Contained in the following alphabetical list are Children’s Homes and Institutions that some people may be familiar with.

All these ‘places of safety’ are institutions where allegations of child abuse have been made.

Any Government department and local authority associated with any of these places, are forever damned for allowing the abuse of children in care to continue uninterrupted for decades.

I have drawn these names from many sources, including blogs, official databases and from the shark infested waters of Solicitors Websites.

I cannot take the credit for the ‘discovery’ of all of these names as many people are working towards the same goal of bringing to the fore the massive scale of child abuse that has always existed in the shadowy world of establishment care.

This is by no means complete, and if there is a residential home or institution that is not listed here please feel free to contact me so I can add them.

  • 369 Romford Road, Newham, London.
  • Abergele Children’s Home, Trowbridge, Cardiff.
  • Addlestrop Park School, Gloucestershire.
  • Adele Road, Children’s Home, Lambeth, London.
  • Ainsty Lodge, Leeds.
  • Alder House, Manchester.
  • Alder Worsley Hall, Derby.
  • Alderwood Children’s Home, Worsley.
  • Angel Road, Lambeth, London.
  • Appleton House, Chester.
  • Argyle Manor, Ealing.
  • Arlene Hall, Llandudno.
  • Arrow Project, Cumbria.
  • Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral.
  • Ashbank House, York.
  • Ashbourne Lodge, Winchester.
  • Banham Marshall College, Norfolk.
  • Barrows Green, Kendall, Cumbria.
  • Bathurst House, Thornbury.
  • Belmont, Stockport.
  • Braybrook Children’s Home, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.
  • Beam College, Bideford, Devon.
  • Beechmount Children’s Home, Bowden, Altrincha, Cheshire.
  • Berrow Wood Approved School, Gloucestershire.
  • Bersham Hall, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Besford Court (House), Shrewsbury (also known as Croome Court). 
  • Blackbrook House, St Helens.
  • Blackburn & District Children’s Home, Blackburn.
  • Blackburn House, Blackburn.
  • Bladon House, Burton-On-Trent.
  • Blaise Primary School, Henbry, Bristol.
  • Bournbrook, Bournbrook Road, Birmingham.
  • Bourne Place Boarding School, Kent.
  • Box Lane Assessment Centre, North Wales.
  • Boyles Court Assessment Centre, Brentwood, Essex.
  • Bracken House, Merseyside.
  • Bramfield House Approved School, Suffolk.
  • Bramhurst Home, Hampstead, London.
  • Briers Hey Community School, Liverpool.
  • Brine House Children’s Home, Nantwich, Cheshire.
  • Broadmoor Hospital, Berkshire.
  • Brookside School, Shropshire.
  • Brooke House, Gloucestershire.
  • Broome House, Manchester.
  • Broughton Towers, Cumbria.
  • Brownlow’s Children’s Home, Enfield.
  • Brunthwaithe/Brunthwaith School, Horwich, Bolton.
  • Bryn Alyn, Llay, Wrexham.
  • Bryn Estyn, Wrexham.
  • Bryn Tirion Children’s Home, North Wales.
  • Bryn-Y-Don, Dinas Powys, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Buglawton Hall, Congleton.
  • Burley-in-Wharfdale Assessment Centre, Yorkshire.
  • Bylands, Hampshire.
  • Caldecott Community, Ashford in Kent.
  • Caldicott Prep School, Farnham Royal, Bucks.
  • Caldwell Hall, Derbyshire.
  • Cambrian House (also known as Burford House), Manchester.
  • Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School, London.
  • Cartref Bontnewydd, North Wales.
  • Cartref Melys, North Wales.
  • Castle School, (for maladjusted boys) Todmorden. 
  • Castle Hill, Harrow, Middlesex.
  • Castle Hill School, Ludlow, Shropshire.
  • Castle Howard Community School, Nr Hull.
  • Cecily Houghton School, Westwood Manor, Westley Rocks.
  • Chadswell Assessment Centre, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
  • Chafford Community School, Harwich, Essex.
  • Chaigeley Hall, Thelwall.
