places of safety2

Contained in the following alphabetical list are Children’s Homes and Institutions that some people may be familiar with.

All these ‘places of safety’ are institutions where allegations of child abuse have been made.

Any Government department and local authority associated with any of these places, are forever damned for allowing the abuse of children in care to continue uninterrupted for decades.

I have drawn these names from many sources, including blogs, official databases and from the shark infested waters of Solicitors Websites.

I cannot take the credit for the ‘discovery’ of all of these names as many people are working towards the same goal of bringing to the fore the massive scale of child abuse that has always existed in the shadowy world of establishment care.

This is by no means complete, and if there is a residential home or institution that is not listed here please feel free to contact me so I can add them.

  • 369 Romford Road, Newham, London.
  • Abergele Children’s Home, Trowbridge, Cardiff.
  • Addlestrop Park School, Gloucestershire.
  • Adele Road, Children’s Home, Lambeth, London.
  • Ainsty Lodge, Leeds.
  • Alder House, Manchester.
  • Alder Worsley Hall, Derby.
  • Alderwood Children’s Home, Worsley.
  • Angel Road, Lambeth, London.
  • Appleton House, Chester.
  • Argyle Manor, Ealing.
  • Arlene Hall, Llandudno.
  • Arrow Project, Cumbria.
  • Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral.
  • Ashbank House, York.
  • Ashbourne Lodge, Winchester.
  • Aston Hall Hospital, Aston on Trent, Derbyshire.
  • Banham Marshall College, Norfolk.
  • Badgesworth Court School, Gloucester.
  • Barrows Green, Kendall, Cumbria.
  • Bathurst House, Thornbury.
  • Belmont, Stockport.
  • Braybrook Children’s Home, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.
  • Beam College, Bideford, Devon.
  • Beechmount Children’s Home, Bowden, Altrincha, Cheshire.
  • Berrow Wood Approved School, Gloucestershire.
  • Bersham Hall, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Besford Court (House), Shrewsbury (also known as Croome Court).
  • Blackbrook House, St Helens.
  • Blackburn & District Children’s Home, Blackburn.
  • Blackburn House, Blackburn.
  • Bladon House, Burton-On-Trent.
  • Blaise Primary School, Henbry, Bristol.
  • Bournbrook, Bournbrook Road, Birmingham.
  • Bourne Place Boarding School, Kent.
  • Box Lane Assessment Centre, North Wales.
  • Boyles Court Assessment Centre, Brentwood, Essex.
  • Bracken House, Merseyside.
  • Bramfield House Approved School, Suffolk.
  • Bramhurst Home, Hampstead, London.
  • Briers Hey Community School, Liverpool.
  • Brine House Children’s Home, Nantwich, Cheshire.
  • Broadmoor Hospital, Berkshire.
  • Brookside School, Shropshire.
  • Brooke House, Gloucestershire.
  • Broome House, Manchester.
  • Broughton Towers, Cumbria.
  • Brownlow’s Children’s Home, Enfield.
  • Brunthwaithe/Brunthwaith School, Horwich, Bolton.
  • Bryn Alyn, Llay, Wrexham.
  • Bryn Estyn, Wrexham.
  • Bryn Tirion Children’s Home, North Wales.
  • Bryn-Y-Don, Dinas Powys, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Buglawton Hall, Congleton.
  • Burley-in-Wharfdale Assessment Centre, Yorkshire.
  • Bylands, Hampshire.
  • Caldecott Community, Ashford in Kent.
  • Caldicott Prep School, Farnham Royal, Bucks.
  • Caldwell Hall, Derbyshire.
  • Cambrian House (also known as Burford House), Manchester.
  • Cardinal Vaughn Memorial School, London.
  • Cartref Bontnewydd, North Wales.
  • Cartref Melys, North Wales.
  • Castle School, (for maladjusted boys) Todmorden.
  • Castle Hill, Harrow, Middlesex.
  • Castle Hill School, Ludlow, Shropshire.
  • Castle Howard Community School, Nr Hull.
  • Cecily Houghton School, Westwood Manor, Westley Rocks.
  • Chadswell Assessment Centre, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
  • Chafford Community School, Harwich, Essex.
  • Chaigeley Hall, Thelwall.
  • Cherry Hill Community Home, Borras Park Road, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Cherry Orchard Children’s Home, Leicester.
  • Chesapake, Derby.
  • Chestnut Close Children’s Home, Whiston.
  • Chevet Hey, Shropshire.
  • Cheyworth Community Home/School
  • Cicely Haughton Special School.
  • Claremount Children’s Home, Oldham, Manchester. (Demolished)
  • Clarence House, Formby.
  • Clavering House, Blaydon, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Clouds House School, Wiltshire.
  • The Close Children’s Home, Northallerton.
  • Clwyd Hall, North Wales.
  • Cockett House, Cockett, Swansea, South Wales.
  • Coed Glas, Monmouthshire.
  • Coppets Road Children’s Home, Haringey, London.
  • Cotsbrook Hall, Shifnal, Telford, Shropshire.
  • Conewood Street, Children’s Home, Islington, London.
  • Copleston High School, Ipswich, Suffolk.
  • Cottage Homes, Healds Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • Court Lees Approved School, Godstone, Surrey.
  • Coxwell Community Home.
  • Cribden House School, Rawtenstall.
  • Crick House, Crickhowell, Monmouthshire.
  • Crosslands, Cardiff.
  • Crowthorn School, Edgeworth, near Bolton.
  • Cruckton Hall, Shrewsbury.
  • Daker House, Rockferry, Wirral.
  • Danesford Hall Approved School, Congleton, Cheshire.
  • Daw End School, Walsall.
  • Dean Grange Preparatory School.
  • Dennington College, Swimbridge, Devon.
  • Derwent House & Poplar House, Lancashire.
  • Dewey Avenue, Liverpool.
  • Dobroyd Castle School, West Yorkshire.
  • Dorset Wharf, Hammersmith, London.
  • Dowdeswell School, Gloucester.
  • Downcell Road Children’s Home, Worcester.
  • Dr. Barnardo’s Home, Newton Abbey, Belfast.
  • Dr. Garrett Memorial Home, Conwy, North Wales.
  • Drayton Manor, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  • Dromenagh School, Buckinghamshire.
  • Druids Heath, West Midlands.
  • Duncroft House Approved School For Girls, Surrey.
  • Dyke Nook, Accrington.
  • Dyson Hall Secure Unit, Fazakerley, Liverpool.
  • Eastmoor School, Leeds.
  • Eastwood Park Detention Centre, Fairfield, Gloucester.
  • Ellingdon School, Bretton, Peterborough.
  • Elmhurst, Derby.
  • Elmtree Farm, Stockton on Tees.
  • Elwood Street Children’s Home, Islington.
  • Eton Lodge Community Home, Liverpool.
  • Fairfield Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Fairhaven Children’s Home.
  • Family Group Homes, Beswick, Manchester.
  • Family Group Home No. 58, Northenden, Manchester.
  • Family Group Home, 118 Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
  • Farndale Road (Sunderland & Newcastle)
  • Fernwood House (Sunderland & Newcastle)
  • Father Hudson Children’s Home, Warwickshire.
  • Faversham School, Northumbria.
  • Fazakerley Cottage Homes, Liverpool.
  • Feversham Special School, Newcastle.
  • Field House School, Harpendon, Herts.
  • Forde Park School, Devon.
  • Fortescue House(also known as Arethusa), West London.
  • Four Elms, Stoneham, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Foston Hall, Derbyshire.
  • Foxholes, Rochdale.
  • Franklin Boarding School, Bristol.
  • Frant Court Children’s Home, East Sussex.
  • Freighton Children’s Home, Maidenhead.
  • Fylde School, Lancashire.
  • Garth House, Ribbleton, Preston.
  • Garth Olwg, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Gatewen Hall, Wrexham, North Wales.
  • Glamorgan Farm School, Cimla, Neath, West Glamorgan. (Demolished)
  • Glendale Children’s Home, Leyland, Lancashire.
  • Gleneagles, Hull.
  • Glen House Secure Unit, Southampton.
  • Gloucester Way (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Gomersal House, Gomersal, Yorkshire.
  • Gorse Place Children’s Home, Fairwater, Cardiff.
  • Grafton House Children’s Home, Barnes, London.
  • Gravestone Road, Greenwich, Middlesex.
  • Green Lanes, Greenwich, Middlesex.
  • Greensteads Children’s Home, Nr Clelmsford, Essex.
  • Grey Gables Children’s Home, Surrey.
  • Greystone Heath School, Warrington, Cheshire.
  • The Grange, Kings Lynn.
  • Greavelands, Kent.
  • Hallesley Boys School, Sale.
  • Hardman Fold Children’s Home, Failsworth.
  • Harlow Green, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.
  • Harris Orphanage (also known as Harris Home), Preston.
  • Hartborne Walk (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Haslingdon High School, Lancashire.
  • Headlands School, Penarth.
  • Heanton School, Braunton, North Devon.
  • Heath Brae, Congleton, Cheshire.
  • Hendry House, Haverfordwest.
  • Heysham, Branchill, Hampstead, London
  • Highams Hall, Windlesham, Surrey.
  • Hillcrest/Daisycrest, Rossendale.
  • Hindley Borstal.
  • HMYOI Ashfield, Bristol.
  • Hobbs Hill Wood Junior School, Hemel Hempstead.
  • Hollins High School, Haslingdon.
  • Hollycroft Children’s Home, Nr Clelmsford, Essex.
  • Hollymount Convent.
  • Holmwood, Hartlepool.
  • Hopewall Hall, Buxton, Derbyshire.
  • Homlea, Boothstown.
  • House ‘O The Trees, Penygraig, Glamorgan.
  • Hutton Poplars Childrens Home, Brentwood, Essex.
  • Igston House, Newton Abbott, Devon.
  • Inchape Drive Home, Manchester.
  • Ingledene Home, Manchester.
  • Ingmanthorpe Hall, Wetherby.
  • John Kane Children’s Home, Thornhill, Cardiff.
  • Jordan’s Brook House, Gloucester.
  • Kendal House, Wandsworth, London.
  • Kennelwood Home, Liverpool.
  • Kepples View, Rotherham.
  • Kerlaw Secure Unit, Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • Kernsey House, Kent
  • Kilrie Children’s Home, Knutsford, Cheshire.
  • King William’s Church of England Primary School, St William’s Road, Swindon.
  • Kingswood Assessment Centre, Bristol.
  • Kingswood School, Surrey.
  • Kingswood Secure Unit and Classifying School, Bristol.
  • Kinton Community School, Surrey County Council.
  • Kitchener House, Haringey, London.
  • Kneesworth House School, Cambridgeshire.
  • Knowl View, Rochdale, Lancashire.
  • Lancaster More Children’s Hospital Unit.
  • Langdon House Psychiatric Hospital. (Privately Owned) Now Closed.
  • Larches Children’s Home, Preston.
  • Let Us Play, Wolverhampton.
  • Linton House, Leeds.
  • Linton Residential School, Grassington.
  • Little Island Community Care Home, Tewkesbury.
  • Little Ted’s Nursery, Plymouth, Devon.
  • Livingstone Drive Admission Unit, Aigburth, Liverpool.
  • Llwyncelwyn Remand School (now Llwyncelwyn Community), Swansea.
  • Longhurst School, Morpeth, Northumberland.
  • Longwood, Broome Lane, Salford.
  • Longwood Home, St Lesmo Road, Edgeley, Stockport.
  • Lostock Open Air School, Horwich.
  • Lower Lee, Liverpool.
  • Loxley Hall Boarding School, Uttoxeter.
  • Lyme Green Hall School, Macclesfield, Cheshire.
  • Lynwood, Holme Road, Didsbury, Manchester.
  • Malvern House, Preston.
  • Manor Heath, Bury New Road, Salford.
  • Martin Avenue Children’s Home.
  • Marfords, Bromborough.
  • Marland School, Torrington, North Devon.
  • Martons Camp, Bunbury, Cheshire.
  • Meadowcroft, Preston.
  • Medomsley Detention Centre, (Operated by the Home Office) County Durham.
  • Menlove Avenue Assessment Centre (Wooton Vale), Liverpool.
  • Middleton Hall Children’s Home, Birmingham.
  • Midfield Observation & Assessment Centre, Oakington, Canbridgeshire.
  • Millhouse Children’s Home, Carlisle, Cumbria.
  • Minster Lodge Children’s Home, Ormskirk.
  • MKH Secure Unit, Greenwich, London.
  • Mobberley Boys Home.
  • Moore House, Middlesex.
  • Moorfield Care Home, Swinton.
  • Moorland House Lower Unit, Bradford, Yorkshire.
  • Mossfield Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Mostyn House School, Parkgate, South Wirral.
  • Mount Road, Children’s Home, London.
  • Muntham House School, Horsham.
  • Nash Court, Ludlow.
  • Nazareth House, Kilmarnock, Scotland.
  • Nazareth House, Newcastle.
  • Nazareth Lodge, Ravenhill Road, Belfast.
  • Needleswood Assessment Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
  • Netherhays, Croydon.
  • Netherton House, East Kilbride, Scotland.
  • Netherton Park, Northumberland.
  • Newheys Assessment Centre, Liverpool.
  • Newhomes, Withington, Manchester.
  • Newton Aycliff Home, County Durham.
  • Newton Hall, Frodsham.
  • Norman Grove, London.
  • North Field, Moor Lane, Salford.
  • Northern Ireland Redress Cases.
  • Northenden Road Home, Manchester.
  • Norwood Children’s Home, London.
  • Notton House School for Boys, Bristol.
  • Nugent House School, Billinge, Lancashire.
  • Oak Hall Boarding School, West London.
  • Oaklands Children’s Home, Leigh, Lancashire.
  • Oakmore School, near Botley, Southampton.
  • Oaktree Clinic (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) Knaphill, Woking, Surrey.
  • Oakwood School for Boys, Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Olands Assessment Centre, Somerset.
  • Orchard Lodge, Anerley, London.
  • Our Ladies Convent, Greenfield.
  • Oxley Park School, Essex.
  • Paduan House/Arden House, Liverpool.
  • Park House Children’s Home, Eccles.
  • Park House Children’s Home, Prestatyn, Clwyd.
  • Penhill Assessment Centre, Pontcanna, Cardiff.
  • Penshore House, near Sunderland.
  • Pentre Saeson Children’s Home, North Wales.
  • Pilgrim’s Wood, Surrey.
  • Pipewood Boarding School, Staffordshire.
  • Pontville School, Ormskirk.
  • Portland Young Offenders Institute, Weymouth, Dorset.
  • Presylfa Children’s Home, Bridgend, Glamorgan.
  • Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire.
  • Prior Park School, Crickdale.
  • Priors Hill, Macclesfield.
  • Pilkington House Children’s Home, Bury, Lancashire.
  • Pitt House Children’s Home, Chudleigh, Devon.
  • Polebrook House, Leicestershire.
  • Poplar Bank Home, Huyton, Merseyside.
  • Poplars Children’s Home, Bury/Wigan, North Manchester.
  • Quarriers Children’s Home, Bridge of Weir, Scotland.
  • Quarry Mount, Ormskirk.
  • Radcliffe Road, Leicester.
  • Rainsbrook Secure Unit.
  • Rampton Hospital, Retford, Nottinghamshire.
  • Ratcliffe Road Children’s Home, Leicester.
  • Red House, Norwich.
  • Redhouse Crescent, Longton, Stoke on Trent.
  • Redsands, Northwich.
  • Redwalls, Sandleway, Northwich.
  • Rendcomb College, Cirencester, Gloucester.
  • Reynolds House, Kent.
  • Rheanfa, Glamorgan, South Wales.
  • Risley Remand Centre, Warrington, Cheshire.
  • Rivendell, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • River House Boarding School, Henley in Arden.
  • Riverside Assessment Centre, Salisbury.
  • Riverside House Community School, Staffordshire.
  • Rochester Borstal, Kent.
  • Rosebank, Lymm.
  • Rosehill, Manchester.
  • Rosehill, Market Harborough.
  • Rotherwood Children’s Home, Staffordshire.
  • Royal Philanthropic School, Redhill, Surrey.
  • Royd Edge, Meltham, Yorkshire.
  • Rubane House, Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland.
  • Saltwells Children’s Home, Dudley.
  • Sandon Lidge Children’s Home, Loncolnshire.
  • Sandyville Road Children’s Home, Manchester.
  • Scawby Grove, North Yorkshire.
  • Sedbury Park Care Centre, Gloucestershire.
  • Shadwell House, Leeds.
  • Shirecliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
  • Shirley Oaks Children’s Home, Wickham Road, Croydon.
  • Silbury Children’s Home, Bristol.
  • Silverbrook, Pontypridd, South Wales.
  • Sisters of Charity, St Mary’s Convent, Walthamstow.
  • Skircoat Lodge, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  • Southlands School, Hampshire.
  • Southvale Assessment Centre, West Norwood, Lambeth, London.
  • South Wolds Special School, Etton, near Beverley.
  • Southwood, Salford.
  • Spalding Children’s Home, Lincolnshire.
  • Springfield Care Home, Bradford.
  • Springfield Residential School, Wiltshire.
  • Springhill School, Rippon.
  • Spurgeons Boys Home, Bedfordshire.
  • St Aiden’s, Widnes.
  • St Aidan’s Youth Centre, Manchester.
  • St Bede’s School, Stockton.
  • St Benedicts Approved School, Reading.
  • St Edmunds, Bebbington.
  • St Edwards, Melchet Court, Romsey, Hants.
  • St Francesca Cabrini Roman Catholic Primary School, London.
  • St Francis Boy’s Home, Sefford, Bedfordshire.
  • St George’s, Finborough.
  • St George’s Approved School, Freshfield, Formby, Liverpool.
  • St Gilbert’s, Hartleby, Kidderminster.
  • St Ignatius School, Manchester.
  • St James Avenue, Hampton Hill, Middlesex.
  • St John’s Home, Erdington, Birmingham.
  • St John’s Young Offenders Institute, Northampton.
  • St Joseph’s Approved School, Nantwich, Cheshire.
  • St Joseph’s, Derbyshire.
  • St Leonard’s Children’s Home, Hornchurch, Essex.
  • St Margaret’s Home, Dr Barnardos House, Aldwich, Bognor Regis.
  • St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Cleator Moor, Cumbria.
  • St Michaels House, Staffordshire.
  • St Ninian’s List D School, Gartmore, Stirlingshire.
  • St Peters, County Durham.
  • St Thomas Moore’s Approved School, 427 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport.
  • St Vincents, Dartford, Kent.
  • St Vincent’s Approved School, Raven Meols Lane, Formby, Liverpool.
  • St Williams Childrens Home, Market Weighton, East Yorksire.
  • Stamford House Secure Unit, London.
  • Stinsford School, Dorchester, Dorset.
  • Stockgrove Park School, Leighton Buzzard.
  • Stockton Hall, near York.
  • Stonecross School, Cumbria.
  • Stoneham Children’s Home, Cheltenham, Glouester.
  • Stony Dean School, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.
  • Stowmarket Middle School Concert Band, Stowmarket, Suffolk.
  • Strathwaite Gill School, near Kendal in Cumbria.
  • Strawberry Fields, Liverpool.
  • Stubton Hall School, Lincolnshire.
  • Style Cottage Homes, Style, Cheshire.
  • Suffolk House, (Girls) Pontcanna, Cardiff.
  • Sully Assessment Centre, Sully, South Wales
  • Summershill Boys Hostel, Didsbury, Manchester.
  • Summerville, Manchester.
  • Sutton Place Secure Unit, Hull.
  • Swaycliffe Park School, Banbury, Oxfordshire.
  • Swaylands School, Kent.
  • Sydney House, Liverpool.
  • Taff Vale Home, Cardiff.
  • Tanllwyfan, North Wales.
  • Taxal Edge Convalescent Home, Derbyshire.
  • Teddinton Park Road, Teddinton, Middlesex.
  • Tennal House, Birmingham.
  • Tennal Assessment Centre, Birmingham.
  • Ternhall Road Children’s Home, Liverpool.
  • Ternwood House, Newcastle.
  • The Ark, Buckinghamshire.
  • The Beeches Children’s Home, Leicester Forest East.
  • The Grange, Woking, Surrey.
  • The Grove, Bromsgrove.
  • The Lyons Children’s Home, Middlewich, Cheshire.
  • The Mount, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
  • The Old Rectory School, Kent.
  • The Pines, Worcester.
  • The Poplars Children’s Home, Market Harborough.
  • The Solar Centre.
  • Thinwall Hall, Broad Green, Liverpool.
  • Thorpe Arch Grange Children’s Home, Leeds, Yorkshire.
  • Throxonby Hall, Scarborough.
  • Todwick Grange, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
  • Tong Park Children’s Home/Assessment Centre, Bradford.
  • Trafford Drive Children’s Home, Greater Manchester.
  • Trent College, Nottingham.
  • Trowbridge House, London.
  • Troy Boarding School, Monmouth, South Wales.
  • Ty’r Felin, Bangor, North Wales.
  • Ty Mawr Approved School, Gilwern, Abergavenny, South Wales.
  • Underly Garden School, Kirkby Lonsdale.
  • Underly Hall, South Cumbria.
  • Uplands, Birmingham.
  • Vernon Home School, Canterbury.
  • Walton Village Admission Unit, Liverpool.
  • Warleigh Manor Boarding School, Bath, Avon.
  • Washington Hall, Washington, Tyne & Wear.
  • Wellesley Nautical School.
  • Wellfield House, Harrogate, Yorkshire.
  • Wennington Hall, Lancaster.
  • Wentworth House, Slough, Berkshire.
  • Wessington Court School, Hereford.
  • Westfields, Mirfield, Yorkshire.
  • Westwood Grange, Leeds.
  • William Henry Smith School, Brighouse, Yorkshire.
  • Wilkinson House, Blackburn.
  • Wimbrick Hey, Wirral.
  • Windlestone Hall, Country Durham.
  • Woodend Assessment Centre, Atherton, Manchester.
  • Werrington Hall, Uttoxeter.
  • Wimbrick Hey, Wirral.
  • Woodlands Children’s Home, Bolton.
  • Witherwack Hall, Grange Over Sands.
  • Woodlands Assessment Centre, Leicester.
  • Woodstock Road (Sunderland & Newcastle).
  • Ystrad Hall, Llangollen.


