religious and spirtual..my eye sight is excellent and have exceptional deepth perception. ( they told me that when I was 33..that I should of been a surgeon..hahahahaa l ittle too late for medical school!) which I would of loved to do..If I’ve knew sooner! and with my healing I felt I would of been a great surgeon. I have many encounters ( of different things since I was a child) and just accept them ..and go on with my life… I do think their is something to this…but It is a mystery puzzle and maybe one this may be solved for us. and I do everything with a passion..the smallest of things even.. My father is German and Native American (Lenni-Lenape) Norheastern part of the country and My Mother’s family is right from Austria with a Salvic Austro hertiage. Thank you for this comment section.. and Stay calm :) it’s o.k M.M.M xx

      • It is very strange that in a family every member was AB type. You could be a very rare cis-AB type like me.

    • My name is David Carter, and I too
      have all these strange abilities except I’m O positive. I’m 6 foot two blonde hair blue eyes and 300lbs.
      My eyes change color from a bright blue to a light gray depending on my mood. I can tell women they’re pregnant long before they ever know, if I touch her belly I can tell if it’s a boy or girl and I’ve never been wrong. In some strange freaky cases I’ve even told them what the child’s name is an what the child’s personality would be like before it’s born. At the age of 12, I was a youngest EMT in the state of California or the United States. When I see something I have the ability to see it’s blueprint in my head. I have a strange ability to make mean animals as gentle as a lamb. And I have no fear of anything or any man. I have an uncanny knowledge of our highest technologies such as stealth and antigravity and I know why there’s so secret. People seek me out for car aircraft or whatever repairs or just have a build special craft and I will draw them up a blueprint for my head or use a soapstone on concrete and draw the blueprint. All of our most advanced technologies are as simple as the nose on your face right in front of you that’s why there’s a secret. It’s the people in the United States realized how simple our most modern technology is they would lose control. Ever I was a child
      I could do all these things including changing bad personalities into good because people are drawn to me. But what I want to know most is if there’s something wrong with me. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people don’t things like I see them, like a memory like I’ve been it before. If you curious about these things just text me and put me to the test.

  2. i,m monkey free….yay ! i,m wondering though, what to believe, and whether it is the other way round, that the rhesus positive blood is the added factor, perhaps unnaturally……….engineered, or otherwise. interesting article :)

  3. I am Rhesus-neg (as is my wife). I am also a left handed lucid dreamer, though the weirdness extends into the wakeful (e)state. Apparently, my chakras are permanently open, inviting insight and, occasionally, unwanted predation; the former, random and most welcome for the most part, the latter, scary in the extreme. Serendipitous divinations, precognition, spectacular sensory distortion, transcendental flashes – they’re the nice bits. The whiff of evil (in places and in company),
    an appreciation of the depth of our abyss, the dread of some poisoned future’s kiss (pucker lips now) – well, they’re some of the nastier ones…

    Don’t know about you Jimmy, but I have no doubt whatsoever that there exist entities that want to abuse us on other levels than the merely physical (as you know, there’s pain and then there’s pain). I know because I’ve been forced to look where I don’t want to look, when it would have been easier for me to look away and let whatever it was milk me and move on. They are out there, they are in here. Some of us don’t need the Hoffman lenses.

  4. Flying Serpents & Dragons, The Story of Mankind’s reptilian past by R A Boulay is included on biblitecapleyades.net. Adam & Eve had Clouds of Glory, which was their original reptilian skin. All sorts of stuff about Gilgamesh, Enki & Enlil and the Annunaki & Sumerian connections. Can’t find an obvious connection to blood other than it deals with gods bloodlines. Will nose around to see if I can find anything helpful. I’m sure you are onto something with the blood groups, but I think it is a part of the ancient technologies that are coveted by the top of the masonic order!

    • I am a 0RH negative individual, I have red hair, blue eyes and 3 extra ribs (very small). I am of full Irish ancestry, from the Counties of Tippeready and Cork. 0 RH negative is very common among Basques, and also in some Irish counties and in some parts of Scotland.0 RH negative is Neanderthal blood, everybody on earth, with the exception of Southern Africans, share some Neanderthal genes. That’s all. Nothing to do with alien, their manipulation and interference. I repeat, almost everybody on earth, except Southern Saharian Africans, are the result of hybridization between homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens neanderthalensis (Neanderthal). Neanderthals, also originated in Africa, like Homo Sapiens, but left the African continent much earlier, suffered the extreme cold of ice age. Neanderthal were adapted to cold weather. That’s all my friends, stop the science fiction!

      • The out of Africa has long since been disproved. And no they didn’t build Egypt either. Everything on this earth is made of ths same DNA just arranged different. Rh negative originates no where on earth and doesn’t occur in any other living thing on earth. I did not evolve from a monkey. That maybe your relatives that came from out of Africa and evolve from apes, but not me. DNA wise I have just as much in common with the dolphins and the blue whale as monkeys. Everything comes from the same DNA strands.

  5. With reference to the above comment from dogman….i saw on the news last night about the Australian forced adoption scandal of over 300,000 babies in the 50s 60s and 70s. According to the report on the parerwork for the babies was stamped UB-. The newsreader said this stood for unmarried baby minus. He deliberately refrained from using the word negative…..Where did the babies go and what on earth is going on????????

  6. I’m probably not the best at finding this out, but I’m sure that the children’s death records worldwide would make an interesting read. Maybe somebody in Oz could dig around there. I’m one of the bog standard O Positives, but I’m convinced that there is a connection between some abortions, missing or abducted kids, kids in care (that have no family enquiring about them) and last but not least, kids stolen by the state. They have access to blood group details on birth certificates and have the organisation and wealth to manipulate things to their benefit! Ted Gunderson mentioned the CIA had a group called Finders that were involved in kidnapping and trafficking of children. Gunderson’s info is worth a read, as he alleges organised sex abuse and satanic sacrifices. This fits in with other stuff available online, where similar patterns have emerged in Australia, Canada, throughout US, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and obviously the UK. Kids being picked up in limos is mentioned in each, plus cross border trafficking. The affidavits against the lizard’s involvement in Canada is a real WTF moment if true! I have been banging on about the similarites for ages now. Anybody else noticed the mass graves found at homes/schools in Canada, Florida and Jersey. I realise a lot is probably just sexual perversion, but I also think Jimmy is onto the other reason, which paedophilia may even be a smokescreen for.

  7. i am 24 years old and i a filipina(philippines woman).im wondering about the rh negative blood type..all i had read is true?what can you about a filipina have a rh negative..some says that…maybe i have foreign blood….is that correct?

    • It is much rarer among Asian people, but entirely possible….

      Not ‘Foreign’ just different…. Enjoy it… :-)

    • yes, philipino’s mixed with the Spaniards (who have some of the highest content of RH- blood). Its rare in the philipines and harder to find blood donors, I am from Spanish decent but family is south american. Both Parents are rh- and dad’s side is entirely rh- . This is common of anyone with any Spanish in thier bloodline.

    • You would have rh negative blood from your Spanish heritage, if you are Filipina, that would be the European blood. nothing more. but seriously, don’t buy into the racism. ;)

      • The PI was colonized by the Spaniards for 400 years, hence why you have that admixture to the Philippines. Check this out, you have a protein missing from your blood. THAT IS ALL IT IS.

        • We have pure Blood. Copper blood, and there are on;y 15% of us, and less with extra Vertebrae pr ribs! I am Half Spanish I have some Cherokee well like 3/4’s I have the Cherokee Teeth, also We can donate to anyone they cna’t donate to us, The Mores of Spain Killed all red heads and RH Factor o- because they thought we were witch’s Pixies or Fairies!! The reason they thought that is because we are born Healers and searchers.. we have some thing’s they witnessed, My Dad’s Father came from the Family that stopped the Red headed and RH Factor O-‘s..

            • i0M valenhcian from Spain. i’M ab rH- I have 2 sister rh – (one A- another AB-) and other sister AB+ like my mother. We dont hnow bloodtype of our father (police say 0+) hes a milkman herder with goats and sheeps but now I think hes Rh negative because his eyes clour are changing from green to blue. All my sisters have brown or dark eyes and hair. me too, and eyes colour changes. We have spinal curvature like a S from my mother (she’s rh+ and got 3 rh-). we are some gypsy by blood but not culture (we are real european farmers). I have too a brother O+ married with a 0- with 3 babes. All his life doctors said he wasn’t son of my mother because she is AB by dna prove say right.
              now i’m finding more AB- people in USA than Europe. You have JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Bill Clinton. Here only Mick Jaegger

    • Look at RH Factor on Facebook, Many many bits of Info, It is not just look it up on google search or any search engine, The Queen of England , her whole family are RH Factor O-, so only the O- can marry into the Royal family..

      This is way more complicated than most believe!

      Pure Blood Copper can donate to any type we can only receive our own type.

      My Dad’s Parent’s are fro Northern Spain.

      There is much much more RF is not that simple, I have noticed we are the only ones that do know our Blood Type!!