  • Cherry Hill Community Home, Borras Park Road, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Cherry Orchard Children’s Home, Leicester.
  • Chesapake, Derby.
  • Chestnut Close Children’s Home, Whiston.
  • Chevet Hey, Shropshire.
  • Cheyworth Community Home/School
  • Cicely Haughton Special School.
  • Claremount Children’s Home, Oldham, Manchester. (Demolished)
  • Clarence House, Formby.
  • Clavering House, Blaydon, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • The Close Children’s Home, Northallerton.
  • Clwyd Hall, North Wales.
  • Cockett House, Cockett, Swansea, South Wales.
  • Coed Glas, Monmouthshire.
  • Coppets Road Children’s Home, Haringey, London.
  • Cotsbrook Hall, Shifnal, Telford, Shropshire.
  • Conewood Street, Children’s Home, Islington, London.
  • Copleston High School, Ipswich, Suffolk.
  • Cottage Homes, Healds Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • Court Lees Approved School, Godstone, Surrey.
  • Coxwell Community Home.
  • Cribden House School, Rawtenstall.
  • Crick House, Crickhowell, Monmouthshire.
  • Crosslands, Cardiff.
  • Crowthorn School, Edgeworth, near Bolton.
  • Cruckton Hall, Shrewsbury.
  • Daker House, Rockferry, Wirral.
  • Danesford Hall, Congleton, Cheshire.
  • Daw End School, Walsall.
  • Dean Grange Preparatory School.
  • Dennington College, Swimbridge, Devon.
  • Derwent House & Poplar House, Lancashire.
  • Dewey Avenue, Liverpool.
  • Dobroyd Castle School, West Yorkshire.
  • Dorset Wharf, Hammersmith, London.
  • Downcell Road Children’s Home, Worcester.
  • Dr. Barnardo’s Home, Newton Abbey, Belfast.
  • Dr. Garrett Memorial Home, Conwy, North Wales.
  • Drayton Manor, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  • Dromenagh School, Buckinghamshire.
  • Druids Heath, West Midlands.
  • Duncroft House Approved School For Girls, Surrey.
  • Dyke Nook, Accrington.
  • Dyson Hall Secure Unit, Fazakerley, Liverpool.
  • Eastwood Park Detention Centre, Fairfield, Gloucester.
  • Ellingdon School, Bretton, Peterborough.
  • Elmhurst, Derby.
  • Elmtree Farm, Stockton on Tees.
  • Elwood Street Children’s Home, Islington.
  • Eton Lodge Community Home, Liverpool.
  • Fairfield Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Fairhaven Children’s Home.
  • Family Group Homes, Beswick, Manchester.
  • Family Group Home No. 58, Northenden, Manchester.
  • Family Group Home, 118 Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
  • Farndale Road (Sunderland & Newcastle)
  • Fernwood House (Sunderland & Newcastle)
  • Father Hudson Children’s Home, Warwickshire.
  • Faversham School, Northumbria.
  • Fazakerley Cottage Homes, Liverpool.
  • Feversham Special School, Newcastle.
  • Field House School, Harpendon, Herts.
  • Forde Park School, Devon.
  • Fortescue House(also known as Arethusa), West London.
  • Four Elms, Stoneham, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Foston Hall, Derbyshire.
  • Foxholes, Rochdale.
  • Franklin Boarding School, Bristol.
  • Frant Court Children’s Home, East Sussex.
  • Freighton Children’s Home, Maidenhead.
  • Fylde School, Lancashire.
  • Garth House, Ribbleton, Preston.
  • Garth Olwg, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Gatewen Hall, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Glamorgan Farm School, Cimla, Neath, West Glamorgan. (Demolished)
  • Glendale Children’s Home, Leyland, Lancashire.
  • Gleneagles, Hull.
  • Glen House Secure Unit, Southampton.
  • Gloucester Way (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Gomersal House, Gomersal, Yorkshire.
  • Gorse Place Children’s Home, Fairwater, Cardiff.
  • Grafton House Children’s Home, Barnes, London.
  • Gravestone Road, Greenwich, Middlesex.
  • Green Lanes, Greenwich, Middlesex.
  • Greensteads Children’s Home, Nr Clelmsford, Essex.
  • Grey Gables Children’s Home, Surrey.
  • Greystone Heath School, Warrington, Cheshire.
  • The Grange, Kings Lynn.
  • Greavelands, Kent.
