The article that follows this short introduction, came to my attention recently. For anyone who is aware of the Hollie Grieg Hoax, and the ongoing Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Abuse case, it may answer some of what must be many questions, as to the intentions of some of the shadowy figures that lurk around the peripherals of any child abuse campaign. 
As a guide, none of those named in the article actually care anything for any of the children/people they claim to represent, and those that support them, or promote them on their websites and blogs, or turn up to ralliees and talks where they appear, even when there is a wealth of information available online which highlights their nefarious activites – are equally culpable, and must therefore shoulder some of the responsibility. 
A notable exception are the people who run the Kent Freedom Movement, who have in the past, invited some of these people to speak at their meetings. The Outlaw has raised this point with the KFM, and is satisfied with their answer that sometimes, in order to get a better understanding of who the real enemy is – you have to observe them at close quarters. 
The Outlaw isn’t entirely blameless on that score either, and is equally responsible for it’s misplaced trust in certain prominent members of the Alternative Media, and has in the past, re-published some of their articles and shown support by linking to and sharing their work. I agree with the KFM, in that sometimes, you have to interact with these people unfortunately, in order to witness their real intentions first hand – an unpleasant, although and essential experience from which I have learned a great deal.
(#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)
Before we start delving into this subject, let’s make it absolutely clear that we do not believe that the perpetrators of crimes should get away with them, or hide behind officialdom to evade justice. In particular, child abuse in all of its forms is disgusting and disgraceful.

We believe that these crimes should be exposed in the public domain when appropriate and safe to do so – and where there is real fact and evidence. For our part, we take fact and evidence as the prime dictator of how, when, and if we assist in the exposure of these or any other crimes. It is imperative that any ‘campaign’ or initiative to support genuine people exposing crime retains credibility, consistency, and above all integrity.

As regular visitors will know, we have covered (and continue to cover/assist in) genuine cases of child abuse – in particular the institutional abuse that has taken place involving high-profile figures in our corridors of power in the UK. We will continue to bring information concerning developments and our perspective and analysis of these cases as and when new evidence becomes available. Which brings us to our main subject – the mob vigilantism that has become something of a trademark of some ‘child abuse campaigns’.

Using the power of social media, these campaigns are able to distribute information to vast numbers of people in an instant, as well as organise meetings and other action. The problem is that much of the information they spread is hearsay, opinion, or plain inaccurate – not evidence or fact. As we covered some time ago when we looked into the Hollie Grieg case where campaigners claimed the woman had been abused by an institutional sadistic ring, there was no evidence for their claims whatsoever.

So why would groups of people make such outrageous claims with no proof or evidence?

The ring-leaders prey on people’s emotions and feed into their inherent and natural anger at child abusers. Mothers are a particular favourite of the manipulator. Child abuse is an emotive subject, and when combined with a campaign claiming to have evidence and promoting hearsay and speculation as truth, it is easy to see how this kind of thing can spread like wildfire.

One of the techniques these ring-leaders use is to release extracts from official documents which they claim support their (often bizarre) claims. Taken out of context Of the full document, it may seem as though the ‘evidence’ supports their claims. But dig a little deeper and objectively analyse the information, and it soon becomes clear that the claims are not as they seem. Feeding into the ‘villager and pitchfork’ mentality is the manipulators prize technique, and very valuable when the manipulator wants to create a facade of ‘concern’ and ‘respectability’ and to hide in the background to come forward as some kind of ‘champion’ or ‘saviour’.

The manipulators behaviour is very similar to traits found in mental disorders.

The first is ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’, (NPD) where the person believes they are the star, and they give the impression that they are bearing heroic responsibility for cause, that they have to take care of everything because others are undependable, uncooperative, or otherwise unfit to take on such an (as they see it) important role.

The other is ‘Anti-social Personality Disorder’ (psychopathy) and is the most disturbing. People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit traits of impulsivity, high negative emotionality, low conscientiousness and associated behaviours including irresponsible and exploitative behaviour, recklessness and deceitfulness. The severity of symptoms of antisocial personality disorder can vary depending on the individual. Notably, there is a pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others.

Due to their manipulative tendencies, it is difficult to separate what they say about themselves that is true from what is not. They can appear to be charming, and engage in seemingly caring behaviour. However, their prime objective is their own self-interest. The manipulation of vast numbers of people by relatively few can be seen throughout the course of history, sometimes on a national scale. The manipulators are also highly tactical in the shorter term, and will often use pseudo-experts to bolster their false claims. We notice that there are a lot of people within these campaigns who claim a lot but have little substance to back them up.

The hold manipulators have over their flock is incredible. We often hear of cults manipulating people into doing the most bizarre things, or things they wouldn’t otherwise do. The same principle applies to the kind of false campaigns we are referring to here. Some claims of the manipulators will defy common-sense, but they are presented in the fervour of the mob mentality and internally justified as ‘truth’ which then spreads throughout the group.

Another tactic of the manipulator is to create a ‘them and us’ situation. By doing this, the manipulator can easily explain away any concerns members of the group have by blaming them on the ‘other side’ – thereby reinforcing the mass delusion. The followers are then spoon-fed information that they don’t have to think about, because they have been manipulated into automatically believing that what they are told (by the inner-circle or group) is truth. This knocks out extensive critical thinking by group members. Any member of the group who does start to question the version they have been told will be shunned by the group and often branded an agent provocateur or infiltrator.

In turn, this instils a paranoia within the group where ‘outsiders’ are automatically considered to be ‘enemies’ intent on destruction, and must be attacked at every opportunity to maintain ‘group-think’ and the stability of ‘the cause’. This pattern of manipulation and behaviour can be seen clearly in the Hollie Grieg case. A core group started a campaign based on their interpretation of the claims of the mother of Hollie Grieg, Ann Grieg, and further interpretation of these claims by one person (who may have had good but misplaced intentions at the time), by the name of Robert Green

Ann & Hollie Greig

The manipulators who had latched onto the cause started to prompt and coach both Ann and Hollie Grieg in what and how they should tell their story. Robert Green embarked on a series of talks and harassment of those Ann Grieg was accusing of being involved in a Scottish satanic child abuse ring, which they alleged included government officials, the judiciary, police, social workers, medical staff, doctors, school teachers, and many other innocent people who had known Hollie for most of her life. There were claims of ‘cover-ups’ by just about every government department and public service, together with the spread of highly toxic information across the internet and during meetings of those who believed the story.

Behind the campaign was a woman by the name of Belinda McKenzie. On first contact she may appear to be a caring and well-meaning supporter of good causes – which is how she presented herself – as some kind of champion for the downtrodden. But it soon becomes clear that she and others are manipulating the campaign behind the scenes for their own ends. A look into McKenzie’s past reveals an altogether different image.
Belinda McKenzie – Iran Aid

The self-styled truth-seeker came under investigation by the Charity Commission and the police when a charity she was responsible for called ‘Iran Aid’ was found to be funding terrorist activities in Iran. In addition, the Charity Commission estimated that in the time the charity has been operating in the UK approximately £5 million per annum in donations was unaccounted for. However, when the Charity Commission and police requested documentation that McKenzie was legally required to keep, she claimed the documents had been destroyed in some mysterious fire. Unfortunately, the Charity Commission and the police were unable to get to the bottom of the missing cash or the charity’s real activities because all records had been destroyed.

McKenzie has also been involved in other niche campaigns and movements.

Along with ex-MI5 spooks Annie Machon and David Shayler, McKenzie was part of a 9/11 truth/Make War History movement in the UK which met at her home (where Machon and Shayler were renting rooms) and which was referred to at the time as the ‘Highgate Hub’

Annie Machon & David Shayler

Machon and Shayler are famous (or infamous depending on one’s point of view) for apparently ‘blowing the whistle’ on what they considered to be illegal activities within the security services. Shayler also stated that the intelligence services were deliberately planting stories in newspapers and the mainstream media by feeding willing journalists with misinformation. Well there’s a (non)surprise. If we are to believe Machon and Shayler, they joined British intelligence, an organisation of which one duty is misinformation and creating difficult situations for perceived enemies, and they had no prior knowledge that these kind of shenanigans would be taking place – in secret – in the secret service.

You can make your own mind up on that point.

 So to the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement. The main claim of the movement is that 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs – false flag operations. Maybe they were – maybe they weren’t – depending on your point of view. In her 2005 book “Spies, Lies, and Whistleblowers…” Machon implicitly states that she regards 9/11 as an Islamic attack – in line with the official version. This was at the same time as she and Shayler joined the 9/11 truth movement in the UK, for which she was to become very vocal for and which claimed 9/11 etc. were inside jobs.

According to ex-members of the campaign, McKenzie, Machon, Shayler, and a couple of others formed an inner-circle within the Highgate Hub who were responsible for the majority of decision making, including finances. Some of the former members allege that there seemed to be little money for promotional work but plenty for ‘celebrities’ in the 9/11 movement from the UK and from abroad – particularly the USA. This ties in with other campaigns McKenzie has been involved with. She places herself in a position within some ‘inner-circle’ and treats it as a sanctum where only the chosen few are deemed worthy to make decisions, contribute to the cause, or be privy to future plans.

Another side venture of McKenzie is to hold ‘talks’ at her Highgate home and charge people to attend and listen to ‘leading figures’ in the UFO/extra-terrestrial movement. It was the same with the Holly Grieg campaign. McKenzie placed herself close to the source (in this case being Ann and Hollie Grieg) with only a few others (primarily Robert Green and long-term associate Brian Gerrish) as part of the 

Starchild Project

McKenzie has also been involved in the ‘Starchild Project’ in the USA. This project claims to have discovered a skull of extra-terrestrial origin. In fact, the skull is from ancient burial grounds in Mexico, and is one of many found in the area. The misshaping of the skull occurs because of the burial practices at the time. DNA testing has proven that the skull is of human origin. An interesting fact in all of the three aforementioned cases where McKenzie has been involved as a campaigner, she has had significant control of finance. In the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement she was in charge of funds, in the Hollie Grieg campaign she was in charge of funds, in the Starchild Project she was in charge of funds. In each case there is a distinct lack of financial accountability and transparency.

