The video accompanying this article, was uploaded to Facebook by Tom Finch, and was taken from the recently screened BBC show ‘Stargazing Live’, which focussed on the highly publicised ‘Space Walk’ of the British astronaut Tim Peake, to repair a broken solar panel on the International Space Station (ISS), which is believed to be currently orbiting the Earth.


The video comprises a short conversation between Dr. Brian Cox and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who last year, regaled a worldwide Television and Internet audience with his rendition of the David Bowie Classic ‘Space Oddity’, while orbiting the Earth aboard the ISS.

During that conversation, Hadfield makes some unexpected revelations, that must now surely raise some serious questions.

The video and audio is not the best quality, so I have transcribed the conversation for clarity.

BRIAN COX: “How important is the engineering? That we have learned to build such a large structure in orbit?

CHRIS HADFIELD: “It’s sort of as if a little kid is sailing a sailboat on a pond remotely. At some point, that person starts to sail a sailboat up and down the coast, then they invent and study and learn to figure out all the things they need to do, so that maybe … then someday, they can actually sail out of sight of land. And the station [ISS] has been orbiting the Earth as if … we are sort of … as if we are sailing in sight of land, as we invent … I mean … 

What do we make the hull out of? 

How do you navigate? 

What food do you need? 

How do you make a toilet that will work forever? 

How do you recycle water? 

How do you recycle the oxygen?

It’s the main crucible test that we’ve been trying to grind out all the lessons, that’ll eventually … ‘LET US GO TO THE MOON … AND EVEN FURTHER AWAY!'”




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  1. Chris, didn’t you talk to Neil and Buzz? Didn’t you get the memo? 🙂

    1. I miss your site mate, hope you are well and things worked out for you in the end.

      1. Thanks Mike and sorry, I have only just seen your comment.

  2. David Icke Forum Regular

    Expect a quick rebuttal from the Daily Mail and Spivey Jimmy, as they both watch this site closely and have used a number of comments and blocks of text that appeared here first. Am looking forward to the BBC and NASA trying to spin their way out of this as well. Keep it up

    1. Hmmm funny you should say that, you are not the 1st to have mentioned it and it’s not the 1st time the Spiv has resorted to pilfering work off this site, despite the lies he has spread on that joke of a website about Jimmy, Helen, myself and others.

      He is bereft of his main writer at the moment, so is obviously scratching around to keep the very few punters he still has daft enough to believe a word he says happy. I think we all know he’s a lazy article and hasn’t the noodle to do the work himself. He can’t even work out the time differences on 2 CCTV cameras, let alone any real clever investigative work.

      And whilst I am here, it has also been determined that the IT person who was mentioned to the Spiv by Jimmy when his previous IT bloke left under a cloud, was actually recommended to Jimmy by one of the people who we now know is hand in glove with Jimmys main attackers. It would appear that this was yet another of their scams to try to set Jimmy up and discredit him from the start.

      Every piece of the puzzle placed makes for an even uglier picture that’s for sure!

      Roll on the 21st March when hopefully he’ll be served what he deserves at Basildon Crown Court.

  3. Ground control to Major Tom Tit… We’re sick of Nazi fraudulent psy ops…. Brian (things can’t get better under your Masonic magic)… Bullshit for the herd.. Also Bowie’s new album, Dark star… Black sun anyone?.. Its all theatre darling.

  4. Brilliant. Been talking to people recently as to why the press are encouraging everyone to cream their pants about Mr/Air commodore/Squadron leader/flight mechanic/who gives a Fuck/Tim Peake is only a long dick away from us at 250cms…Sorry miles from us!!! Ffs We’ve already been to the moon courtesy of the power of our iPhone ..or less…. Haven’t we?????

  5. actually Spivey is another moon landing denier. if you look under ‘ most commented posts’. the article ‘ where have all the mountains gone’ is still in the charts. i battled for months to get them to see sense. its obvious what chris hatfield meant. he meant all the work being done on the ISS is useful preparation should we ever set up a colony on the moon. thats what he meant sorry. incidentally its possible with a powerful pair of binoculars to actually see the shape of the ISS when it passes overhead. next passage over the UK MONDAY JAN18 4.55AM.