    • And the basis of your argument is ‘Crock Of Shit?’ Very good, but not a viable nor even vaguely intelligent view…. :-)

      • you do realize that the RH standing for Rhesus monkey was a label given by the scientists decades ago due to the fact that they used the Rhesus monkey in their experiments to divide the blood types, for the purposes of finding out why some blood transfusions resulted in not working and the patient dying, as well as mothers own antibodies fighting the fetus and a miscarriage happening or baby being still born? I keep seeing this lie spread by these websites that tout that RH negative blood is something special and that ppl with it are somehow other worldly and alien. This is not the case. Every human being share the same DNA with monkeys or primates, 98% DNA similarities, another close runner up in relation to similar DNA to the human race are pigs. To say that the RH in blood types indicates that those that are RH positive (85% of the human race) have “monkey blood” and therefor are the ones related to the monkeys while those without the RH are not, is promoting LIES. ALL HUMANS, INCLUDING RH NEGATIVE HUMANS SHARE THE SAME DNA AS PRIMATES. The antigen, a protein on the surface of the blood, is the ONLY difference in this equation. Therefore, those with a lack of this antigen simply have some sort of mutation, malfunction, or missing part of their blood. Nothing more. No more of a difference than the humans with this antigen, and no less “monkeys” than those that have that one protein present in their blood. IQ, psychic abilities, has absolutely nothing to do with someone having this antigen in their blood or not. There are famous and successful ppl in the world that are RH positive. Let’s get a list of all celebs, political figures, royal family, etc. that happen to NOT have RH negative blood, I am sure there are just as many. The fallacy and the ridiculousness of this whole “RH negative blood” lie, is that it says one group are descended from monkeys and the other not descended monkeys and therefore superior and gifted. This is just another way of spreading superiority, racism, hate and division, and there is NOTHING evolved about that. We are all gifted, we are all made in the image of God, and furthermore, if you believe in reincarnation, it is the SOUL that matter, and the soul goes through lifetimes and journeys through this world embodying different “bio suits” in different races, opposites sexes, etc to experience lives on this planet. It is the SOUL that is the traveler and that is divine and infinite and the SOUL does not have a race, a sex, but is a ENERGY that is infinite. It is the SOUL that is from the same source, that removes the illusion of separateness and the differences that all humans in this world share. Evolving is seeing the Oneness that all humans souls share. Your obsession with the “bio suit” or the body is counter to the truth and the Light.

        • Spreading Rascism?

          Made in the image of God?


          Your reason for saying that is based on this one article?

          If you could be so kind as to furnish me with some EVIDENCE of my apparent LIES, I will of course read them.

          It does appear that we are on two very different chapters my friend.

          • no, it appears that you are. The truth is, my friend, we are ALL from the same Source. and as soon as everyone can get on the same page and not have some superiority trip, the better for our evolution One.
            We are all from God Source. We are all a part of God. Every human that you look at has the Divine Spark. Everyone has a gift. No one is better than the next. Period.

            • In an ideal world perhaps. Unfortunately there are millions who would disagree with you as to this world not being the utopia you appear to advertise.

              Why not write your own articles, start a blog maybe, we are all equal so therefore have equal opportunity.

          • my reason for saying that is based on ALL of the webpages I have visited on this topic. your website is not the only one, unfortunately, the lies are spread all over the internet. the lie that some ppl are monkeys and some are not. come on, this is the same exact racism that we have always known calling a person of a ethnic race, such as say a Black or a Asian a monkey is one the the oldest racist labels in the book. This RH Negative theory is exactly that, calling one group ‘monkeys” and upholding another group. THAT is a form of hate and this lie perpetuates this. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out ;) That said, and don’t try to point out that there are some blacks with Rh Negative blood, the only reason a non-European would have RH Negative blood is die to being mixed with European ancestry and a “luck of the draw” (well according to you) that they just happen to pass on the RH negative to their offspring of mixed heritage.

            • I am not advertising that this world is a Utopia, it is a very difficult world to travel through and experience. At the same time it is continually evolving. My purpose of being here is to evolve the plant and the souls on it. myself included. I am not here to “start a blog’, I am merely addressing this topic I came across yesterday on your blog. Creating a blog is stating an opinion. This opinion about humans and their blood type is negative and does not help the world. It just adds another dividing factor to the human race. That is not productive at all. and it is based on a misinterpretation of the use of RH, ie, the test subjects used being rhesus monkeys, that have the same protein in the blood. it does not mean that all those with RH positive blood are from monkeys and RH negative are not. That is ignorant. it is the DNA that makes up the human life form as a whole. Your DNA shares 98% of primate DNA and also pig DNA, just as anyone else RH negative or positive. THAT IS MY MAIN POINT. it’s such a major part of your ideology and it is based on one major misinterpretation. face it and realize it. your blood is just missing a protein. nothing more. get over yourselves.

        • There is something going on when women’s body’s reject the babies inside them when your rh neg
          Explain that.

          • An incompatibility between the blood types. Liken it to a battery which has both positive and negative. Rhesus Negative blood, sees the introduction of the Positive as an ‘invader’ so rejects it as not to ‘corrupt’ or diminish the quality of the host mothers blood.

      • oh and one more thing, I will say this in all fairness. I do believe in multi-regional theory and I do believe that God introduced other races at different times, with a purpose for the planet. I do recognize that inventions, and intelligence is channeled to the appropriate minds to receive and better the world and help it evolve. It is without a doubt that Europeans colonized the world, set up the current world system, invented many discoveries that have progressed the planet. That is obvious. However there are also other races too that have brought progress to the world. That said, the world is old and our history books and findings only go so far back. What we see of the current world, and the way it is established is only the most recent epoch in time. Before this there was another times, with other systems in place and other advanced civilizations. It is said that the humans of Atlantis were a blue black skinned race and when the catastrophe happened, it cause those ppl to disperse upon the world, some to what we know as ancient Egypt, India (the Dravidians, whom had a blue black dark skin) the Olmecs of South Americas and other places. My point being is this planets history of races and civilizations that have risen and fall is a lot more complex than we truly know. and with that, there should be a respect for all races and their origins that inhabit this world. One good example of a civilization independent of the European influence that was well established for thousands of years with their won mysterious connections to the cosmic and the spiritual and metaphysical is Indian, with their Vedas, philosophies, and interest in the energy bodies, the chakras and the aura. I guess my point is, the world is a vast place. We are all visitors to this planet, and we all bring something to the mosaic or tapestry of reality. To say one group is better and are “not monkeys” due to one little absent protein in the blood is spreading superiority and not looking at the divinity of the whole. THAT IS ALL.

        • Yours is an opinion, as is mine.

          The only difference being that I am merely asking questions as opposed to shoving my ‘Superior’ opinions down the throat of whoever they think may be listening.

          Shouting louder than anyone else, does not mean that you are automatically more right than anyone else who chooses to voice an opinion.

          Bringing ‘GOD’ into any discussion makes the whole argument nonsensical… In my opinion BTW.

          • that is hilarious that you have an issue with “God” being brought into this discussion as your ilk call this Rh negative blood “the blood of the gods”…that the aliens seeded your ilk with specialness. That there is reference to the Nephilim, etc. That there is mention of “psychic powers” etc. Come on, every webpage on this topic involves the talk of God in the equation. But you don’t? Well here is news, God is real, and God is in every soul that comes through this world. It is the energy that is in everything, it is mutli-dimensional and it knows not difference in color of skin, race or even blood type. And It certainly does not favor one group over another. You have alot to learn, friend. But if this lack of a protein in your blood makes you feel less of a monkey and more evolved, then kudos to you and the others that jump on this band wagon. I just thought you could use another point of view on this page. A little Reality check. ;)

            • That is the exact reason I do not believe in your God. As for you earlier Rascist reference aimed at me, ‘Your Ilk?’ is that not a little bigoted of you?

              Some would say Hypocritical…

              I do not need a reality check, I may be in need of a device to prevent smugness and arrogance from taking over everything masquerading under the guise of some God and it’s followers however ;)

              If you do not like or agree with things you see on the Internet, do not read it or just move on to something else… I am sure your God will forgive you ;)

            • Im a strong Christian, and if you have ever read about spiritual gifts you should know. Being psychic or i call either descerment of spirts, profacing healing or speaking another language you never learned are all very real things! They may or may not be linked to blood line. Maybe diff blood lines have different gifts. And I agree looks matter not, but please if your going to comment as a Christian or or other do it respectively, bible says only whats postive for building otheres up. Always listen you can always learn. And remember jesus hung out with outcasts he knew he was not above any one, he saw who people are and loved they for who they where. So you my friend still have a lot to learn.

        • sorry for the typos..that was supposed to read “due to diet* anyways, I think I expressed myself enough here. good luck with your superiority and ego trip.

          • Thank you. And here’s hoping that somebody lends you a flashlight to enable you to find your way out of the darkness to escape the hive mentality… :)

            • no dear, you are the one in the dark. and you are in a hive mentality. the hive of the Rh Negative Lie.