Ella Draper

Recently, McKenzie has become involved with the Ella Draper case, where a mother claimed that people in Hampstead, UK, were all part of a satanic cult ring who imported babies and ‘ate them for lunch’, and who ritually sexually abused her children. As part of the campaign videos of the children were put on the internet where they were ‘interviewed’ (although they were clearly guided and coached) by a member of the campaign group. The spread of misinformation across the internet has (again) led to people in Hampstead being named (complete with addresses and telephone numbers) by members of McKenzie’s campaign – which she has initiated through her ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ organisation.

In case you have not heard of the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’, they are an organisation which claims to be an advocacy on behalf of “victims of white collar crimes and child snatching”. According to their website they have not charged for their help, but we are unaware at this time of anyone they have helped. They ask for donations to their ‘victims fund’ via PayPal – which on closer scrutiny goes to Sabine McNeill via her ‘business’ PayPal account.

In addition to a ridiculous amount of online hysteria by people who are not in possession of the facts, groups of ‘campaigners’ – including McKenzie – have been hounding the people of Hampstead. They have focused their main activity outside of the primary school where mothers and children are subjected to harassment as they go about their business. Some of the parents have reported that their children are afraid to attend the primary school because of the aggressive nature of the ‘campaigners’.

As with the Hollie Grieg case, the claims are that the entire community are part of some cult, including teachers, members of the local church, and so on and on – including staff at the local McDonalds fast food place where it is claimed that babies were prepared and cooked on the first floor of the restaurant. The ‘campaigners’ claim that the police have not investigated the allegations of abuse – which is a lie. The police initially took the claims of the mother very seriously until it materialised that there were many inconsistencies in her story. What the police did discover is that the children were coached by their mother and her current partner to make claims against the children’s biological 

Abraham Christie (Draper’s partner)

The tables have turned, and Ella Draper and her partner are wanted by the police and have since absconded. The children have had to be taken into protection by social services, where they discovered significant amounts of cannabis residue in the children’s hair during routine physical testing for signs of abuse. As part of the police investigation, Mrs Justice Pauffley was charged with the task of a fact-finding investigation. Her findings were that the allegations against the people of Hampstead were totally false and malicious, and that it was Draper and her partner who had purposely coached the children to make the allegations.

Again, there are many similarities with the Hollie Grieg case.

Justice Pauffley

In the judgement of Justice Pauffley it is made absolutely clear that anyone identifying the children will be in contempt of court. Even so, there are ‘campaigners’ who continue to post information and videos of the children making the claims with no attempt whatsoever to conceal the children’s identities. The ‘campaigners’ responsible for continuing to post and distribute this information containing the children’s details are incredibly arrogant and obviously have no concern whatsoever for the wellbeing of vulnerable people. The children are going to have enough to cope with as they grow up without the constant reminder of how they were manipulated by their own mother in videos posted by idiots. Of course, McKenzie is not the only member of the ‘core’ of the campaign who is responsible for this disgraceful situation.

Another member of the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ who was involved in the Hollie Grieg campaign and in the Ella Draper campaign is Sabine McNeill. At the time of writing McNeill is wanted by the police and has gone on the run and is believed to have returned to her home country of Germany. McNeill has launched particularly vicious and venomous attacks (and encouraged others to do the same) in both the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper campaigns.

 At the time of writing is also seems McKenzie has abandoned the Ella Draper support campaign since police started an investigation into the ‘campaign’ group’s activities. Another sign that the motives of McKenzie and McNeill (in particular) may be other than the welfare of the children involved. If they had the courage of their convictions surely they would continue to fight for what they deem to be justice. After all, isn’t that the point of campaigns – to fight for someone’s rights or to get justice where justice is being denied? The threat of arrest or prosecution is hardly a reason to just abandon those who are allegedly in need and just give up on them when it suits– it makes a mockery of campaigning for justice. The fact is that people such as McKenzie and McNeill are very keen to get involved and stir up the hornet’s nest when there is no risk and they are getting attention. As soon as they see the campaigns no longer being to their advantage (or in the case of arrest and prosecution, to their detriment) they run like scalded cats.

They are not the only players in the propaganda machine.

As we mentioned previously, a long-term associate of McKenzie is Brian Gerrish.

Gerrish runs a website called The UKColumn which claims to be an authoritative alternative news source.

Brian Gerrish

Although not known to be part of the ‘Highgate Hub’ as such, we know that Gerrish has visited McKenzie at her Highgate home on many occasions. He has also been highly supportive of the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper campaigns run by McKenzie. Again, Gerrish doesn’t check his facts as a reputable journalist would. He just repeats the same tired hearsay, occasionally making ridiculous comments about ‘points of law’ which he obviously knows very little about. More often than not he gets basic facts wrong when referring to cases in his online video broadcasts and posts. Gerrish also receives support/input from a couple of regular sidekicks (their names escape us at the moment) who are much the same as Gerrish – repeating information from an ill-informed or ignorant perspective. Perhaps the main motivating factor for Gerrish is that his online operation appears to rely on donations to keep going. He is also involved in an organisation called the ‘British Constitution Group’ which requires funding.

Perhaps adopting a sensationalist viewpoint or one which is popular among his cronies keeps the pennies rolling in – regardless of fact and evidence. In both the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper cases there have been unjustified and disgraceful attacks against innocent people resulting in arrests, and in some cases prison sentences.

Timothy Rustige
One particularly nasty individual who was part of McKenzie’s Hollie Grieg campaign, Timothy Rustige, was jailed in 2014 for nine months and given a five-year non-harassment order after mounting a vicious campaign against former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini, during which Dame Elish’s family feared for their safety. Rustige targeted the family in February and March of 2012 with a barrage of threatening emails claiming that Dame Elish was part of a conspiracy to cover up institutional child abuse in Scotland. The court heard e-mails were sent to Oxford, Aberdeen and Strathclyde universities, claiming that Dame Elish was a “Satanic Woman”

Dame Elish Angiolini

During his evidence, Rustige, a former mechanical engineer, blamed everyone from his wife, his son – also Timothy – to members of a group called Prisoners of Conscience for writing the material. He said the organisation’s HQ for the north of England was based in his flat in Altrincham, Cheshire. Rustige also made numerous delusional claims during the trial, including that he had worked with CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden and that he was trying to stop the extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon, and that he had once been a member of the Philippine armed forces, all of which are false.

Robert Green

Green, who was the main protagonist in the Hollie Grieg campaign, has also received several prison sentences for harassment and breaking bail conditions. Green has a history of harassment.

After Green had problems with his travel agency business, Green harassed a solicitor in Cheshire in 2008. He delivered leaflets to neighbours of the solicitor, placed posters on the fence and gates of the solicitor’s home, and attempted to intimidate and threaten the solicitor. Very similar to the tactics he used (and was jailed for) in the Hollie Grieg case. In both instances, Green’s claims were totally unsubstantiated. Green would claim he had ‘evidence’ but fail to produce any when he had the opportunity.

In the current Ella Draper case, several people have been arrested because of their vicious harassment of innocent people in Hampstead. The outcome of those arrests is yet to be determined at the time of writing. But again, people engaging in village mentality vigilantism without a foundation in fact or evidence. There is no doubt that some of the people who involve themselves in these ‘campaigns’ have some delusional mental health issues, and there are others whose level of intelligence and understanding may not enable them to process information very well.

These people are as vulnerable as the people they are ‘campaigning’ for, and are just as open to manipulation and abuse by those with ulterior or less than honourable motives. In the modern technological age anyone can access and distribute information regardless of its credibility – that’s just the way things are.

But what is very concerning, is that many of the people who involve themselves in these kind of organised ‘campaigns’ just don’t bother to check facts. Many seemingly ordinary people jump on the bandwagon with little or no knowledge and learn from others who are equally as ignorant of the facts and who resort to presumption, conjecture, sensationalism,, and their own belief systems rather than what is real. There will always be those who believe that everything connected with officialdom is linked to some conspiracy or another and will refuse to accept that most conspiracy theories are rubbish. But the fact is most of them are.

There are some theories which are based in rational fact and evidence that are highly likely to be true, but they become muddled in a mass of conspiracy gunge spread by people who have not put the effort in and objectively learned what is truth and what is fiction. It also seems that there are those who are more interested in becoming big fish in small ponds and present themselves as having some kind of superior knowledge or expertise, even though the fact is they have just learned some stuff from dodgy internet sites. Just because someone may know one thing or part of a thing does not mean that they are either skilled or qualified to present themselves as some kind of ‘expert’ or analyst in all things.

Pseudo experts are just that – fake – false – pretentious – a sham.

When we consider that these ‘campaigns’ are organised by manipulators, supported by pseudo-experts, people who have their own issues, people who jump in with both feet before looking, and people who are too lazy to check the facts and prefer to believe nothing more than glorified gossip, we have a recipe for disaster which can affect the lives of many innocent people. But the ‘campaigners’ don’t seem to want to consider the impact of their actions on the lives of others, and prefer to indulge their own self-interest.

As we have witnessed, the manipulators and some of the ‘campaigners’ are able to recognise when the heat is on and prefer to run away and leave those left behind to face the music. They simply move on to the next ‘campaign’ which has the potential to fuel their ego-driven desires. Interestingly, none of those involved in the ‘campaigns’ we have mentioned seem at all concerned by the factually based cases of abuse being investigated at the moment.

