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6 comments on “THE OUTPOST FORUM

  1. Graveyard Tale is far too dismissive of mine owner Robert Thompson Crawshay. Tour leaders just LOVE to spin the yarn about him being cruel to his employees, hence the grave inscription “God Forgive Me.” And it seems you’ve bought into that account. All I can say is do your own research. Here the Wikipedia link to get you started:
    Start there, and also read about his brother Francis Crawshay, a real eye-opener. Here’s the story on Francis:
    And then please amend your post.

    • So it wasn’t true about the Crawshay Family virtually raping the countryside, living in a 365-roomed Castle at Cyfarthfa while the ironworkers of Merthyr, and Dowlais under the Guests, lived with poverty, cholera, poor sanitation, Truck Shops etc etc.

      Where I grew up, ‘Dantes Inferno’ as Merthyr Tydfil was known, was well known for the acts of kindness shown by the Ironmasters.

      How many died during those times exactly?

      How many were blinded and made limbless by the furnaces?

      How many children starved in the district known as China?

      I grew up in the South Wales valleys and when I was a child, the Merthyr Landscape resembled the surface of the moon, desolate and lifeless.

      I could write thousands of words about the Crawshays at Merthyr, The Guests at Dowlais and the Baileys at Pontypridd, but I guess Wikipedia would have a much more sanitised and acceptable version to quote from.

      Robert Thompson Crawshay, although he did own some mines, was better known for being the last of the Crawshay Dynasty of ‘Ironmasters’ BTW…

  2. I discovered this site earlier today and think it is wonderful! I have learned a lot today. I am writing to tell you that everything written in yellow was extremely difficult for me to read! Perhaps you could change the ink color used for those passages?

    • Hi Mary thanks for your comment.

      The yellow sections I have used to highlight questions being asked, and you are not the first person that has mentioned that they have difficulty reading the yellow font when viewed against the black background.

      It was an experiment, which now appears to have not been a great success, so I will not be using that colour in future articles on the Outlaw, especially now as some readers have experienced difficulty.

      The Outlaw values and relies upon it’s readers Mary, and always welcomes suggestions and/or comments, not only regarding the published content, but on how the site can be improved visually.

      Good to hear you enjoy the site :)

  3. That would have been my suggestion too Jimmy. Many of us ‘veterans’ still have razor sharp brains despite the aching bones and deteriorating eyesight. :)

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