The Outlaw was established in 2012 to encourage any and all pertinent information to flow freely, and to be easily accessible to everyone.

It’s main focus being revising many of the ‘accepted truths‘ of past events that have been written into the history books mainly unchallenged, and also to highlight many of the important issues that European and American people face each and every day –  issues which are purposely suppressed and/or watered-down by the various agencies who stand to lose either financially or professionally from their full disclosure.

Those agencies, which include the mass media, the establishment, mainstream historians and scientists, as well as incumbent governments, do not serve the people in any way, and until that day happens, it will remain this sites primary objective to try and bring a level of awareness in a free and open format – without fear or favour.

The Outlaw is 100% independent, it will remain self-financing, will never ask for donations, and will continue to operate without intrusive advertisements, although it may consider sponsorship at some point, but only due to any unforeseen financial constraints that may arise in the future.


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  1. Much preferred the old site, I really don’t see this as an improvement at all?

    1. You appear to be the only one who is complaining, so I guess I can live with that.

  2. Disinformation

  3. is there some where I could email you, I heard a podcast of an interview on THC that you did

    1. Hi Ben, I can be reached at admin@outlawjimmy.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. You do not know how refreshing it is to read this. Far too many websites and blogs rely on the generosity of their readers and if the truth is told, offer very little in return for donations some can hardly afford. It sickens me to my stomach to see how some bloggers practically bully and threaten their readers to give them ever more cash and some attack them if they don’t donate enough. And for what? The same old bullshit, bluster and sensationalist garbage that has already does the rounds & has no foundation & never once stands up to close scrutiny. God help anyone who calls these people out for their bullcrap though. More power to you Jimmy for keeping it real and for having principles. Admirable traits which are fast becoming as rare on the www as rocking horse shit is on the average sidewalk.

  5. “Indeed I know why these Monsters are doing what they are doing and I know mostly how it is done, and you better believe me when I say that what I have still to reveal puts me in great fucking danger.

    I should be a millionaire!

    So why the fuck is my unpaid Tech-Guy having to send me £100 for food?

    Why have I not got enough money to pay the site fees next month? Worse still, at least as far as I’m concerned anyway, why can I not even afford to pay my rent on this poxy, damp pokey flat that I live in, to the point where the housing association are about to commence eviction proceedings.

    And before I think about the site fees my car has to be taxed and MOT’d by the end of the month. Put simply, I cannot pay what I haven’t got, yet I only see the same names over and over again donating to keep the site going.”

    Can you guess who wrote that?

    1. I could hazard a guess.

  6. Hey there Jimmy
    Just watched, or listened I should say on YouTube an interview you did with an American guy about Rh-
    I was very intrigued as a lot of what you pointed out was relevant to experiences I have had
    I used to just think I was weird and these coincidences were just that.

    Now it is so refreshing to know that it is all the others that are weird.

    That you so much mate, and if there is some sort of connection group for RH- people, can you please let me know. It would be nice to talk about weird shit with other weird people who understand the weird shit we go through….. Cheers

    1. You are very welcome Marty, and thank you for your comment.

      I am not aware of any ‘connection’ groups as such, but going by the amount of Rh Negs that are now finding each other, via this site and on social media etc …. I am sure that it will only be a matter of time.

      Something to consider for the future certainly.

      1. Jimmy, I relate to everything you stated on the podcast about RH-, the only thing I, 0- blood, don’t fall under is the eye and hair color. I didn’t find out what I was till my 1st pregnancy. Very compelling info and it explains so much of the unexplainable in my life, all my life, thank you!

        1. From what I have discovered since doing that interview Sandra, red hair and light coloured eyes are not specific or exclusive to to Rh Neg bloodtypes, as many African and Asian Negs have black/dark hair and brown eyes.

    2. Here is a site you might find interesting:RHNEGATIVEREGISTRY.COM

  7. Hi Jimmy,
    I just watched an interview on YouTube which led me to your site. Thank you so much for the knowledge you are sharing! I am so excited to learn more. Everything I have read so far on the traits of RH neg people are so familiar in myself. The pieces of myself I never understood since I was a child make sense now, I always felt different and felt no one understood.