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  1. Steve 'Dogman' McKee

    Abergele Kids Home in Trowbridge , Cardiff, not Wiltshire

    1. Cheers Dogman, I will amend it.

      1. Parklands, Plymouth,. FUllaford,Buckfastleigh, Devon. Meadowside, Newton Abbot. Northbrook, Exeter.

        1. parklands plymouth

          1. also dr.wardle at wonford hospital

      2. You forgot eastmoor school in adel leeds

    2. Was u in abergele home

    3. I went to. Broughton tower in the late 70s, I was sickened to hear abuse went on. I never saw or heard of any abuse sexual or otherwise, I was treated very well and loved. The housemothers and carers were all lovely and kind
      Can anybody tell me who it was supposed to. Be? Mr Wilks was the headmaster and Nick the deputy head whilst I was there I only have good memories from Broughton Tower

  2. Skircoat Lodge in halifax. not skirkett…

    1. Thanks, it’s amended now..

      It would be good if you can spot any more minor errors I have made before you and any the DI Forum ‘Detectives’ start pulling it apart and assuming I am a spy again. :)

      1. You are funny Outlaw, we are working with you, not against you. We are on the same team. Peace x

      2. Ŵashinton hall is in Washinton village, Washington, Tyne and Wear. Not south shields

  3. Are these all homes where young people have been abused??

    If so it seems that the homes were no abuse took place are in the minority, how can this be, the scale is phenomenal.

    The one home that i was not abused at was boverton family group home llantwit major south wales, thats not saying that it was a good home as all homes seem to have a resident bully.

    Is there anything that us mere mortals can do?

    As i think the problem has gotten worse because of all the cover-ups, you only have to look at the news and there seems to be grooming gang after grooming gang, always the same story, get victims from kids homes no one will believe them if they do tell.

    There has to be something we can do.


    1. All places where abuse has been reported as far as I am aware Andy. I am relying on other people for the information and more details are being found all the time.

      The only thing we seem to be able to do is to keep it in view, by not letting it drop. There are too many important and powerful people who could lose everything if the whole story came out…

      It pays them to keep it hidden by denying it, discrediting any witnesses and generally using every method available to them to cover it up..

      1. Thankyou to all who commit to not allowing these stories to be buried, like they tried in jersey too, like the children, buried , murdered, it is such horror, many have turned away, many didn,t want to believe, we,d rather believe that ‘care homes’ are full of mary poppins types,,,,,thank goodness, that within care there are too some very good people, and that some children were kept safe, and as well as possible,,,sadly it was luck, the fact that powerful people preyed on vulnerable children, within a care system, that was constructed and controlled by authorities, all paid for by the tax payer, on the scale, that some of us have known for decades, and been thwarted or attacked when trying to out it, is beyond description. The recent press exposure, is because of two things essentially. The courage of the survivors of child abuse to speak out, and the internet facillitating, hidden stories being aired, broadcast and spread, to such an extent, that the mainstream had no choice. We that work on this, have had to push all the way, to be heard. I salute and admire all, that have played a part in bringing these evil doings to light.

        1. my son attended Nortonthorpe Hall School Denby Dale and Archways Nurturing Unit. Shropshirehe made allegations of sexual abuse against social workers whilst at these establishments the police were to investigate but whilst they started they didn’t finish it as the social services claimd that he made allegations against me, I have my children’s files and it clearly has 2 letters fro social services to the police stating they wre not investigating as my son was emotional damaged and that he would not make a good witness as he was supposed to of made recent allegations against me the allegation was made July 1990 which there is medical evidence to support the fact he was abused then in care but the allegation which was made against me was in 1995 five years after the original allegation also the medical evidence was 6 months after he was stopped from coming home on weekends and holidays

          1. I made allegations of staff grooming a child in care in 2005 in bishops castle shropshire the home was closed down nut no investigation by police into my allegations. When researching this home I found out that one director of the childrens home had worked at Hill Top the new name for castle hill and the other director worked at milverton court.. Milverton Court has a history of horrific abuse and many pedos working in welsh childrens homes and bryn alyn homes was working there. Facebook messages are being moniterd on the milverton court site and have had some posts removed naming convicted pedos working there.. It seems only one man has been convicted of abuse so far at milverton even though many names was given to west mercia police as being abusers..

        2. I was abused at silverbrook childrens home in south wales in 1996-1997 i received a letter saying that social services had dealt with him in their own way, I am still awaiting a reply from the police :(

      2. I was sexually abused by a DOCTOR at Taxal Edge convalescent home in 1959. I was 9.

        1. i also was abused by a doctor ******* ***** in 1962 at Taxal Edge, i was 11 at the time

    2. Were you by any chance in cardiff abergele rd ?? Marie

      1. I was at Penhill, Headlands in Penarth and in Dinas Powis for a short time..

        I know a few lads who were in Abergele Road though.

        You are welcome to contact me at any time via the email address on the main page of the blog, if you need any help or advice with anything.

        1. Sorry is your email adresse the yahoo one under contact point ?

        2. I was in bryn-y-don for 3 years, 1973-1976 and I saw a lot of things

      2. Yes ********** was the person!

        *OUTLAW’S EDIT….Name removed from the comment as it could prejudice any future action.*

        1. I have emailed you outlaw and not had a reply. My partners seen “his” name this page already that’swhy it’s brought it all back, and is really confused what to do.

          If he had been listened to years ago this may not have happened to others. And now my partners seen he’s not alone with what happened.

          We have picture evidence of the abuse, the police have and hospital have too but was dropped and th person was still aloud to work there.

          If you could give some advice would much apriciate it.

          1. I have just emailed you. I do apologise but I was trying to track down a suitable agency which is trustworthy. JJ

          2. i think you could trust Voices from Care and they are based in Wales, as a trusted org.

    3. Abuse went on with a member of staff called Sylvia Moore at Silverbrook in Pontypridd South Wales
      I ran away in 1982

      1. hi ruth, i was also in silverbrook around the same time as u, i saw things go on in silverbrook that no child or young person should see or hear!! pontypridd social services had a duty of care to me, i was under a care order untill i was 18 they had parental rights over me and were supposed to make sure i was safe and cared for…. RUBBISH, the level of ill treatment at silverbrook should have been investigated it never was… SECURE UNIT????

  4. Amazed at how many I had been in but even more amazed that others I’d been in are not named despite being closed down because of nasty incidents.

    1. I would be happy to add the names of any institutions not listed here as this is a working list….

  5. Oaktree Clinic (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) Knaphill in Woking. I was one section during 97/98. Nurses very voilent towards patients as well as many other incidents of serious concern. Closed down shortly after I left. Then reopened as a secure unit for adolescent aged people.

    Eastbourne DOP at the Eastbourne DGH. Various nurses convicted of sexual offences on patients whilst they were sedated. Although nurses have been convicted they still got a slap on the wrist.

    Buckland School in Hampshire. Some teachers and staff used to bully people. One kid took his life becuase of it. Got closed down shortly after I left. One kid who at the time was the only black kid in the school was subjected to daily racist abuse by the PE teacher and most of the school staff and pupils joined in. Also some staff physically assaulted pupils. I got my head slammed against a brick wall during lunch. The whole school witnessed it and said nothing, despite blood running down my neck.

  6. Im posting about Abergele rd home-Trowbridge Cardiff my partner has just 2days ago made his statement to the police about abuse 20years ago the police did say some incidents have been reported, but atm we dont know much.
    We see the awful man around Trowbridge alot hes still free anyone with any information please postback, we know he hurt loads more boys he was a leader in scouts and a football club.

  7. THOMAS BEAN-cardiff..ring any bells ??

    1. Hes the one from abergele kids home scouts ect

      1. Oh. & also taffs wells..Now would b best time 4anyone to come forward

        1. Hi Marie w are you available for a chat x

          1. Sam im emailing u now xx

        2. My partner was abused by the same person 20 years ago also. Police were involved when he was in the home but got dropped And he was still Allowed to work there .

          1. The charges were dropped because there was no evidence . Dental records were handed over

        3. please e.mail me asap

    2. please email me

  8. I was at Forde Park for 4 years, never saw or heard of any abuse going on. In fact I had a great time there…. My main concern now would be, if so many of these institutions were abusing youngsters which is being claimed, as it is a well known fact that the abused goes onto become an abuser themselves, how many of you have gone onto abuse? The reason I ask, is if so many were abused as claimed this country must now be rife with paedophiles…. Correct?

    1. Not so, I personally know very few who have gone on to abuse others, so this ‘fact’ which is mostly put about by the mainstream Media and tame psychologists is based on what evidence exactly?

      I have been in some great care homes where abuse was later reported, I have also highlighted elsewhere on this blog how there have been cases where the police and the media have ‘encouraged’ people to come forward and exaggerate their ill-treatment for cash payments.

      That is no way a reflection on the genuine cases of childhood abuse, both physical and mental that has occurred. But as with everything these days, even that is wide open to manipulation, greed and deception.

      It is separating the genuine survivors from those who use the tag to enhance their status, reputation or finances, both online and in real life is where the main problem seems to exist.

      I abhor any form of abuse and will highlight it wherever I find it, but I will also never be blinded by hysteria and media-fuelled hype which only serves to cast suspicion on anybody who has ever worked with children.

      I want the truth, period…

      Nothing else will suffice.