For example, none of the ‘campaigners’ we have mentioned seem to be involved in any way in supporting victims of historic sexual abuse by politicians and other high-profile figures. Logically, if these campaigners were so concerned about the abuse of children by establishment figures then they would surely express outrage at the very least. But that seems not to be the case at all. Perhaps becoming involved in campaigning against real abuse is just too hot a subject for them which carries potential personal risks – something they like to stay clear of. This shows they certainly don’t have the courage of their convictions. They like soft targets – ones they think will not fight back – a typically cowardly trait.

Not only do their campaigns damage innocent people and create victims, they also make the job of exposing and supporting real abuse investigations much harder for genuine campaigns and supporters. We could take the view that if we ignore them then they will go away. But that is not the point or the case. The fact is that these ‘campaigns’ have a real and tangible effect on their targets – as real and tangible as if those involved in these ‘campaigns’ had mounted an all-out physical assault.

The only real answer is to make those responsible pay for their actions through the courts. They are like feral animals – if we allow them to carry on they will take advantage and impose more suffering on innocent people. They need to be made accountable and take the consequences of their actions. The kind of ‘campaigns’ demonstrate how nasty and venomous groups of people can be without any real knowledge of what they are ‘campaigning’ for. Instead they resort to their own distorted thinking which is based on manipulation and propaganda.

It is sad that in this day and age when reliable information is available if one takes the time to look that people still indulge in this ridiculous villagers and pitchforks mentality.

Sometimes we wonder if humanity has evolved at all when we observe this kind of behaviour.



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  1. I have already read the article you posted. But firstly, the title pic of a bat out of hell was good, make me laugh. In regard to your intro.. We all get things wrong sometimes, some of us more than others. But what separates the men from the boys, is how we deal with being wrong. Sometimes these things take practice. Im well practiced. But yeah, the article was well worth the re post.

  2. Ahh you found Sabine then. 😉

    Still baffled how some of the people at the root of spreading his around haven’t been nicked. Especially when they have previous for charity scamming. But then as we know, some of the laws that seem to be black and white are not actually worth the paper that they are written on in reality.

    And there seems to be an element out there who as well as discrediting the things like the HH, also do not believe that there are MPs involved in real child abuse cases. As if they are programed to discredit everything that is to do with child abuse.

    I’d probably think that was strange if it wasn’t for some of the rodents we’ve encountered along the way 😉

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    Now you’ve done it Jimmy lol. They all will be gunning for the Outlaw – Again 🙂

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  5. Great title and PHEW, some revealing information too Bro. Bravo

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    1. The sheer amount of things flying about in the skies, points to the inevibility of there being an occasional collision or a ‘systems failure’ or a simple pilot error I should imagine Richard.

      Undoubtably some ‘accidents’ are suspicious, but in comparison to the documented evidence of human error, coupled with the use of outsourced substandard parts and greed – the odds are definitely stacked against there being a conspiracy behind every incident.

      But I am happy to be proved wrong 🙂

      1. I remember back in the early 90s watching a documentary on the growing trade in manufacturing fake and sub standard aircraft parts, mainly out of China and Russia if I recall. I often wondered about the future repercussions of this criminal activity.

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      There was an interesting story I read the other day about another crash where the pilot was the fraudster brother of Cherie Blairs former Government race advisor Nighat Awan. Seems he sent a message that his plane was in a nose dive ….. BEFORE it actually was in a nose dive.
      I’m surprised the known lying shyster who likes to wear his daughters bikini bottoms and thrust his whatsname into a webcam for Youtube hasn’t latched onto that in 1 of his fruit cake frenzies. Maybe he has, I don’t read his dross.

      Is he still that desperate that he is saying Jimmy, Helen and I are all the same person, along with anyone who comments here, just because he was caught out for being a lying toe rag and that’s the best he could come up with?
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    4. Agreed Richard. I think a certain somebody needs to take time out as his little pictures with arrows pointing here there and everywhere as proof of their conspiratorial nature is getting progressively bizarre . Accidents DO happen , especially with the amount of private small plane air traffic around these days. There ARE undoubtedly conspiracies to deceive but it’s getting silly now.

  7. In my opinion this sums up the self-publicist Sabine McNeill to a tee. “The first is ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’, (NPD) where the person believes they are the star, and they give the impression that they are bearing heroic responsibility for cause, that they have to take care of everything because others are undependable, uncooperative, or otherwise unfit to take on such an (as they see it) important role” Also, “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a Cluster B personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process. “

  8. Very good article outlaw. A right bunch of charlatans imho.

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    And Goji saying it’s important to be honest??? I’m sure quite a few people had a good laugh at that – as most people are aware, Gojam the drama queen is one of the biggest liars in all this. He who threatened a woman & promised to destroy both her and you, when his partner in slime Fay was outed as a money laundering con man. Forgot that have you Gojam? We haven’t.

    And with him being hand in glove with the known abuser and self confessed gang abuser too and the devoted ex wife of a weirdo with a drug abusing brother and helping getting you falsely arrested. Does he really think anyone is stupid enough to trust a word he says? Sad little reptile.

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  12. That was very informative! I had heard of the Hollie case and noticed a lot of fighting back and forth between the supporters and non supporters! This is heartbreaking to use a little girl this way! Off topic here, please indulge my rambling, I used my mothers computer the other day and typed in your name and outlaw blog and just wow! As I have been reading your blog for awhile, I knew you had had some trolls. I clicked on one of the links, which I shant give the validation by naming it, Great Zeus’s beard was I shocked, that was not just trolling you went through. Your abuse had been horrific. I admire your bravery and strength of character more than ever. I have a feeling after this blog, the floodgates of trolldom are coming. You hang in there and keep on doing good work!



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  18. David Icke Forum Regular

    This latest article of yours is making certain people very very nervous Outlaw never a bad thing in my book. As you have said more than once ‘Too many people got too much to hide’



    “Over the last few decades, all the secrets of Israel’s nuclear program have been made public. All – except for one thing: who financed the program. But even this last secret nuclear Israel can now be revealed. The country, which financed the nuclear arming of Israel with almost certainly is the Federal Republic of Germany.”

  20. Dutch banker fired after she is exposed as a dominatrix prostitute:-


    Security expert pulled off flight by FBI after exposing airline tech vulnerabilities:-

    “She couldn’t go to police because they were some of her abusers.



  21. Hi Jimmy great article. I used to work at UK Column before I was hounded out for asking too many questions about their many accounting errors and dodgy backers. I may have something of interest to you and I can be contacted at the email address provided. Keep at them as they are literally operating a scorched earth policy over there now and trying to wipe out the paper trail that leads to some names who are backing them financially. Very interesting names indeed. Stay healthy and safe. B x

    1. Hi B, I too used to work at The UK Column, but left when the penny dropped and I saw them for what they are. It would be good to compare notes with you. Perhaps Jimmy can organise it. I’m not Lou either LOL.

  22. ““What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It’s not good at much else.”—Author Tom Clancy”



    “Despite spending $287 million on a 6-year-long “optimism” program for soldiers, the results show that soldier morale is at an extreme low. Instead of finding ways to combat the pessimism in its ranks, the Army just lowered the threshold for what is considered a “positive” result.”

    Read more:






    1. I didn’t write the article OG. I merely republished it as it contained pertinent information.

      I am well aware of the many allegations of cover-ups and the police being silenced, but until I find specific evidence, names, dates and places etc – it would be irresponsible of me to publish something with no actual proof to back it up.

  24. *Comment deleted by Admin*

  25. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  26. David Icke Forum Regular

    Hey Jimmy I have just read Spiveys latest rant about you. He now thinks that I am you too. Plus he is still alleging that you are working for the NSA. Isnt it you who is meant to have MH issues?
    His site is always good for a laugh, its like Crackanory.
    as long as you dont think that anything he says is true youll be OK.

  27. Fabooka Da Stait/Fuck The State/Christopher Green is Chris Spivey using some of his many IDs. Wolfie is a 63 yrs old retired IT lecturer from the north of england. And a woman. Just Saying

    1. Hahahahahahaha Gary – Oooh Wolfie will soon be able to hit us all with his bus pass and his nice Teachers pensionv – quaking in my bewts. :D.

      What do they say? Those who can do, those who can’t teach. Not me though, I say Those who hide behind their fake profiles pretending to be ‘aaard men …………. are sometimes 63 year old retired IT teachers with some kind of hormonal issues.

      DI Forum Regular – I think puffed up little man syndrome with a lust to wear their kids bikini bottoms is a whole separate mental health issue all on it’s own. Far more severe than bipolar. 🙂 Quite a list of people who are all Jimmy now.

      Keep chewing on that Georgia Guidestone Spiv.

  28. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  29. trollollolooolllooooollllooool LMFAO YA STUPID CUNT!!! THICK TWAT!!!! HEEE HEEEE HEEEE

    1. Fabooka Da Stait/Fuck The State/Christopher Green/Christopher Spivey or ‘Terry Simkins’ or whoever you are today.
      Judging by your recent unwarranted attack on the real Terry Simkins on Facebook, you appear to have no scruples or morals whatsoever, nor are there any levels to which you will not stoop in order to peddle your vile, poisonous and clearly demented rubbish.
      May I offer you some advice?
      Get some professional help for what appear to the reader to be rather alarming levels of psychotic, deranged and disturbed fantasies and destructive online behaviour.
      Plus, try using a different IP address when you post under your various names, as it’s a dead giveaway and only reinforces your total ineptitude.
      Leaving such an easy to follow digital trail like you have, shows that even attempting to be an anonymous troll is way beyond your mental capabilities.
      Maybe you should start with something easier, like attempting to stand erect perhaps?
      Then, and only then should you advance to the next stage of evolution, which would be trying to communicate, in a coherent manner – what is swirling around inside your Symbian-like brain.

      1. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

        OUTLAW’S NOTE: Your comments have been deleted for the simple reason that they are the words of a degenerate, abusive and somewhat diseased mind.

