Those who run things are apparently far cleverer than any of us – they control almost everything you eat, everything you wear, how your children are educated, what medicines you ingest, what you see in the media, what car you drive, what healthcare you receive, how you spend your money, and they even manipulate your religious beliefs and steer your political allegiances.

They also engineer what most people see as ‘reality’ in the present, in the same way as they have re-written history in order to make the events they also originally made happen, fit together almost seamlessly.

To appear ‘real’.

To be taken as being the ‘truth’.

Historical ‘facts’ that cannot be challenged by the majority.

And that, is the the situation which the same majority of the human species has found itself.

Isn’t it entirely possible that any one person, or a group of people, who have the financial means and the appropriate platform, who then decide to convince people to believe the earth is flat, or the moon is made of green cheese – then in a very short space of time, then that is exactly what they become?

That’s the reality.

Many of you, as well as your children were/are told in school and by the media that the Nazi’s under Adolf Hitler ‘invented’ concentration camps.

They didn’t – the reality is that Nazi Germany merely subscribed to the original British invention that was used to control the Boers in South Africa.

Stating It publicly, however, will label you a ‘Racist’.

As a nation, the British believe that everyone else is to blame for the global opium and heroin trade – the reality being that Britain originally started a war in 1839 with the Daoguang Emperor of China because he had the audacity to ban the import of Opium…. From plantations owned and controlled by the British East India Company!

Stating it publicly, however, will label you a ‘Conspiracist’ or a ‘Traitor’.

The Chinese still haven’t really forgiven Britain for that by the way.

Those are only two examples that show how so many people can be and have been distracted by a re-written historical event, and are then carried along with the subsequent hysterical and absolute belief in every further instance of a similar event – which in reality, are being drip-fed to them by sources which are themselves not averse to openly lying, spreading propaganda and twisting of basic facts.

Which again, appears to have gone unnoticed by the vast majority.

Remember, while you are looking in only one direction – your attention is diverted away from whatever else may be going on.


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  1. Hello Outlaw, I agree with everything you said in this article,but i thiink you were a little bit too hard with the British.

    It is true that them and others did many uncivilized things, but we must look to the conjuncture of that period in history: the world simply was not civilized!

    Yes, there was some people ahead of their time but no one care about them or what they say, they were too few.

    Those days it was kill or die, they were educated like that, and lived like that.

    When the Germans made the second world war (30 years after the first war) the world was already considered civilized, and just because of that, what they did is much worse, than what the British did.

    The brutality and crimes against the humanity that we still have today, to me is even more difficult to understand, than in those ancient days.

    Outlaw, one of these days make an article about the certified seeds.

    In Europe soon no one picks ,or plants anything, if is not from, certified seeds,that of course, they will provide.

    And for the water they have plans too, I have a piece of land and I have water on it, I can only use it for agriculture, if they now that I use it to bath or in the kitchen, they put a water counter on your own water with the excuse that you use the sewer system that belongs to them.

    1. Monsanto I presume? They have been suspiciously quiet for a while.

      I would like to hear more about the agricultural/water situation you talk about Nuno, very interested as no doubt it’ll be implemented in the UK soon enough.

      1. I think you’ll find that most of the E.U. countries now have water-metering for all domestic and industrial/commercial use.

        What you want to oppose is the introduction of “smart meters” for power.

        Google that and be very very worried.

        Also watch out for “smart” household goods; E.G.,fridges, cookers,etc.

        This is already being forced in in the U.S.

      2. Outlaw ! Monsanto ! ,i live 70km from it !

        Is a nice granite village in the interior of Portugal which in the past centuries was controlled by the Templar knights, all the castles and churches and fortifications were their responsability.

        More up north there was the Hospitalair order who control the territory, in other areas was the Cister order, (always following orders,)

        If was not for them Portugal and Spain would never have existed, they kicked the arabs back to Africa after 900 years of their domain in the Peninsula.

        (That is why they now say that want Portugal and Spain back.)