      1. The evidence is based on those who come before the courts and use the excuse “I was abused” in their mitigation defence. As far as the Police are concerned I was hounded by them to give a statement three times over a space of eighteen months, even though I told them from the outset that I had never witnessed or received any kind of abuse and more to the point never heard any kind of conversation at my time at the school. They kept coming back for more and more information which never differed from my original statement, they even went as far as naming those who were accused. I’m not sure if any of the ex boys details who claimed nothing happened were passed on to the defence team or whether it was just those boys who claimed they were abused. As someone who spent their entire childhood in the care system in several different homes across the country, I can only speak as I found and the only kind of sexual liaisons I found to happen were in mixed homes amongst the children themselves or teenagers if you prefer and indeed this happened to me. I was 10 and she was 13, did she abuse me? Probably yes, has it effected me in later life? Hardly.
        I honestly believe that if the compensation element had been removed from the equation then far fewer prosecutions would have taken place. Don’t get me wrong, not for one minute do I dispute that sexual abuse has not over the years taken place in our care system and it probably still continues to this day, but I don’t believe it is any higher that what goes on behind closed doors in normal households and it is certainly not just an issue for the institutions to deal with…

        1. I think its pretty obv more abuse happens in care homes its like I read .. If u like maths become a banker..u like cooking become a chef..u like abusing defenseless kids work in a childrens home..
          & as for it being a ‘fact’ abused kids go on to be abusers that’s a stupid idiotic thing to say/think..A lot of people who read this are looking for support & help I dont think your views will do that..they dont do it for the money they do it for justice, to try & be free from their mental prison they’ve been locked in and hopefully to save some other kid..maybe a few have done it for the money but thats not what this sites about really

        2. I have to agree with u social services claim that if you have been abused you will abuse load of bollocks was anyone at Norton Thorpe hall denby dale or archways nurturing unit at Shropshire as my son was both places and he was abused according to him but 5 years after making that allegation he was the social services coerced him to making allegations against me his mother even though I hadn’t seen him since he was 12 until he was 19 years old social services also have a thing about people who suffered domestic abuse they do not help or support them it is a known fact that anyone who suffers domestic abuse also lose their children because of neglect as they blame the parent for the abuse that they cannot escape from as it follows them the facts are 90% of children from victims of domestic abuse are taken into care for neglect fact that 10% lose their lives and the parent commits suicide some of them cases the parents are forced to move back to a house where there is danger of abuse from any person the ex partner knows it’s also these children that are more vulnerable to abuse in care

          1. I was at nortonthorpe hall and yes some members of staff and Mrs Hughes Mr his ghes wife was a nasty piece of work m r marchant got a sick thrill in hurting children

      2. i would just like to say i have been in all those homes in Cardiff and around tom and his family since i was 10 years old.all you lying scum bags all of you know nothing bad went on and if it did why did you all spend years going to toms for food money and help ??????? all that family did was to give us all help and support .child abuse at army camp pmsl it did not happened .abuse at the homes or at tom lot ho made these false lies up to get money from the courts so you used tom and his family .you all know that none of you where abused.and your just after money the same as all those o.a.p.s you have all stolen from over the years just to get your drugs .not even your own families wanted to know you so you all pick on those how did try there best.well i can tell you all now i will be giving my evidence in court over you all and what relay happened in care and what you where all like.and did just to get your drugs and drink and when the truth is out and that all your lies are proven i hope you all rot in prison as you don’t even deserve a life in the real world .i hope you all start thinking ho i am and the homes i lived in with you all because i will do any thing and spend any thing to prove you have all lied about tom and his family .but one thing straight i don’t need to lie .like you lot have . tome and his family have so many good friends and so much help it will back fire on you all .i cant wait to give my evidence against you all ???????????

        1. Thankyou very much for coming on this site and supporting my father Thomas Bean . I totally agree with you that these people are total liars ,out for themselves with no regards for anyone else . The thing is there are real victims of abuse who need support , but you have time wasters like Robert Jones who use up resources that real victims need. The thing is the claims against Thomas Bean have just made his family and friends stronger . The sad thing is that my parents would still offer help and support to people who need it .We are gathering evidence eveyweek and working closely with different organisations to prove my fathers innocence , but unfortunatley theses things take time , meanwhile an innocent husband , father and grandfather remainds behind bars . Fortunatley Tom has lots of love and support and is coping well with prison life . Thankyou again for you kind words of support .

    2. Who are you trying to cover for? Your responses to this blog do not sound genuine to me.

    3. Hi Barney
      Obviously you were one of a minority who never suffered at the school which is good for you as to your comment about the abused turning into abusers yes this may happen in some cases ie: William Goad I guess this case is what you are getting some of your info from I know and work with the Survivors of Forde Park School and find your comments quite distressing as the damage that was done to people that went to Forde Park they would never want anyone to suffer that which is the reason they have been campaigning for years and still are and are at the forefront of the current enquiry .

  9. I have friends who were abused by staff in care homes. I have a friend who was abused by residents, but also have friends who were well looked after. I think its unforgivable and sickening that it happened to anyone but i don’t think we can say it happened to everyone.

  10. Abuse is subjective and overrated. Pain for one is agony for another and agony for one is pleasure to another and I should know. I endured years of physical and mental distress.. I overcome them and began to cause distress to others. I went from being hit to hitting, being slapped to slapping, being tortured to torturing. Receiving tattoo’s to tattooing. I bullied whereas previously I was bullied, I turned and faced instead of staring at the ground. Lots of my ilk did the same.

    We survived and thrived on it and some remember the rationale behind their behaviour and attempted to amend their own mind sets and change the way they had been nurtured in an unnatural way. Some succeed but most don’t. Again, 30 years after leaving the residential setting i find myself in a minority of success’s. Not suicidal, educated, dr drink free, but I am a heavy marijuana user, father, husband and strict pack leader. None of which would have been obtained had I not the determination and the bastard will that the state tried to prevent me from seeking. It’s left to those who’ve got the ability to use that ability to try and assist and educate the lay men among the populace.

    Anyone else who hasn’t experienced what they are attempting to change might discover the best and easiest way for them to contribute to any advancements would be to seek and understand the experiences of those best experienced. You wouldn’t ask a butcher for advice about dove tail joints in furniture would you?

    Anyone seeking to further their knowledge on the abuse of children in children’s homes or foster homes or any establishment for that matter, should first ask; what experience the provider of such information has of any of the latter? Only then can the seeker be sure to know that the advice is from an experienced provider. Easy for me to say I know but that’s the way I see it. Academics will die fighting to offer their advice and educational approach. Medically qualified boggled eyed folk will die fighting to have their approach favoured. The law rules the roost as far as its concerned and the head in the clouds do gooders will use the media in all its guises (mags, papers, tv etc,) to enhance their position as the fountain of all knowledge on child abuse issues.

    Individuals must decide for themselves who’s who. But don’t just take an online account of any sort as true and honest if it involves having to search for the real author. Few of us who’ve got it want to hide it. What good would that do for the following generations? What was the question again? duh

    1. That is why those ‘who were there’ have got to be seen to be credible, and who can lend their considerable experiences to those genuine people who seek nothing more than to find the truth and ensure it never happens again.

      That should be the only legacy.

      I agree 100% that the whole matter has become tainted and has been reduced to a hysterical witch hunt, almost entirely fuelled by the media.

      Insurance companies stamping their authority, County Councils, Regional Police Forces and Social Service Departments closing ranks and protecting their own interests, organised whisper campaigns and blatant attempts to spread disinformation and cause chaos on the Internet and beyond.

      And who has been overlooked once again?

      Those who were actually there and can tell the real story….

      The Victims.

      1. I think we can coherently smash these fools with our logic and reason, hence they try to keep us types right out of the way, silenced, using any means available to them.

    2. Hi, Darren. I was in Bryn Estyn with you, and we know the score which SOME love to deny to this day….

      1. i was at bryn estyn with daz and i am waiting for the day that the law finally catch up with the fucking snake is he still claiming to be a victim for compo aint seen his grinning mug on tv lately maybe that is why he spends all day trolling ppl on twitter and is still lying about everything nothing changes with billy liar the nasty lying fucking gog freak

  11. I was in Cambrian/ Burford House in 1983..

  12. You haven’t mentioned stonham childrens home cheltenham where I was constantley abused phyisicly and mentaly abused

    1. I shall add it to the list.

  13. I started my life in care at Monks Barn in Reading at the age of 5, was moved to Kersey Crescent in Newbury around 6 months later. At 10 I was sent to Curridge House near Hermitage at 12 I was sent to a kids home in Windsor around 3 months later I was sent to Thornbury House in Kiddlington, a few months later I was sent to Forde Park School (Red House, Barnes Dormitory) where I was to remain till I was 16 and left to join the army. In those 11 years I never saw or heard about any abuse, let alone experience it either sexually, mentally or physically in any of these homes. Yet apparently it was rampant……… How lucky was I?

  14. I noticed the assessment centre at burley in wharfedale is mentioned in the list I was there when I was 15 in 1976

    1. We’re Mr n Mrs rigg there at the time you were ?

  15. coed glas children’s home south wales there’s a facebook page

  16. Michael ( nicko ) nixon

    I was in st Joseph’s in Nantwich , Cheshire, from 79/82, and things were as described numerous times over the years,but unless you were there,living breathing the existence,you can only imagine the fear,social exclusion and sheer degredation people endured !

  17. treherbert family unit home….rhondda

  18. Has anyone any experiences of doctor garretts convalescent home, Conwy in the eighties mine were all good btw just noticed it was on the list and wondered what stories Outlaw has on this place seeing that it was included?

  19. kingswood special unit bristol

  20. I was in Ashbank House, York, in early 1971. I was 12 years old and I wasn’t the youngest there.

    It was an absolute torture chamber run by a lunatic called Cother and his vicious, cruel wife. They were assisted in my day by a man called Wilson….he wasn’t too bad, I suppose but then by what yardstick am I judging him? Another man called Frasier was an instigator who Wilson seemed to follow.

    Mrs Cother’s mother used to come on a weekend from Scarborough and she was an utter psychopath. She hit me around the head with a milk pan and knocked me out!

    The beatings and violence meted out in Ashbank was at a level that it is difficult to imagine unless you were there. I doubt that too many people reading this would ever treat a 12 year old like they treated me.

    There were also issues of forced heavy Labour and psychological abuses that I can’t be bothered to go in to.

  21. Posting links to destructive scripts is another thing that will not be tolerated here.

    Some advice?

    Try a little harder.

    *Outlaw’s Edit*

  22. The Close isn’t near York, it was in Northallerton.

    I was there ’77 or ’78 and I was also at Stockton Hall between ’80 and ’83.

    I would be interested in tracing David Hutchins or Hutchinson who was subject to abuse with me after he and I had a fight after lights out and was thrown against a wall by a member of staff before being taken to the boot room and then being hammered.

    Also I’d be interested in tracing Nikki Cooke who witnessed another member of staff giving me a good hiding in the play ground one afternoon and said he would have spoke up for me when they “investigated” my allegations of this at the time.

    1. there a david hutchinson in stockton /middlesbrough can be found through karen hutchinson

  23. I was at Woodend Assessment Centre, Atherton, Wigan, and also at St Thomas Moore, Formby.

    Between 1997 and 1981 Both places dished out severe sexual and physical abuse.

    Woodend was worse for physical abuse and beatings, St Thomas Moore worse for sexual abuse.

    I even absconded, told my social worker, he took me back and told me to say nothing, just keep my head down and he would see what he could do, three days later I was beaten and given an hour long body and cavity search by the usual staff member.

    Constantly being told, if you say anything, you will stay in care, you will never go home, you will go straight to prison once you turn 18.. At 14yrs old you don’t know any better.

    Although never actually raped, I had regular body searches and regular beatings.

    Staff coming into your bedroom at night was not uncommon..

    I still ask myself, why me ?

    What did I do wrong, did I deserve it, was I a bad child?

    I even resigned myself to it being the “norm”.

    33 years later and I am finally able to bring some closure hopefully, as I am now making it known to the authorities for the very first time.

    Its so sad to find out just how many other people at these institutions went through the same abuse as well.

    1. Think you might be a bit mixed up here St Thomas Mores Senior Approved School was in Birkdale Southport, Formby was the Location of St Vincents Junior Approved School.

  24. Speaking as a person who grew up in group homes and institutions, I have to say only two out on the 7 homes I had been in helped me and didnt abuse the privilege of prescriptions. Children in homes are lab rats for physical, emotional, and drug abuse .

    1. Your comment about children being lab rats for all types of abuse is absolutly spot on. Mike (nicko) Nixon

  25. Arden Primary School Bredbury Stockport by a male teacher in the 1970’s

  26. Just want to THANK outlaw for this site, amazing.

    About time someone stood up & told it how it is.

    This site has helped me & My partner enormously. Inspiration.

  27. Hollins County High School is not in Haslingdn it is in Accrington.

  28. I remember the fat twat the bully Mr mills from Woodend and I also remember the sadist from holmea Bothstown He was into spanking bare bottoms with his hairbrush. god il like to meet them now it would be so much fun!

  29. I need info on mill house remand, Carlisle
    It ruined my life I have never told anyone about what took place there, it hurts to much

  30. I was in royd edge school between 1982 and 1986 the abuse was terrifying

  31. I would love to name names .. I had the worst school ime in royd edge . The headmaster was a very violent and nasty man .. I was 12 when he beat me . And carried on till I was 15..ROYD EDGE SOMETHINK OUT OF A HORROR STORY

    1. Do you remember me..I went there same time..headmaster. .mr parry

      1. Mr parry yesss well can’t forget him can we……….I remember the incident where one of the lifeted another girls skirt and we all got sent to the dormitory I got the blame for it because I wouldn’t say who did it Mr parry dragged me off the dormitary down the stone steps by my hair and threw me up against the door to the cellar by his office. I fell threw the door and Mr g grabbed me and told Taffy to back off he then kicked me out of the school and told the police I had ran off I was then put in a cell before my mother came and collected me

    2. Hi Lee do u remember Tracy guite i was a pupil and mr parry beat me up for something that had nothing to with me then kicked me out knowing my family lived in london so i went to kevin mc cryatals house where i was then arreseted and placed in a cell till my mother came from london to get me x i never went back to royd edge after thatx

  32. Im gonna go to the police .. I cant get it out my mind.. all these cases

    1. Do you remember me..I went there exactly same time & remember the abuse that went on :-(

    2. Also Mrs gough abused the girls in a sexual form of manner I bet she didn’t get done

      1. I remember val gough she used 2 take a slected few 2 the gym & always stripped naked in the sauna & encouraged her selected few 2 do as she did & she lived in a trailer home & always took some pupils 2 her trailer …omg , flash backs I had forgotten about :-(

        1. She is worse than that sue x believe me I’m one of her victims xxxx which no one knew about x

        2. Yes Susan i remember you .. my name Lee Twamley.. i remember that cunt parry and miss gough

    3. katherine willmott ne poole

      going to the police wont do any good they do fuck all … all in it together

  33. I remember the fat twat the bully Mr mills from Woodend and I also remember the sadist from holmea Bothstown He was into spanking bare bottoms with his hairbrush. god il like to meet them now it would be so much fun!

    Local press Woodend remand centre being investigated operation Milan, ah well what goes around comes around its called karma Bet theres some twitchy bums out there!

  34. I went to royd edge school, meltham, holmfirth, Huddersfield from 82/83-86..iv blocked it out for many yrs until something reminded me so today I looked it up & discovered it has been shut down for many years ..I remember the child abuse that went on there at that place ..I wasnt realy abused much myself but they where certain pupils (vulnerable children) that got physical abuse (black eyes, bruises & so on from being beaten up ) by the teachers & other things that went on :-(

    1. Hi sue I remember you we were really gud friends my name is lecy im the one you gave me a coat I was the vulvulnerable one you looked after me xx

      1. the name rings a bell..where u the girl from Manchester. .sorry its took me so long 2 reply x thank u 4 responding il keep an eye out on here 4 a reply 😀

        1. Susan wade u went to royde edge didn’t u

          1. yes I did :-(

          2. I remember you lexy this is tracy guite and I know remember u too sue we knew u as Susan x

  35. Hi, Jimmy. You can add Talfryn (Holywell North Wales) to the list of abusive ‘Schools’. I was there in 84/5 ish and can speak from experience, I met an ‘Ex-Resident’ recently who I remember telling me his experiences at the time, before I got out of the window for the umpteenth time. His experiences were definitely real, and I know pock-faced freaky Tony, the villain, was being investigated by Lancashire Social Services in the early 90’s as he had moved on

  36. Brookside school in shropshire later became known as Milverton Court and richard groome was working at milverton in 82 and not 84 as the waterhouse inquiry suggests. Brookside school closed in 1979 amid abuse allegations but children still remained there.

  37. I was in Kirklevington Detention Centre in July 1977 I was only 14 years of age and was physically assaulted on a regular basis, I took some proper beatings at this place and was given an extra week for trying to escape with a friend, they made an example out of us and this place was like a barbaric concentration camp where they also held food back and treated us like animals, I will never forget those horrible bastards they were barbaric, cruel, and sick. I also attended Tongue Park and Burley in Wharfdale assessment centre when I was 12 years of age and was beaten in these places too, these people really impacted on my life in a negative way since I hated anything associated with uniform or authority.