  30. And to the fake terry Simkins above, do you not realise the very basic and obvious fact that you are doing all the work showing yourself up for what you truly are, for what an ever growing number of people are seeing you to be? All your own work, well done little fella. Clever eh? 😉

    I realise you must be stressed to the max about your impending trial, but really, do you have to keep flipping your wig in such a massive way and making such a show of yourself? Pretending to be Terry Simkins now, do you have a problem just being you I wonder? Because by the amount of fake profiles you have, (not to mention your … ahem … alternative frockery), it would appear so. It really is becoming quite embarrassing (for you) & I’m sure most people are sick of the sad infantile games of a 50 odd year old father of 5 was it?, EX husband of how many smart women? You should give it a rest now, before something inside goes pop and you drop.

    1. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

      OUTLAW’S NOTE: You have a disgusting and somewhat disturbing attitude towards women Fabooka. Personally, I would be very worried if my wife or daughter were living anywhere near you – or any woman for that matter.


    Interview with John McAfee: Shocking information on privacy you won’t hear anywhere else :-
    (the interview begins at 4:30)



  32. *Comment deleted by Admin*

    OUTLAW’S NOTE: I am glad that you just cannot resist posting your rubbish here as that comment has revealed your real identity.

    You have got to be one of the dumbest ‘Doctors’ ever, but saying that, if a dog could speak Welsh it would get a degree from Bangor University.

    And reach a higher standard than the derisory 2.2 that you claim to have.

    1. Oh that’s funny JJ – I know lots who went to Bangor Uni 🙂


    159. NATIONAL ENQUIRER 04/15
    Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified of personal revelations about a secret lesbian lifestyle! Now a world-exclusive investigation by The National ENQUIRER reveals that some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names. “I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay,” said a Clinton insider. “That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!” The ENQUIRER learned the list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers includes a beauty in her early 30s who has often traveled with Hillary; a popular TV and movie star; the daughter of a top government official; and a stunning model who got a career boost after allegedly sleeping with Hillary.

    Hillary made the huge mistake of mixing public and private messages while using her personalized email server – before risking a massive scandal by refusing to make the documents public. “That’s clearly why she went to the extraordinary step of deleting everything,” the high-ranking source told The ENQUIRER . Hillary is particularly concerned about intimate emails to longtime aide Huma Abedin – who married U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner in a ceremony that many ridiculed as a political arrangement. Anthony later resigned over extramarital sexting scandals, after porn star Sydney Leathers said that she believed he was in an open marriage. “I think a lot of the time when we were speaking, Huma was probably with Hillary,” she charged, at the time. One exchange between the women had Hillary mistakenly responding to political correspondence with an email that seemed to be about decorating. Added the insider: “That makes you wonder if any sensitive information was sent to her romantic partners!” The scandal unraveled in March, when Hillary revealed she deleted over 30,000 emails, insisting the messages were just “things you typically find in inboxes.”


    Beauty in her early 30s:
    Popular TV and Movie Actress: Mary Steenburgen
    Daughter of Top Government Official:
    Stunning Model:



  34. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  35. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  36. That awkward moment when a well known journo tells the notorious abuser to “check the Secrets of Bryn Estyn” and the abuser fails to see he was being sarcastic 😀 😀 😀 Priceless!

    1. *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  37. If it helps Jimmy I have been talking to some friends who use the www a lot about Chris Spivey. The thing is until I mentioned him none apart from one had heard of him. That was my friend Emma who has a brother who is in the military and was well pissed off by Spiveys crackpot allegations about Lee Rigbys family. The Woolwich event, fair enough is well suspicious but Spivey publishing details and pictures of Rigby family members, including young kids was so out of order and he deserves any punishment the court puts on him for that. Anyway we have had a look and all agree that from that ‘Fabooka’s’ language and writing style and his overbearing arrogant bullying, are convinced it is either Spivey himself or someone reading what Spivey has written down for them. Hope this helps in some way. X

  38. Hi Jimmy have you seen this? Its based on the testimony of Mark Humphries from his time at Bryn Estyn. The character ‘Terry’ is based on your old friend lavatory.

    Nasty Bastard.

  39. That is a good film in it’s own right as a piece of fiction, but with some interesting little realistic details like scar on ‘Terrys’ nose & his creepy stalking of ex care residents, most of whom ended up dead, apart from ‘Terry’, who if I remember rightly was shown to have hanged himself. Unfortunately it was those who ‘Terry’ skulked around that ended up committing suicide.
    The Secret of Bryn Estyn certainly unravels the reality of what that film should have been, if it were a documentary of events and not a piece of fiction.
    Hopefully ‘Dinky’ and the others will be looking down and laughing that the real abuser didn’t get to con the nation another decade for compo.

    As am I 😉

    Cue stalking abuser psycho rant that will be instantly deleted 😉

  40. Thats the trouble with Crackpots Jimmy, or Cracked Pots. Once they are cracked they are never the same nor can they be trusted again.

  41. Yes how strange that Spiv pretends to be so anti child abuse but is nuzzling up with the rancid little abuser and his grab a granny devoted ex wife of a paedo, sister of a vile drug rapist, and so many others involved in all this. Not very telling is it? 😀

    Yes, I believe the Observer told him where to get off too, when he pretended to not know about that huge interview that claims he confessed to something seriously revolting. (strange too how two others have claimed he did the same to them. And with him being so on the ball as to force 2 other papers to retract statements, after they had reported he was an abuse ‘victim’ – exactly the same as he had claimed to be. And stitching the Mirror up for £10k after they had reported the same. Funny then how I have a screen grab of him stating it was time to go after the Observer as the account given by them was verbatim of his Police interview.

    But then his accounts never tally up – so many different stories. Ahhh and he used to walk the streets at night so not have to listen to kids being abused in care apparently. I expect in reality those alleged ‘walkabout nights’ were the only nights boys ever felt safe.

    Looks like all those compo seeking doors have been slammed firmly in his face. No media in the entire land will touch him with a barge pole and even David Rose told him to read The Secret of Bryn Estyn. His name is firmly in the dirt where he and it belongs. Never mind, he still has the Hag to cuddle up to. They make the perfect putrid couple.

    And he’s still under conditions after being convicted for stalking you on holiday, but as everyone can see, he is so rancid and psychotic, he just can’t help himself.

    Arm bands and death threats…… shiver.

    1. I believe I have a SCREENGRAB somewhere, of the tweet where he was saying he would be running to the police yet again.

      This time to report David Rose for quoting VERBATIM, from the police statement, which was offered by him.

      VERBATIM: letter for letter, word for word.

      His words, nobody else’s, but his own words, a volunteered confession to the police, yet he still bleats and stamps his feet like a petulant toddler when his own words are reported publicly.

      It’s all a bit ‘Carry On’ for me to take seriously…. Farcical in fact.

      1. And previously having had a massive rant off about what they had written being lies – so thick and such a liar the hideous little creature can’t even remember what he has said ‘VERBATIM’ – that’s letter for letter, word for word – or do I need to repeat it ……. 5 times? 😀

        A 1 man unintentional rolling comedy, but I’m not sure even he can out do his classic all time No.1 Inspector Clouseau rendition – stalking 1 of the biggest Private Detectives to Celebrities in the South East and claiming it was us. I only wish Dave had recorded him blubbing like the petrified little wuss that he so truly is, quivering like a jelly. Carry On Criminologist. At least there is some point to his/her being apart from donning the Marigolds, you have us all in hysterics watching you bumble around like a complete & utter fool. And the pscho rant attention seeking just makes it all the more hilarious 😀
        Keep up the good work chump 😉




  43. *Comment deleted because of it’s disrespectful content and extremely bad taste*



    “This is likely a mail server—not an individual IP address”

  44. All I can say is that if this is the best that the alternative media can do then the powers that be and their shills like Spivey and her cohorts have succeeded. Have a nice day!!

    1. It is the policy of the Outlaw to give a platform to anyone who wishes to comment Joe, both positive and negatively, but you cannot expect me to sit idly by while these personal insults and attempts to threaten and ridicule me continue unabated.

      Can you?

  45. Let’s rise above it Outlaw. There’s a lot going on out there. 700 human beings drowned in the Med for example. Why?

    1. Good question, and one which many are asking. Details are slowly emerging which may shed some light on it, but it’s undoubtably linked to economic conditions which has driven fellow human beings to the point of desperation.

  46. We all rise above it, but people need reminding that trusting certain people is a danger to anyone who is trying to learn the truth about anything. It’s good for people who don’t know about this stuff to be reminded of how these people operate and who they are.

    Well if its anything like the big influx I saw via a Benefits Office back in the day, teaching people who say they barely speak English the in’s and out’s of the benefits system, so they know every single thing they are entitled to is an industry in itself in some countries. And lest we forget, Cameron has said he plans to clamp down on immigrants being able to claim benefits as soon as they arrive, & as cynical as that sounds, you would be truly amazed if you saw how these things effect that picture.

    But I dare say there is much more to it than that & it’s horrendous to hear that so many people are being packed onto boats like sardines, and when push comes to shove, people push other people overboard to save themselves, let alone the thousands drowning from capsized boats. Unscrupulous greed merchants will be making a lot of money out of it – yet another little con mans very lucrative industry – and that’s who needs targeting.

    Italy is bearing the brunt, but the migration doesn’t stop there and with our own governments not caring about or looking after our own vulnerable people, whilst robbing us blind, something will eventually snap.