    1. I am very much looking forward to your reaction should I decide to ever publish my views on flat earth Richard ….

      1. Hi Jimmy. Zen Gardner is no fool and he is discussing flat earth here


        1. I really rate Zen, he knows his stuff and has been around for a long time.

          If he has published something on FE only a complete fool would dismiss it out of hand, I agree Patricia.

      2. The flat Earth stuff is quite new to me, I did have a little look and thought WTF? I sort of put it on the back burner I suppose, but it is a fascinating subject, although I will need some convincing on that one. Be interesting to see your view on it.

        1. I very much doubt I will convince anyone Mike, but if there is one subject guaranteed to get the ‘Truth Movement’ at each other’s throats, it’s the FE debate.

          The alleged (Sorry OG) Hampstead Satanic Abuse episode was another one, but that has passed with very little blood on the carpet, even if you consider who was behind it, but Flat Earth debate is something else – I have watched lifelong friends come to blows over it and have not spoken since.

          That is why it interests me, even though I cannot claim to be able to prove it either way, the level of belief on both sides of the debate is something to behold.

          1. Interesting Outlaw. Seems the indoctrinated don’t like it up ’em. Whatever the shape of the body we live on there are too many anomalies to the heliocentric model we have been given, the more you look the more you see… Take today for example… a blue day(ish)… and no long tail planes about…. conclusion?…. Good stuff Outlaw.

          2. You’ve got some back-up for the flat-earth idea, Jimmy: a rapper (famous, apparently, although not to me).


            He’s even written a ‘song’ about it, and how the “globalists see [him] as a threat”… I very much doubt it, but each to their own!

          3. It never fails to amuse me that of those who claim they are a real ‘threat to the establishment, or in this case the globalists” never actually come to any visible harm.

            Not so much as a slight sprain caused by an ‘accidental’ trip or fall.

            I am keeping my powder dry on FE for a while Bandini, as I have more than enough whacko’s crawling all over myself and the Outlaw to show me I really do not need to attract even more of them just yet.

    2. Be fair Richard most of the comments on that site are written by the moderators slagging people off or bigging each other up. Take those out and there is diddly squat left. I can’t for the life of me work out why you keep sticking up for them you don’t work for NASA do you?

      1. LOL, watch out for Daveb over there, if that isn’t that FTS character I’ll eat my hat, and yours. Him and Dogman were having a pretend conversation, friggin hilarious.

      2. eh? i just said i battled for months to get them to see sense about the moon landings, how is that sticking up for them ? i admit initially i thought the site had some merit, what finally did it for me was the Alton Towers bollocks. and i when i say bollocks i mean what Spivey wrote about it. pure mentalism.i stick up for them that much that i;ve been banned from posting on there! the last thing under my name that appeared there was actually written by WOOLFIE. any site that does that forfeits its right to be taken seriously. i wonder if the Spiv is aware that that goes on under his name?

        1. If Spivey is not aware of things that are happening on his own site, a site that has his name above the door and one he is ultimately responsible for, then it’s entirely his own fault.

          If he has access to his own site, he can delete any comments he chooses …. PERIOD!

          If he is somehow unable to delete/moderate comments, then he does not run his own site in the manner as he has claimed on a number of occasions – it’s really that simple.

          So the question should then be, who is really running that site?

          1. I can vouch for Richard 1, I was there and saw it all. Basically they took the p!$$ out of him because he disagreed with them. All I saw was a guy with a different opinion about the moon landings, that’s ok as far as I’m concerned.

          2. He wil get a fair hearing from the readers here as you know Mike, however, making assumptions that people are either stupid, or should not be trusted because they happen to subscribe to a different viewpoint is not cool.

        2. I think Benny has asked why you seem to be sticking up for NASA all the time not Spivey lol

          1. well i stick up for NASA because i actually believe they went to the Moon. i actually think that anyone who doesnt think they went to the moon cannot be taken seriously.it brings into question everything else they espouse because if they could be soooooooooo wrong on that who’s to say others things they support arent wrong too.

          2. So, by your reasoning, anyone who does not toe the ‘Official‘ line, and has questioned the myriad of anomalies and conflicting evidence put out by NASA, and has the foresight to see [and more importantly think] ‘outside the box’, should not be taken seriously?