  • Hallesley Boys School, Sale.
  • Hardman Fold Children’s Home, Failsworth.
  • Harlow Green, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.
  • Harris Orphanage (also known as Harris Home), Preston.
  • Hartborne Walk (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Haslingdon High School, Lancashire.
  • Headlands School, Penarth.
  • Heath Brae, Congleton, Cheshire.
  • Hendry House, Haverfordwest.
  • Heysham, Branchill, Hampstead, London
  • Highams Hall, Windlesham, Surrey.
  • Hillcrest/Daisycrest, Rossendale.
  • Hindley Borstal.
  • HMYOI Ashfield, Bristol.
  • Hobbs Hill Wood Junior School, Hemel Hempstead.
  • Hollins High School, Haslingdon.
  • Hollycroft Children’s Home, Nr Clelmsford, Essex.
  • Hollymount Convent.
  • Holmwood, Hartlepool.
  • Hopewall Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire.
  • Homlea, Boothstown.
  • House ‘O The Trees, Penygraig, Glamorgan.
  • Hutton Poplars Childrens Home, Brentwood, Essex.
  • Igston House, Newton Abbott, Devon.
  • Inchape Drive Home, Manchester.
  • Ingledene Home, Manchester.
  • Ingmanthorpe Hall, Wetherby.
  • John Kane Children’s Home, Thornhill, Cardiff.
  • Jordan’s Brook House, Gloucester.
  • Kendal House, Wandsworth, London.
  • Kennelwood Home, Liverpool.
  • Kepples View, Rotherham.
  • Kerlaw Secure Unit, Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • Kernsey House, Kent
  • Kilrie Children’s Home, Knutsford, Cheshire.
  • King William’s Church of England Primary School, St William’s Road, Swindon.
  • Kingswood Assessment Centre, Bristol.
  • Kingswood School, Surrey.
  • Kingswood Secure Unit and Classifying School, Bristol.
  • Kinton Community School, Surrey County Council.
  • Kitchener House, Haringey, London.
  • Kneesworth House School, Cambridgeshire.
  • Knowl View, Rochdale, Lancashire.
  • Lancaster More Children’s Hospital Unit.
  • Langdon House Psychiatric Hospital. (Privately Owned) Now Closed.
  • Larches Children’s Home, Preston.
  • Let Us Play, Wolverhampton.
  • Linton House, Leeds.
  • Linton Residential School, Grassington.
  • Little Island Community Care Home, Tewkesbury.
  • Little Ted’s Nursery, Plymouth, Devon.
  • Livingstone Drive Admission Unit, Aigburth, Liverpool.
  • Llwyncelwyn Remand School (now Llwyncelwyn Community), Swansea.
  • Longhurst School, Morpeth, Northumberland.
  • Longwood, Broome Lane, Salford.
  • Longwood Home, St Lesmo Road, Edgeley, Stockport.
  • Lostock Open Air School, Horwich.
  • Lower Lee, Liverpool.
  • Loxley Hall Boarding School, Uttoxeter.
  • Lynwood, Holme Road, Didsbury, Manchester.
  • Malvern House, Preston.
  • Manor Heath, Bury New Road, Salford.
  • Martin Avenue Children’s Home.
  • Marfords, Bromborough.
  • Martons Camp, Bunbury, Cheshire.
  • Meadowcroft, Preston.
  • Medomsley Detention Centre, (Operated by the Home Office) County Durham.
  • Menlove Avenue Assessment Centre (Wooton Vale), Liverpool.
  • Middleton Hall Children’s Home, Birmingham.
  • Midfield Observation & Assessment Centre, Oakington, Canbridgeshire.
  • Millhouse Children’s Home, Carlisle, Cumbria.
  • Minster Lodge Children’s Home, Ormskirk.
  • MKH Secure Unit, Greenwich, London.
  • Mobberley Boys Home.
  • Moore House, Middlesex.
  • Moorfield Care Home, Swinton.
  • Moorland House Lower Unit, Bradford, Yorkshire.
  • Mossfield Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Mostyn House School, Parkgate, South Wirral.
  • Mount Road, Children’s Home, London.
  • Muntham House School, Horsham.
  • Nash Court, Ludlow.
  • Nazareth House, Kilmarnock, Scotland.
  • Nazareth House, Newcastle.
  • Nazareth Lodge, Ravenhill Road, Belfast.
  • Needleswood Assessment Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
  • Netherhays, Croydon.
  • Netherton House, East Kilbride, Scotland.
  • Newheys Assessment Centre, Liverpool.
  • Newhomes, Withington, Manchester.
  • Newton Aycliff Home, County Durham.