  38. I. Was in dowdswell court school Cheltenham and red hill royal phillantropic redhill Surrey from 1977. I was in for 7 month 2 weeks and 5 days, people look at me and see a hard man, I look in the mirror and I see, a fucked up broken man that was seriously fucked up as a child, I would like to say that I’m ok, I’m 48 yrs old and I’m alive, I can be thankful for that, but sometimes I wish I wasn’t I still remember the beatings I took when I was younger, by the staff and older boys who were made to beat the younger kids, or they would get hurt, it’s what made me turn into the hard man people see, yeh I can fight I have all my life, everyday is a fight, it has ruined 2 marriages and my kids without me as their dad, I destroy everything that is good in my life cos I can’t stop thinking about when I was younger, I always ask the same question why didn’t my parents want me, why did they put me in care,
    I may never know

    Thanks at least I’m not alone in this

    1. No Michael, you are not alone in this.


  40. Unbelievable and heart-wrenching stories. I’ve always known the world was a hard place, but I had no idea there was so much horror going on against little children like this. Just wanted to say that you have all opened my eyes a little bit about this subject. The hypocrisy of state-sponsored “do-gooders” never ceases to amaze me. You are very much in my prayers, Mr. Dungey, as are you all.

  41. dial park childrens home in offerton stockport shud be on there
    i also lived in bryn alyn
    how great the care system was in the 80’s and 90’s

  42. Nortonthorpe hall in scisset was also a school were pupils suffered physical abuse

    1. Hi I remember you I tried 2 look 4 you last year !! We were in miss Brophy s class together you were came from nortanthorp with an other girl called tracy !! I remember that nite you went I gave a dress that I made in needlework I always wondernd where you went them stone stone stairs have a lot 2 answer 4 x

      1. That’s right x peekaboo I don’t know how to email you back lol I been looking for pupils for years but only found a handful x even though we all suffered their the truth is and we not of always got along I class every one their pyils as family x I would love to catch up with pupils x

    2. The police wont do anything about physical or emotional abuse !! Tracy they only interested in sexual abuse cases even solicitors have said that they are hard cases 2 prove !! Most of royd edge has been knocked down now I went back in early 2000 to lay ghost and believe me I brought back more I wish I never gone back !! X

      1. That so wrong lexy x all the kids suffered their x do you remmeber Mr gee x he stopped Mr parry from nearly killing me down the cellar steps x and miss Gough also sexually interfere with girls x

      2. Leah I was sexually interfered with by mrs Gough and as much as I can admit here I can’t speak about it x

  43. Hi. I came across this site accidentally whilst searching up former residents . at first I was like finally a site to let off steam about our crappy bullied lives as children within the care system . I’ve read a few stories on here and posted a few of my own.however whilst reading I came across a paragraph where it stated those that were abused go onto abuse. Hmmmm well does this mean that the people who abused us were abused themselves. Then how did they get into the system of working with children. I beg to differ……these people who abused the majority came from good homes a life of riley and they took advantage of vunerable children because back then they could why because as children then the child was never listened too. I could sit here and tell you some horror stories my self which will also include family ex members, but I won’t. The point I am making is this most of children who were abused have become better adults than society in general because we know what it’s like to be emotionally/ physically, and sexually abused the majority of us have been more protective of our off spring .I say the majority of child abusers are those who have had a cushy life and think they would not be suspected so judge the right people not the ones who suffered at the hands of those monsters . believe me if anyone ever hurt my babies and I have nine of them I would do time .

    1. That was simply the opinion of one person, which I also strongly disagree with Tracy.

      However, one of the purposes of this list is for people to air their opinions and open them up for discussion.

      That was the only reference to abused people going onto become abusers, as only a tiny minority of people actually believe that to be the case.

      Its usually only the abusers who try to excuse their actions by using that as a defence or a justification in my opinion.

      So you find that it’s not a popular opinion among survivors, but is usually rolled out by stuffy academics, politicians and paedophile gatekeepers.

    2. well said …totally agree 100% tracey

    3. thats exactly how I came across this site “by pure accident” , to this day I haven’t told anyone the full story , just got on with life , its made me a stronger person & a much better 1 ..I did try to research a little about royd edge school & have learned that kirklees council where prosecuted & settled out of court to a few former pupils but it didnt mention names , because iv blanked it out for many many years I find it hard remembering names .

      1. Hi sue its lecy I remember val gough !! It was mr breslin who went 2 prison 4 abuse !!! And Tracy I remember her aswell them stone stairs omg mr parry wot a twat &mr newby he was horrible and sly I never forgot loads ov things especially the ones where we had to go on them list every friday they use 2 embarrass us with them I was always on negative! ! The things that went on were endless but there were some really gud careing people who genuinely did care about us xxx

        1. I remeber mr breslin he used to live in york because he took some of us to his house once ..the stone stairs :-( I remember a girl being dragged (must have been tracey) & blood on walls :-( yeah I do hope mr parry met his karma ..he was an evil evil person ..yeah im beginin to remember you more lecy 😀 its been along time blocking it out x

          1. I remember that thing on a fri in the hall/canteen ..we all sat in a circle ..& u had to say negative or positive with an asterix or something like that x

          2. Hi sue mr breslin lived in the school with his dog called bracken !! & Tracy left after you do you remember wen Ist came 2 royd edge I had really long hair then had it cut like yours mr parry went mad at me!! Tracy was in my class if its the rite one im thinking of I think it is I to found this site by accident I was looking for something else xx

          3. it must have been someone elses house he took us to that day… I rremember the dogs name bracken .. maybe it was someone else who got dragged down the stairs , I just remember all blood on the walls , where the phone was at the bottom of the boys stairs & the police came but mr parry told someone to keep them away from that area so they didnt see it x

          4. iv had to set a temporary email up because iv not been able 2 get into my normal bt 1 … be good to have a chat .. xx

          5. I had some crazy hairstyles , I hope it wasn’t the skin head with the fringe look x iv always remembered a girl lexy so yeh that must be you x I remember other names also but dont no if im allowed to mention names without their knowledge x do u remember julie johnson , few yrs ago I heard she’d died of a drugs overdose x :-(

          6. Hi yea its me lexy lol I heard julie johnson had died aswell and so did a few others but I dont know if its fair 2 say anything about them but the blood wasnt Tracy it was when someone nearly fell through the skylight I was there x I know loads of years have past but if you will have you an email address and I can inbox you xx

          7. Hi I think we could do with a gud talk me &you sue I wud b lovely 2 have a gud chat about stuff & refresh r memories about things xx

          8. hi lexy 😀 my email .. iv had to set a new email as I cant get into my usual 1 & I haven’t used it for months x

          9. That’s right Susan x I’ve always remembered everything but you know what some of the kids are so traumatised they have gone into hiding and theirs lives have been shattered by those nasty bxxxxccds x

          10. More than happy to give out my email address tmosullivantos@gmail x x x

  44. Bracken House, Merseyside… It’s in Bulwell, Nottingham :)

  45. i woz abused at garth house in preston by mr lowe and mr grundy in 1977/78

    1. I was at Garth house Preston in 77 for a couple of months. Eton Lodge Liverpool 77-79. Meadowcroft Preston 79-81. Anyone about around those times I would be interested to hear from you. I would also be interested in knowing if anyone has successfully managed to bring a case to court against a social worker or indeed social services. I have thought a lot recently about seeing a solicitor regarding blatant lies on my file that can be proved to be incorrect and for ignoring a childs accusations and needs. Any advice/comments on this would be greatly appreciated

      1. Kay, I think only you will know if it is the right thing to do. Just remember that it could trigger a lot of unhappy memories for you. I was abused by my stepfather and when I spoke out I was disbelieved and my sister and one of my brothers no longer speak to me. I found it very traumatising. I’m in no way trying to put you off, only trying to give my take on it. It is just a horrible position for you to be in, but if you feel strong and are in otherwise good mental health with a good family/friend support system, then it could actually be cathartic for you. These monsters should never be allowed to get away with what they do to innocent children. I wish you luck and happiness in whatever you decide to do….Jules x

  46. katherine willmott ne poole

    add lyme green hall macclessfield to your list

  47. I was in royd edge and the storys i could tell you would make you physically sick

  48. katherine willmott ne poole

    dose anyone remember a andrew from nortonthope hall 1979-1982

    1. Yeah Katherine Andrew Mellon x blond haired boy he’s in the states now x

  49. Was at woodend 72 or 73 ………………Bad place to be .Just stuffed into a regime of staff bullying felt the fists a few times on my body.

    Nasty horrible staff there in 72 or 73.

    Escaped through a third floor window in my pjs .Caned my ass until it bled .Then got beat up the next day when they caught me .Few weeks of physical abuse .

    1. Hiya Ron I can echo what you say a brutal place I was there in 1977 was beat until I was unconscious , still have nightmares today was run like a army base I was only 14 yrs old and was subjected to physical sexual and mental abuse 6 weeks of hell its about time we had a voice my life has never been normal since I left that hell hole ….. Woodend Assessment centre Atherton Wigan

  50. Update!!!

    Thomas Bean age 60+ who worked in abergele rd kids home 20yrs ago and ex scouts leader was found GUILTY on thursday of 25 historic child abuse offences YESSS he’ll get 20+ yrs in prison 😀

    This sites great as another victim come forward after seeing my original post so thanx outlaw :)

    1. Hello Rhian,
      I am just curious as a friend of mine has needed to voice his opinion. Ia there any chance of pm

      1. Hiya jessica woods sorry iv only just seen this do u still want to chat?

  51. woodend. evil place, ran by evil bullying thugs. glad to see that the police have already interviewed some again under caution in the latest investigation into that place. “mum, where is Daddy gone?” “well son, he used to work in a care home, hitting kids, now he’s on a special wing with nonces for his own protection..” if only.

  52. Thomas bean sentanced to 16 years jimmy if it wasnent for this site sum witnesses mightnt have gone to police thanx for staying round and for ur private advise n support n kindness & 4 not giving up on us god bless u x

    1. Unfortunately, although there are some awful and genuine cases of abuse on here, this is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice I know of. I was brought up in care homes and Tom looked after me and many others ( and many of us who REALLY know him know he is innocent ); he never once laid a hand on any of us (and there are a lot of us who have offered to give character references in his defence, as we know this case was a farce). There was not ONE shred of evidence against him – just the word of the ‘victims’ (one of these ‘victims’ – Robert Jones/Sutcliffe – actually went to prison for burglary of Tom Bean’s house. Go figure!). Also, the above poster (Rhian) has lied by stating that Tom was once a scout leader – he never was, so why lie, Rhian? I urge all those on this site that believe in the truth to investigate this case further and see how flawed it truly is.

      1. An Army Cadet Leader I believe the Court stated….


        1. Yes; that is quite correct – quite different from a scout leader. Anyway, that is all by the by.

          Although I respect what you are trying to achieve on this site (naming and shaming REAL paedophiles), I am quite concerned as to the fact that individuals can target any person and accuse them of this most abhorrent of crimes.

          In this particular case – with regards to Tom Bean – unfortunately he was found guilty without any evidence against him whatsoever (this case has certainly changed my opinion on the British legal system; I used to place my faith in it wholeheartedly – not anymore); it was just the ‘victims’ words against his, and the jury obviously believed that no-one would lie about such a thing (or accuse an innocent man in order to claim compensation…).

          I would never, ever defend anyone I thought for one solitary second was a paedophile.


          I have seen the damage first-hand that these manipulating and selfish scumbags do.

          But, Tom Bean is an innocent man, and I believe that one day – hopefully not too far in the future – the truth will out.

          1. Hi James, you have every right to voice your opinions on here and elsewhere, as is anyone else – but I assure you that The Outlaw would ever knowingly name any person who has been accused, without there being evidence to support it.

            Thomas Bean, whether he was innocent or not has been convicted in open court on 22 separate counts, neither you nor I can deny that is true – and thus cannot be disputed.

            I am also more than aware than many innocent men have been falsely accused of being child abusers and Paedophiles, based only on accusations and very little – if no evidence whatsoever – and some of those have been convicted, and sentenced, and unfortunately one of whom, has since died in prison.

            Evidence is now emerging that he was almost certainly innocent.

            If this is indeed ‘A miscarriage of justice’ as you say, the Outlaw is willing to publish any supporting evidence that you or others may have to add weight to this claim, so it can be viewed and/or scrutinised in a fair and balanced manner.

            I guarantee that the readers here will spot the slightest discrepancy or something that simply does not ‘add up’.

            Which will mean of course, that doubt exists.

            I do agree 100% that some people will and have lied, manipulated and also persuaded others to make false allegations against innocent people – for financial gain or spite or to get back at someone they believe has wronged them in some way.

            Only they can answer why they do such things.

            Read the articles on here in regard to the allegations of abuse that were said to have occurred at Bryn Estyn for instance.

            In all cases, a false accusation is an abhorrent act, whatever way you look at it, and personally I find it reprehensible and will do everything within my power to bring any instances I find to people’s attention.

            There are published articles on here, that highlight false allegations and discuss miscarriages of justice James, I think you will find that the Outlaw offers balance – even when other sites are fully prepared to string people up based on no evidence whatsoever.

          2. I am pleased that the Outlaw offers balanced views and that you, yourself, are fully aware that certain individuals make false allegations against others for personal reasons or financial gain (in Tom Bean’s case, one of the ‘victims’, Robert Jones/Sutcliffe, had written a threatening letter to Tom a few years back – after he had been imprisoned for the burglary of Mr Bean’s home).

            As I stated before – if I thought for one second someone was a paedophile, I would have absolutely nothing to do with them. And I certainly would not be openly defending them on websites such as this one. But I – and many, many others – know this man to be innocent; and as I stated before, I believe that one day the truth will out. In the meantime, I know that Tom’s family and many friends and supporters will continue to fight for him and for the truth. Unfortunately, friends of the ‘victims’ have already set up a false facebook page (in Tom’s name) and have sent rather sick and cruel messages to his family members and friends (thankfully this was reported to the police and dealt with), and have also verbally abused certain members of his family in public, which is not fair.

            Anyway, I keep in constant contact with Tom’s family and am always kept up-to-date on the situation; therefore, I shall certainly post on here any supporting evidence that may be discovered in the future.

            I do respect what you are trying to do on this site, although – obviously – I cannot agree with you with regards to this case. As you say, the jury did find Tom guilty; but I would argue that there have been many instances in the past in which an innocent individual has been found guilty and later proved to be totally innocent.

            All the best.

          3. You may find this of interest in regard to people making vindictive claims of abuse against people in North Wales.

            You will find there are some striking similarities.


            I can only work with the evidence presented at the time James, if evidence emerges at a later date which casts doubts upon someone’s guilt, I will of course present that so people can decide for themselves.

            The case of Timothy Evans, another South Walian incidentally, was an example of how an innocent man was hanged for murder in 1950 – based solely on the testimony of the narcissist psychopath John Christie, who was later found to have committed the crimes himself.

            INNOCENT.ORG – Timothy Evans

          4. Thank you for the links in your last post – much appreciated.

          5. James why was he found guilty of raping 4 young boys then? Oh so writing a threatning letter to a stinkin scumbag rapist is wrong?? And no financial gain atall robert has a criminal record so we knew from the start he would not get a penny. I wish they still had death sentence I really do. U can call rob a liar all u like cus at the end of the day justice was served. Toms rotting in a cell like he deserves

          6. Rhian, If you are going to argue a point, do make sure you tell the truth. From what I have read, Tom was charged with TWO offences of ATTEMPTED rape – he was not found guilty of ‘raping four young boys’ as you falsely state (although, obviously his friends and family believe him to be totally innocent of any such accusations).

            If this was just about seeing justice served, explain why the ‘victim’s’ friends and relatives constantly tried to intimidate Tom’s family during (and after) the court case? Why did they deserve such treatment? One of them even verbally abused Tom’s grandson on Facebook – why would they go that far? Surely this should have been about getting justice only, not abusing Tom’s family too; but, no, even after the verdict his family have been subjected to such abuse – that says something to me.

      2. Lol I lied because I said scouts not army cadets oh my god that makes the whole case a farce I need locking up !! A peadophile is obv not going to abuse every child..tom was a clever sicko he knew how to play people.

        1. Rhian, as I have stated before, if you or anyone else can present any proof then I would happily listen. Fact is, it was just their word against Tom’s. This whole case was only built on word against word. That is it. No evidence whatsoever. Basically, any one of us can go and accuse someone of sexually abusing us twenty-odd years ago and if the jury fall for it then that is it – no evidence needed. So, yes, I do think this whole case was a complete farce.

