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“Beware The False Allegation” This is a response to all those who all those, on social media and elsewhere who are calling for another Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse. An open invitation if you will, which invites you to discover for yourselves, some of the background which led to one of the previous, and indeed […]


The stereotypical image of an ex-care home kid normally singles them out as being a deeply troubled individual, destined to live out the remainder of their lives in the shadowy world of alcohol/drug abuse and petty crime. This is partly true, as many care leavers, do of course leave the care system and end up […]


October 26th 1996 “There was a scene of total devastation after a fireball ripped through a suburban street yesterday. Eighteen homes were destroyed in the searing heat. Twelve were severely damaged. Dozens of cars were burnt out, tarmac and road signs melted and more than 100 residents were evacuated. But though eight people were taken […]


The Glamorgan (or Glamorganshire) Reformatory for Boys was established in 1858 in premises at Hawdref Ganol, a few miles to the west of Neath. The site eventually proved to be too wild and inaccessible so more convenient premises were found in a location known as Ty Segur in the Mount Pleasant district of Neath where […]


When the Prussian government implemented the first truancy laws in the early 1800s, they had to march crying children away from their families at the point of a bayonet. So why the application of such force? Was it because the State needed its docile taxpayers and useful idiots? With ruthless efficiency, the Prussian state decided […]


November 2012 This is a story that until now, has long since lain buried, silently mourned and left to rest in a dark and forgotten corner of North Wales, visited only by those who felt unable to forget their pasts. I was not one of those, however, I had long since dragged myself up and […]


What does that actually mean? Assessed for what, assessed for who? I never did find out what it actually meant until a few weeks after the Magistrate had said that was going to happen to me. I was “going into the care of the local authority to be assessed” and I was going right now! […]

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