            In your comment you say you actually ‘believe‘ that they went to the moon Richard, as is your right – but does that right also allow you to be so disingenuous to those who do not share the same belief?

            Are you starting to understand how that sounds?

            Throughout all of human history, whole nations of people have been put to the sword for not adhering to the dominant belief systems of the day, and based on a tad more evidence, than humankind have categorically landed on a lifeless rock a quarter of a million miles from our current position.

            I resent the implication that any subject, however ridiculous it seems to some, cannot be investigated and discussed openly by those who possess intelligence, curiosity, imagination and the confidence to ask questions.

            “The test of first rate intelligence … Is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind … At the same time … And still have the ability to function” F. SCOTT FITZGERALD

  6. I have been looking for this clip. I couldn’t find it on iPlayer or the net. More proof that they did not go to the moon good on you for preserving it

  7. Where’s that article about the ‘moon rock’ brought back by 1 of the astronauts in 1969 which was tested and found to be a crock of crap? If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does.

    1. It was found to be petrified wood I believe Jane, NASA reclaimed a lot of the rest of them before they were able to be tested … Oops!

      1. Ahh yes that’s right Mr J, so if the moon rock handed over by the astronaut himself is a pile of old junk, speaks volumes I feel, As does the heckler who pops up every time this subject is mentioned. It’s all a little bit creepy Crawley if you ask me. : )


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  9. i’m not going to go over all the arguments again but yes i do think anyone who thinks we never landed on the Moon is in fact stupid or to be less rude lets say deluded. any argument you care to come up with is answered here : http://www.clavius.org. i’m outta here.

    1. “One web link does not a persuasive argument make” – Jimmy Jones 2016

      You’ll be back Richard, I guarantee it….

    2. “I’m outta here.”

      No you’re not Richard, you’ll be back,because here you can post your opinion & get a hearing, regardless of what J.J believes – which is why I post here.

      An example:- I believe the Hampstead child abuse/satanic accusations. J.J. does not.

      I don’t storm off in a huff. & J.J. doesn’t ban me

      1. I agree OG, you don’t even get nagged for money here either lol. No emotional blackmail to pay for fags and jags here. As for you Richard, chill out mate, no need to get angry, it’s obvious you believe strongly in NASA, just accept and understand that others strongly believe NASA are not what you believe they are.


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  11. Gojam said on his blog that he and his team looked at this and reckons it was an accident & the police were right.

    I say Peter Watts was abducted and murdered


    1. Not Saying – compare the article you posted from the taxi driver who has suddenly appeared to the article which includes info from the DPW article of 1976 – very different stories.

      Peter Morrison is alleged to have liked to hang out in train stations to pick up young boys and there were allegations of him being caught at Crewe Station with a 15 year old boy.

      Allegations also suggest that the Rail Companies were very aware of him, especially at Crewe and Euston Stations. Make of that what you will. 🙂


    2. “It is naturally impossible to say for certain but I think the police interpretation at the time of what may have happened was the most plausible explanation.

      Somebody will know something and I’m confident that there was some homosexual element, and given his age therefore abuse but the fact that his wounds were cleaned and that he was left still alive very near a hospital would suggest that his death wasn’t intentional”

      Is that the comment you are referring to?

      And that was the conclusion reached by the combined investigative powers of Team Needle?

      Case closed….

      All I will say for the moment is that the answers are there, you just have to know how and where to look.

      The article in the Daily Post link you posted in your comment, differs significantly from the account that was given at Peters Inquest, and by another London Cabbie, so you may want to ask why that may be?

      Colwyn Bay – Chester – Euston by train, but nobody can remember Peter making any such journey that day. He did not have enough money to cover a rail journey of that length anyway, and his father believes that Peter was abducted from Colwyn Bay and never even got to Chester – his intended destination.

      I read somewhere that Peter was a train spotter, so if that was correct he would be a familiar sight to somebody who travelled regularly by rail on that line, as he may have stood or sat at various stations writing down the numbers or photographing the trains.