  • Newton Hall, Frodsham.
  • Norman Grove, London.
  • North Field, Moor Lane, Salford.
  • Northern Ireland Redress Cases.
  • Northenden Road Home, Manchester.
  • Norwood Children’s Home, London.
  • Notton House School for Boys, Bristol.
  • Nugent House School, Billinge, Lancashire.
  • Oak Hall Boarding School, West London.
  • Oaklands Children’s Home, Leigh, Lancashire.
  • Oakmore School, near Botley, Southampton.
  • Oaktree Clinic (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) Knaphill, Woking, Surrey.
  • Oakwood School for Boys, Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Orchard Lodge, Anerley, London.
  • Our Ladies Convent, Greenfield.
  • Oxley Park School, Essex.
  • Paduan House/Arden House, Liverpool.
  • Park House Children’s Home, Eccles.
  • Park House Children’s Home, Prestatyn, Clwyd.
  • Penhill Assessment Centre, Pontcanna, Cardiff.
  • Penshore House, near Sunderland.
  • Pentre Saeson Children’s Home, North Wales.
  • Pilgrim’s Wood, Surrey.
  • Pipewood Boarding School, Staffordshire.
  • Pontville School, Ormskirk.
  • Portland Young Offenders Institute, Weymouth, Dorset.
  • Presylfa Children’s Home, Bridgend, Glamorgan.
  • Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire.
  • Prior Park School, Crickdale.
  • Priors Hill, Macclesfield.
  • Pilkington House Children’s Home, Bury, Lancashire.
  • Pitt House Children’s Home, Chudleigh, Devon.
  • Polebrook House, Leicestershire.
  • Poplar Bank Home, Huyton, Merseyside.
  • Poplars Children’s Home, Bury/Wigan, North Manchester.
  • Quarry Mount, Ormskirk.
  • Radcliffe Road, Leicester.
  • Rainsbrook Secure Unit.
  • Rampton Hospital, Retford, Nottinghamshire.
  • Ratcliffe Road Children’s Home, Leicester.
  • Red House, Norwich.
  • Redhouse Crescent, Longton, Stoke on Trent.
  • Redsands, Northwich.
  • Redwalls, Sandleway, Northwich.
  • Rendcomb College, Cirencester, Gloucester.
  • Reynolds House, Kent.
  • Rheanfa, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Risley Remand Centre, Warrington, Cheshire.
  • Rivendell, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • River House Boarding School, Henley in Arden.
  • Riverside Assessment Centre, Salisbury.
  • Riverside House Community School, Staffordshire.
  • Rochester Borstal, Kent.
  • Rosebank, Lymm.
  • Rosehill, Manchester.
  • Rosehill, Market Harborough.
  • Rotherwood Children’s Home, Staffordshire.
  • Royal Philanthropic School, Redhill, Surrey.
  • Royd Edge, Meltham, Yorkshire.
  • Rubane House, Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland.
  • Saltwells Children’s Home, Dudley.
  • Sandon Lidge Children’s Home, Loncolnshire.
  • Sandyville Road Children’s Home, Manchester.
  • Scawby Grove, North Yorkshire.
  • Sedbury Park Care Centre, Gloucestershire.
  • Shadwell House, Leeds.
  • Shirecliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
  • Silbury Children’s Home, Bristol.
  • Silverbrook, Pontypridd, South Wales.
  • Sisters of Charity, St Mary’s Convent, Walthamstow.
  • Skircoat Lodge, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  • Southlands School, Hampshire.
  • Southvale Assessment Centre, West Norwood, Lambeth, London.
  • South Wolds Special School, Etton, near Beverley.
  • Southwood, Salford.
  • Spalding Children’s Home, Lincolnshire.
  • Springfield Care Home, Bradford.
  • Springfield Residential School, Wiltshire.
  • Springhill School, Rippon.
  • Spurgeons Boys Home, Bedfordshire.
  • St Aiden’s, Widnes.
  • St Aidan’s Youth Centre, Manchester.
  • St Bede’s School, Stockton.
  • St Benedicts Approved School, Reading.
  • St Edmunds, Bebbington.
  • St Edwards, Melchet Court, Romsey, Hants.
  • St Francesca Cabrini Roman Catholic Primary School, London.
  • St Francis Boy’s Home, Sefford, Bedfordshire.
  • St George’s, Finborough.
  • St George’s Approved School, Southport. (Changed to Clarence House in 1985). 