  47. Hi Jimmy,
    I’ve been re-reading the kevingreen blog again. It gets up my nose.
    I’ve got a big birthday coming up. But this year I don’t want a trip of a life-time, nor do I want a newer model of the words sexiest car and I’ve had all the cosmetic procedures I need (shut up at the back) and want, that all I want this year is the world to know that Kevingreen and Janette Scharenborg are one and the same, with a few other personalities added to them.
    Janette Scharenborg is the one who dragged me into this and it is way past time her and I had it out. I’m certain that Will Black (you know, the writer) and Mark the nark (williams-thomas) come firmly attached to madame on close inspection. Their job seems to be discrediting abuse claims while campaigning against abuse. My question is, which ring do they work for? Or, do they contract out?
    Mark, Will and Janette seem to me to be the modern-day Max Clifford when it comes to accusations of sex abuse. They’re all slight of hand and cover up. That’s just my opinion. I’d like to know how close to the truth I am.
    I’m still waiting for the old crow to peg it. But she seems to have found the cure for cancer but is keeping that to herself!

    1. I don’t read that blog at all Jen, the words of a known proven abuser and an old slapper, aided and abetted by Lib Dem Councillors and failed ex Lib Dem Councillors, bent journos and all the rest is what it is, a crock of you know what 🙂

      If I was MWT who likes to dribble over young girls in their undies on FB and lies about it, I would be worried that my cushy little number was coming to an end. I see a bedsit of woe on his horizon, it;s only a matter of time, especially as his ex police colleagues have been ripping into him about his lies of late.

      I totally agree, this little band of maggots are all writhing around in the same stinking sweaty pot, for the purposes of trying to bring abuse survivors down. But they can’t win if no one lets them. All getting off on the intricate details of child abuse, all abusers in one way or another, and all as rank as it’s possible to be.

      Yep, that’s at least 3 pretend terminal cancer lies she has spewed out. Evil old cow. She was supposed to be popping her clogs 3 years ago, but alas she had a miraculous recovery at the last minute after saying her farewells to the creepy crew. And her cat scan was bad news months ago. Still dribbling over her paedo clips no doubt though, batching them up to try to get others to watch them.

      All these people who are hand in glove with the filthy paedos bint – says MUCH about them too I feel 😉

      1. *Comment Deleted by Admin*



    “On the sidelines of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Brisbane, US President Barack H. Obama delivered a keynote speech to diplomats, policymakers, faculty members, and students at the University of Queensland on the United States of America’s foreign policy and Obama’s so-called “Asian pivot” or “pivot to Asia.”
    “Sitting on the Wrong Side of History, Liberty’s Flame Burns East
    Freedom nowadays is exported at the barrel of a gun.”

  49. Not as dodgy as you are, Boyo.

  50. “What if China develops the first superhuman solider or DNA/RNA targeting weapons? What should the U.S. response be when their people become suddenly smarter or stronger than ours? Or when their bioweapons can literally be put in the food and water supply and threaten the population’s DNA?”

    “The existence of a large, super-organized group of thugs from Naples, Jersey and Chicago called the Italian”Mafia” was considered urban legend and conspiracy-theory fodder until key leaders of the real “Goodfellas” got busted in the early 70s and the truth was made public.”



  51. There appears to be a lack of continuity between statements, responses and retorts (if I may put it like that). Based on the supposed response times of the contributors here on this page in relation to the posts they are responding to, it doesn’t take much observational reconnaissance to see an incongruous display of linear manipulation. Sorry if that offends anyone, and yet I make no apology for stating it. Manipulation is one thing. Disingenuous site moderation is another. I guess I am appealing to the rules and sense of integrity you are claiming and besmirching others with.
    No offence intended, but it is hard these days to tell who is motivated by truth for truths’ sake 🙂

    1. I have no idea what you have said, but I moderate comments when I have time. I am not joined at the hip as I have other things to attend to which take priority.

      The commentators are of course free to post whatever and whenever.

      Make of that what you will.

  52. It’s not at all difficult to see who the liars are, this blog perfectly illustrates the claims made and the proof of the liars. Guess it just takes the ability to read and some basic common sense.

    Neither does it take a genius to work out a duff commenter stirring things and implying dodgy things which anyone with an ounce of sense can see are not true. Fortunately we are well able to see those by now. And the fact that certain people have been convicted for stalking the owner of this blog, his wife and children and a family friend on holiday. The abusers well documented past is quite easy to look up yourself, including previous stalking and harassment charge, as well as being proven a liar in a hugely costly inquiry like the Waterhouse, and the 2 books we have mentioned naming him as an abuser. As well as the people he affiliates with.

    I’m sure regular observers will no doubt be seeing what I am seeing.

  53. Let’s be honest Outlaw Erasmus is taking the piss. But unlike other sites you give her the opportunity to do it. If she wants to enter into a wordsmith competition to prove how thick she really is put me up as your first sub any day…lol

  54. BTW we all know that Erasmus….. Of Rotterdam b1466…….was a bloke. But where I come from idiots like Mustang Sally are called Old Women!

  55. You have no idea what I said?
    Ok…..let me try again……at the top right hand of the personal commentary box is an indicator of when the comment was sent (or at least moderated). Considering there seems to be a time lapse/discrepancy between appropriate comments and responses, it all carries an air of non sequitur collation about it.
    Some things (time wise,) don’t fit the other things they purport to respond to.
    At no point have I attempted to demean, abuse, insult, harass, slander or throw obscenities. I am of the opinion that such a personal mindset must carry some kind of weight with you, as you have neither deleted nor edited me.
    I am not here to insult, regardless of those who have.
    I make the suggestion that there is an issue with the chronology of statements and responses and I am branded piss taker?
    Ok……let me recant and restate the ‘big words’……
    observational reconnaissance to see an incongruous display of linear manipulation
    ‘Observational reconnaisance’….. Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods
    Maybe I said the same thing twice by using the word ‘observational’ as well……:(
    ‘incongruous’ -not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.
    ‘Linear’ – Having the form of a line; straight. Of or relating to lines. Made in a step-by-step, logical manner.

    The comments and responses didn’t appear to be in keeping with the previous comments and statements when compared with the time frames of moderating.
    I hope I have cleared things up without incurring or implying further insult 🙂

    1. Why are the comments on this site so important to you that you have performed such a deep analysis?

      The comments come through as and when they arrive, if I am not available to approve them, they stay in a queue until I am able to approve them, or delete them if they are abusive, which unfortunately, many are and are never published.

      Like I said earlier, I have have no control over the content nor what time the comments are posted, and my role is to either approve them, or delete them if they are offensive, abusive or obviously antagonistic to the other commentators.

      There is no conspiracy I promise.

    2. In order to elucidate further in this context, this ‘situation’ has an extremely simple explanation . The notational responses known as comments can appear out of sequence purely because of the ‘right of reply button’ which is the bottom right hand corner of each one. If one were to click on this box to reply, the comment will be placed immediately below the aforementioned comment to which it pertains, whether or not the reply has been fashioned some time after the initial post/question/point. However if one were to erroneously reply using the main comment box at the end of the sequence of responses, then that comment will be duly placed at the end, thereby giving a false illusion of linear manipulation. Surely this reason, alongside that of Mr Outlaw’s own explanation of the quite understandable slight delay in times of moderation, serves to illustrate the disjointed time-line.

      PS. but why on earth does it matter…. ?

  56. Would you be happier if I just hurled abuse and random insults at everyone on this forum instead? I feel I personally have no reason or desire to do that.

    1. The comments would simply be deleted if you did that, so it would serve no purpose other than to waste your own time – which may be better served doing something constructive and useful.

      And this is not a forum.

      1. And the wooden spoon award goes to ……….. someone who is obviously incapable of understanding the basic facts about how blog moderation works, especially for busy people who don’t sit waiting for comments to arrive all day long, because they are busy people with a lot more important things to do in the day. Bulk moderation, not rocket science is it?

        No one else seems to have a problem understanding it. Perhaps that’s because it’s just simple common sense to most people, but then most peoples intention isn’t to purposely stir and imply things are going on that are simply not true. There’s only usually one kind of visitor with the same MO who do that here. Oh dear, looks like Joe has rumbled you too 😉

  57. Mustang If you have a grievance with anyone on this site it should be with me …not The Outlaw. After all I’m the one who called you out as an Old Woman and a tosser. As an obvious novice on a site like this I’ll give you some advice…,…don’t make smart Alec comments until you can make SMART contributions.

    1. Is referring to me as an Old Woman and a tosser a smart Alec comment or a smart contribution? You call me thick, and have mistakenly called me ‘her’.I’m sorry if you feel grieved at my comments, but I have wronged no one and insulted no one. I asked a question and Outlaw answered it politely.

  58. BTW Outlaw why not tell that wee girl Sally to go back where she so obviously came from and intellectually belongs

  59. Spivland

  60. Soniass Poultoff

    *Comment Deleted by Admin*

  61. Go on Boyo…shove it right up, Jimmy. Thats it lad, right in there, Boyo.

  62. Cwel Debil Pizda

    I think you are a lunatic, with severe mental problems. I can see that you are a disgusting little man, just like anyone else can.

  63. With the massive effort these strange fruits are making (but are only making a show of themselves and their panic even more transparent in the process), it would appear to be the continuing case of “Too many people got too much to hide” – becoming increasingly neurotic, erratic, pathetic & psychotic.

    I think if anyone needs a check up from the neck up, they ought to be top of the list for an emergency Psychiatric appointment and a 28 day stay in a padded cell.

    Still, if they insist on continuing to provide evidence to back up the facts of the kind of creepy stalking you have been suffering for the last 3 years by the same gang of freaks, then so be it.

    Amazing that their stupidity is truly off the scale and that they can;t even see it. Fortunately everyone else can 😉

  64. I’ve been offline for a wee while but when I logged back on it seems the same group of people are still shouting the same old accusations under different usernames. Obsession ?
    All this hate for the outlaw but still got time to comment on his blog. Maybe if you take the time to come here you should also take the time to read what is written and absorb. Fair enough JJ doesn’t fill his articles with “cunt this” and cross dressing images but you’ll find the content very informative. It makes sense reading rather than just jumping to the comments to attack in today’s fake name.
    Just caught the radio interview Jim, fair play, seems those desperate for Internet stardom are a touch Green (!!) about it though.
    Very interesting post Jim. What did you make of the Victoria Derbyshire interview with Ricky Dearman?