          • It is odd that out the 500+ articles on the Outlaw, you choose to comment on the Rh Neg one… Is that your only opinion? Being one of those superior Negs, that raises immediate suspicion in an alien brain…. Still no evidence of your claims however, I can wait, but not for too long though as the mother ship may be arriving soon to beam us negs up…

        • To cmb…
          I don’t see where discussing the qualities & issues of ones RH factor causes “racism” or “hatred” unless, like Hitler (do some RESEARCH), you discover that those “qualities” & “issues” are in fact, unique, rare & possibly desirable… But… Not “yours” to take for yourself, which in turn may cause resentment &/or envy. Therefor coming to the conclusion that it is therefore “a threat” so if I can’t have it “know body” should.
          Its called an Inferiority “Complex”.
          su·pe·ri·or·i·ty com·plex
          “an attitude of superiority that conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure.”
          Just because “you” or anyone else may “have” this “complex”
          or just don’t “like” what you hear,or don’t “WANT” to believe it,
          does not mean that the RH factor is not a reality, if someone gets resentful in regards to it -( like it “sounds” to “me” that you might be), does not mean “we” or anyone else, should stop discussing it. If it offends you… Don’t read it.
          There are MANY issues, topics & FACTS, that many of us in this world don’t “like”, know isn’t “fair” or “wish” were not true, but you can’t change reality just because it doesn’t make you happy.
          Much of what you say is likely ALSO true. But if this upsets you so much, avoid reading it… There is endless FACTS on the Internet that offend, upset, sadden & enrage ALL of us..every day. Most of us make the decision to avoid them & search out the topics that we “do” appreciate, enjoy & relate to. Life’s to short to search out whats distasteful in our “opinions”, so why not move on to other topics that make you happy & are spiritually uplifting to “you”, instead of belittling & insulting the topics, issues & opinions, that other individuals find happiness with & can relate to.
          I really don’t want to be insulting…. I, for one appreciate this site (& others like it) & your opinion is dually noted. But continuing with insults won’t change anything & it certainly isn’t spiritually uplifting or healthy for you either. To each his own. It looks to me that you have a deep spiritual basis that you live by, so I know that you understand where I’m coming from. =•)

  8. Well I’m a RH- negative and read a lot about my blood type. Their is one littler mistakes that writer continue to do which is that most RH negative people are Caucasian I know the percentage of all the races but come on it is the 21 st century and I’m not white I’m Colombian with native Indian of South American blood my only triads is that I have a few red hairs, vivi dreams , precognition and one of my sons RH + was born with an extra toe so was my nephew

  9. I really do that humans genes were manipulated and that’s what makes us so special and the bigges reason the God aka aliens still abduct us cause they made us to perfect and with something they lack

    • Good Point.

      Blood group records are kept as a matter of course, some on Medical records and some on other databases.

      Many institutions and hospitals keep blood group records.

      Worthy of further research I feel.. :-)

      • @Traci Maxey
        Please do not blame yourself for your loss as you are not to blame for this, I know exactly how you feel as I lost my first child,my daughter who I gave birth to at 27 weeks off my pregnancy which was due to her heart developing on one side, I blamed myself, somehow, it was my fault ,the doctor told me that It was not my fault,it was just one of those things that happen. Three years later I went to a medium who brought my daughter through and explained that she was meant to go when she did as we all go when we are meant to, as we choose before we are born when we come and when we go, I have been told this countless times over the years,also reading lots of books by mediums who say we choose as and when we go,also the research in to reincarnation with the accounts of them who remember previous lifetimes. Know that you will see her again,ask her for a sign that she could show you to reassure you that she is still around and never far away from you.

  10. Yes, on medical records but if you ask your GP for your blood type you will be told there is no reason for you to know unless you need blood!

    Why the secrecy?

    The only way to find out is if you have a baby or if you give blood.

    • You can also order a testing kit online for less than 10 dollars (not including shipping) and, if you can do the test correctly (it’s not too hard unless you don’t like needles or can’t read English) it will let you know your blood type. I’d been told mine by my mom already (O-) but I wanted to be sure, so I bought the test, did it, and sure enough, mom was correct. I also have pretty much every trait on that stupid list I alway see, aside from the eye color. Mine are brown as can be (although, a friend once told me that my eyes turned red when I was really angry – who knows if there’s any truth to that, however, as we were 14 years old and kids lie.) I also (to my knowledge) have never been abducted by aliens.

      • Also, if your doctor tells you that you don’t need to know your blood type, THAT’S the real crock of shit. Everyone should know their blood type, in case they need a transfusion or have a baby.

        • Yup thats dumb I had my first miscarrige and than I was told but I think they gave me rohgram just in time

  11. Wow, why wouldn’t they tell you your own blood group? How bizarre!! I am going to the doctor this week I am going to see what he says when I ask even though I already know. :)

  12. OK according to my doctor earlier today, what blood group you are is irrelevant to them and you are not tested for blood group or type uless you are pregnant, when they do blood tests they do not check what group you are………….she said.

  13. Sounds like a lazy doctor. You have insurance? It doesn’t cost much. Demand to know, and they HAVE to run the test and inform you of the results. If they don’t comply, please let me know.

    • just order an eldon test online its easy. Doctors take forever to get back to you and rarely tell you your blood type. Not worth the hassle. the test is easy, cheap and you don’t need to go through the bureaucracy. I knew i was RH- because when my mother was pregnant they made a big deal about her having RH- but becuase my father also was RH- it was ok, they took a lot of blood from him which he thought was weird, but its rare so its understandable. we all took the eldon test just to know for sure and to know what kond of RH- we were. we all were RH- of course since both parent were as well.

  14. I have negative type a I believe. I have been reading about many of us have extra rib or tailbone. While I have many of the characteristics that others do . I had a complete double uterus. 2 of everything. 2 vaginas 2 cervix which is also extremely rare. Was wondering if there is any one else out there as weird as I am

    • That is unusual, I have heard of many negs with extra digits and ‘webbed’ feet etc, but what you describe is very interesting. I will try and find out if your case is unique, but I am guessing that it is not.

      Just a feeling I get you understand :-)

  15. I too am Rh- and until I was introduced this site(and subsequent others) thought I was doomed to walk this earth totally alone. For I never feel I fit in. More of a round peg in a square hole. I have an extra rib which is in the place my collar bone is,3 kidneys and an overwhelming sense I am to do something important. Perhaps important is to strong a word but I’m here for a reason I feel it down to my core. I can also predict a lot of things,but the weather seems to be my strongest area. I often feel I can make things happen just by the force of sheer will. One rainy morning my ex husband makes this comment I wish it would stop raining. I told him it was. Okay ,when he asks. Off the cuff I say 3 pm this afternoon. I really was only saying that to shut him up,a joke. But at 2:59 the clouds part sun comes out and stays that way until 3 :01 . He asked why it went away,I replied I didnt say the sun was going to stay just come out at that time. But to myself I had a WTF moment,how did that happen. Since then it’s getting easier to know and learn what I can predict as fact not just wishful thinking. Just what I needed another thing that sets me apart . And people know I’m different they can’t put there finger on it but feel I am. That doesn’t lead to many close friends,even when I’m as nice and friendly as I can be. Men and women both have said I’m beautiful(there words not mine) but yet I never get asked out on a date. Allways look then look away real fast before she sees you looking. I wonder if I just sprouted a ne head or did I leave the house with no clothes on .Again. lol What is it that repells people rom me. I wash I’m tidy I don’t get it

  16. A side note about an ability to predict anything ,mine(maybe) or anyone else is still not convincing to me. But it has saved my life literally. And when on occasion when I get cocky and just predict things for a joke and it happens. I think to myself “he’d I get out of that one:” To not be exposed as a joking ass. But I swear something always saves me.So far I have foretold of 5 births 2 marriages the weather and 6 deaths 3 affairs(my ex husbands) and 2 others. And other mundane things that are now a part of my life. And don’t even try to lie to me. Yet I still feel I’m just a lucky guesser. Is there anyone in this sinking boat I’m in. People are drawn to and yet distance themselves at the same time. And I’m kryptonite to anythings electric. 4 Brand new PC’s fried within 2 very difficult months for me. Best Buy stopped selling to me ,thinking I was doing it intentionally. But to now learn that all of it may/or may not be because of blood. I now really am going crazy..The best things thats happened is a blood test they did on me since I suffer from anemia I’m hemophiliac Platelet disorder. It dropped to 9,000 you need millions.I was being prepared to die. But I fell fine. Another time due to hemophilia I hemorrhaged and went down to less the 2 pints of blood. I still felt OK.Doctors chalked it up to being use to running on little blood. One of the blood tests came back and on it said and I quote from them was”Red blood cell of unknown origin found.more testing is needed” That’s the last anyone said about it. It was never in any subsequent reports .And the one I found it on was cleaned up and didn’t show it. Looking back now it explains the 2 am wake up to see my Dr and 2 other people having me sine something then siphoning blood from me.This strange things have happened I’m not making anything up or are nuts.This is the 1ST time I have ever said a word to anyone else. For fear of the crazy label. Is anyone out there like me.That has had the strange turn of events I have. Or am I the only freak

    Shawn Renee OBryan-Eveler

    • Nope… Plenty of people have vivid dreams and the things you describe :-)

      Electrical ‘problems’ are a well documented trait of Rh Negatives.. Bulbs blowing, computers frying and street lamps dimming or going out as some walk past them…..