  • St Gilbert’s, Hartleby, Kidderminster.
  • St Ignatius School, Manchester.
  • St James Avenue, Hampton Hill, Middlesex.
  • St John’s Home, Erdington, Birmingham.
  • St John’s Young Offenders Institute, Northampton.
  • St Joseph’s Approved School, Nantwich, Cheshire.
  • St Joseph’s, Derbyshire.
  • St Leonard’s Children’s Home, Hornchurch, Essex.
  • St Margaret’s Home, Dr Barnardos House, Aldwich, Bognor Regis.
  • St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Cleator Moor, Cumbria.
  • St Michaels House, Staffordshire.
  • St Ninain’s List D School, Gartmore, Stirlingshire.
  • St Peters, County Durham.
  • St Thomas Moore’s Freshfield, near Formby.
  • St Vincents, Dartford, Kent.
  • St Williams Childrens Home, Market Weighton, East Yorksire.
  • Stamford House Secure Unit, London.
  • Stinsford School, Dorchester, Dorset.
  • Stockgrove Park School, Leighton Buzzard.
  • Stockton Hall, near York.
  • Stonecross School, Cumbria.
  • Stoneham Children’s Home, Cheltenham, Glouester.
  • Stony Dean School, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.
  • Stowmarket Middle School Concert Band, Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Strathwaite Gill School, near Kendal in Cumbria.
  • Strawberry Fields, Liverpool.
  • Stubton Hall School, Lincolnshire.
  • Style Cottage Homes, Style, Cheshire.
  • Suffolk House, (Girls) Pontcanna, Cardiff.
  • Sully Assessment Centre, Sully, South Wales
  • Summershill Boys Hostel, Didsbury, Manchester.
  • Summerville, Manchester.
  • Sutton Place Secure Unit, Hull.
  • Swaycliffe Park School, Banbury, Oxfordshire.
  • Swaylands School, Kent.
  • Sydney House, Liverpool.
  • Taff Vale Home, Cardiff.
  • Tanllwyfan, North Wales.
  • Taxal Edge Convalescent Home, Derbyshire.
  • Teddinton Park Road, Teddinton, Middlesex.
  • Tennal House, Birmingham.
  • Tennal Assessment Centre, Birmingham.
  • Ternhall Road Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Ternwood House, Newcastle.
  • The Ark, Buckinghamshire.
  • The Beeches Children’s Home, Leicester Forest East.
  • The Grange, Woking, Surrey.
  • The Grove, Bromsgrove.
  • The Lyons Children’s Home, Middlewich, Cheshire.
  • The Mount, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • The Old Rectory School, Kent.
  • The Pines, Worcester.
  • The Poplars Children’s Home, Market Harborough.
  • The Solar Centre.
  • Thinwall Hall, Broad Green, Liverpool.
  • Thorpe Arch Grange Children’s Home, Leeds, Yorkshire.
  • Throxonby Hall, Scarborough.
  • Todwick Grange, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
  • Tong Park Children’s Home/Assessment Centre, Bradford.
  • Trafford Drive Children’s Home, Greater Manchester.
  • Trent College, Nottingham.
  • Trowbridge House, London.
  • Troy Boarding School, Monmouth, South Wales.
  • Ty’r Felin, Bangor, North Wales.
  • Ty Mawr Approved School, Gilwern, Abergavenny, South Wales.
  • Underly Garden School, Kirkby Lonsdale.
  • Underly Hall, South Cumbria.
  • Uplands, Birmingham.
  • Vernon Home School, Canterbury.
  • Walton Village Admission Unit, Liverpool.
  • Warleigh Manor Boarding School, Bath, Avon.
  • Washington Hall, Washington, Tyne & Wear.
  • Wellesley Nautical School.
  • Wellfield House, Harrogate, Yorkshire.
  • Wennington Hall, Lancaster.
  • Wentworth House, Slough, Berkshire.
  • Wessington Court School, Hereford.
  • Westfields, Mirfield, Yorkshire.
  • Westwood Grange, Leeds.
  • William Henry Smith School, Brighouse, Yorkshire.
  • Wilkinson House, Blackburn.
  • Wimbrick Hey, Wirral.
  • Windlestone Hall, Country Durham.
  • Woodend Assessment Centre, Atherton, Manchester.
  • Werrington Hall, Uttoxeter.
  • Wimbrick Hey, Wirral.
  • Woodlands Children’s Home, Bolton.
  • Witherwack Hall, Grange Over Sands.
  • Woodlands Assessment Centre, Leicester.
  • Woodstock Road (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Ystrad Hall, Llangollen.