    1. And your comments on the radio about the “Places Of Safety” having an impact was spot on, I know 2 people who felt a sense of relief just to see the care home they suffered in named on your blog. The news of the conviction is fantastic.

      1. Thanks mate, one less on the streets is good enough for me.

    2. I watched the video and the guy looks like he has been through the wringer. I don’t think he is guilty at all as I believe the whole thing to be a hoax set up by the mother, her boyfriend and ably assisted by Belinda McKenzie and Scabine McNeill.

      The guy didn’t have a chance when the story went viral – especially in the current ‘string-em-up just in case’ climate we are experiencing.

  65. Oh Gosh, spent time catching up. I feel like I’ve just taken my head out of a bee hive. I’m slightly disorientated from it. Think I even got bee sting lips while submerged in that lot.

    I see I must be you again because you requested my email address.


    Janette knows I’m not you. But I see she wont set anyone straight on that fact.

    I haven’t heard you on the radio show. As you know, I’m not a conspiracy theorist so don’t listen to any of them.

    I tried to set Chris straight that time on his own blog that I wasn’t you and you weren’t me. But the man knows better than me. So I take him with a pinch of salt.

    Gran Jan linked to him, and as I say, failed to inform him that we’ve spoken on the phone and she knows I’m not Jimmy Jones. Cause it suits her sir.

  66. You might also get better benefits & a better tax situation;if you weren’t you but the other you,if you get what I mean.










    HERE WE GO – UKRAINE Mk. 2:-

  68. We’ll all have to get ourselves some Jimmy Jones masks made up – like the annonymous ones. Maybe that’d be enough to see grab a grotesque granny tip herself over the edge. 🙂

    Certainly makes me glad of the Gran and Nan I had, because it must be hellish to have that complete evil old beast as a Nan.

  69. Just out of interest, if we did have Jimmy Jones masks made up, would that induce anyone to commit suicide or is that just the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard in your lives?

    Abusers and self confessed gang rapists and convicted stalkers know no bounds of depravity or insanity do they? And are fond of twisting words to make up something completely off it’s head when they are in a state of pure panic. 😉

    And some of these narcissistic psychopathic types are sometimes backed by fake anti abuse campaigners. Which is VERY telling and kind of shoots themselves in the foot, but hopefully helps vulnerable people to avoid them (& their sugar daddies) like the plague. 😉

  70. Yes quite! Cruella Deville eat your heart out. In fact Sugar Momma makes Cruella look like a pussycat.

    I think it was actually a very lame attempt to try to imply that I was inciting someone to commit suicide by joking that we should get masks in your image made up – I know some people are truly clueless and thick, but even by their standards of stupidity, that is monumental ridiculousness. Fully supported by the fake anti abuse campaigner blogger of course. A man who seems extremely fond of abusers, whilst pretending to stand against them. Not at all convincing is he? Nor is the wannabe hack who is hand in glove with them and buttering them up all the way.

    I wonder how many people have committed suicide just by seeing all the Anonymous masks on a lot of peoples profiles. NONE I imagine. Just as no one would if I was serious about getting masks made up in your image. In fact if it wasn’t just a joke (as I’m sure 100% of normal people would have cottoned on to), I’m sure people would be proud to don the Outlaw mask to show support for your bravery) 😉

    Projecting seems to be a very big thing with these people. Very narcissistic psychopathic behaviour from people whose histories prove that they are indeed a gang of revolting weirdos, that no one in their right minds would have anything to do with, and don’t when they learn the truth about these gang stalking fruit cakes. Hope the Social Services are keeping a close eye on the blubbing junkie.

    None of us have been the devoted spouses of weirdos, convicted stalkers, abusers, pretend anti abuse campaigners, gatherers of info for bad people aided and abetted by public servants, kids home abusers proven to be liars in major inquiries, mentioned as abusers in 2 books, or have been let off criminal trials (to the witnesses complete shock) by Judges later convicted of being paedophiles.
    Neither have any of us tried to force vulnerable people to watch paedo clips, nor would we, nor would any decent person. Nor would any of us take photos of ourselves pretending to take an overdose and use those pictures to try to trigger vulnerable people. Not just the once either it would seem. But hey, those who ARE and DO for some strange reason are trying to act whiter than white.

    And just for the record, my Nan and Gran both despised paedophiles with every ounce of their being, as I do, and those filthy old beasts that dribble all over their beloved paedo partners and put them before their own kids and they would be eternally proud that I am standing up to a gang of warped abuser freaks. 🙂

    I think the actions of these weirdos stinks of panic. Looks like a lot of other people unconnected to us are finally seeing it too and are spreading the word to help protect other people, which is GREAT 🙂

  71. <Jane, when you said "tip her over the edge" I thought you meant granny would be wanking herself into a stupor like she does for Darren. At the worse I thought perhaps like "cow tipping". But I see she has taken it to mean Suicide. And she has reported it to the police.


    God, they should charge her for their time!

    Wow! Her mind is in a dark place. At least wanking would give the bitter woman an endorphin release. I read a tweet where she confessed she doesn't have sex with her husband. Shame. Can't be an easy marriage. She possibly could do with a good wank.

    I also read on the mynanny25 blog how Janettte was on the Cancer bandwagon, but she now denies having cancer or every saying it was cancer, it's hodgekins lymphoma or something. But on that blog she goes on about what a great support mynanny25 had been to her with her cancer?!

    She highlighted mynanny25 today herself.

    Kinda reminds me of the time Janette told me KateMFO was Pamela Stevenson Connolly and that Glaswegan comedian Janie something-or-other. Damn her name eludes me now.

    The woman who tweeted that couples argument on the train and it made the papers.

    Talk about a disinformation agent wind-up merchant!

    See, just like Adeybob is pissed at KateMFO, so too am I at Janette Scharenborg.

    She owes me an explaination for drawing me in with Kevingreen50, who she claimed was Steven Messham.

    She can explain herself of her own accord, or in court. She owes Steven Messham an explaination about that too, but he's all drugged up, I presume. Like Darren wanted him from the get go.

    Actually, correction. Darren wanted Steven to suicide that night.

    Now they claim your comment Jane, is get granny to top herself.

    What a merry-go-round!

    1. She has reported it to the police?

      The British or the Dutch police I wonder?

      She has changed her mind again Jen, she now claims that she only thought up the idea for the Kev Green blog, and it has changed hands three times since it was set up.

      How many times Jen?

      Three times….

      What I struggle to understand, is that they post complete rubbish on Twitter all day, make demonstrably untrue allegations about people, continually threaten and verbally abuse them – and then bleat to the North Wales Police Twitter feed that the comments here are causing them to feel ‘Alarm, Distress and Fear’.

      You really could not make it up could you? and their levels of hypocrisy are truly staggering!!

      1. I do hope Janette has informed the police how she alarmed me with her fear mongering regarding the brutality of Darren and the lengths he would go to that she warned me of. She loved it when I said I was afraid of him and she fed it back to him, on Twitter! That was the night “Sue” rang me (right after Janette hung up from her call to me), begging me to call the police because “Darren was outside her house”. So why ring me dear? Dial 999. I didn’t. I wasn’t stupid enough to buy the drama.

        Janette put me on block after that and has refused to answer me since. So did Sue.

        I am their shame. I am an abuse survivor who was triggered by Messham on Newsnight and got sucked into a co-ordinated drama between Janette, and her Journo mates who she told me where helping Steven Messham on the Kevgreen50 twitter account.

        They have questions to answer. Im patient. I’ll get them.

        1. Can I make it clear that when I say “Janette and her journo mates I’m speaking of Mark Wiliams-Thomas and Will Black (the writer, you know)

          Will Black who writes for the Huffington Post Validated Janette Scharenborg as a genuine CSA campainger and frequently links to the KevinGreen blog.

          A hate blog, against you, which makes all sorts of untrue accusations about me too. Yet Janette is up in arms about a hate blog against her?

          Live by the sword…..

          The truth will out.

          Both Janette Scharenborg and Reeves have confirmed to me that Janette works for/with Mark Wiliams-Thomas. I’m not sure who pays who though.

          Leverson comes to mind.

          1. Sounds clear enough to me Jen.

          2. Unfortunately for them Jen, their little scam seems to be coming undone rapidly and it appears they have done exactly the same to many other survivors/vulnerable people. Blackmail seems to figure highly in their tactics & befriending people, pretending to be supportive and caring until they have gained peoples confidence, then waging full on attacks on those people who have been conned by them.

            And BIG questions need to be asked of all of them and also why a self appointed paedo catcher with iffy credentials and a penchant for lying would be hand in glove with people with abuse histories, convictions for stalking & harassment and others with paedophile connections, ditto the Huff post and their p poor wannabe hack and his little mate with the Lib Dem sugar daddy and the help he has received to enable him to try to hound people off the net.

            I believe that a certain revolting old biddy has also confirmed her connection with ‘Wrigleys’ to others & has allegedly told people she has been asked to spy on certain accounts for this out and out liar.

            Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before these evil sons of biscuits get their comeuppance and if they don’t, then I think we are all going to have to force the issue, because there are some seriously dodgy things going on, not just to us, but to many. Organised and targeted.

            The Leveson could certainly be part of it, but purposeful discrediting of genuine abuse survivors is also obviously part of it too.

  72. *Comment deleted by Admin*

    OUTLAW’S NOTE: Attempting to post a cut and paste of a pack of lies, littered with inaccuracies, fantasy and expletives, that was originally published on the duplicitous Madame Mooch’s blog??

    You will not find a platform for it here.