      You are not crazy, you just need to do some research and find out there are others like you, there are forums that you will find very reassuring if you read through some of the things that other Rh Negs have experienced.

      Seriously, you are not going mad, it has just taken you a while to discover what is responsible.

      Before the popularity and availability of the Internet people were very isolated, now they can connect with people on the other side of the world in an instant… Use that to find your way around… Blogs, Forums etc.

      There are undoubtably some Negs who live close to you….

      I can point you in the right direction if you feel the need :-)

    • platlet ranges 140,000 to about 450,000 normally . I run thin blood at about 145 ,000 but I’m not hemophiliac just a free bleeder . I eat lotts of cooked greens to keep my levels up . last reading was 150,000. omg its rabbits blood !! ha ha

  17. I am o rhesus D negative. I too am distant from family, I do not feel connected to them. They are all plain O type. This is strange, but electrical items switch them selves off while I use them, I use to have very clear premonitions, during the day. These always came true. Like plane crashes, children being taken. Dream’s they also came true. Day jar vu, spelt that wrong, but that happens way too often, it freaks me out. People are frightened to get to know me. Females keep their distance. I have been told I have very unusual eye colour. Although they are very beautiful. I have been told I look like a princess. Which I find very weird, and It baffles me. We are descend from the gods, or royalty. From a time long long ago.
    I have been told I have a third eye, not literally, but other people with spiritual power say they can , see it. They also know I have the exact spiritual ability they have. I am unique, I am gifted, I accept my blood group, and I accept every thing that comes with it, it is pretty cool. We have the most purest blood in the whole world. We should celebrate that fact. I do not have any reservations that we are special sub type of the human race. People have very different opinions about our rare blood group.
    I know I am unique, and my early ancestors where from a higher cast. I am not the same as other people. I can also sniff a rat ( bad person ) from 50 yards, also people that tell lies,
    I can smell a bullshitter as soon as the words come out of their mouth.
    I have a very good instinct about certain things or people.
    I am proud to have true BLUE blood. Prince Charles has our blood group, and he is HRH.
    Some say we can not catch AIDS. Will it be our blood group that survives the end of the world.

  18. One more thing, we could still be evolving as humans, we could be part of this human evaluation. O RH D NEGATIVE.
    Also part of this on going human evolution is people born with one Kidney. We know that you can live on one kidney, combined that with RH Negative blood, could define the future for the still evolving human being that could become the only human species to survive on this planet come the end of the world…….

  19. Wow! Up until recently I had so many questions, not even questions, but feelings. I have known since I was a little girl that I had type B- blood but never knew what that meant. It was a an eye opening jaw dropping moment when I learned it was Rhesus factor. (just this past week) However, I have 5 children, and was made well aware of the fact that my blood type could reject my own baby, from the very first visit. Which I always thought was strange. I am blonde haired, blue eyed, and although you cannot see my tail ( I am 20 pounds overweight) you can feel it! My whole life I was told how beautiful and appealing I was; but in my essence of inner being…those compliments never impacted me. I have premonitions, dreams, “feelings”, can “read” people, extremely intelligent, and question everything (a lot of the other factors I have also). I too, find that many people are drawn to me for one reason or another. But I find myself withdrawn! It all started from an early age for me…approximately 5….when I started questioning my father (a southern baptist minister). I would ask specific creation questions or biblical questions and he would always say it was a matter of “faith”. Never an answer! As I grew older I questioned every organized religion so much more and started looking to science. I have always felt there was something “greater” than myself. But not one god. And the thirst for knowledge I have led me to study many different cultures and religions. I have come to the conclusion that because there are so many different religions, documents, murals, statues and they all are significantly alike, that there must be a connection. I started digging more. Before I made the Rh- connection I was a firm believer that we as “humans” are the product of alien genetics. Which I do not like saying because people misinterpret me……I believe all the old scrolls and documents were meant to be guidelines. They used the only descriptive words and compared what they saw and recorded in ways that made sense to them at the time in which they were recorded. So when they talk about God and Angels I believe it……I just believe they are aliens. Not necessarily little green men……but close to our genetic makeup. I also believe that a lot of the biblical text is corrupted, not actually the word of the gods, but manipulated doctrines to help justify their own agenda. I am delighted that I found this page and could contribute a few of my thoughts…especially to people who will understand and not consider me a completely delusional person. I have millions of other theories and thoughts but just wanted to drop a short line to show my appreciation! Thank you for speaking up :) I guess if I had a question: it would be “what happens to my children who are not RH-?” I did give birth to positive children. I am asking this in a spiritual way. If you follow doctrine, and if you believe that you are from a more advanced life being, and that our bodies are actually shells of our spirits, would my children be rejected by the Gods? I do feel in my heart change will come to the Earth. It may not be in my lifetime or in the lifetime of my children but I feel it! I feel in some way or another: either we will be revisited in a majorly public way or it will continue to be a slow evolutionary change, but that it will happen. If we were taught from a young age about the true and real origins of mankind and not force fed religion, or at least given a better opportunity, that we as a whole would make different decisions. I wonder if we have fallen so far from the path of the gods we cannot turn back? I was blessed to be born with RH- blood but fear for my children and their children. Even though my oldest was born practically looking identical to me (and 15 years later still does!) She is B+ from her father. I personally would like to connect with others who feel, think, and believe along the same lines as myself! I have so much more to say, discuss talk about…and so much more to discover! Thanks….~FAITH~

  20. To those who questioned the validity of the statistics: it is my understanding we are all tested for our blood type -among other things- when we are born. If we are Rh-, because of the complications it might create in our future, it is likely our parents told us. One of our parents being Rh- they know the drill. Parents of Rh+ children don’t tell them presumably because it is never really relevant.
    I’ll bet you anything that the majority of those who don’t know their blood type are Rh+.

    I don’t really buy our being special. For instance the feeling of not belonging is a human condition thing. Especially in big cities and industrialized nations. The eye color connection lists all eye colors save for brown and black. How can that be strange? Psychic abilities are something that one can very well convince him/herself convince of having.
    I don’t know how my IQ is. But I don’t look out for aliens, I am near-sighted, I love the sun and the heat, I have abnormally *low* (not high) blood pressure, My hair isn’t red.My intuition isn’t uncommon, I’ve had as many *spooky* incidents as the next person.
    I have an extra rib.
    That’s about it.

  21. I read the words that have been wrote as of late,and feel I have found long lost brothers and sisters. Being beautiful to others ,not getting along with woman because. Being able to get away with bloody murder in some cases. Charming the pants off of some men. Being standoffish,and keeping people at arms length’s ,right. Know a bullshitter as was said at 50 yards or feet. I too mentioned that don’t even try to lie to me I see completely what your up to. But here’s the butt,and isn’t there all way’s a butt. I choose mates that are hideous to me. And even when face to face with a lie I still give the benefit of the doubt ,to yet again get screwed. I still believe in the goodness of everyone,(not to copy Anne Frank) And I can’t speak for the rest of you ,but I’m 99.9 percent of the time correct. And if I feel there is 1 in a million chance I’m wrong wont say I am. But if I say I’m correct on something you can take it to the bank. I have never in my life been in true love,except for a little puppy who my ex husband killed,due to that fact. I get a feeling months in advance when someone’s going to die. Not all of the deaths that have happened in the past 6. I tried to give warning to 2 brothers that were fight but they didn’t listen and 1 dies unexpectedly on Thanksgiving. And my old hobby was when people are over( I can tell a few moments before the phone rings. ) I say out loud “phones gonna ring” it does. It’s a wonder I haven’t been burned at the stake. I have a 148 IQ but can’t spell worth a shit.And I’m dyslexic. You ever find yourself seeing some fool on a tv show saying there psychic and you laugh because you know he’s not a fellow traveler. And your dog has more psychic ability. But you see them being embraced and paid for shit you’ve been doing since birth and getting shunned for it. Have you noticed you (in my case) tell when the phone’s going to ring but yet can’t win shit at the lotto. Or can I gain anything from it. It goes bad on me if I try . But when your in deep do-do something steps in and saves you. Not fixing the problem just giving you another chance to fix it yourself. I have 3 kidneys. They all were same size and healthy. I tried to donate but at that time it was unheard of a stranger doing that. Now it’s to late the 2 on the left side have evolved into one. And if any of you didn’t feel elated and a rock was lifted off your shoulders after reading this words said on this site. And the big one,The knowledge your no alone in your struggles
    Isn’t an RH. Thank You Jim And Outlaw. You gave me my piece ind back. Because I was alone. Who really wants to talk about this with anyone but a star brother or sister. Feel free to try,I
    ll come seen you every visitation day at the fruitloop farm.