155 comments on “PLACES OF SAFETY

  1. Was at woodend 72 or 73 ………………Bad place to be .Just stuffed into a regime of staff bullying felt the fists a few times on my body.

    Nasty horrible staff there in 72 or 73.

    Escaped through a third floor window in my pjs .Caned my ass until it bled .Then got beat up the next day when they caught me .Few weeks of physical abuse .

    • Hiya Ron I can echo what you say a brutal place I was there in 1977 was beat until I was unconscious , still have nightmares today was run like a army base I was only 14 yrs old and was subejeted to physical sexual and mental abuse 6 weeks of hell its about time we had a voice my life has never been normal since I left that hell hole ….. Woodend Assessment centre Atherton wigan

  2. Update!!!

    Thomas Bean age 60+ who worked in abergele rd kids home 20yrs ago and ex scouts leader was found GUILTY on thursday of 25 historic child abuse offences YESSS he’ll get 20+ yrs in prison :D

    This sites great as another victim come forward after seeing my original post so thanx outlaw :)

    • That is brilliant news Rhian πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      I am so glad to have been able to help in some way, and of course happy for you and the other survivors who have waited so long to see justice finally served. πŸ˜€

    • That is brilliant news Rhian πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      I am so glad to have been able to help in some way, and of course happy for you and the other survivors who have waited so long to see justice finally served. πŸ˜€

    • Hello Rhian,
      I am just curious as a friend of mine has needed to voice his opinion. Ia there any chance of pm

  3. woodend. evil place, ran by evil bullying thugs. glad to see that the police have already interviewed some again under caution in the latest investigation into that place. “mum, where is Daddy gone?” “well son, he used to work in a care home, hitting kids, now he’s on a special wing with nonces for his own protection..” if only.

  4. Thomas bean sentanced to 16 years jimmy if it wasnent for this site sum witnesses mightnt have gone to police thanx for staying round and for ur private advise n support n kindness & 4 not giving up on us god bless u x

    • Unfortunately, although there are some awful and genuine cases of abuse on here, this is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice I know of. I was brought up in care homes and Tom looked after me and many others ( and many of us who REALLY know him know he is innocent ); he never once laid a hand on any of us (and there are a lot of us who have offered to give character references in his defence, as we know this case was a farce). There was not ONE shred of evidence against him – just the word of the ‘victims’ (one of these ‘victims’ – Robert Jones/Sutcliffe – actually went to prison for burglary of Tom Bean’s house. Go figure!). Also, the above poster (Rhian) has lied by stating that Tom was once a scout leader – he never was, so why lie, Rhian? I urge all those on this site that believe in the truth to investigate this case further and see how flawed it truly is.

        • Yes; that is quite correct – quite different from a scout leader. Anyway, that is all by the by.

          Although I respect what you are trying to achieve on this site (naming and shaming REAL paedophiles), I am quite concerned as to the fact that individuals can target any person and accuse them of this most abhorrent of crimes.

          In this particular case – with regards to Tom Bean – unfortunately he was found guilty without any evidence against him whatsoever (this case has certainly changed my opinion on the British legal system; I used to place my faith in it wholeheartedly – not anymore); it was just the ‘victims’ words against his, and the jury obviously believed that no-one would lie about such a thing (or accuse an innocent man in order to claim compensation…).