          1. how did he know whare this guy lived to rob his house????

  53. I wus in bryn estyn and bersham in 1982 before I got shipped to ty mawr I knew mess em about messham and that twat daz laverty they were as bad as the staff even worse sumtimes

  54. I guarantee you there was a childrens home in livingston drive in auigbuth liverpool it was commonly known as number 4 . I was there with my two brothers. Under the sadistic care of peter and norma wetherby

    1. yes there was a kids home in livingston drive

      1. In your earlier post you said ( How did he know where this guy lived to rob his house? ). He knew where this guy lived because everytime Robert was in trouble in the homes he would run to Toms house.

  55. You need to add Rendcomb College, private boarding school for kids aged 3-18 in Cirencester, Glos, onto here ..

  56. You missed the following. Ashbourne Lodge, Winchester ( google it and see the complaints ) , Dennington college , Swimbridge , Devon. St Edwards, Melchet court, Romsey, Hants.

  57. James if you could by any chance give me the name of toms soliciters I knew tom for years and was at abergele and gwbert close for years and was never abused or touched in anyway ever tom was one of the good ones always cared even at my age now he’s a good man and never deserved any of this I will support him in court any day he needs to be out the world will lose a good man otherwise

    1. Hello Gareth. I am pleased someone else has added their voice to the long list of those of us out here that know Tom is an innocent man. You can contact me at my email address and I can give you solicitor details, etc. My address is

      All the best.

      1. Hi James and Gareth I am only too aware that there were/are a number of Care Workers who were falsely accused and were imprisoned for long periods, especially in regard to the North Wales Abuse cases.

        If you want to put together an article, or even some pertinent background, outlining your suspicions and belief as to why you think that this is a miscarriage of justice – The Outlaw would be more than happy to publish it.

        As, if an injustice has indeed been done in this matter, it would be remiss of this site to not attempt to make a case for this belief.

        1. Just a little update seen as tho everyone has gone quiet


          Ex-soldier Thomas Reginald Bean failed in his appeal against his 16-year sentence

          Thomas Bean’s case was heard at London’s Criminal Appeal Court
          A former care home worker and army cadet leader who abused three young boys has been told by top judges he deserved every day of his jail term.

          Ex-soldier Thomas Reginald Bean groomed his victims before molesting them in the 1990s at a care home and a cadet camp.

          The 68-year-old, of Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff, was jailed for 16 years at the city’s crown court in February.

          He was found guilty of 22 counts of indecent assault and two of attempted rape.

          Bean challenged his sentence at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, with his lawyers arguing it was “too long” overall.

          But his complaints were rejected by three senior judges, who said the sentence was “not excessive” for his sickening crimes.

          Related: Locked up – the murderers, drug dealers and other criminals sent to prison in Wales in June

          Bean’s victims detailed the traumatic impact the offences had on their lives and said they would never be able to get over it.

          All three boys were aged under 16 when Bean preyed on them.

          Dismissing his appeal, Mrs Justice Lang said the crimes were so serious that they justified a jail term longer than the guidelines suggested.

          Sitting with Lord Justice Davis and Mr Justice Lewis, she added: “In our judgment, the sentence passed was neither wrong in principle, nor manifestly excessive.

          “We consider the judge was entitled to take the approach he did.”

          Strand News Service

          1. Hello Suz
            Im Thomas Beans daughter , although my Fathers sentance appeal has been turned down doesnt mean to say we have stopped fighting to prove his innocence. We are working very closely with south wales police , also other organisations who have picked up lots of flaws in the trail and statements taken , so we havent given up or gone quiet. When questions have been put to the so called victims on this site you will see they havent been answered so really there is not point being on here . But one question i havent asked but would like to ,is why would you put a statement on facebook saying we fucked Tom Bean over real good ?? Anyway Thankyou for sharing the information about my father as the people who are on here to support him may not have seen it . I will fight with every breath in my body to prove that these VICTIMS have made all this up it doesnt take a genius to see there conversations on facebook .

    2. Hi Gareth, this is Toms daughter if you want to talk more look me up on Facebook. Thanks

  58. James, whilst I appreciate your ingregity of interest into the alleged miscarriage of justice with regards to tom bean there are people who have experianced abuse at his hands who have not takenany action against him due to shame and fear of reprisal by those who didnt experiance this side of his character. This do not mean the allegations subsequently resulting in his conviction were true or otherwise, however nobody is in a position quote with certainty that he is innocent when they do not and cannot truly no this to be case based on their own experiances of tom bean or anybody else. Whilst your commitment to defending someone you believe to be innocent is certainly admirable,
    do not be fooled by what you do not know. Best wishes

    1. We have never verbally abused toms family. We had to phone the police after receiving death threats from his family & 1 member of his family had too be restrained in court after lunging at the victims also another member of his family got banned from the trial for going for a victims sister. Tom ruined robs life, I see it all he wakes up screaming and sweating he sees tom in his dreams, he dreams that tom is raping our 2 young kids. He hates himself, he feels dirty & ashamed, feels that he should of stopped Tom when he was only 11yrs old. Tom treated rob for the most part like a son, he gave him treats, spoiled him, took him too ‘CADETS’ ( even though he wasnt supposed too) he gave him car magazines, he even took him too his own house a number of times ( first full on rape happend on toms water bed after hed given rob some vintage car mags he asked if rob had ever seen a water bed before) so I can see why some boys who he ‘cared’ for would think he was a great guy. Just because he never abused you does NOT make him innocent. Like I said we always knew therd be NO financial gain from this. Rob never would of reported but it came to the point where his self destruction was ruining both our lives he had too try something. Do you really think he deserves to be called a liar?? It was wrong of him too burgle toms house he was 16 when he done it, a fkd up 16 yr old who never knew how to live because the man who was supposed too teach him ruined his life he trusted tom. Please if anyone else on here were abused historically ( or recently) dont let James’s bias comments put u off, its harder with historic abuse because obviously theres not much evidence but its possible as rob & the others found out. Also another man who lives in leeds (brought up in Cardiff) has come forward so maybe more too come. Had to get our side across, im so proud of rob & the others your all amzingly strong dont let other people get u down xx

      1. Rhian, I had to reply to this post (I did not see it until after I replied to your last post) as I would like to publicly challenge some of the things you have stated.

        Firstly, I have never heard of any member of Tom’s family making a death threat to anybody. If you could show any proof of this, I would appreciate it. All I know is that someone in your group verbally abused one of Tom’s grandchildren (as well as other members of his family) on a social media site and have shouted abuse at them in public (why? What have they done to deserve such treatment?). I have never heard your name being mentioned with regards to the verbal attacks on Tom’s family, so no-one is pointing a finger at you.

        Secondly, the member of Tom’s family that you state ‘lunged’ at one of you and had ‘to be restrained’ in court did not do anything of the sort. If they had of acted in that manner, it would have not been acceptable in court. The ‘victim’s’ friends and family were goading Tom’s family from the start of the court case and on the day of the verdict they sat behind his family members and laughed, as well as mimicking the clock from the tv show Countdown; of course, this was done to antagonise Tom’s family even more. There was no need for such behaviour.

        Lastly, you state that I am biased. I am only as biased as you are (in a different way, obviously): you believe that your other half is telling the truth; I – and many others – believe that Tom is telling the truth. It is one word against the other – much the same as the court case.

      2. oh so thats how he knew where he lived. makes sense now

  59. Hello mark. I respect what you say, but as someone that has known Tom very well for a number of years and also knows the background stories to those that accused him, I am quite definite in my belief in his innocence. Also, after the case, the ‘victim’s’ friends and family members have continued to harass Tom’s family (even going so far as to contact his grandchildren via social media and verbally abusing them); now, I ask, does that sound like people that genuinely want justice or people that have ulterior motives?

    With regards to your claim that there are those that have been abused but are too afraid to come forward, I cannot really comment (as anyone could obviously make such claims). But, I can say – hand on heart – that if I thought for one second that he was guilty, I would have absolutely nothing to do with him. I abhor child abusers as much as the next man and I would never stand by someone I doubted in that regard. If I ever saw any real evidence against an individual, I would have nothing to do with them ever again. I absolutely swear on that (I have personally known victims of such disgusting abuse in my life and I know what it has done to their mental and emotional health).

    Anyway, please feel free to contact me on the following email if you wish to discuss any of this further (I am a decent and honest man and will listen to anything you say without it going any further):

    All the best.

    1. James, thank you for your comments I appreciate your response. I agree entirely that attacks verbally or other wise on Tom’s family are entirely wrong and for whatever motivations cannot be justified in the slightest.

      I feel for them given what they have had to endure anybody directing attacks at them should be dealt with by the courts. I am not aware the circumstances of the individuals involved in this prosecution and therefore cannot comment on their characters, however I would like to learn more about how someone can be imprisoned without allegedly a shred of evidence, for 16 years.

      I feel that, like in many other cases of Paedophiles working for social services, this conviction may provide support and assurance for others to talk about their experiences with Tom Bean without fear of being judged as a cash grabber or trouble maker.

      I also feel it is important to recognize the fact that many convicted paedophilles have had caring relationships with others including children who they have not abused and therefore the views that an individual is not an offender on the basis that they have been nice to others says nothing about their innocence or not in a given case. Regards

      1. Thank you Mark you basically said what I would of liked to have said but worded much better. I promise you we are not lying, reading all this has broken my heart. When will it end :(
        Im 25 have no criminal record (not that it should matter) im a loving mother all I want is a normal life. I am a decent person I would never ever have stood by my rob if I thought that for one second he was lying I would never to that to an innocent. My heart breaks for toms wife & his family, how could u except someone so close to u could do such things. I fell for rob at 18 he was 11yrs older after a yr bit more all the self destruction started it was so so hard im so glad he got through it alive so many times hes attempted suicide. I just want it all to be over now its so hard. Even though ive never been abused tha pain I feel for them boys is practically physical. Its like theres the 11yr old boy in rob crying for his mum in agony because of tom. The grooming is what fucked rob up the most. I just want it all to be over now please everyone belive we knew from the start therd b no financial gain I promise that it was for justice & a last shot too keep rob alive.

        1. Hello Rhian.

          I don’t know you, but after reading your post I thought I would reply.

          Firstly, I want to say how I appreciate your comments about Tom’s family – if only others were as decent as you. Regardless of what you believe or I believe, they should not be the target of any abuse of any sort – they have done nothing wrong apart from stand by a man that they truly believe to be innocent.

          Secondly, although I obviously believe that Tom is innocent (and therefore disagree with your views), I still think it is a healthy thing to discuss things like this openly (without any unnecessary nastiness, etc.). And I hold absolutely nothing against you just because you believe something different to me: you are standing by your man (believing in him) as I and others are standing by Tom (believing him to be innocent) – we just sit on different sides of the fence regarding this.

          Lastly, if you or anyone else could convince me otherwise about Tom, I would retract everything I have stated and openly apologise. Obviously, I don’t believe he would have ever committed such sick abuse (otherwise I would not support him so publicly); but if I saw anything that would even hint at any form of child abuse, I would end my support in a split second. I have seen first-hand what victims of paedophiles go through and my heart goes out to anyone that has ever suffered at the hands of these sick and twisted scum bags; which is why I would turn my back on Tom and have nothing to do with him for the rest of time if I believed him to be guilty in any sense.

          Best regards.

          1. James another boy who is dead now reported tom to police at the time of the abuse (would ov been about 1990-1992/) he made statements to the police but wasnt believed. Even punished and another boy reported him tom was found not guilty at trial on a technicality u could possibly get records ov that and theres 2 other boys who came forward during this trial who couldn’t face going through the trial how many have there got to before we are believed this is why victims dont WANT to come forward because all the authorities want to do is forget it DID AND STILL IS HAPPENING.

            The first I went to the police all I got off um was ‘ nothing can b done” it was only when i was close to ending it all and knew if i wanted to live any longer i had to do somthing and went to the police again (ANDY REID IF IT WASNT FOR U GOD KNOWS WHERE ID B NOW THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING ) and I’d like to point out this threatening letter u keep going on. About there wasnt one threatening word in it as anyone who has read it would know it was just letting toms wifee know what her husband is really like underneath all thet sick fake niceness just facts not threats theres a difference and durig the sentencing it was toms family doing the threatening

        2. Rhian I would like to say how could you support rob when as been told by james that rob burgled toms house and wrote threatening letters to him and his family I’ve followed this case from what i can gather online there are no signs of abuse physically nothing to support rob’s case apart from simple bias I’m coming from a neutral standpoint here as I’ve never met tom or rob and as much as I hate paedophiles there is no there is no evidence to support this claim I believe that as a human we are innocent until proven guilty and as there is no evidence to support the claim Thomas cannot possibly be guilty

          1. Hello Ryan.

            Thank you for your impartial view on this case. You make a very valid point concerning the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of any physical or sexual abuse. Basically, Tom was found guilty because of the words of the accusers and NOTHING else.

            It certainly open’s one’s eyes to the flawed legal system we have in this country.

            Anyway, thanks again for your neutral opinion.


          2. Sounds very much like what happened at Bryn Estyn in north Wales James.

            Convictions based exclusively around trawled allegations and little else….


          3. No need to thank me James i think anyone who looks into this properly will see he’s innocent and a fault of the jury best wishes to Thomas and his family

          4. Because rob hates toms guts because tom ruined robs robs young mind burgling toms house was like ‘pay back’ & the letter was not threatning atall all rob threatend with was the police. Like ive said I live with rob ive been with him 7yrs I see first hand the effects the abuse has had on him. What would we of gotten out of lying? Im done with this now its breaking my heart seriously. If rob burgeld someone while he was with me id never speak to him again I hate scumbags like that, rob turned his life around for me, hes not perfect but I love him & ill do anything to help & protect him I love the goodness I see inside him. I hope you never have to experience a second of that pain he feels. The court decided toms guilty thats all there is to it. Like I said my heart breaks for his fam especially his wife, she dont deserve this, she never deserved too have her house burgeld shes an old woman & belive me I lose sleep thinking about her alone at night but I am glad toms paying for his crimes. Roberts has done wrong he was naughty thats why tom targeted him cus he knew noone would belive him. Same reason as you lot are targeting rob on here not the other victims, because of his criminal record hes an easy target too call a liar. If rob could act so well to make me belive him he could b a Hollywood actor. Excuse my gramma im very angry/upset I cant type right. Please leave me alone now ive said all I can I dont deserve to be targated. 12 jury ppl found him guilty the judge agreed thats all that matters ok. Im sure if it was your wife/girlfriend you would know if she was telling the truth. Im pretty sure robs record werent in news so how would u know?

        3. Hi Rhian in your post you say that you would never speak to Robert again if he burgled some one well I hope you are going to stick by what you said as it has just come to my attention that he is back in jail for burglary again

      2. Hello again Mark.

        I can totally appreciate where you are coming from with regards to paedophiles. As I stated before, I would never support or defend anyone I had any doubt about (no matter how miniscule), and I am well aware of how manipulative and amoral they are; but, obviously, I do not believe Tom – for one solitary second – is guilty in any sense.

        With reference to your understandable need to know more about how someone can be imprisoned without a shred of evidence, I can only tell you what I have learnt. Basically, I now know that someone in this country can be imprisoned on the strength of someone else’s word. I always believed in our legal system until this case. There was not one shred of real evidence, just individual accounts of what allegedly occurred. At the end of the day, the jury obviously believed the words of the ‘victims’ over Tom’s – but how is a man supposed to defend himself or prove otherwise when it is just word against word (as in this particular case)?

        I will reiterate here that if I thought for one second Tom was guilty, I would have nothing to do with the man ever again. I can give my word on that one hundred per cent.

        I do have great sympathy for his family too. At the end of the day, they have obviously supported a man that they know better than anyone else (and I know that if any of them had believed Tom to be guilty then they would have disowned him) – as you or I or any other person would do if they wholeheartedly believed in the innocence of a loving family member. Unfortunately though, his family have had to deal with abuse (via social media and out in public) on a regular basis, which I cannot get my head around. It just smacks of something more to me – I mean, the ‘victims’ and their friends/family members got what they wanted (for whatever reason) – Tom was imprisoned; so, why would they continue to harass and abuse his family in such a way? It does not make sense to me.

        Anyway, although you and I disagree, I welcome such an open dialogue on this matter.

        All the best.

