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  1. Wow, Guerrilla Democracy News has been dumped from your essential links and it would appear you have dumped me as your FB friend…
    Was it something I said?

    1. I am checking and re-sorting the essential links as some were corrupted and were directing readers to completely different sites for some reason.

      They will be reinstated when I sort out the problem.

      Some links to certain AM sites, which had descended to a farcical level, were unfortunately found to have been run by what appeared to be congenital idiots, which the Outlaw reserves the right to not be associated with.

      The credible links will be restored.

  2. hi my old sexual abuse school is not on your list …lyme green hall school londen rd macclessfield ….this place was closed down by police never had comsent planning permission to open but i was sent there for 18 mth

    1. I will add it to the list. Thanks for your input.

  3. You need to add Menlove avenue remand centre in Liverpool. I was there in the 60’s and 70’s and all kinds of abuse was rife.

  4. I was a resident of Kirklees Council back in the 80’s and was sent to 3 separate so called “Care homes” these were Rivendell in Dewsbury Westfields in Mirfield and finally Royd Edge in Meltham.

    All of which have been demolished or converted to luxury homes and totally wiped off the map, all records have been destroyed and still to this day former pupils of these disgusting crimes are still claiming for damages.

    My crime?

    I didn’t go to school!

    So in the 4 years of been in care I learnt to steal cars break in to houses/businesses and of course take drugs.

    Smoking weed at 12 and by the time I’d left (kicked out) I’d used heroin crack speed E’s. You name it I’d have it simple as, I wasn’t a criminal when I was put into care but believe me I became one by the time I’d left.

    Violence was the norm for me from day one, as I was a bigger than normal child I was targeted by the older boys to fight all the time. Sometimes I won but most of the time I was the one bleeding on the floor, this wasn’t always done by another child either.

    Of all the 3 care homes I was in all 3 have had members of staff sentenced to prison terms and boy am I glad of that, NO actually. I want my revenge in my way and for them to feel the pain I went through at there hands, I’ve spent many a year in prison where every time I see a former pupil of whatever care home in there too for the same crimes as me.

    Wrong on so many levels, it’s unimaginable to conceive the level of violence that I have had inflicted on me and even more sad for me to have to live with the levels of violence that I have inflicted on other’s, why?

    Because they made me like this, Beaten by the educational social worker and dragged of to a doctor and forced to strip naked for a medical and held down on a bed to be “examined”.

    My very first day in care at Rivendell was met with a smack in the face from the Top dog which resulted in a trip to A&E. On return to the home I was told by staff to stay clear of him or else. Or else what?

    When your a child trying to tell someone your fearing for your life and they laugh at you what are you supposed to next? This was the day they took the confidence the self esteem and destroyed it forever.

    I could go on for hours telling my story but I feel for the one’s who aren’t with us anymore, the suicides the overdoses then the mental torture of having to close your eyes on a night and see them F**kers again and again every night.

    Torture? They don’t know the meaning of the word. To all of you out there suffering, when you wake in the morning thank yourself for getting there because no other F**ker helped ya get through it. I hope that when I die I can go see some of these people and hope that I get my chance at redemption.

  5. This is the year 5777 On this feast of trumpets the lunar calendar is all set for a king to come into this world. I believe the Annunaka is returning . I believe all RH Negatives are the bride of Christ .

    I am RH-A- ..

    My family has always taught us we are not humans made from monkeys.

    I have a special ability to put random events together and foretell the future in a way.

    I have the ability to bend the world demiurge to enjoy this planet and not get trapped in slavery.

  6. I would like to ask all RHESUS NEGATIVES to stop giving blood. let the monkeys die off. they are violent. narcistic. animals. don’t let them have any more blood. let them die off naturally

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