    • Hi,

      Its not until these last few days and reading every ones mails, that I realise that I am not odd… just uniquely special I think!!
      I do feel like an out sider within a circle of friends….. I smile… I laugh along with them but I never feel quite connected to them, it’s like looking through frosted windows…the friendships….they want me on their side but never quite including….
      The girls always keep me on the periphery but I am comfortable with that as I sense they feel threatened even though I have never caused them any concern, many people have said that I am pretty, but I just think i’m average
      Males find me intriguing… my husband well he says he feels blessed as he keeps saying… he feels an energy when ever he is near me…even after 18 years

      Animals are drawn to me… which is a major help being a Veterinary Nurse, any scared nervous animals always seem calmed by my presence… and actively look to be near me if they are close by…

      I’ve been told on many occasions… by men and woman that I have an aura… an aloofness…but something that they cannot put their finger on, they are cautious with flirtation… and conversation…

      There have been several women, one in particular (vet ) who is unnerved by me….. why she won’t say… but its like i’ve met her before ( past life maybe ) ! that’s another debate…..

      I instinctively read peoples body language and nuances and know when they are lying, I have the ability to analyse handwriting, I seem to know what people are going to say before they have uttered a word… on many occasions…

      Things always seem to go my way…. my attitude is what will be will be, expect nothing….. achieve everything…. I never fret , because I seem to have an inner calm that tells me it will be fine and it is….

      Like you…. I can say that some one will knock on the door, when not expected, I seem to know when the phone is going to ring…. I can never tune the radio in so i’ve given up

      My only negative is that I cannot grow any plants in the house or garden, they just die….. no matter what I do…..

      I seem to click with a few people and surprisingly i’ve found out today that two of my closest work friends are RH -….. so what does that mean ?!!!!

      I am naturally a very guarded and reserved person…. self preservation maybe….. always wary of others… but eager to engage and be friends and helpful… but it’s always on the others terms…. and that’s how I see other people… as others…

      Is that wrong… strange… or a natural instinct, buried deep within knowing that I am not quite the same as them………..

      • Wow, the plant problem! I always wondered why I can’t keep any houseplants alive! Have nurtured lots of animals that vets and life had given up on, but even managed to ‘love’ a variegated Ivy to death. A Yukka plant, cheese plant and even a cactus! (Ironically, bought by a friend with the remark; ‘here, an indestructible plant’). Strangely, I found a brown stick and for some unbeknown reason, just shoved in the ground outside my house. It’s now a Maple tree and I honestly believe that if I totally ignore it, all will be well. Having the foliage ‘touch of death’ is tragic as I am entranced by trees and all things fauna related. I come from a family of green fingered magicians, sister is a top florist & grandad won awards for his tomatoes! Nice to find out there are others! Great thread and interesting discussions.

        • Wow I have never heard this about being unable to grow plants before and is me to a T!! What is the reasoning?

      • having the narturally healthier brain , we can become very nicely attuned to natures forces . this seems supernatural to others . I can smell the rain coming . the question is does the rh D positive trait make the subject stupid ? the topic is extremely sensitive .

  22. I wondered if anyone else has looked at the moon and wondered why it is where it is. It has always seemed ‘out of place’ in the universe to me. To be honest it gives me the creeps. It also interferes with my sleep patterns.
    I’m A- and psychic and I talk to spirit, or, rather they talk to me.

    • There is a school of thought that agrees with you as the moon should not be where it is. as it’s apparently millions of years older than any other object in our Solar System…

      Interesting chain of thought.

      • I love stargazing and I was so excited to check out the Blood Moon this past spring, but when I went outside a feeling of fear and imbalance washed over me. I am A- I didn’t find out as a child. I donated blood in 2001 and it was only a few years ago when I was googling supernatural things did I come across Rhesus Negative sites and then I looked at my Red Cross card and noticed I was negative. I have tried throughout my life to explain what I will label as “Supernatural” to other family members and I feel they don’t really believe me. Yet, interestingly enough they will believe in the Long Island Medium or that a burning bush gave them a message. I wonder if religious people just think that after a certain time period messengers stopped appearing?

  23. You know another trait that’s inherited by Rh negs? Their grossly inflated egos and self importance!

    Tell me have any of you done anything worth while for the great or good of mankind? Like wonderful inventions and medical innovations that could cure life threatening illnesses or replace certain organs that we couldn’t do before? How about creating modern technology that doesn’t require pollution and Eco system killing factories? Oooh, better yet intergalactic space travel and plasma rays!?….. No?…. Nothing? Hmmmm…. Well I guess this means…. GASP, you’re nothing more than a typical HUMAN who won’t contribute SHIT to society besides using my taxes, stuffing your faces, peeing, screwing and popping a bunch of kids, like everybody else does.

    What I’m saying is, you’re not better than the next person, regardless of your stupid blood types. :)

    • I can see both sides of the coin in this argument and very open minded but to put my spin on things and say that I am Rh A+ and have so many of the traits that all the people describe who are Rh -. Beautiful Green eyes that change colour, High IQ, premonitions, past lives, thirst for knowledge, world traveller, visions, hate the heat but anything electrical always works/fixes itself when I am around………. Blah blah………….We are all special in our own way. Deal with it.

  24. Well I enjoyed reading your post and all the comments and would like to add to my take on some of the comments,it is true in my experience that doctors will not tell you your blood group when you ask as it is not given ,(I asked for my son type blood) I knew mine from a young child that I was not the same as my mum who is RH neg B I am RH+O, also the doctors told her about being a second child it would be unlikely without any problems, and she had a special card that she had to carry with her,yet no problems and I was born without any ills, when you give blood as I used to as did my mum it tells you on your blood donor card what group you are.and you get a little certificate to put in your book,my mum does have a floating rib,green eyes and reddy brown hair,yet when she was younger would sunbathe all day if she could get away with it,she did have to wear shades though in the sun,also she is not what you call a strong psychic just as every one does as we all do,I am more so though I have always had lucid dreams and did not know until several years ago that it was not the normal,I was shocked by this as i suppose that was the normal,also what ever your blood group there is not one person who has not got alien heritage as none of us are native from earth,to start with reptilian brain left side of our brain’s we have all got,then some have the ability to astral travel.have past life memories either in awake or in dream state,healer abilities,though everyone has this ability some have a real strong healing energy,I also know when people are ok or not,whether someone is not ok when they say they are ok,If krum 13 is D like she said she is then she would be the only human here let alone left when all others are gone hahaha lol.

  25. I haven’t been here in a while, nice to see some new posts, well I did join a few Facebook Rh – groups but some of the people were a little out there and when I questioned things and not agreeing about so called special abilities I was called a shill and a troll. :D

    They all called each other family and brother and sister, all a bit wacky for me. :P

    • I know what you mean :-)

      Some sites to seem to get a bit overpowering and possessive to the point of even attacking ‘unbelievers’ en masse.

      I take a more balanced view however and just make the information freely available so people can decide for themselves.

      I take a dim view of indoctrination and ‘cultish’ behaviour.

      I am always open to questions or a different viewpoint :-)

      • I don’t like the cult stuff either , but on the other hand how do you tell 96% of the world they are mutations due to toxoplasmosis endemic infections in their family lines ? 0- here

    • Im rh negative, lol and that does sound weird. But lots of groups do that. I think being rh negative might have a part but some people are just psychic and different just cause they are. :p

  26. I am always open too as I thought about what you had said on another forum this morning and am rethinking my posting of that youtube interview link . ;)

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  29. My daughter would be 26 years old her name is Sarah Lynn she was born still born 12/17/1987. I think about her a lot, what she would look like, and why? I’m O Neg and my body attacked her, I never knew my own blood type until the day I delivered her. My heart hurts, and I’ve always had questions in regards to my personality and my blood type.

  30. You guys with Rh- blood type are just earlier models of so call’s human-race,so in fact you can say that your closer related to “gods”(our makers)but from other side you are less adapted to this planet then Rh+ group.Some will say that you have more Aryan blood in you which is directly connected with some of the Reptilian Speculations and that is that you are more easy to control than others by the Reptilian-Aliens(Draco).So just to clarify myself as some ppl. claim abductions from the greys which is proving some of this theory.For the Reptilians to function in physical reality, they needed physical genetics. The transparent people took genetics from the now physical Lyraens, who had blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes. These genetics were mixed with the transparent peoples collective energy, thus manifesting physically as the Reptilians. This is why the current Reptilians need the energetics from Aryan-type people to survive on the physical plane.So you will may ask who are the Lyraens?
    The Lyraens were all blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, with an occasional red-haired or green-eyed person. In Lyraen society, red-haired people were considered special with extrasensory powers that connected them to non-physical realms. They were especially desired for breeding purposes. Special permission to breed with a red-haired person was required because of the extra, or superhuman, abilities that came with the offspring.For this reason, red-haired people were kept separate from the rest, and even had their own subculture. They were also coveted by the Reptilians, who as a species did not have much psychic ability. Often, when Reptilians came to a world for occupation, the Lyraen refugees offered a group of red-haired people to appease them for a while. This practice eventually degenerated into sacrifices to appease the demons.
    While the Reptilians were the first colonists on Earth, they were not the only ones who interfered with human development on this planet. In all there are twelve other groups who donated DNA to the production of the experiment.
    Add the Reptilians to the twelve groups, resulting in human beings with a genetic mixture of 13 different strains.
    The result was a general free-for-all. While all these humanoid aliens were Lyraen/Reptilian descendants, each group was culturally and physically manipulated by different groups. This is similar to a lab professor who leaves the door open while he is gone, and all his assistants add their own genetics to the experiment.
    Good luck finding your truth

  31. Im O- had surgery in the Navy was told I had an extra rib. Have French Norman ancestry one side even had as his wife the daugter of the king of the scots in the 900s my dna is R1a1a so probaly had viking ancestry.