        1. Ryan/James, I appreciate both of your comments and agree a sensible discussion can be had here without unnecessary negativity.

          Firstly, this case clearly does not smack of police trawling as there is no evidence or documented suggestion of police listing, contacting, encouraging and/or corroborating with victims , certainly not beyond the victims who presented to the courts.

          Whilst I also believe that evidence would be usefull in ascertaining the innocence or guilt of a given person, to assume that because no tangible evidence may exist in a historical allegation of abuse that the allegation is untrue would be to say that the conviction of Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and many other convicted paodophilles should be brought into question because of insufficient physical evidence.

          Any person with intelligence will understand that lack of physical evidence doesnt mean a crime hasnt been commited, simple.

          As for burgling Tom’s house, I think that if I had been Tom’s victim I would have tempted to take much more drastic action, as I know as a counsellor (also to one of Tom Beans’ victims, who by the way hasn’t chosen to take any action against him) the profound impact sexual abuse has on an individual.

          I guess that its easier for some people to believe that because of limited physical evidence and negative value judgments on the characters of the victims, these crimes have not taken place.

          So I ask, for example, if another 40 victims come forward or perhaps even another 400 victims come forward, even those who will gain nothing from doing so, will you still chose to look the other way simply because of insufficient to physical evidence?

          How many victims must there be of historical abuse do you need to actually consider believing them?

          I believe that other instances of Tom’s sexual abuse of children will be coming to the attention of the public and possibly the courts , but, in the absence of carefully preserved physical evidence some of the people in this discussion will, I suspect conjour the same excuses or suffer the inability to consider likelihoods and probabilities concerning the relationship between smoke and fire.

          Thanks for your comments.

          1. Not knowing a great deal about the background to this particular case, other than what I have seen in the media, I am not qualified to comment – other than to ensure that an open discussion, with both sides being given an equal opportunity to speak, is made available.

            As long as things are kept civil and mutually respectful, and no threats or personal attacks from either side are issued, you can be assured that your comments will not be altered, manipulated or taken out of context by the owner of this site.



          2. Outlaw, it is good to know that both sides can be heard in a fair manner.

            And, you can be confident that I will not make any threats or personal attacks (I am not that kind of person); I just want an open debate in a mature and sensible fashion.

            All the best,


          3. Mark, I concur that a reasonable and open debate should be able to occur here without any unnecessary negativity or name-calling, etc.

            Firstly, with regards to your statement that this case was clearly not about ‘police trawling’, etc. can I ask how you are so sure of that? Where did you obtain this information?

            Secondly, you say that tangible evidence is not always possible in cases such as this one; I totally agree. I understand that. But, without any real evidence, how can someone be found guilty? Obviously it is just the ‘victim’s’ words against the accused at the end of the day. So, although I agree that one cannot expect true evidence to be supplied during historical cases like this one, I also cannot totally comprehend how an individual can be found guilty of any crime without any doubt. That is just common sense.

            Also, you state that ‘it’s easier for some people to believe that because of limited physical evidence and negative value judgments on the characters of the victims, these crimes have not taken place’. Well, the two points you have spoken of certainly do have some bearing on any criminal case, surely. Now, I am not saying that just because some of the ‘victims’ had had dealings with the law at some point in their lives that equates to them being total liars; but, one would be a major fool if one did not take into account that they had been dishonest previously in their lives – that is relevant to any criminal case. As for the lack of physical evidence – well, let’s not mess about here, ANY evidence – of course that is important in a case like this. Now, as I originally stated above, I understand that in cases such as this one the evidence cannot always be there; but, saying that, can I really believe someone is truly guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Of course I can’t. Because there WAS doubt.

            When you say that if another 40 or 400 individuals were to come forward would I ‘still choose to look the other way’? Well, I have not chosen to look the other way in the first place; I have looked at this case and seen no real evidence whatsoever. Just because I believe that Tom is innocent does not mean I am looking at this case blindly – I, and many others, just believe that the accusers had ulterior motives; this reason combined with the fact that there was no real evidence means that many of us do not believe Tom to be guilty. Just because a handful of individuals state something does not mean it is the truth (one only has to look through history to see that!).

            Your last paragraph speaks of ‘smoke and fire’. Well, I am afraid I have seen too many reports in the media over the years that have made me not just blindly believe that there is no smoke without fire. Too many people’s lives have been ruined by false accusations over the years to make the ‘no smoke without fire’ analogy a nonsense. If we all believed in every accusation out there and never questioned anything then we might as well go back to the time of the witch hunts. Also ‘likelihoods and probabilities’ are just that – and many of us want more than that before we truly believe in something.

            All the best.

          4. Thank you for your response. I dont wish to be longwinded here but I do need to be very clear here about the flaws in your argument.

            With regard to police trawling You may have not noted that historically investigations into alleged sexual abuse of looked after children whereby police methods have been described as “trawling”, such as operation rose and more recently in south wales operation goldfinch, share some characteristics.

            These include listing and contacting a range of potential victims by mail, door stopping care leavers who may have had contact with the alleged offenders, targeting individuals who may have used services or resided in establishments where the alleged offender has worked and atttemting to coerce vulnerable people and encouraging indiviuals to consider compensation claims, etc,etc,.

            We clearly understand the uselessness of encourging compensation claims for those criminal records, thus renderring this a futile approach for coercing a high percentage of care leavers. furthermore, I know many care leavers and people who attended army cadets with tom bean, many who have been observing this case none of whom have be approached by the police, unlike in operation goldfinch into other Paedophiles working within the social services.

            In fact, if you asked any care leaver here on this site I highly doubt whether any have been approached by the police regarding bean.

            Nor has there been any public infomation indicating any of the other characteristics that are indicative of a trawling approach. If you know otherwise I welcome your comments on the matter.
            With regard To the character of the victims of course I agree that previous criminal convictions( most of which will not involve an act of dishonestly) does not indicate that the person is being dishonest if they claim to have been abused.

            However, I also agree that, as you suggest, previous convictions for dishonesty would impact on the credability of the of accuser. Nonetheless I am not aware that the victims here, each had previous convictons for dishonesty, I understand one victim had actually no convictions at all.

            Please could you elaborate?

            With regards to your perspective of evidence I take it you do not belive in any conviction whereby the testimonal evidence rather than tangible evidence has resulted in peadophilles being sent to prison?

            Even witness statments can mean a decision had to decide on one persons word over another, therefore do you not believe in validty of witness testimony either?

            Are you also, on those grounds, a believer in the innocence of those paedophille big names I mentioned in my last comment?

            I fully understand how the jury will have decided in their minds beyond reasonable doubt tom was guilty. Considering Your view of what you consider to be “proper” evidence, I take it you tempt yourself to not consider the balance of probabilities that would have also inform the decision makers rationality developing the view that he was guilty guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

            I guess from the comments of annon, which I believe to be true (based on reasons I will go on to explain,) that tom pleading guilty to an offense against a child would have also struck a chord with most about his character let alone colluding with his son or being exposed as a liar by his son would also have cast a doubt over toms credibility also increasing the probability and likelihood of him being dishonest and guilty.

            I would also like to confirm the point raised by annon regarding the types of sexual asssailt tom has engaged in by confirming that my client who was sexually assalted by tom has also talked, like annon, of having toms tongue forced into his mouth and coming to consider this normal behavior at that time.

            Would you james argue that, for no reason, with nothing to gain people whoo are not persuing action and do not knowlengly know each other and are highly unlikely to be aware of each others experiences are just guessing, or fictiously creating and subsequently disclosing their experiences of being subjected to the same predatory sexual behaviors as coincidence?

            Also you interestingly and coirectly pointed out that just because a habfull of prople are saying somthing doesnt mean its the truth, which leads me to the position if toms family, who we both understand cannot know of his innocence and who will continue to actally doubt toms innocence the More people come forward and expose him ( which is, in my view, is a positive by product of the well intended but often ill informed actions the defenders of the accused).

            When it is overwhelmingly clear that the supporters of paedophile bean are clearly “the handfull” and are recognisably outnumbered by those who believe, and knew him to be a paedophile, which I think is the majority, perhaps his supoorters will recognise and feel embarressed by their misplaced trust in paedophille bean.

            Also james I would like to ask if you are aware of tom pleading guilty to sexual offense as suggested by annon?

            All the best

    This is the number of his victims that i am aware ov. One ov whom reported tom at the time ov the abuse but wasnt believed even punished for telling tom always had young boys around him wen he came to work at the home he was the first person in my life to take an interest in me and at the time i thought the way he used to try an ram his tounge down ur throat wen he gave u a kiss was normal i didnt have no sexual experience at this time until tom got his hands on me i thought he was trying to help me and being kind coz i didnt have noone else but now im older i can see the only reason he wanted to see me was so he could abuse me do u know wha the worst part ov it all was the fact evryone thought he was so nice even me i jus thought wha he was doing was a normal thing. Coz the rest ov the time he was like the perfeçt dad looking back i cant get over why i let him do it to me over and over again and not just him the things ive put myself through for somthimg to eat or sumwhere to stay because ov wha he done and now he gets wha he deserved a. Long time ago im the one whose been getting threats and have got a police marker on my house because ov theese threats and for anyone who thinks i did it for compensation im not allowed it because ov my previous convictions but jus to put u all straight the mai reason i did it was because it got to a point where i couldnt carry on and it was effecting my own family as i couldnt play with my son properly for fear ov accidentally touching him and if i did id litterally have to hold him away frm me and when i had my son i couldnt get out ov my head that people who are abused goes on to b abusers all i could think was what if its true i was on the verge ov just leaving my partner and child ( i thought it would b for the best ) and just either smoke enuff drugs till i was dead or back in prison coz that was the only place i felt safe and it was sumwhere i could jus forget about everything’ and at least my child would be safeaway frm me luckily ive got a partner who is amazing and she gt me to go to the doctor so i did and that was the first time i thought about going to the police it took me a year to go to police and wen i did they jus fobbed me off saying there not alot they can do so i didnt make a statement i tried to jus put it out ov my mind and get on with my life but i couldnt i was nt getting no sleep whwhatsoever and my relationship was close to breaking and i knew i had to go back to the police and make a statement even if nothing. Could be done just so id b able to say i did everything’ i could to get justice the right way i never thought it would ever get to court or i would have to give evidence i jus thought police would take my statement and that would be it but then more people came forward i think there was 4 more who came forward one couldnt face giving evidence and trust me even though i knows the courts do get it wrong occasionally this is not one ov them times he was found guilty because he is guilty and i guarantee that more comes forward and i hope if they do they will turn toms 16 years into a life sentence which is what he deserves i hope he is never released and suffers every day he is in there like he has made so many others suffer and if tom was so innocent y was he trying to admit to the charges on the boy who didnt have criminal record and deny the rest and y did he say the only time he had us in his car was with his son but his son sed hed never been in car with us and making up staff members that theres no record ov only guilty people need to lie in court and his own son couldnt even lie for him so for all u people who says u knew tom bean trust me u didnt he was a nd still is the lowest ov the low

    1. Mark, with the greatest of respect you have actually not shown any flaws in my argument thus far; but please feel free to point out any.

      You stated that there was no police trawling with regards to this case but have not proved that statement. You only say that you know others who were not questioned (but that is just your word and does not prove anything; at the end of the day we could all make such statements without proof) and that it was not reported in the press (many things are not reported in the press, so, again, this is hardly proof). Anyway, you and I do not agree about this point and will only go around in circles. I am only interested in facts.

      Speaking of facts, I think it is best if we deal with them as much as we can rather than just giving our views on this. I shall point out the relevant facts below and would ask you or anyone else on here to proof otherwise. I think that is fair.

      I only stated that ‘some’ of the victims had previous criminal convictions. Two out of three of them did. Fact.

      The ‘victims’ knew each other beforehand through the care services and army cadets. Rhian Wilson had also previously asked for information regarding Tom on a website called Spotted Cardiff. Fact.

      Tom NEVER pleaded guilty. NOT EVER. He stills maintains his innocence in prison to this day, even though he has been told that if he states he is guilty he would not have to serve his full sentence. Guess what? He still maintains his innocence to this day. Fact.

      I only ask that when you or anyone else on here makes big statements that you actually back them up. You or anyone else please prove where Tom has stated that he is guilty. As I say, I am only interested in the facts.

      You state that there are far more people out there that believe Tom is guilty rather than innocent. Please elaborate why you state this. There were four accusers in total yet Tom had over 60 character references with his solicitor all defending his character. Simple maths tell me that there were and are far more people who believed him to be innocent rather than guilty. Fact.

      Anyway, we do not agree about this case. But I do hope that we can deal with the facts as they stand. I welcome your response to my facts above; as, let’s face it, this discussion should not just be about my opinion or your opinion but, rather, the facts as they are known. Of course, I also welcome any facts from yourself or anyone else about any of this.

      Best regards.

      1. James, it is with sincerity and maturity and interest other peoples perspectives that I have entered this discussion with you and have been willing to take on board your responses sensibly with a view to progressing my own knowledge and certainly sharing knowledge with others. However, without malice and in the name intellectual debate if feel your apparent inability, disregard or disinterest in responding to the points I have asked you to respond to have, in my view, inadvertently helped to reinforce my argument highlighting your biases, selective deductions an inability to actually develop or respond to the points I have raised in a mature way.

        Given your continued noting of what you believe to be FACT in sentences where you clearly only offer opinion, assertions that your opinion is factual, without any supporting references suggest you may be struggling with the concept of what FACT actually is – definitions of fact, notions of fact and the knowledge required to assert with any conviction that something as fact or fiction. The slightly childish approach in which you retort to claiming that “I only have my word” to support what I am saying regarding trawling clearly appears to be an attempt to avoid the points I have raised given that an abundance of resources are available to confirm what I am saying.

        For the record, with regards to the issue of police trawling I again would like to state that I do not believe police trawling is positive and totally acknowledge that trawling does not serve justice and can encourage false allegations and subsequent miscarriages of justice. I would like to reiterate that I am not going to write an essay for you outlining and fully referencing all points I have raised on the grounds that you are unwilling to actually explore what I am saying yourself. I assume that you are a grown adult and like every other reader on this site should able to investigate what is said using your own brain and time, rather than relying on others to breast feed you information that you consider yourself able to refute in the name of ignorance, which, with respect, suggests that you are ill informed and unable to extent your thinking beyond the speculative conjectures you have spouted here and actually reference your attempts to make assertions around matters of FACT and views around police trawling.

        With regards to this case, I have given you an array of indicators and themes and references to cases where police have been accused of trawling that you could easily check out and explore if actually you actually believed tom was subject to police trawling and wished to understand what police trawling is. Again, I urge any body reading this to, if in doubt, actually explore what I have said regarding police trawling approaches in order to confirm what I have said as factually correct. It certainly appears that with regards to trawling you are actually very uniformed about the FACTS concerning this subject.

        My comments on what police trawling is can be easily confirmed as FACT on the internet by anyone willing to look. FACT. A little reading on your behalf may have helped you develop an informed opinion in challenging what I have said rather than ignorantly stating that what I say is ‘just’ my opinion and not based on fact. However, If you are unable or as I suspect unwilling to quickly check what I have said, you clearly have no basis to say that I am wrong. Therefore, that point that you are actually presenting an uninformed opinion about what is or what isn’t fact, without having facts to hand is itself quite ridiculous.

        If you are actually genuinely interested in claiming that tom bean has been subjected to police trawling – why does it appear that you are not exploring this or asking people on here, as I have suggested?

        Whilst you are perfectly within your right to not answers questions clarifying your position, I have asked that, given your view that if there is no physical tangible evidence there is no crime, if you therefore align your self with the defenders of jimmy saville etc, given that that phisical, tangible evidence in that case was again insufficant.
        Whilst it is also your right to defend as many convicted paedophiles as you wish, Your lack of response suggest that you would also believe all these other paedophiles are also innocent, when it has not been possible to produce physical tangable evidence.

        With regards to previous convictions of the victims, your comments add no weight to your argument. You state that some of the victims had previous convictions but unable to demonstrate that any of them where charges for dishonesty. FACT.
        It is blatently obvious to anyone with a brain that children and young people with criminal convictions can also be abused, and that having no previous convictions for dishonesty, the assertion that some of the victims had previous convictions for offenses other than dishonesty provides no indication whatsoever that they would be any more or less honest than any other person with regards to an allegation of abuse.