        And if was not for them now the Intifada, was settled in Europe,they are old enemies and after so many centuries already also friends, can`t live one without each other!

        The Templar crosses were in the sails of the ships that went to America.

        I do not know what happened, were they misguided, now with this thing of the new world order !

        But they are not all bad, they once were important to mankind, maybe they become too big and start to make their own plans.

        So Alienfocus, you and David icke are correct there is something there!

        I suspect the two main political parties in portugal are based in the maçons,the right wing ,the tradicional masons, and the middle/wing party, the more open minded masons, that some people call the rosa cruz, (rose cross) because the symbol of this party is a rose!

        Now imagine the tenctacles ………… this small country………….after so many centuries!

        The majority of people ,is already under control,playing the massive roles that were designed for them.

        But the farmers are a little bit more difficult to control, especially those who have their own water.

        Farmers,they plant all kinds of stuff , have animals make cheese, make wine,fire water, jam`s, aromatic and healing plants etc…. etc…..they could be free!

        And that is annoying for the tecnocrats and their bosses!

        To see the hill biillies and the dirty rotten imbeciles, with quality of life and with quality of products.

        Plus they have no problems if there is a bank rupture, crisis or slow economy, they don`t want to be a part of that world ,they might be poor ,but have food on their own gardens.

        And because they hate them and envy them,make all kinds of stupid laws to finish with their hapiness,and make their lives an hell.

        The alimentation policy that will be implemented all over the world ,is basiclly an attack to all semi-free people that is left on the planet,they want everyone and everything under control!

        In Portugal now the water is a mess, was privitized and each county make their own rules and prices,but they do not go far, of the line drawn by the european community.

        If you have your own well you soon only can use that water for agriculture,they are thinking in create taxes , or put a counter meter on your own water if you use it in your own house with the excuse that ,that water goes to their sewer system, also they say some water from wells is not good so is a public heath issue, if someone needs water you also can not sell , i`m afraid that in the future even the water for agriculture will be controled.

        First they made ,( and still do) anti-environmental politics, and them came with tight control and taxes to the population.

        About the seeds for agriculture, this is only the beginning.

        If you inform yourself the European community already express this will in public, and of course only the farmers complained !

        They are being very quiet about it, because they are still working on it, and studying the public opinion, probably little laws will come out, no one will now about it because no one reads the newspapers where this little laws come out, and it will be a surprise!

        I think they will start with the main products, the ones more consumed, and then gradually go to the ones less consumed, is a big world.

        If people do not stop to grown wild seeds, different species of seeds, and trade them ,they will be gone, extinct!

        Also those wild varieties are more resistant to diseases, it is urgent to create an underground bank of seeds.

        Maybe that is why they are so focussed on destroying nature and controlling seeds because with Nature and living naturally mankind could be, at least semi free

        and now i have to go write something in Tautaloamine……………………

    2. Awesome read…Some know and others are slowly waking up to the many games they play.

      1. Indeed they do Jan. Thank you for the comment.

  2. David Icke Forum Regular

    Engineered reality?

    Pretty much sums up the situation Jimmy. An excellent observation.

  3. In “The Biggest Secret”, and in “The Truth will set you free”, David Icke did a very good job on investigating and describing, the role of England (and many other countries) through the ages.

    Very well documented and factual.

    A lot of people think he is a nutcase, because of his statements about reptilians. Whatever one chooses to believe, the facts speak for themselves and can not be ignored.

    I think everybody should read his books in which he debunks all the official versions of historical happenings. Both of the Worldwars were staged wars and part of a long term plan (by The Brotherhood) to establish a “United States of Europe” and until now they were very succesfull.

    They will go on with “uniting” the Americas and then Eurasia must become a fact. Three easy to control Powerblocks. This will eventually evolve in a “United World” or as they state: New Worl Order.

    The history we learn in schools and universities is a complete lie. The brainwashed masses need to know the real history and those who know must do everything within their possibilities to make this (almost Utopian) dream come true.

    Great site here Outlaw Jimmy 🙂






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