          I would never, ever defend anyone I thought for one solitary second was a paedophile.


          I have seen the damage first-hand that these manipulating and selfish scumbags do.

          But, Tom Bean is an innocent man, and I believe that one day – hopefully not too far in the future – the truth will out.

          • Hi James, you have every right to voice your opinions on here and elsewhere, as is anyone else – but I assure you that The Outlaw would ever knowingly name any person who has been accused, without there being evidence to support it.

            Thomas Bean, whether he was innocent or not has been convicted in open court on 22 separate counts, neither you nor I can deny that is true – and thus cannot be disputed.

            I am also more than aware than many innocent men have been falsely accused of being child abusers and Paedophiles, based only on accusations and very little – if no evidence whatsoever – and some of those have been convicted, and sentenced, and unfortunately one of whom, has since died in prison.

            Evidence is now emerging that he was almost certainly innocent.

            If this is indeed ‘A miscarriage of justice’ as you say, the Outlaw is willing to publish any supporting evidence that you or others may have to add weight to this claim, so it can be viewed and/or scrutinised in a fair and balanced manner.

            I guarantee that the readers here will spot the slightest discrepancy or something that simply does not ‘add up’.

            Which will if of course, mean there is a doubt.

            I do agree 100% that some people will and have lied, manipulated and also persuaded others to make false allegations against innocent people – for financial gain or spite or to get back at someone they believe has wronged them in some way.

            Only they can answer why they do such things.

            Read the articles on here in regard to the allegations of abuse that were said to have occurred at Bryn Estyn for instance.

            In all cases, a false accusation is an abhorrent act, whatever way you look at it, and personally I find it reprehensible and will do everything within my power to bring any instances I find to people’s attention.

            There are published articles on here, that highlight false allegations and discuss miscarriages of justice James, I think you will find that the Outlaw offers balance – even when other sites are fully prepared to string people up based on no evidence whatsoever.

            • I am pleased that the Outlaw offers balanced views and that you, yourself, are fully aware that certain individuals make false allegations against others for personal reasons or financial gain (in Tom Bean’s case, one of the ‘victims’, Robert Jones/Sutcliffe, had written a threatening letter to Tom a few years back – after he had been imprisoned for the burglary of Mr Bean’s home).

              As I stated before – if I thought for one second someone was a paedophile, I would have absolutely nothing to do with them. And I certainly would not be openly defending them on websites such as this one. But I – and many, many others – know this man to be innocent; and as I stated before, I believe that one day the truth will out. In the meantime, I know that Tom’s family and many friends and supporters will continue to fight for him and for the truth. Unfortunately, friends of the ‘victims’ have already set up a false facebook page (in Tom’s name) and have sent rather sick and cruel messages to his family members and friends (thankfully this was reported to the police and dealt with), and have also verbally abused certain members of his family in public, which is not fair.

              Anyway, I keep in constant contact with Tom’s family and am always kept up-to-date on the situation; therefore, I shall certainly post on here any supporting evidence that may be discovered in the future.

              I do respect what you are trying to do on this site, although – obviously – I cannot agree with you with regards to this case. As you say, the jury did find Tom guilty; but I would argue that there have been many instances in the past in which an innocent individual has been found guilty and later proved to be totally innocent.

              All the best.

            • You may find this of interest in regard to people making vindictive claims of abuse against people in North Wales.

              You will find there are some striking similarities.


              I can only work with the evidence presented at the time James, if evidence emerges at a later date which casts doubts upon someone’s guilt, I will of course present that so people can decide for themselves.

              The case of Timothy Evans, another South Walian incidentally, was an example of how an innocent man was hanged for murder in 1950 – based solely on the testimony of the narcissist psychopath John Christie, who was later found to have committed the crimes himself.


  5. I wus in bryn estyn and bersham in 1982 before I got shipped to ty mawr I knew mess em about messham and that twat daz laverty they were as bad as the staff even worse sumtimes

  6. I guarantee you there was a childrens home in livingston drive in auigbuth liverpool it was commonly known as number 4 . I was there with my two brothers. Under the sadistic care of peter and norma wetherby

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