        To most people it would be grossly stupid and in appropriate to propose that a child is dishonest (to such a point of making a false sexual abuse allegation) on the grounds that he or she has a previous conviction or have been in trouble with the police as a juvenile (as I understand tom bean was -( he was known as a bully – ask him about it – when he was a youngster living in court road, grangetown – my family live close by hence my awareness of this). I am humoured by the paedophiles defenders use of such unsophisticated and dim witted approaches in blatantly attempt to assassinate the characters of those who have spoken up and challenged paedophile bean.

        Talking of facts James, you mention 60 character references which propose tom bean to be a good person – all of whom are actually unable to state factually and that he is innocent- FACT. However, I bet that the victims, who I guess will also have a network of people around them who also believe them to be good people, were not invited to submit character references. Therefore your reference to tom being believed by 60 people says absolutely nothing with regards to the quality of the characters of the victims – FACT.

        In fact, it is highly common (just check the internet if you don’t believe me) that convicted paedophiles have often been highly thought of by many people prior to their conviction. I think it is fair to say that in reality the majority of people believe in the justice system, and would more be considerably more likely to invest trust and believe in the judgment of appointed people concerned with the administration of justice over a convicted paedophile with 60 letters from his mates. Therefore to try an make the point that most people believe tom bean to be innocent based solely on your equating that there were less victims than numbers of people who were allowed to submit character references for the accused, is, entirely ridiculous and serves to illustrate inept rationality and blatant ignorance of your argument.

        Thankyou for your comments and m.robinson1977@licfor helping me to expose your biases, which has not been my intention but still very welcome.

        1. Mark, You will note that I have not once made personal attacks on you, as you have on me in your last post. It speaks volumes about you and shows how biased you really are regarding all of this. The fact that you have had to resort to little swipes at me during your post really does you or your flawed argument no favours at all.

          Do not tell me I am ‘struggling’ with what the word ‘fact’ actually means and do not tell me I am being ‘childish’ simply because I do not agree with you. You see, by resorting to such playground behaviour you really are revealing your true reason and your real agenda for posting on this site.

          As you seem to be struggling with my last post and the facts as I see them contained within that post, I shall respectfully explain to you as simply as I can:

          Fact one: two out of the three accusers have had criminal convictions. Not my opinion but actual fact.

          Fact two: the accusers knew each other from the places I previously stated. Rhian Wilson also asked if anybody else knew anything about Tom on a website called Spotted Cardiff. Again, not my opinion but absolute fact.

          Fact three (and the one that you still have not answered properly, as I knew you wouldn’t): Tom has NEVER pleaded guilty to anything. Not my opinion, but – surprise, surprise – fact.

          Now, I originally stated the above facts in answer to your accusations in a previous post. If you have a problem with someone answering you with real facts then that is something you have to deal with in yourself. I, on the other hand, like to deal with the truth – each to their own though. What I suggest is this: you calm down, go back and read what you stated in your earlier post, and then maybe you will see why I responded with said facts.

          Now, if you can prove any of the above facts wrong, please go ahead. And please – just to show that you are a man that actually backs up his big claims – please show me where Tom has ever said he was guilty to anything. I mean, you are the one that mentioned it; therefore, prove your words true.

          Also, stop trying to change the subject from this case by bringing up Saville, Glitter and other sick scum bags like that. What I think about them has no relevance to the facts of this case. You only ask me just so that you can make a point that has absolutely no bearing on the truth of this matter.

          Lastly, I will not resort to making little snide and immature comments in my post about you, as I am quite secure in myself and I like to debate things in a mature fashion; you can continue to respond in your fashion if you wish, but please understand that it does you no favours (especially since you are supposed to be a ‘counsellor’).

          Oh, before I forget – and I say this genuinely and without an air of sarcasm, etc. (I am not like that): you may want to proof read your messages before you post them, as some of the wording (especially in your first paragraph) is not very clear in meaning.

          Cheers now.

          1. James, I need not say anthing further other than the facts you propose in your last post do nothing to support your case and assist in demonstrating your weak attempt to cast doubt on the character of the victims and insinuate foul play because you actually dont have any real solid arguments to make.. with respect, your avoidance of points I have raised illustrates this further.

            I am interested in facts james. Facts of interest to the case and of actual relivence to the conviction. Your responses certainly suggest that your more able to pick holes in my grammatical errors than the fibre of what im saying.

            Twist and turn as you may, the facts remain that tom bean is a convicted pedophile who was found guilt by a jury of his peers based on the evidence in front of them. The fact that you claim to believe the convictions of some padophille are correct (without reference to how you know tanagble evidence supported such convictions) whilst at the same time assert that no evidence exists in this case speaks volumes about your selective biases.

            Your doing a great job james tom deserves you!. I dont wish to be impolite james but if you cant handle being challenged on your brave statments defending a convicted paedophille and criticizing victims who have been acknowledged to be telling the truth by a court of law, perhaps you should stick to facebook.

            In the meantime tom will most likely rot and die in jail and I commend all those who have helped expose him and highlight the biased conjectures of his defenders, including you.

            Thankyou for your comments

          2. Mark, I will have to reiterate a point here, as you are finding it hard to comprehend what I am trying to inform you:

            I raised the facts in my posts IN ANSWER to your points and claims in your previous messages. So you are evidently not interested in facts.

            How have I twisted and turned? See, you are very good at making such statements, but I would ask anybody reading these posts to actually look at the content of your messages. All I have done is replied to your posts using actual facts. Now, it is obvious from your response that you are not actually interested in discussing the truth and the facts I have responded to you with.

            Again, I will ask you and Annon to answer the question put to you both: where did Tom say he was guilty of anything. It is a point you have both put in your posts, but – as I knew from the start – neither of you can back up such a ridiculous and false claim. Again, I ask anyone who may be reading through these messages to look at your false claims and make their own minds up.

            Trouble is, Mark, you may disagree with me, but at least I do not make false claims and lie. I have only dealt with the truth and facts on here. Now, I understand that this is clearly annoying you and your hidden agenda here, but I am afraid some of us like the truth to be stated (instead of making false claims, etc.).

            Please educate me as to how I ‘cannot handle being challenged’. All I have done is answer your points politely and with actual facts. If you do not want to address the facts then maybe – with the upmost respect – you are out of your depth here.

            Now, as I stated in my last post to you, I do not expect you to answer the questions above – especially the one about Tom stating he is guilty; but, in the interest of truth and to show that you are an honest man, maybe you should at least attempt to respond to my accusation that you have made such a false claim – I mean, you now have a perfect chance to prove how right you are, don’t you? A real chance to back up your statement. But, it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that you will not be able to back up your statement. I rest my case on this FACT: you have made a big, false claim that you cannot defend – that speaks volumes about your agenda and why you are here.

            Lastly, no-one (especially you) have highlighted any biases of Tom’s defenders. You have made your points (with false accusations included) and we have dealt with facts. Yes, he was found guilty – but how many miscarriages of justice have occurred over the years? Many. We will fight to defend him all the way, just as you and those you support will continue to damn him and make false accusations about him.

            One final fact: your silence concerning your false claim that Tom stated he was guilty speaks absolute volumes, by the way. It does your argument no good at all. Shame, because I honestly believed when I first started corresponding with you that you were speaking from an honest place, debating this case with the facts – but it is now blatantly obvious that you had another agenda altogether here (one that involved making false accusations). Oh well, I shall continue to deal with facts and never resort to making false claims on websites such as this; you continue to do as you must though.


          3. James, with respect I must conclude that i really dont have anymore time to entertain your less than mature reasonings and have no desire to get drawn into your discourse of denial. If you care to look at my posts you will see that my reference to tom bean allegedly admitting an allegation of abuse (as suggested by annon) was clearly a reference to that point, made by annon, and my asking your view/opinion on the annons point NOT an assertion or proposition of supposed fact on my behalf that tom bean had admitted an allegation. Yet again you attempt to twist to what I have said into something it clearly isnt. How unsprising that, wheyhay, resting on your own misunderstandiyou now retort to accusing me of making false allegations! Duh, do I see a patterning emerging here? James the defender of the allegedly falsely accused, once again not getting his facts straight and doing a poor job at wrongly acusing those who speakout against his convicted paedophille friend of making “false allegations” . Thankyou outlaw for providing a platform for such discussions to take place in a public space. James whilst your comments have been extremely usefull with respect I find your poor responses of late boringly evasive leaving little scope for development. I have little option to conclude that this conversation has become futile and has served the purposes intended. I would like reiterate that I feel sorry for you and the postion you find yourself in and wish you no malice or negativity and thankyou for helping me illustrate my concerns as intended.

          4. Mark, I agree with you on one thing: this discussion has become futile; but, that will be your doing. By making false accusations, by attempting (incredibly poorly) to belittle my points with a mass of mostly nonsensical paragraphs (most of which are grammatically barely readable), and by never actually acknowledging the very clear facts that I have stated you have shown your true colours.

            I totally understand why someone like you would find my responses of no help – after all, they only deal with facts; and if there is one thing I have learnt since ‘debating’ with you on here is that you don’t like to deal with clear truths, but just prefer to resort to personal and juvenile little attacks on me (not very open-minded for a ‘counsellor’, are you?) and the blatant lies of others (Anon claiming Tom had admitted guilt, for example).

            You are the one (as well as Anon) who questioned me and told me to answer why Tom had admitted some guilt somewhere along the lines. I answered your false claim with the truth and now you just cannot handle it because you realise what a silly mistake you have made. See, this is where lies start – people like yourself not doing your research properly; you really should not believe all that you read, you know (but I think you have finally realised that basic fact now). A word of advice: next time you decide to weigh in on a discussion about something you clearly do not know too much about, I suggest you check the facts first – otherwise it does make you look rather silly (especially when you tire of a discussion simply because you know you are wrong – not very mature).

            Anyway, you have served your purpose on here. And – by not being clear on the facts and truth – you have reiterated some of my points quite well.

            I think a lesson has probably been learnt by yourself today: do not go shouting your mouth off about things unless you are one hundred per cent sure that you are dealing in facts and not blatant lies. Anon – the ‘victim’ who is so honest (ahem) – stated that Tom admitted guilt; you jumped on that point and believed it without any question, as you have done concerning all the ‘victim’s’ accusations – hopefully you now realise that some people lie. As I said: lesson learnt.

            Anon lied. You continued with that lie. And you both had the nerve to speak of honesty and truths. You may disagree with my defending Tom, but I think I have proved here that at least I defend someone with facts; you, on the other hand, prefer just to believe whatever anyone states (as long as they claim they are a ‘victim’ of course) – that tells me all I need to know.

            You continue to believe whatever you read without question and I shall continue to defend an innocent person with absolute facts.

            Yes, I think we are definitely done here.

        2. well said mark tom bean is a ***** and plenty people know that. I used to live on Broadway around the corner from his house years ago and he was always been having little kids knocking around with him and we heard before that there had been past allegations made against him years ago but none had stuck so we weren’t shocked to hear about it. Good riddance to the ***** and good on to the youngsters who had the courage to do something about him.


          1. Oh, look, another individual with nothing to add but their own lies. Where are your facts to back up your nonsense?

            And just what is it with you people and your limited writing skills? Oh, yes, I know, you are all probably the same person with different usernames. It is so blatantly obvious. Very sad and very desperate.

            Oh, well, I shall continue to defend an innocent man and you can continue to add personal attacks with no evidence to back anything up.

            Give my regards to ‘Mark’ the ‘counsellor’ (ahem), Rhiann and Annon.

          2. Dai, I ask you – as I have asked the others that have made such claims on here – to back up your statements. ‘Plenty’ of people know that Tom is a paedophile? How do you work that out? Please supply some solid evidence of this.

            Your accusation that Tom always had little kids ‘knocking around with him’ is just your opinion. Again, prove it.

            The others I have challenged on here have all gone very quiet, as I have revealed their lies. I will continue to deal with the facts; whereas you – and the couple of others on here – can continue to spew out accusations with no proof to back them up.

          3. Hearsay and local gossip, or even accusations are not proof of any wrongdoing Dai. It’s evidence that should supply that. I have edited out your choice of words in your comment for that reason.

      2. Your talking rubbish mate whatever tom says about his guilt now can have no bearing on his sentence he got 16 years he should do 12 the only person who can say he can get out earlier now is the Old Bailey (appeal courts) so you do lie no one except an appeal judge can alter his sentence.


        So all that about him doing longer because hes maintaining his innocence is just somthing you’ve dreamed all u deals wiv mate is a nonce he obviously giving u some ov the rubbish u putting on here to say in he r u one ov his victims

    2. To Annon:

      I only want to deal with facts here. I can state a thousand times why I believe Tom to be innocent and you can say why you believe him to be guilty – but we will just go round in circles.

      Can you please prove your statement that Tom was trying to admit guilt concerning another boy. I know this not to be true, so I welcome you – or anyone else on here – to prove me wrong. If this was really the truth, I would never speak to the man again and apologise openly on this site too – I swear on that (I would NEVER defend anyone who admitted to such things).

      Also, why would a man in his twenties still regularly visit someone who had abused him? I only ask as you were a fairly regular visitor to Tom’s home up until the day you burgled him. I cannot get my head around the fact that someone who claims they were sexually abused by a man would still freely visit the home of said man over the years.


      1. James you should be on a stage you have made me laugh today please continue embaressing yourself. There is little I could to expose the ridiculous nature of your argument more than you already do. I will pop on here from time to time for a little humourous reading of your offerings but happy to let you have the last word in this dialogue where I suspect you will spew the same insuffuciant defense thus further confirming that , like a call centre handler who repeats the same dumb answers when unable to interlectually enage with a customer, your defense is what a paedophille for lessons being learnt, maybe il catch up with you at paedophille beans next court case if he hasnt already hung himself by then. Have a nice day :-) x

        1. I think anybody who reads the dialogue between you and myself will see the truth, no matter how immature you are about this. You are supposed to be an adult, but just re-read your juvenile ramblings. You sound like a teenager and certainly not like a ‘counsellor’ as you purport to be.

          So at least we now know why you post here: not to debate maturely about the case in question but to continue to add your biased remarks about Tom. I kind of guessed you had hidden motives to post here from the start, but I thought I would let you show yourself for what you are – good job.

          Of course there is no point in continuing a debate with someone that is clearly biased and only wants to come here to attack Tom. But at least – as anybody will see when they read through our conversation history on here – I have shown you for what you are and the lies you stand for. No more needs to be said about that. Well done.

          Also, if you are going to attempt to put someone down for whatever reason, do please learn to spell and punctuate properly (saves readers much time when trying to decipher your long-winded and random ramblings). I mean, no one is perfect and we all make the odd spelling mistake here and there, but I think maybe you are more used to communicating via text talk rather than places such as this. I would hate to see your written reports on your patients, as you are – as you stated – definitely a ‘counsellor’; I mean, you wouldn’t also be lying about that too, would you?

          I see your friend Robert (annon) has realised that his lie has been seen through also – hence why he is no longer posting on here. Saying that Tom admitted guilt when he clearly did not really spoke volumes about your good friend annon – makes one with half a brain wonder what else he could have lied about; but then you know that already, don’t you?

          Anyway, you stick to your attacks on Tom and your lies and I shall continue to converse with those who are here to debate this and not want to drag it down to playground level.

          Thank you for you sarcastic kiss at the end of your post – it really highlights your teenage girl approach to such a serious issue. I can really add no more; you have shown your true self on here and it is for all to see, Mr ‘counsellor’. Again, good job. And I look forward to your future input concerning such a serious topic like this – I am sure it will be as informed and mature and unprejudiced as your previous posts…

          …or maybe not.

      2. There no way u can no if tom tried admitting to one boy to get off with the others coz he not gonna tell u that is he so u do lie coz u say u only deal in facts but how can u say that when there no way of knowing wha went on an as for annon not being honest wha difference do tha make just because someone has done dishonest things when younger and dont know any better not to mention heads all ova the place coz ov wha tom did dont mean they are not to bebelieved i can understand there being a bit ov doubt about the honesty but if one person sys somthing and then another person with no ties to the other is saying the same how cud they possibly be lying

  61. Please listen to Survivors Voices on Sound Art Radio episode 3 Forde Park Survivors speak about their time there also visit http://www.facebook/devonandCornwallsurvivorsofabuse for info on the CSA enquiry and more……..