  73. *Comment deleted by Admin*

  74. Thanks for that Jen, certainly made me laugh. 1 small correction, I actually said “tip herself over the edge” – you know how these morons like to completely twist words to make themselves look like forever victims, even though the evidence shows (& gets clearer by the day) that they are psychopathic abusers on a targeted organised mission and have abused many & it’s not at all random gang stalking. And if the trash heap herself were to end up in a padded cell, think we all know it would be all of her own doing, with no involvement from anyone else at all – just her own conscience gnawing away at her for being the kind of monster no kid ever deserves to be saddled with & no decent man would have anywhere near their kids, let alone marry 😉

    Thankfully I have only ever encountered 1 repulsive creature of the female kind who would ever be so evil as to purposely attempt to try to drive people to harm themselves or worse, by posting up pictures of themselves pretending to take an OD. Trouble is when you do that sort of thing, people gather the pictorial evidence. Some of those grotesque beasts even befriend & gain the trust of gay folk, make them believe they are safe, then mercilessly set about attacking them whilst pretending to be protector of gay people.

    It’s a little bit like those freaks who wait outside public loo’s to beat up gay folk & get put away for it. I wonder how many end up having gay children themselves, yet act like anti homophobes of the year. Very, very strange. Must be soul destroying to have one of those as a parent.

    I think everyone can see that there is a certain group of wretches in a right old tizzy, and whenever they are cacking themselves worrying that their game will soon be up, they just step up their vitriolic campaigns, re-awaken old fake profiles & go into insane lie ranting over drive. Very telling, but not at all convincing.

    “Too many people got too much to hide”. Not from us though, we can see exactly what is going on and why and the picture becomes clearer by the day. As it will to everyone soon enough no doubt.

    Their narcissistic vulgar name calling, attempts to trigger will not work on me. Sorry freaks, did you not figure someone like me getting in the way of your plans to drive survivors into the shadows – ahhh shame eh? I will continue to back all genuine survivors, no matter what you creepy freaks do. In fact the more you nuggets spit venom, spread lies, call me all the names under the sun, the stronger I become & confirms my belief in myself and all these people. People whose sheer bravery shows you all up for the gutless little weasels you all are. Not even with the help of serving Public Servants will you bring me down eh Goji & Dave? Sorry am I disturbing your special cuddle time?
    I know how you slime balls work. Your shonky shenanigans are not a revelation to someone like me, nor do they scare me, so fill your boots whack jobs, because more and more people are seeing right through you. And it’s only a matter of time. 😉

    1. Can you imagine being so empty inside, so incapable of constructing a single original thought, that you have to cut and paste the comments from the Outlaw in a failed attempt to make your blog appear interesting….
      And it’s more than a little creepy too…. *shivers*

      1. Shows their pure panic and desperation. A few people worrying big time about their impending downfall perhaps. And who was it who kept bleating about plagiarism (but as usual was lying?), but appears to be plagiarizing like a convicted stalker on speed? Forgotten what his name is now, all I remember is his super ugly mug.

        Poor old Nan, haven’t seen her for a while either, but every time I do, she seems to have aged 10 years in 6 months. Must be the stress. Her favourite cause, Tuffet Island has become almost extinct – perhaps there will be a Youtube appeal to ‘Regaine’ the foliage on it soon. 😀


        A couple of recent corkers, which I promise you are genuine:

        On the impenetrable gates of ‘Fortress Icke’:

        “I’d like to pay tribute to these people plus a few others on the Icke Forum for having the guts to stand up for what is right. I wish I could join in but I was quietly banned 2 years ago.”

        On the naughtiness of sockpuppetry:

        “Wikipedia administrators to The Guardian that they “believe that the account Contribsx is a sockpuppet of Grant Shapps’ previous accounts on Wikipedia … and based on the evidence the account is either run by Shapps directly or being run by someone else…”


        Meanwhile, Gojam continues in his absolute failure to back-up his claim that ‘Gojam’ communicated anything to me regarding DHG. (I’ve added a link to my name for anyone wishing to watch a worm wriggle on a hook.)

        1. I am really surprised King Worm Gojam let’s your comments through Bandini, especially as he hates being humiliated when his own lies are slapped in his face. And we all know how he likes to help people get people falsely arrested by altering comments, although he knows you are well prepared for that eventuality with your wise record keeping of your own comments. He didn’t allow the comments through asking why he was threatening people after his friend Fay was exposed for what he is, think I still have 1 or 2 of those that failed Gojams ‘oh shite, I’ve been rumbled’ moderation criteria.

          I wonder how quickly he will stab his beloved partner in slime ‘Wrigleys the chewing gumshoe hero’ in the back just as he has his old money laundering friend Fay. He has fawned and dribbled over in defence and awe of Wrigleys since he reared his ugly head, and leaps into action to protect his little friend as soon as anyone starts raising valid questions against the self appointed paedo catcher extraordinaire. But with Wrigleys being prized off the pavement by many people lately, It’s only a matter of time.

          Goji and his strange never ending quest to find that father figure he seems so desperate for, throwing himself at any man who will give him a pat on the head and a word of praise. Strange little warped wanton fella that he is.

          1. Jane, I had a comment zapped for mocking the predictably bad ‘Friday Night Song’, and yet he lets this through:

            (Last time I post a link here, promise!)

            About the worms – I think “noble” might be going a bit far, but I certainly wasn’t knocking them! I actually have a ‘wormery’ here – a rather ‘noble’ word for a few plaggy boxes with holes drilled in placed one on top of another! – and every now come across a real fighter, with a “backbone” like Flipper.

            All part of my “eco-garden” project which was going to free me from the tyranny of the supermarkets… but produced about a half a dozen cherry tomatoes & a rich breeding-ground for white-fly, green-fly, bloody EVIL mealy bugs and a load of other dream-destroying creepy-crawlies. These days the worms more or less get left to their own devices. And my cash gets left in the till of the local shop.

          2. Bandini, why do I feel suspicious that Gojam is allowing comments through slating him? Usually he flies into a rage when people hit him with a few home truths.

            King worm was the politest thing I could think of at the time. Bit of an insult to worms really, because at least they actually have a valid & useful purpose in the world, unlike the sniveling wretch Gojam.

            I’d say add another layer to the wormery just for him, but seeing as everything he touches turns to failure, probably not a good idea. 🙂

            The best thing for green fly and white fly are ladybirds. You can actually buy them in tubes these days. They beat any other aphid destroyer and of course are 100% natural. Think they are partial to a nice juicy mealey bug too. I don’t think their is an equivalent pest destroyer for the likes of Gojam though, mores the pity.

            If the comment on that page is legit, seems John Hemming is having a pop at him too. Strange, because previously he has been seen sucking up to Hemming, hanging off every word as he does. Maybe he just likes to get revenge on anyone who spurns his sickly advances.

            Hemming of course also had 2 charities set up ready to catch donations for the Jersey paedogedden. Not sure if he still has one ready and waiting, or if he has given up on that too. Yet another MP where it’s hard to imagine how he ever got into politics, let alone managed to stay so long. Obviously desperately trying to distance himself from McKenzie and friends.

            A bit too late for that I think.

          3. Jane, we actually had a “plague” of ladybirds a month or so ago – I’d never seen anything like it in all my time here. The ones that found themselves trapped inside the apartment were lovingly carried ouside & dropped onto the plants in the hope that they’d eat the other critters. They’ve all but disappeared now, though…

            (I remember experiencing a real plague of ’em in what must have been the 70s, East coast… all colours & sizes, my dad putting the windscreen-wipers on to give him a chance of seeing where we were going. Really weird.)

            The only time I’ve ever had any luck in the garden is when I was brewing-up my own home-made insecticide with what I was sure were the fruit of the ‘miracle’ Neem tree, but which actually turned out to be the easily mistakable – but highly toxic! – Chinaberry tree, which are growing down our street. Then I bought a load of neem seeds from eBay, two or three times at least, but all I’ve got to show for it is a single twig with the tiniest fleck of green on the end of it. A total failure. The aisle of poison in the garden-centre grows ever more tempting!

            I’m just going for palm tree seedlings at the moment, just to have at least a bit of vegetation growing in pots… But I don’t even like the bloody things, they’re all the same, look like they come off a production-line. Ah well. Always find myself humming this song now when I venture outside:

            Comments over there? Who knows? But in my case at least he’s painted himself into a corner. “Petarded”, I call it!

          4. Excellent & very funny Bandini. We’ve had a lot of Asian Harlequin ladybirds migrate here for the last few years, they seem useless at munching aphids, but are doing real damage to the native ladybird species. If I find a ladybird I stick it on the rosebush and the next day, lots of little dried up carcases give me a wry smile. 1 little hungry ladybird can polish off thousands of aphids in a day.

            Problem is, to attract and keep ladybirds, you then have to provide them with plants they like to eat the nectar of, then the habitat they like, so you could end up spending a small fortune pacifying the ladybird population, only for them to fly off somewhere else anyway. People have told me a dilution of dishwasher liquid – 1 tablespoon to a gallon of water – or soaking stinging nettles in a bucket of water for a week then spray it on the plants is also effective, but I’ve never tried either of these. Some people also say planting mint, garlic, onions, basil, fennel, catnip and chives either alone (or as companion plants to deter aphids from other plants) is a good strategy. They didn’t seem too fond of Lavender in my old garden either.

            Gardener wars. It’s a never ending battle 😀

            Guess we’ll see if there is any method to Gojams latest madness. He must be getting bored of replying to himself under his fake profiles by now. John Carey is never an interesting conversationalist, especially when he wants autographs for his Granny who by his own calculations, must be around 120 and 6ft under long since. To think that tax payers were actually forced to pay his wages for way too long.