  32. I have always wondered why I’ve felt so different from everyone else. I am 19 years old, have an IQ of 167 and am O negative. My mothers ancestors are from a royal family in England, while my fathers ancestors are from Spain. I have tan skin, and brown eyes, yet my hair has a reddish tint. My mother has true red hair as well. I have the extra vertebrae, and my blood temperature is always lower than average. I love seeking true facts about history, and have a deep compassion for space exploration. I have recently been looking into my family history, and have realized I come from a long line of Freemasons. Also, at certain times my pupils will form into a slit shape, such as a cats (I’ve even had someone take pictures because they saw it happen). It usually occurs when I’m angry or upset..Maybe the RH- factor does come from extraterrestrials. All in all great post!

  33. the rhesus D positive antigen/ gene is from endemic toxoplasmosis infection . its an infection common to monkey and most of man . the people of ice age Europe did not have these exposures . toxo is killed off by very cold temperatures . “The high proportion of Rh-negative persons in the European population could be connected with the fact that, until recently, big cats (the definitive host of Toxoplasma gondii) were practically not present here and thus toxoplasmosis was rare (and Rh-negative persons were at an advantage compared to the rest of the population). The low percentage of Rh-negative persons in Africa (less than 1%) could be related to the high prevalence of toxoplasmosis there, which often approaches 100%.” http://www.frozenevolution.com/origin-rh-blood-group-polymorphism there is a cycle of the protozoan parasite toxioplasmosis among mice and cats and many other wild creatures . toxo can alter the hormone structure of its host . this is why an rh negative woman can become allergic to her babies . rhogam is the current treatment of choice . its nothing to do with aliens or angels . you might consider toxo oocites as extraterrestrial cause they are microscopic and can float in the air with the dust .

  34. Hi, I am A- have 5 wonderful children dont know their -/+ but they are all As and they do everything I do trait wise and I try to nurture that in them, all but one had extra fingers I am the only that had 24 all together 6 toes 6 fingers.

    My 7 year old and I have had out of body experience’s together because when leaves her body while sleeping I knew it was scary it is always.

    I told her hey I do that to, next time try and come get me . She remembered and I wasn’t aware that I left my body until the next day, I thought I was dreaming (I am not skilled in this yet it just happens and sometimes I am fully aware) I asked her hey when was the last time , she called me silly and said I should know because I left my body when she came to get her and we stayed in her room talking till she went back in her body.

    That was the first time in my life I remember not feeling over whelming fear doing that and she said wasn’t afraid also.

    My oldest has dreams that come true and my middle child is always telling me this she feels like she has already done and a week later she does it as she said it would be.

    But she get excited because she thinks shes doing it a second time. I am waiting to see what my toddlers will be doing.

    • Out of body experiences (astral projection) are something that fascinate me. I will be publishing an article on my views on that soon.

      Many RH Negatives have experienced this too.

      • For me it has been the most fearful thing I do, 1, I dont know how to make it happen or stop it so when I know its happening my thoughts are on getting back to my body. I have never done it and tried to explore. Right now for maybe 2 years now I have been trying to do it because I want to and I only recently I tried to and it happend for a second then my phone rang. 2 every time before I thought I must be dying why else would I be looking at myself trying to stay and not float away.
        There have been nights I felt like oh no its going to happen especially the time I couldn’t sleep for days (I am watching the moon cycles because I have been thinking it coukd be tied to the moon ) and every one of those times I thought oh no because I feel whatever entity has been where ever I am at the time. I fight those nighs extra hard to not get to the REM stage of sleep because there is no doubt for me that whatever entity is there will have the opportunity to possess me if I am out of my body. I am mad at the person who made me watch insidious.
        I want to really understand this about me for my kids. My big sister is the only one besides my daughter who knows I am not joking. When I was seven she said she saw my soul, I came to her that night and told her I was cold and afraid. She said I was glowing and since the moon was full she assumed thats why I was the same color as the moon light. She had me get in bed with her and I was freezing and she held me thight and as soon as she fell asleep I was gone. We talked the next day because I woke up crying and she came in my room I told her I died while I was sleeping. Only once it happened that I remember and it was crazy it didnt go to church then but I went for Halloween cuz my mom hated that I didnt like going. We came home I slept on the cough like always, and I woke up but I wasn’t awake and was floating down, just watching myself and trying to open my eyes. That night went on like that, nothing I could do to stay physically awake and fighting to wake up I thought I was going to hell. My big sister thinks something makes this happen, and we consider the ringing in our ears that changes I call it the signal, and its hard to find others that really hear it like we both stop for a minute at the same time to listen to something and be like it chaged at the same time. I have been to states where I cant hear it at all and went crazy because it was to quite. But her thinking is still like me very dogmatic and her and my mom want me to stop trying because of fear , but I told my mom for her to think I may be the only child of hers to really find god one day, she sure does want me to change a lot and stay in fear of myself and she is also A-can feel things like me has that empathetic sickness like me. She encourages me but its weird I just fiund out two nights ago my dad feels entities etc. I got my extra fingers from his side and they are giants , my 16yr bro is 7’1 now , I am my dads runt. But everyone is so not willing to talk about this stuff especially the ones who have these gifts, my dad told me he never talked about this stuff because he cant be looked at as crazy because he is known, but he loves everything about my seeking :-) but wants me to stop so I dont get in trouble especially when we talk about my blood type , he really worries about me wanting to know so much and everyone who knows about my out of body experiences is afraid for me but if I dont find out my daughter will probably fear it as much as I do and it may not be something to be feared. You should reply to the email I sent you I mentioned that I love talking and experiments and I could go way more into many many things with you.

        • Hiya, just wanted to say that I understand everything you say and have had many, many struggles with this, as the paralysis that comes means you cannot even speak. When it happens now, which is hardly ever now…I try to say Jesus/Yeshua as soon as I realise it is happening and fight to call His name outloud….this shuts everything down…..these entities can’t bear to hear His name and have to flee…I hope this helps…I am ab-, God Bless you

          • This is great good advice rita im the same way but my spirt does it, comes out and fights I can also see spirts left here on earth there here waiting. I hope you message back I would love to compare notes.

        • Dont be scared, your just blessed. Never let fear stop you I couldn’t control anything from the age of 7 till first year of high school, I couldn’t focus in school. There is an off switch but its different for every one, you can only try and block things out and forget for so long before it catches up with you. And these a lot more people with abilitys than are afraid to come out. I have 3 good friends and 1 of them can feels peoples physical pain and some people can heal theres so many out there you just have to find them I have meet so many lol but im not afraid to admit what I can do. My dreams are crazy I can remember dreams back from when I was a kid. Im also never wrong when it come to when a stop will light will change or what gender a new born baby is or how many cats or dogs some one has and I love out of body its pure freedom.

      • Hi…I am A Rh – and have had an out of body experience. It was very scary and induced by smoking pot way back. Everyone in the room at the time can remember this. I was standing in a doorway but I was actually up in the corner of the ceiling watching myself and others.

        • I have never done drugs and I can astroproject and go out of body when ever I want. I have no set boundaries of when my spirt leaves my body.

      • Ihave astral projected way back. I am a- blood low body temperature of 96 and left handed. Fascinating stuff outlaw!

      • I was having experiences with this as a teen but then I was told it leaves a person exposed & vulnerable to demonic possession. So I avoid it now.

  35. Hi Blood negative friends! Well I have B- and when I got pregnent they took several bloodtests to be sure my baby was not going to be attacked by antibodies. My daughter got B+. In our family my father has the same as me and so had my past away brother. One of my sister got my mothers O+ and the other B+. This B seemed to be strong. I have done DNA and it would be nice if they find the gene or geneswho makes the blood Rhesus negative.

    Thanks Outlaw for an interesting website! Helena

  36. Hi Guys! What do you think I am?
    A negative or O negative???
    I am dying to find out.
    I have blond hair. Hazel eyes with gold, fair skinned, pinky skin in winter.
    I am emotionally sensitive. I don’t like social events or socializing. I am kind and true and real. Hypermobile joints. Shy as a kid. Not sure what else to add. What’s the biggest difference between a neg and o neg?
    Body Personality and Health wise?
    Thank you

    • Im part Africa American native american German and english brown eye dark brown hair and I have been experiencing thigs sence I was 7 im a mixed mutt and a really strong psychic

  37. Excuse my stupid comment but couldn’t RH pos. genetic presence be explained by vaccination residues – genetic material from rhesus monkey organs in which virus was cultured was inseparable from virus. Foreign DNA from culture medium is injected into anyone who takes vaccinations.
    Dr Rebecca Carley has done much work on the subject of vaccinations.

