All reader submitted articles are welcome on the Outlaw, and if what has been received thus far is anything to go by, the only limitation on the subject matter – appears to be the writers own imagination.

Reader submissions can be as diverse, controversial, quirky and as left-field as it is possible to be, from short works of fiction, through factual accounts of ones own experiences, right down to prepping/diet/survival tips, current affairs, historical revision, scientific observation, disclosures, alien abductions/sightings, ‘whistle-blowing’, having a good old-fashioned rant and even poetry.

Examples of all of the above have been submitted to this site over the last few years, and a selection will be published, with full credits to the authors, unless they wish to remain anonymous of course, as is more often the case.

Articles submitted for possible inclusion on this site can be sent to the dedicated email address:




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