  75. Poor desperate pathetic Gojam, he likes to lie to try to have little digs at people, especially abuse survivors.
    I saw him smarming around Graham Wilmer on Twitter – I hope Mr Wilmer is aware of who Gojams little known abuser affiliates are – friends of 1 of the main culprits he has outed for his relentless abuse too. I saw someone say they hope 1 of those responsible got his comeuppance, they spelt the name wrong, but it wasn’t too far from the truth in reality. Just a T difference in the names. And the Heanky Panky man too – another of Gojams little confidants.



  77. You know,it occurs to me that anyone in court on any kind of charge nowadays should,at a suitable opportunity,I.E.,when being cross-examined in the witness box,just say to the prosecutor or judge;
    “excuse me sir but are you a friend of Lord Janner?”.


    “Holograms in the sky? There are too many reports of sky holograms to skip over. So I will touch on this. There is US DOD program called Project Blue Beam that can put images in the sky. It has already been used during the Iraq war, where U.S. forces put an image of God in the sky that spoke to Iraqi soldiers commanding them to surrender. If you ever see anything like this, IGNORE IT, this is now an old technology and you won’t see any projector beams going up to make it, it will look TOTALLY REAL, three dimensional, and it will be completely fake. The recent sightings of barcodes and cities in the sky are most likely all just tests of this technology. I believe this is very important for people to at least know about, and to not fall for a scam rapture or “call from God” that comes through your eyes and ears rather than your heart. It will be freaky when (or if) you ever see it, and very difficult to ignore. Just remember if you do see something like this that it has already been convincingly used during warfare over a decade ago. Lots of images and info HERE and it will be mixed with kookery to discredit whistleblowers, but IT IS REAL, dig through the info and discern for yourself.”



  79. Jimmy, I notice Janette is on twitter as I_loathe_trolls and Mark Williams-Thomas is on twitter as Ronald_the_dog. But we are not supposed to know it is them. Talk about trolls! She looks like a troll and he’s got a basset hound face!
    Their game is triggering. Mark was lurking on Messham’s profile when Darren egged Steve on to suicide that night. So was Janette. I’ve often wondered why Mark did nothing to help Steven when that was going on. Now it’s obvious. He used Steven for a story and left Janette to finish him off. Her and Darren did a good job for Mark, and they’re still are. They control Steven to this day. Check how they play pally pally with Messham when he pulls the energy together to make futile threats on his tl from time to time.
    Janette pulled a “suicide by skype” stunt on a couple of vulnerable people too, I hear. A misguided sympathy seeker or someone out to trigger? You decide. I’m of the mindset that genuine suiciders succeed. I could be wrong. But suicide follows her and Mark around. Both of them are obsessed by the McCann case, with another suicide involved there.
    I also find it odd, that the night Darren taunted Steven regarding suicide, Janette offered Darren a trip out to her in Holland. An offer I see he took up exactly a year later, yet I wonder if perhaps it was a repeat trip from the year before.
    Janette, Mark and Will have aggressive and abusive male supporters like Adeybob and Darren. Aggression and anti abuse campaigning don’t go hand in glove. That’s how I know they are not campaigners.
    They are agitators!
    Remember Darren’s fuck off video when he was wearing that furry hat?
    Funny, I found a photo of that undercover climate change spy who had a baby with one of the campaigners while undercover and she didn’t know it. He was wearing the same hate as Darren when they outed him! Coincidence?
    Or has Darren been a paid protagonist all along.
    Are they simply disininfo, or are they suicide squad?
    I know they are more than just concerned members of the public. Mark is acting on a professional basis, while Janette and Darren don’t obviously draw a paycheck. Their support is as equally suspect as they are. I don’t believe or trust them.

    1. There seems to be another little player in the game now Jen. Another alleged abuser. Not sure if he has been appointed to take the fall if the proverbial hits the fan, so that the hag and co can wriggle out of it. But she can’t, as the email on this site shows her taking the credit for the Kev Green site.

      People who are serious about ending their lives, don’t generally take photos of themselves with a bunch of script med boxes in their hands on the phone either do they? Quite the opposite usually. and again, the email allegedly from the things husband, claiming that she was going to take her husbands meds in another fake suicide attempt.

      Driving people to suicide is the ultimate plan I think, or at least putting people into hospital after they’ve been bombarded with taunts to kill themselves. Which is how I came into all this, having witnessed people being taunted to hang themselves.

      I wouldn’t be so sure of money not changing hands. For a start, how would a life long benefit scrounger who feigns a bad back, but then drives 100’s of miles around the country stalking people he thinks are us be able to afford such luxuries as 5 star holidays etc?

      I am also mindful of the Jillings report and how the truth was covered up to appease the Insurers and save them from hefty payouts for Councils who had let kids down in a big way. Imagine if all the survivors claimed compo – that would not only see a huge hole in Insurers bank balances, but bump up the Insurance for virtually every council in the land. Which could possibly explain why councilors have been in the background of some of this, Council budgets having been cut substantially already.

      Who better to help in the scam than a notorious venomous creature, who has been proven a liar and just will not stop “until he’s put people in the gutter”, no matter how much humiliation is slapped in his stupid face and the adoring ex wife of a paedophile? Ably assisted by a copper with a history of lying and being so self obsessed, he will literally do & say anything for the limelight.

      And again, why would a self appointed paedo catcher be hand in glove with such people? No person who generally wanted the truth for survivors would ever have such scum on his team. Wherever one of these claims have been made against celebs, his name seems to be right behind it.

      And lest we forget, on his mucky climb to fame and fortune, a certain dishonest plod copper, who expects people to believe he had a major role in cracking huge cases, but as usual is lying, tried to imply that there was something suspect about the parents of Ruth Wilson who disappeared after meeting someone at Boxhill (very close to where Paedo catcher extraordinaire lived at the time), because they refused to go on a reality TV show and allow the public to see their grief and anguish in real time.

  80. off topic but i could scarcely believe my eyes the other night watching the news, there are actually people camped out in tents outside the hospital where KATE is due to have her baby, incredible ! can you imagine the mindset of such a person? worrying very very worrying. are these imbeciles actually parents themselves? should they be allowed to look after children? they are obviously in some way mentally deficient. Sid and Doris Bonkers brought to life.

  81. That,Richard,is NOTHING!. See if you can find video of the crowd outside the court as the jury came back with it’s verdicts on the charges at Michael Jackson’s last trial.There were people who’d travelled from England,among others,& I even recall one woman rseen eleasing a white dove from a cage upon hearing of each acquittal of each charge.I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.See if you find it on you tube.

    1. yeh i remember it. the cult of celebrity is very scary especially in the USA. the film ‘The King of Comedy’ covered it well.

      1. Good!.And now look for “Paris Hilton being taken to jail” & then “Paris Hilton being released from jail”.

  82. Janette knows I’m female. She phoned me and spoke to me herself. She even warned me she was recording our call, about an hour into it! That set me on alert! But on twitter she plays up to the belief that I must be a man, going by my comments.

    Well, I did the tests at the science museum way back, and going by the results, I do think with a male brain. However, I speak like the men who raised me with their hands down my pants did. I’m a diamond in the rough. But, at least I speak the truth.

    This has been a stitch up from that fateful newsnight night. All involved have much to cover-up.

    Like Janette, hiding behind an illness she lied about to get sympathy for, so she climbed onto the cancer bandwagon, but her God gave her what she wanted, just not cancer. That’s what happens with these religious folk, they forget, you get what you ask for. It’s the power of the universe. E=MC2. Geddit? Well, she has now!

  83. “I wrote about Blue beam in 2013 OG.”

    Yes, and quite possibly I’ve read it, BUT, the problem is that you choose headlines for your articles that are witty or not immediately obvious in respect of the meat of the subject matter such that unless someone uses your search function & puts in the near-exact matching term, he won’t know that you’ve already covered a topic.

    Bear in mind that I surf the web for hours every day – other duties permitting – & when I find something that I think should be more widely known, I rush in to post the link.

    You should, by now,have one of the best informed readerships on the planet, especially in North America.

    If there’s anyone in the U.S. who is still in ignorance about “Jade Helm” & it’s Canadian equivalent, then they’re not among your regular readers.

    Hope to have helped.


    “It all started a few years ago. This A list mostly television actor who has been A+ list in television and even A list in movies was out of the country. He traveled down to South America because he wanted two things. Extreme drug use and extreme sex. He got both.”

  85. The hag is incapable of accepting what she herself is, such freaks often are, but it’s good to see she thinks online abuse should be a criminal offence with prison time. If it were, she and her self confessed gang rapist wannabe lover would be locked up for a very long time. A blessing for everyone.

  86. Jimmy, you locked comments on your blog just as a posted an acceptance! I understand why you’ve shut it, but…

    I agree to meet Janette in London next week at my lawyers office. All she need do is accept on her blog, making it a visible post to me, not one within an ongoing thread, and my lawyer will be in touch.

    1. Comments are never closed on here Jen unless the article is over a year old.
      I fear you will be waiting a long time for Scharenborg to actually do anything, let alone provide any actual evidence of any of her many, many allegations.
      Is she coming to London for the Election, as she is constantly screeching about the corrupt UK Government while safely ensconced in the Netherlands – is she now standing as a candidate perhaps?

  87. Hey there! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and wanted to give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

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  89. Lindsey Lachlan

    Belinda McKenzie and Brian Gerrish are spooks

  90. A bunch of grasping liars the whole stinking lot of them

  91. Hampstead Resident

    Some common sense at last

  92. Hi. I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through a number of the articles I realised it’s new to me.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

    Keep up the good work.

  93. Normally I don’t post on blogs, however I would like to say that this article has encouraged me look a bit deeper at some of those people mentioned in this article. Bloody Hell! How people cannot see what their game is, is beyond me. Co Artists, Liars and snake-oil salesmen the whole bleeding lot of them.

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  95. All the usual suspects again. no surprises then.

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