    • No comment is stupid Bobcat, as all avenues are free to be explored when no definitive answers have ever been supplied. It’s a theory which should be looked at like all the others in my opinion. Although I do not believe that vaccinations were available when Rhesus Negatives were ‘introduced’ some 20 – 30,000 years ago.. :)

    • I’m O(-)
      Oh man! This is one avenue I didn’t think about until you brought it up!!! I’m not sure if my concerns are the same as yours but I hate vaccinations. I have unfortunately gotten all my childhood vaccines and my kids had many of them until I learned about the negatives. Now I won’t allow any more of them. But my concern is as you said: they use Rhesus monkey DNA in these vaccines… So what does that do physically, to those of us with RH negative blood? It CAN’T be good! (Vaccines are bad in many other ways but I never thought about “this”.)
      Any ideas about where I can get information on this?

  38. I am an O-. I have to wonder what blood type my great, great grandmother was. She was a famous “illusionist” in her day and traveled all over the world performing her great feats of strength and other abilities. She was only 5′ tall and weighed under 100 pounds. She also apparently had “psychic” abilities. Many of the Rh- traits fit me – although I wasn’t born with a tail. :)

  39. Im rh negative im african america hardly the master race im also german amd engish and native american my first child was a miscarriage! My daughter is rh postive however I think her having me as a mom and having the ressive it seams she benefits, we both never get misquote bites and I do have psychic ablities very strong ones since I was about 7 years old

  40. Rhesus negative people are not agressive unless cornered. We are peaceful, truithful and to a certain extent feel connected to a higher good. And most important feel that protection. Not being in true sense connected to this earth in that we do not wish to harm.


  42. I agree so much with Maureen because I feel just the same .I have been searching the internet to find where my Rh neg. blood comes from. I was born 10 wks early to a RH.neg. mother ,fathers blood group unknown,so as this was 60 plus years ago I am lucky to be alive.When I was young(infant) I can remember feelings of floating out of my body which scared me a lot,but this passed as I got older.When I was a teenager I was in hospital after a car accident and had an x-ray on my hips I can remember a young doctor getting very excited saying `he had never seen that in someone so young`,there was a senior doctor with him and he made a point of shutting him up,i never found out what it was they saw but have wondered all my life what was so different about me that got the young doctor so excited .In my 20`s I had a strange encounter one night when I woke to find an alien looking at me through a shutter in the ceiling(now I sound really nuts!!!!)It stared at me for a while and I could not move as I was so scared,then it went and the shutter shut, in the next weeks paper there were reports of a ufo sighting over our town on that same night. Also the thing I saw which I believe they call a whitey I had never seen before not in a picture or any thing until about 6months later when there was a report in the paper of an American man seeing one in his house and he drew a picture of just what I saw.I have seen many things in my life that I cannot explain, my manfriend and I watched a UFO for hours one night going straight up into the sky,i`ve seen ghosts and ,orbs.I always have a feeling of someone being out there in space and of belonging there which is so weird,also I feel at times someone watching over me. I have a quite a large head (can never get hats to fit) and big eyes, so a bit like other neg`s. My partner always laughs at me because I have a `thing` that I have to live on a hill (we live near the sea) and I always feel one day a big wave will come, perhaps not in my life time I do not know where this feeling comes from but it is just there .Reading this back I sound a bit nuts,i am not ,I`ve had a good job and no mental health issues. I was a bit angry at the man who said we had big ego`s so not true ,I think we just want an answer, some times I think there are people out there who know,i have a friend who insist the Government have secrets on UFo`s etc., but then I think no one really knows if there is a God, if we perhaps came from another planet if there is life after death , we cannot get angry at other peoples ideas as no one really knows!

  43. AB negative here, 2 of my 3 children are same – one is AB positive ( oddly my twins are one of each.) Very interested in learning more about this topic. I have been following the eating for your blood type book, but this seems to be a bit more of an in depth conversation. I have always been an empath to people, to animals and plants. My 3 year old is showing signs of psychic ability ( “mom, Celeste is going to_________ in a couple minutes”) and she does whatever the blank is filled with. One of my twins (almost 2) goes very introverted around certain people ( definitely can sense the persons goodness/ badness ). I have premonition dreams while sleeping, and visions during the day. Any more reading on this topic that i can be directed to would be great. ( please)

  44. This topic is what got me into your blog! Then of course I read the others and have learned so much! My father is type o, I am o-, everyone else is a+. My whole family has started researching this topic, as it is such good info for medical info. My son has o- too, my family after reading about the traits have said I make much more sense now! :-)

  45. I am afraid of AB blood phenotype. I have always believed I was type AB rh negative because of these antigens are detected in blood test. But my mother is AB and my brother is O. AND THEN I am an strange cis AB RH negative. Nobody has not got this ultrarare type excepting my younger sister and an old man from Orihuela. Question is if we have got a bleeding nobody can give us blood for transfusion. Ten years ago, I was next to death by medical urgencies because of they transfer me universal blood after an accident and my body reject that blood. My sister and me can change plasma only. We need an ID card to Sanity with this words: Please, I can not recieve another blood than mine, autotransfusion only. In Valencian Country southern floodlands, among Alicante and Torry, Cis AB clan is a bicentury new farmer linage with hundreds of people in a blood relation of mine. Some of us have got hemolytic desease, epilepsy, ultra high coagulate factor, mental retard but always relationed of tradicional alcohol abuse, We are Reapers! Cis AB women live until 90 years old. Every body thinks this Cis blood have got a gipsy genesis although I have found some events in Western Corea , South Japan and Yellow Sea China. I have not reported any event nor Europe nor India though some people in Argentina says belong to cis AB type of mine that some common ancestry brang to La Pampa a century ago.

  46. Sorry, there are reported some cisAB in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium and Poland) and one case in indian Punjab. In Nebraska a child cisAB was born from a mother type O and a father cisAB some years ago. Reciently, in chinese province Tianjin was reported another case like Nebraska but chinese mother type O- and child cisAB rh negative like me.

  47. I am a 36 yr old woman with Rh-neg blood. I have many other strange symptoms that have been identified. My body temp sits at 96 degrees F, my pulse rate is super high, around 104-120 per min. While my blood pressure is very low. I have slightly webbed toes…enough for me to make jokes since i was a very competitive swimmer. I have had contact with other beings/entities my entire life, and my daughter has since she was 2 years old…we have had mutual experiences over the past two years which are amazing & a bit terrifying. I have some psychic abilities…I can tell when a woman is pregnant before they even test positive, I know the song that is getting ready to play on the radio, no one can lie to me, I typically know what my daughter is going to say before she does, same with my husband, I have heightened senses. Other women in my family have similar issues.

    • Hi Tiffany, what you are saying is remarkably similar to what many Rh Negs have experienced and many have similar physical characteristics also.

      Thanks for your input :)

  48. Greetings to everyone!

    My blood is, type 0 negative,and I already knew this type of blood was rare, but to imagine all the histories and theories around it, I am very surprised and intrigued.

    One thing i must say, this could explain 2 or 3 things about my life.

    I live in Portugal in an area with many histories about UFO sightings, and (this everyone agrees) with an electric magnetic line which cross the mountain region.

    And I subscribed to the Outlaw because i know the title is true: “When truth is outlawed, only outlaws will be free”

    On 27 of April 1961 JFK made a well known speech about it and he was killed, the world is all taken, in the moment we are all prisioners, and I always heard that is duty of all prisoners to escape, I wish good luck to everyone who tries it!

    And remember everyone say no to drugs, to drugs of all kinds, this is their world, there for their rules, lets avoid falling on their traps.

    They give us 3 options integration (embrace the system), neutralization (agree or not, just do not interfere), elimination (drugs, suicide, jail, homeless, and some became with out knowing it, a beginners experiments for practices)

    Stay strong everyone and remember, when we do not fight we always lose!

    Destroy what destroys the Planet!

    • yeah don’t I know it. they found the thunder genes in my genes. lol. erased my memories and gave me a different mind. they raped me stole my whole being. all this time I thought it was just me. but things you say I felt I said before. we are the enigmatic genome and it’s potent they know it and what’s left has been tampered with. fight them off with the light. it’s hard. just sit. take a break and open up your chakras. not easy is it when your emphatic illness and fight mode won’t allow you to. we’ve been in a war yep….how to shut that down and move in a new direction…I don’t know how. I heard just sit have fun don’t charge the war anymore. but I’m rh negative damn it. I need some help here. we need a booster from god. help…mercy and maybe a goddamn thank you once in awhile. how about some love?

  49. Hello, let’s get this clear I am RH 0 – negative.

    We of this blood type….know for a certain we are not like everyone else… and trying to explain why….is futile.

    At this point, blood science,is just catching up, D N A , a smart dude long long ago made I.V.F that guy made the birth control pill
    …he was treated like an idiot or crazy so he was so broke and a joke to others.

    A lady funded him ..he cashed out to survive …so look it up yourself….

    IVF DNA. Is a billions dollar industry world wide…who knew.?

    I know nanotechnology and blood is a different science, look up the new billionaire female, she’s changing the view on blood, how it’s part of so much more, IVF survivor, my blood poisoned.

    By a drug used in fertility, unregulated …perhaps if they took my blood type into consideration.

    My body would not be killing me while Alive….