  62. Hi Colette, the link you have posted is broken, so am just adding the correct link so people can find it :)


  63. I actually went to prison for burgling toms house twice i wish id ov don e a lot more trust me and as for u stating how nice to m was to u and others jus coz hes nice now and then dnt mean shit u r the lucky ones coz to all ov his victims he nothing but a monster and to me your just as bad coz theres no possible way u could know anything if he didnt do it to u the courts that u say youve had faith in all your life till now when 12 random people heard all the evidence and unanimously found him guilty. And u say there are genuinely awful cases on here how can u say that u wont believe a crown court but u will believe somthing youve read on hear without the slightest bit ov evidence bit ov double standards there in it u say u followed this case and that there was loads ov people to give tom perfect character reference s why didnt they then and by the way do u know if toms appealing coz ive been told he got no chance and i bet u did nt know he was trying to only admit to one of the victims and just to b clear on your thinking if the boys who had criminal record wasnt involved would u believe it then and do u think children whove been abused go on to b upstanding members of a community no they dnt i can only speak for myself but im pretty sure most grow up hiding from what has happened scared shitless in case it comes out only when its to late do u start to realise u dont havei anything to be ashamed of so james and ne1 else out there who thinks i did it for money (im not entitled to any) coz as evry o ne likes to keep saying i was a criminal u only wans to hear that wen it suits u i dont c u saying if he not doing it for money it m ust be true an lets not forget there are 5 other victims y u only mentioned me is it because im the one whose easier to attack and if someone has been found guilty by the court surley the victims should b awarded coz to u this only been a problem the last few weeks to us its been a problem our whole lives

  64. i was in the woodlands assessment centre and the beaches, in leicester. they were both vile places most of the staff where perverts or bullies, i seen stuff id like to forget.

  65. I was in the arrow project cumbria and it was very harsh and this home should also be on the list netherton park Northumberland i took many beatings in there and it was common knowledge that if you ran away the staff would beat you up and they did lots of times and in the secure unit there I was attacked many times to think I was in care because of my step fathers beatings im really glad I found this page thanks outlaw

    1. Netherton Park has now been added to the list.

      Thanks for your comment David.

  66. HEANTON School, Braunton, North Devon .

    Marland School, Torrington, N.Devon…

  67. I have been reading through the comments about Thomas Bean and i would like to point out a few facts , To Rhian i think you will find that Rob was actully 13 yrs 11 mths when he met Tom not 11 as you have stated , Also Tom was not convivted of 4 counts of rape as you stated . Rob and Mark you have not answered questions put to you by James about Tom pleading guilty so you obviously lied the same as Rhian , Rob you still have not said why if someone abused you so badly you carried on visiting till you were 27 , And Mark Tom was 4 yrs old when he left court road bit young to be a bully dont you think . You have made up these cruel allegations against an innocent man and when the truth comes out which it will i hope you all end up rotting in a prison cell .

    1. I nev er said tom pleaded guilty i said he tried to and the perso n who told me that is the detectiv e who was i n charge ov the case whose name is andy ried and is based at rumney police station if ud like to check an the only reason id go to to ms house after i left care was for money or food i was a kid on the streets didnt ha ve nothing or n oone and wha he did to me he was n t the on ly o ne iv e sold m y body put m yself in dangerous situation s for su mwhere to stay so thas y i used to go bac k coz i didnt ha ve or n o a nyone else to go to thas wha he used to like abow it probably an the reaso n i ai nt an swerin g questions is b ecause i an swered all the questions i needed to iN court

    2. maybe u should put theese questions to tom ye i did visit his house and i buergled him twice so the questions u should be askin g is why a n old man would still have me i n his house afta i burgled him as i did it on ce wen 16 an again a few years later and ask him about andre williams while u there u say u only deal in facts but u dont want to hear fac ts u on ly wan t to listen people telli ng lies

      1. I am addressing this post to you Robert and Anon as we all know you are the same person . After visiting Tom , he has never tried to plead guilty and never will . As for your claims of Andy Reid claiming he did, the police are investigating this, but I can assure you a Police Officer shouldn’t be making false claims such as this .

        So obviously some one is lying and I’m sure when it has been looked into, it will be you who is lying as you are good at this Robert . You are good at shitting on people who help you I just hope Andy Reid doesn’t get a black mark in his career as a result of your lies.

        In fact Robert looking through the paper work there seems to be a lot discrepancies which I will not be discussing for legal reasons.

        I would just like to point out a few facts all of you who accused tom were in contact before the trail . I was at Toms home when you visited and you brought your young nephews to visit, hardly something you would do if you were so badly abused by him as you claim.I would also like to point out that your life into crime started before you meet Tom.

        You can carry on spouting your rants about Tom but he will get through this as he has family and friends who know the truth.

        Tom Bean has never had any previous convictions unlike you.

        What is it Robert 26 CONVICTIONS I believe mainly for burglary that’s fact by the way.

        Well you carry your pathetic lies and I will carry on working towards proving to everyone that the case was full of lies and inconsistencies .

  68. Well said, Shaun. Unfortunately, I doubt you will get a reply concerning your points; those that lied on here have now gone very quiet – which, I think, tells you all you need to know.

    The fact that these people have lied so openly on here only reaffirms my solid belief that Tom is an innocent man. I mean, why would they have to resort to making false claims if they had been telling the truth all along? It just does not make sense. The truth will out.

  69. I have been reading all this about Tom Bean and would like to add my comments.

    Firstly to Robert the jury was not unanimous it was a majority, he did not try to plead guilty to any of the charges, you say you were not in it for money so why did you contact a no win no fee solicitor, as some body has already pointed out you were 13 and 11 months when you met tom not 11 years.

    I can not understand anybody that has been abused would keep going to the abuser of their own free will, I know people who have been abused and they all say you do everything possible to avoid that person, so why were you and the others still going to the house when you were all in your twenties I just don’t understand.

    As for the allegation years ago the person that made the allegation actually agreed with the judge when he was asked if he had done it to get his sentence cut and for compensation his answer was yes, so it wasn’t a technicality that got Tom off it was the fact that he was innocent.

    Also some of the complainants say they were drug users do you not think that maybe in their drug fuelled state they could have mixed reality with actual fact?

  70. I think this has gone too far. I lived with Tom for a year, he never touched me, suggest or do something indecent. He was completely the opposite, the kind of person who was always supporting people and surrounded by friends.

    His help was extremely valuable, and showed me a different perspective to see the world.

    This man as he is, should have a medal to help Cardiff community, but instead, this is how Cardiff is paying his services, by trusting 2 offenders with big legacy of robbery, drug dealing, drug consumption and criminal offence. Here we go! The jury can’t trust a good man these days, because they are extremely influenced by the media.

    When I was living with Tom, I remember one of the offenders was threatening Tom and telling him he wanted money otherwise he will take it to court.

    Tom and I talk a lot about this, and a campaign was organised at Cardiff University.

    Well, It is time to join Tom’s campaign and show the court, you can’t just put a good man in court, we are going for it Tom, we are going for it.

  71. IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO MAKE A STAND AGAINST CHILD ABUSE > COME AND JOIN US ON FACE BOOK > send me a freind request katherine willmott and i will direct you to the group in your area

  72. Just wondered when the innocent Tom Bean is getting out as haven’t heard anything yet?

    1. Robert/Anon . Just to clarify after speaking to ANDY REID’S superiors it has been established that Thomas Bean did not attempt to plead guilty to abusing anyone so that I believe is another one of your lies .

      As I am sure you know will know with you extensive criminal history, appeals take time Robert . I would also like to state on here that none of my family have ever made attacks on yourself as stated by Rhian .

      In fact my son was verbally attacked in court and was not told he couldn’t carry on attending the trail he decided not to due to the horrific lies being made about his grandfather.

      Just a question why did you come to my wedding?

      You were not invited. Anyway Robert there is new evidence coming about my father Tom being innocent.

      I could write all day on her about the lies you have told but frankly I have better things to do with my life than spout immature comments to you.

      Tom has got something you will never have Robert and that is a loving supportive family, and a very large circle of friends who will stand by him and prove what a scheming little liar you are and the fact that you and the other so called victims have colluded together to destroy an innocent man.

      Bye now .

  73. I was at four elms children’s home Suffolk 1980 , anyone else there at that time?

  74. I was at Bryn Estyn with some of them who have left comments here and I have emailed the owner of this site with some things I have not seen written in the newspapers or on twitter and facebook

  75. Thank You

  76. I was in Eastwood Park, and was beaten violently, the violence inflicted on us kids was shocking, I was bit of a naughty kid, after leaving that place, I was filled with hatred.

  77. Hello Outlaw,
    Just thought I’d offer a few new one’s to your list and one or two corrections! Taxel Edge was a children’s home in Taxel Whaley Bridge on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border in the 70’s and was probably a convalescent home prior to that.

    Two places that are incorrect are;

    St Thomas More Approved School Freshfield.

    St Georges Approved School Southport.

    These should be;

    St Thomas Mores Approved School 427 Liverpool Road Birkdale Southport

    St Georges Approved School Freshfield Formby Liverpool.

    Two housemasters from St Georges were later to make history successfully overturning convictions on the grounds of abuse of process which resulted in many cases failing before they even got to court.

    St Aiden’s, St Josephs, St Georges, St Vincents, St Thomas Mores were all linked Catholic Schools. With the exception of St Aiden’s and St Josephs the others sat on the Northwest coast between Liverpool and Southport, teachers and housemasters moved between them all especially when things got a bit too hot for them!.

    To add:

    Kilrie children’s home Knutsford Road Knutsford Cheshire where various alleged abuses took place over several years.

    Danesford Approved School Congleton Cheshire later a NCH institution where abusers were jailed over two enquiries one into external satanic abuse, lots written about this.

    St Vincents Approved School Raven Meols Lane Formby Liverpool
    or Community Home with Education as it became in the early seventies, all types of abuse over many decades and many convictions for some of the countries most infamous pedo’s and part of ‘Operation Care’ those who were there in the 70’s will remember ‘Basher W’.

    1. Many Thanks Anntwerp, I will of course, amend the errors and add the institutions you have provided.

    2. Hi My brother Mark was in Kilrie from 1974-77. And St josephs late 1977- 78. He was horribly abused and he’s still suffering, Only now he’s started to open up. Do you know any of the staff names that were there please, He was a little skinny lad with freckles and red hair.

  78. Aston hall hospital aston on trent derby

    1. Thank You Barbara, I will add it to the list.

  79. Also Quarriers Children’s Home, Bridge of Weir, Scotland.

    1. Added to the list now, thank you Jules.

  80. I see you put tanllwyfan children’s home as one of the homes that abused children i like to let you know that i was one of the children in that home from 79 to 84 while I was there no child was abused by staff

    1. Hi Karl, the list published here is one of care homes and institutions where abuse has been reported, whether proven or alleged.

      This could of course mean that the alleged abuse occurred at times prior to and following the dates that individual people were residents there.

      Your comment is noted though

  81. Hi everyone. Is there anyone out there that was in Aston Hall Hospital, Derby. Under Doctor Millner. Please contact me or call 0151 236 3737 thats the number of the lawyers dealing with this matter thank you

  82. Hi can anyone tell me the names of any of the staff from st josephs and kilrie from 1974-78 please, My brother Mark was in these nasty places at this time. He’s not very well and through the years got worse, Any information would be appreciated. Perhaps anyone remembered him He was a little skinny lad with freckles and red hair, And was extremely quiet, Kind regards, Gail.

  83. I was in Kingwood assessment centre and then the “training school” between I believe 1969 and 1972\73, I have never spoken about my experiences to anyone, its something you block out. I’m now 59 and some of it is haunting me. Most of the abuse I suffered was at the hands of other boys, esp’ in the training School but I couldn’t wait to get out of the assessment centre.

    The thing is is that the staff knew what was happening, and not just to me but other boys!

    I feel now that I must dig deeper, can I access my files, if so how?

    1. You certainly should be able to acces your personal files John.

      You can apply to the local council if was a council run establishment.

      You can also access them through a general freedom of information request.

      I shall try and find out more about the Kingswood Assessment Centre, so I can then advise you about the correct procedure to follow.

      I shall get back to you by email.

      1. Many thanks mate, just a reply to an earlier comment: not all those abused avoided those who were abusing, it depends on the circumstances; if those who abuse offer the only protection or shelter available to a young child then where do you go??? If you report it you are cast as someone who participates. The big question has always got to be: why did the establishment allow it to continue?

  84. Lol I forgot, I recall on another site regarding the assessment centre and a subsequent inquiry\court case the name Bill Mumford came up, I can’t recall names off hand because as I said “I blocked it out” but im sure he, or someone of a similar name was a night watchman who used to check us in our dorms. Not a nice bloke!!!

  85. Bloody hell the list is endless. what a sickness these people have, my heart goes out to anyone who has suffered at the hands of these sicko’s

  86. A LITTLE CHEEKY BUT CAN I ASK WHAT AREA S PEOPLE CAME FROM AND ENDED UP IN … im from wakefield and ended up in cheshire.. please feel free to message me on face book … katherinewillmott

  87. hi admin what does it mean when you have put places on th list in a bigger font ie netherton park hell hole i went to

    1. It may be just a Font glitch, I shall check now as they should be all the same size David.

  88. Just to keep the readers on here updated, Robert Jones who accused my father of disgusting historic abuse, and said he burgled his house for revenge is in prison again for burglary.

    I cant help but wonder what the excuse will be this time.

    He is nothing but a liar and we will prove it.

    But if he has burgled your house I hope he doesnt make up stories about you.

    Rhian, you must be so proud of Robert.

  89. Hi. I’m trying to contact people I was in Midfield Observation & Assessment with between March 79 to about August 81.

    I have been going thru the web to find people to no avail.

    From there I moved back to Peterborough to Eastlands childrens home, & from there my school I went to was Ellingdon in Bretton Peterborough, before the trial of a prominent paedophile (in charge of Midfield)

    I gave a 32 page statement to an officer of the serious crime squad she ask me how I remembered all the detail ( statement taken early 97) I said.

    When your thrust into care at that early age you dont tend to forget .

    1. Hi Russell, thank you for your comment. If I may offer some advice to you – BE VERY CAREFUL who you approach and of course, be wary of those who approach you in regard to your request.

      There are many people online who claim to be on the side of those who blow the whistle, specifically about abuse in the care system, but in reality are anything but.

      Avoid Social Media if at all possible, especially Twitter like the plague, as it’s a limited hangout for those agencies who wish to discredit and harass genuine survivors into silence.

      Many of the worst of that type, claim to be survivors or are CSA advocates.

      You are safe here, however, as your details will never be passed onto anyone without your express permission.

      1. Ok thanks for the information
        I will bear that in mind

  90. My name is Lee Twamley i was at Royd Edge, Meltham between 81 and 86 if u was there at these times plz contact me ***********

    1. Hi Lee, I have removed your Telephone number from your comment for your own protection.

      If anyone wants to contact you regarding your time at Royd Edge, they can email and I can pass your number on to them if that’s OK with you.


  92. I am looking to find and pupils that attended St Edwards School, Melchet Court, Sherfield English, between 1973 and 1975.



  93. i was abused in a childrens home in whalley range manchester called cambrian house it was 60 wood road ….. i was put in the home after suffering years of sexual abuse and to top it all off my mum had just passed away …… his name was mr oakes or oates i made a complaint at the time but all they did was put me in a different home social services have a lot to blame for my childhood of abuse ……..

  94. just found your site.Thank you. How do i access my case notes re Westwood grange leeds and ainsty lodge leeds 1977-79? Angie

  95. I was in blackbrook house, st helens.

  96. I am very sorry for everyone who was abused by people who were meant to care for you and protect you from harm. If you feel able to please look into telling people your stories to The Goddard Inquiry – Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Justice Goddard has been especially brought over from New Zealand so she has no connections to anyone who was abusing children. The Inquiry is extensive and has just announced today the establishments it is beginning to look at. There are to be counsellors and others to support people. If you were not sexually abused but abused in other ways mentally and physically then I think this will also go a long way to support others who were sexually abused. You will get to tell your personal story and at long last be heard.

  97. I went to Aston Hall in the in the late 60s. What a horrible and frighening place to be in.

    I was subject to a process called Narco Analysis.

    Psychotherapy conducted while the patient is in a sleeplike state induced by barbiturates or other drugs, especially as a means of releasing repressed feelings, thoughts, or memories. Its use is restricted to circumstances where there is a compelling, immediate need for a patient’s responses.

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