The United Nations has many specialised agencies which work usually away from the public eye.

While the United Nations has become part of the news via its political involvement in such issues as the Middle East, Korea and the Congo, the work of its agencies goes on year in and year out addressing such problems as humanitarian aid, world health and the international improvement in working conditions.

The four main agencies are the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Labour Organisation (ILO), UNESCO and the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA). The ILO and UNESCO were established in 1944; the WHO was established in 1946 and the IAEA was established in 1957.

In total there are 40 agencies/organisations that are part of the United Nations and each has a specialist role to play in advancing the standards of living for the world’s population as a whole.

Twenty non-United Nations agencies also work for the organisation.

All these organisations cover what are considered to be the main targets to improve society as a whole.

The Belgian director of UNICEF, the United Nations’ arm for the ostensible protection of children, was arrested for participating in an international paedophile ring which used UNICEF facilities to supply children to wealthy paedophiles.

Belgium’s UNICEF director, Josef Verbeeck, was only one among 12 individuals arrested in connection with this child pornography and procurement ring.

According to the Belgian police, the ring spans the at least 16 countries, where investigations are now beginning.

As shocking as this news may be on purely moral grounds, what makes the case explosive is the fact that UNICEF’s paedophile activities appear intimately intertwined with intelligence operations.

The Glasgow Herald – Jun 19th 1987

“The group is alleged to have operated from the basement of Unicef’s Brussels headquarters. It is believed the UN Save the Children building was used to corrupt youngsters aged between five and 16. In February, the caretaker of the building, Michael Felu, 45, was arrested for involvement in the sex-ring, and there have also been other arrests. Police say the basement of the Unicef building was used to store obscene films and photographs. Mr Verbeek, a former journalist and industrialist, is married with a 35-year-old daughter.”



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