    I awoke after 11 years of searching

    2013 saw the truth in print and a woman published a book……


    Blessing and curse, Lupron must use haz. mat suit. .?

    • Some very important points to consider there, thanks for the comment as IVF is certainly something that I had not condidered in relation to Rh Negatives.

  50. I recently found out that my blood type is AB Negative, I Live in the Philippines and in your article it is mentioned that in Asia there are only 1% who has a negative RH.

    Anyway, I exhibit most of the characteristic you have mentioned above..

    What is strange is, when i reached the age of 21, suddenly I lost interest with this world, I mean, when I was in college, I am very driven in creating a corporate career, establishing a name for myself, acquiring wealth and prestige, the works; Then all of a sudden, I had this strong resolve that it doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things, and I felt that our world is just temporary and there’s something great waiting beyond this world.

    I dunno, I know I am not the only one who thinks this way, but, also during those years (I am 26 now, btw) I began sensing other beings.

    Its as if I could interact with them and I could feel their presence.

    For instance, in a new place, sometimes I could feel that I am not alone and I could feel their presence.

    And yeah the whole blood scarcity thing is also a bummer.

    • Jackie Chan, a famous film actor in Taiwan, is also AB negative. You must be sure of your type. I am cis-AB, another mutant type typical in asian islanders around Japan, Korea, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Taiwan. I am also Rh negative. In a serographic test, you and me are the same type. But in a DNA test we are totally different. You have got two alleles: one allele type A and another one type B. I have got one allele type cis-AB and another type O. In Liaoyiang, Jiangsu chinese province, there is discovered a new brand child cis-AB rh negative. If one of your parents is type O and another type AB you could be cis-AB.

  51. Odd, but I am not surprised that I have found my way to the Outlaw by a completely different article, but am also Rhesus Negative.

    Yoy were dead right when you wrote about Negs ‘Seeking each other out’ in some way. :)

  52. Well, BGMUT has published a table about the 34 blood group systems where we can understand what is really RH blood system though RHD’s protein function is still unknown. In March 2014, There were 127 RHCE , 255 RHD, 23 RHAG and 3 LW identified alleles. RH blood system mutation index is the first in all human blood genes.


    What’s really be rh negative?

    Is the same to be Panda Blood (asian A negative), RH null (total deletion RHD and RHCE) or a typical caucasian rh negative? We are different mutants in a mainstream evolution. The ancient offspring Neathertal-Sapiens in West-Asia and Denisovian-Sapiens in East-Asia, different species of us both, has broken our evolution way. Nowadays, some black africans like khoisan are really pure Sapiens. We know tht RHD deletion or Rh negative is a mutation cluster affecting isolated populations in Eurasia after hybrid event (60000 years ago) though a few rh- Sapiens has always been in Africa (at least, 1%) from the Sapiens’ Beginning.

    There are really important things for all rh negatives: no drugs, no alcohol; our metabolism is fragile and slow. We are more intelligent but drunk rh negative parents breed menthal retard offspring. About psychic powers versus psychic dementia. Well, I was a teenage epilleptic drunker, when I rejected alcohol and drugs my desease dessapeared.

    In my family, rh negative members have got over-excitation tendency but with a healthy diet (please, eat flesh, sister) and without cats (never mind toxoplama gondi) we are common people.

    Thanks to Outlaw Jimmy for psychic support.

    The most of us have to live in a toxic experience society that affects our reality perception.

  53. Extra Vertebra (don’t know)

    Higher than average IQ (yes, Genius most of the time I take tests)

    More sensitive vision and other senses (vision 20/20; sometimes 20/13 extramagnification)

    Lower body temperature (yes)

    Higher/Lower blood pressure (typically 90/60)

    Increased occurrences of psychic/intuitive abilities (dont know)

    Predominately blue, green, or hazel eyes (black eyes, iris is black)

    Red or reddish hair (black hair)

    Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight (yes)

    Alien abduction and/or other unexplained phenomena? (dont know)

    I am type A-

  54. Thank you Rex Cortez I am stealing your format.
    Extra Vertebra (don’t know)

    Higher than average IQ (yes, very high and different ways of solving problems)

    More sensitive vision and other senses ( younger vision 20/20, now that i am 40 i just lost one 19/20)

    Lower body temperature (yes 96.8 lots of times as kid.)

    Higher/Lower blood pressure (typically low)

    Increased occurrences of psychic/intuitive abilities (yes)

    Predominately blue, green, or hazel eyes (one blue gray, one blue green, spots of gold from my mom and a dark blue ring around the outside of iris)

    Red or reddish hair (light brown hair, at 2 orange hair, 14 hair stopped having red in hair, early 30s stopped having red in beard)

    Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight (yes)

    Alien abduction (No- but Strange dreams)

    Other unexplained phenomena? (don’t know)

    I am type Ab-

    Thank you for your outlaw site

  55. O- 15yrs here
    IQ 134
    Vision very good ( don’t know the score but also above average motoric skills and reflexes)
    Lower body temperature
    Lower blood pressure and pulse
    Psychic and intuitive abilities yes, definitely
    Green eyes
    Blonde hair
    No abductions

    Great site!

  56. Hi
    I am a black female with Native American blood line (Black Foot)
    Hair black, eyes brown blood type O –
    Body temp usually lower than 98.6
    Psychic abilities clearly
    Not sensitive to sunlight
    I have visions
    I have problems with knowing what to eat I don’t really care for eating flesh
    I have dreams that become reality
    I have never met anyone else like me. I am deffinately a different kind of being
    I don’t seem to fit in on this planet because I see and experince life here differently
    Alien abduction, I am here so I will say yes

  57. Rex Cortez test (CisAB Rh neg)
    Extra Vertebra (Yes)
    higher than average IQ (Yes)
    more sensitive vision and other sense (in one eye, another eye’s got congenit malfuction. I can hear sometimes ultrasounds but lower waves confuse me,all my senses work fine in alert situations)
    lower body temperature (yes)
    higher/lower blood pressure (yes, or higher o lower never standard)
    increase ocurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities (dangerous question, for exemple, in Basque country, many rh negative terrorists got intuitive ability to make bombs and kill spanish people. Nowadays, Europol controls all family members from Aiskolari Klan or red basques that sustain violence but mafia’s gangsters, some politiceans and policemen are helping ETA rearming to revenge liders prison. If the most of us are really more intelligent or expèrt, System will strike against rh neg people. Here in Valencian Country, it’s taboo say doctor “I am Rh negative”. Medical class got many prejudicies and they don’t understand yet what is actually Rh blood type).
    very important things about type, eyes colour, pale skin, etc.
    By genetics, the only Truth, we know…
    1. Rhesus factor is not Rh factor. Drs Landsteiner and Wiener mistoke macaco rhesus blood antigen with human RhD antigen. Rhesus factor is actually LW antigen.
    2. Nowadays we know 33 different blood groups. ABO type and Rh type are totally independents controlled by genes in different chromosomes and embryo is who chooses type not the parents.
    3. Colour eyes and skin are controlled by another genes (nothing to see with blood). Brown, green and blue alleles in eyes where brown is always dominant and blue always recessive. I think delete this question, Jimmy, I think is racist, many people could say you are KKK negative. Some North-caucasians and siberian hunters had lost brown allele in Stone Age and, after Ice Age, in North Europe develop in isolated populations but the Rh neg gene is another galaxy.

    • 23 O-
      No extra vértebra
      119 IQ
      Higher understanding of Quantum electrodynamics, wave-particle duality of all matter etc..
      Dark brown/light Brown hair green and brown hazel eyes that appear vivid yellow in direct sunlight. I do not tan i blister in sunlight.
      I can read minds, predict the future, move small objects when im not focused, control other peoples actions.

      20/15 vision, extremely sensitive hearing. Shrill noises cause vertigo and paralysis

      I live in a but in short trips to higher elevation i felt super human ………………… is this shit for real!!??

    • Good Day to everyone –
      Just thought I would say that this entire subject is completely fascinating. From this point of view.(clue)
      But has anyone ever considered the possibility (clue)that this might be Father God doing all of this Genetic mutation. For the Science Geeks out there. I am a Rh neg as well and if you would use your imagination(clue)- just consider all the science figures(clue) in our entire Human history(clue) and ask yourself what were they searching for – The Truth of who we are and where we came from. We are spirit beings not aliens. Maybe some of us could be Aliens but not all. Rh negs are different for a reason and it is up to each of us to figure that out for ourselves. Blessing to all in your search for your truth and your path. You guys are getting warmer.

  58. Hi, I just found out that I have A- blood type.. Can you guys help me understand my blood type.

    I don’t know about the rare capabilities but I do have some (I’m.not really sure, my husband just told me soo.)


    I’m from Philippines, hope to know some A- out there..

  59. Hello all… I am Rh A negative and I have many of the same traits… I am of Northern European descent, have blue eyes, LOATHE the sunlight, I prefer to do everything at night, my family says I am a true vampire! I have always had extremely LOW blood pressure, I swim like a fish and am obsessed with all things new age and spiritual. I have several friends who are famous Mediums also. I also am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis Delta F508 mutation and have 2 daughters with CF, one here on earth and one crossed over. I have always felt different.

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