      Gojam was half-right when he said that Peter’s wounds were cleaned, in fact his whole body was cleaned ‘as if it had been scrubbed!’

      What reasons were given for that?

      DNA fingerprinting was not used in criminal investigations until 1986, and would not have been an issue in 1976, but it could mean that somebody was possibly ‘Forensically aware’ and needed to remove evidence.

      A simple ‘fall’ or a ‘vehicle collision’ would not have removed his watch, his spectacles and every personal item, which were never recovered, nor would it have made the clothes he was wearing – appear ‘not to fit him‘.

      Euston is near a hospital I agree, University College Hospital is on Euston Road, but is also in close proximity to many other places, including many private houses and Kings Cross, of course, which was the destination favoured by teenage runaways, although there is no evidence that Peter would have run away from home.

      All the evidence indicates that Peter Watts was not in London of his own free will, and I believe he was not the first, or the last.

      1. That’s right, Percy Watts, Peter’s Dad said his son was a great train enthusiast and had frequently gone to Chester on train spotting expeditions.

        “Peter’s father Mr Percy Watts in a radio interview said that he believed Peter was abducted in Colwyn Bay and was taken to London by car…and this is a theory on which many other people in Colwyn Bay agree”.

        “I believe the solution lies in North Wales,” Mr Watts said.

        “I am sure that someone in North Wales has the answer,” said Mr Watts who moved with his wife and son Mark to live at Penrhyn Bay following the tragedy.

        “I think that the police investigation has been a bit inadequate and I feel that more could be done, Peter was not the type to go off to London without letting us know, and I believe he was abducted possibly by someone he knew. There is nothing more that I can think of or do”

        As for Gojam, he is like the Mr Magoo of fake CSA case investigators (who abuses CSA Survivors with his child abuser friends & has done for over 3 years).

        As everyone knows, his good friend and co writer of the Noodlebog was/is CHRIS FAY & when it was pointed out to FAILED Ex Lib Dem Gojam that fraudster Fay was a convicted money launderer, his trademark obnoxious arrogance went into over drive and he strenously denied it & called people liars & idiots for pointing out the FACTS to him, then started threatening them.

        I think everyone is well aware that ‘Inspector Gojam of the Backyard’ has about as much credibility & investigative prowess as a shopping trolley and should NOT be trusted to tie his own shoelaces, let alone have owt to do with CSA investigations or abuse survivors under ANY circumstances.

        1. Somebody in north wales definitely knows what happened to Peter & I know all about councillor Gojam and his team and how he puts out false information on his blog. There is also talk he had a hand in the latest Exaro ‘scoop’ but if that’s true or not I couldn’t say

          1. Hmmm very interesting Not Saying, thanks for that, because I’m sure as you are also well aware, Hencke and Gojam were at one time as thick as thieves, so absolutely nothing would surprise me. So many of these public falling outs are nothing more than bad panto for the punters, as we have seen. 🙂

            The plot thickens.

        2. all roads lead to north wales and it’s many dark secrets

      2. Crewe is where the main rail hub of the north west is located. Everything on rails goes through there. It’s the Mecca for trainspotters from all over the country & its wick full of them most of the time.

        1. I’ve read the two “Post” articles & I have to wonder – if he was washed & then re-clothed & dumped then how was he held impassive & not struggling while this was done to him?

          It couldn’t have been by the head wounds because his captor would have no idea if he would have survived such blows.

          And I suspect his captor didn’t want him dead whilst he – the captor – could still be held to blame for the death.

          So he must have been drugged in some way, and yet there’s no mention of a toxicology report.

          Just a thought.

          And of course after 40 years his murderer is now dead or demented or existing in a jail for another crime, possibly demented also, as is common in Portsmouth jail where most elderly prisoners are sent to die.

          Just a few thoughts.

      3. I do wonder if Peters mysterious disappearance and murder was linked to the often talked about Paedophile rings operating out of Chester and Wrexham in the 1970’s and 1980’s. After all certain names have popped up time after time that were allegedly involved with having something to do with young boys. Coppers and prominent political figures if I remember rightly. Maybe that’s why this case has remained unsolved for so long.



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  14. Well done, you found that article Mr J – petrified wood strikes again 😀


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