I wrote much of this a few days before the awful news that is still coming out of America following yet another spree Shooting, this time at a Kindergarten in Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut.

My views on this are once again going to be seen as Controversial, and will no doubt cause anger among the less-enlightened reader. Along with many others, I followed the so-called ‘Batman’ shooting at the movie Theatre in Aurora, Colorado, by the ‘lone’ gunman James Holmes, and watched the media feeding frenzy that occurred following the shootings. If it was not blatantly obvious before, surely the Court appearance of James Holmes after the massacre must have convinced the remaining doubters that there was definitely something ‘not quite right’ about the whole awful event.

His very appearance, coupled with his erratic behaviour was not the result of any undisclosed mental disturbance, I feel it was far more likely to have been caused by the amount of mood-altering drugs that had been pumped into his system while in custody. It had the desired effect that he came over to the cameras as being obviously ‘high’ on something or as mad as a box of frogs. It’s real purpose however, was to destroy any lasting memories of the methods that had been used, in order for him to act as he did.

Anybody even vaguely familiar with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are in little doubt that he had been ‘Programmed’ in some way for this specific event, or may have even been selected and prepared from an early age. NLP is a rather more acceptable version of the secretive and highly Classified Monarch and MK Ultra systems of Mind Control and I can assure you that they are very real. The KGB have had similar systems in place for many years, and have ‘sleeping’ agents in most countries of the world. Many are entirely unaware of their programming and live perfectly normal lives, holding down jobs and raising their families among, and like the rest of the population.

Hollywood Movies like the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ and the ‘Bourne’ series of movies explore these very subjects, and in some way are preparing us for the disclosure of the actual existence of these projects.

Much is this may be just too far off the radar for most people to even contemplate being possible, or even real. One of the main causes of this, has to be that there has been another and universal type of ‘brainwashing’ in use for decades, that has been wholly responsible for this ‘dumbing down’ of the population. The mainstream Media has been, by and large used for this for many years, helping to create a ‘hive’ mentality of collective denial and illusion that has kept the truth hidden from public view.

I can hear it now, the cries of ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ are the standard responses, to any deviations from anything that you have been carefully, and systematically drip fed and entirely base your belief systems on.

Comparisons to this latest event must surely be drawn from other ‘spree’ killings, such as Hungerford, Dunblane, Washington, Columbine and the Virgina Tech slayings. All of which I believe were not as they first appeared, and had been a part of a scripted agenda commonly utilised by the mysterious ‘Dark Forces’ that are still talked about in whispered tones throughout the Alternative Media outlets.

What I will end this by saying, is that there is another victim to be considered in all of this, and that victim is James Holmes himself.

He did not wake up one day and decide to walk into a Movie theatre armed to the teeth, before randomly ending the lives of anyone who crossed his path.

He even admitted sometime later to a fellow inmate in prison, that he felt that he had been ‘got at’ in some way, and is as shocked and disturbed as anyone, that one random act, which was entirely possible to have been beyond his control, has now effectively destroyed his own life also.


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  1. I cant disagree with anything in your post J can’t confirm anything either. It scares the crap out of me, its so motiveless. What I can say is that when Tim McFay (Omaha) was executed I wept for days and the day of the actual bombing I had the Counting Crows song ‘Omaha’ going round and round in my head, kept thinking I was about to faint, I was a fucking mess before I saw the news.

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