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As of today, 11:11:15, the Outlaw is three years old, and it has been nothing, if not an adventure. In that time, more than 500 articles have been published, it has received over two million unique visitors, and has attracted both it’s plaudits and it’s critics in equal measure. The owner and his family have […]


Despite what the Outlaw has been reading on Social networks, and in some darker corners of the Alternative Media for that matter – the owner is not dead, or has he had concrete poured on top of his resting place. Neither has he gone insane and been sectioned, nor has he succumbed to a ‘Hacking’ […]


There are certain guidelines the Outlaw adheres to, in order to ensure that the articles, and comments published – create an atmosphere of safe, open, intelligent, grown-up and respectful debate for the community that this site attempts to serve. Regular reader contributions and feedback are vitally important, and participation is encouraged – so please do […]

HEY JOE (Revisted)….

“I’m Gonna Keep Fightin’ for What I Believe Is Right” Twelve years ago today, December 22nd 2002, I took a phone call that told me that Joe Strummer had passed away.  He was just fifty years old and had died suddenly of a rare heart condition while at home with his family in Broomfield, Somerset. […]


I feel that a dark and heavy cloud has been lifted from my shoulders today. I was arrested on the 22nd November 2013, for a comment I made on a blog, which was edited to read something completely different, and then reported to the police. They seized my iPad, which was thoroughly examined, I was […]


Another of my childhood heroes gone. Rest easy Rubin Carter. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014) RUBIN ‘HURRICANE’ CARTER – WIKIPEDIA


I am of an age when certain words in common use today have taken on a completely different meaning to when I first learned about them. Regular readers of the Outlaw will no doubt relate to this, and will remember with fondness, those halycon days when being ‘gay’ had no bearing on ones sexual preference, […]


An Open Letter to my stalker “Dydd Sant Hapus Ddewi” I know that you will read this. I know that you will because you watch everything I do, you have done so for more than a year now. I have seen your latest attempt to silence me, trying yet again to intimidate me into keeping […]

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