    I do have one question, I am the only child of 4 siblings that is O RH neg, my mother and father were O positive, how is this possible? Or does this happen often?

    1. Hi Gail, many thanks for your comment.

      In reply to your question, from what I have learned about Rh Neg over the years, I would say that it’s not in any way unusual for only one person, even in larger families to be Rh Negative bloodtype.

      In fact, I am finding that it’s more common than for many members of the same family to be Neg.

      I cannot even begin to explain why that may be the case, but it is something that is ongoing in my numerous threads of Neg research.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Thank you for your response! I am sure you will hear from me again, I have so much I would like to share, about my mother and my experiences in life. I am a bit overwhelmed with this information and recently (six months ago) awakening process or something going on (in a good way)

        Thank you again

        1. I look forward to it Gail. 😉

        2. Gail, I too am the only daughter with O-NEG blood from a family of O-POS and A-POS. Also, I can’t believe how alike I am to the description of what others have described as characteristics of O-neg people, I have reddish hair, huge and striking, blue eyes.

          I also have always known more about people or perceived people more keenly than others seem to.

          A very high level of discernment, you might say. I am so happy to have found that there are people out there that may understand me better than most!

          1. Hi Katie, thank you for your comment and welcome to the Outlaw.

            As you can see, many Rh Negs visit and comment on this site freely and in safety.

  8. I’m rhesus negative type ‘O’ I’ve researched alot and it has helped me to get to grips with myself ..making sense of ‘not belonging’ feelings from my younger days. I’m much happier In my own skin as I’ve got older. I am happy to find your list of notable rh-‘s.There are some people on there I had suspected were the sAme..that I’d not seen on other lists.
    One question I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere is, ‘are all rhesus negatives related?’ I feel I already know the answer..just would like a second opinion.thanks so very much. Have enjoyed reading some other people’s stories. One love..

  9. Hi Jimmy, I am a journalist working for the Wigan Evening Post and am researching the cuckoo children of Billinge story. Could we get in touch to see if we can help each other getting to the bottom of this story. I’ve attached my contact details.

    Regards – Andy

    1. I Will drop you an email when I get back home Andy, thanks for getting in touch. JJ

  10. Having looked up the Companies House website’s entries on the organisation Momentum things are not as they seem.

    Here’s what I found: Company number 09655767
    First we have JEREMY CORBYN CAMPAIGN 2015 (SUPPORTERS) LTD from 24 Jun 2015 – 23 Oct 2015

    The name was then changed to MOMENTUM CAMPAIGN LTD from 23 Oct 2015 – 18 Jul 2016

    and then on 18th July 2016 we have yet another name change to JEREMY FOR LABOUR LIMITED.

    I then looked at the Jon Lansman wikipedia page for an explanation, but found no mention of the latest name change…..

    So I made an edit which simply stated the change, the date on which it occurred and cited Companies House as the reference. After a few minutes my edit had been removed. …….

    so I edited it again, but this time took a screenshot and once again my addition was removed. This time the mention of the previous name change was also removed.

    Someone clearly doesn’t want this publically known, but why I don’t know. I’m just putting this info out there in case it’s of interest.

    1. It is interesting Pat …. Very. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  11. For what it’s worth, a bit more digging at Companies House reveals JEREMY CORBYN CAMPAIGN (SERVICES) incorporated as a PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY on 25th June 2015.

    Company number 09654873. This company had 2 directors, Jon Lansman and Simon Fletcher. It’s stated objectives were:

    “To act as employer and undertake various administrative functions in the course of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign”.

    This company’s name was changed on 25th October 2015 to MOMENTUM CAMPAIGN (SERVICES)LTD.


    On the same date Simon Fletcher ceased to be a Director, but on 11th December 2015 Mr Samuel Peter Tarry was appointed as a Director.

    There is also another company in existence created by Jon Lansman named NEW HOPE FOR LABOUR(DATA HOLDINGS)LTD, company number 09656394, incorporated on 25th June 2015.


    It’s stated purpose is “To hold data collected for use in campaigning on behalf of individual Labour Party members”

    I don’t know whether this company is actually functioning, but I can find no record of registering as a data controller with the Information Commissioner.

  12. Hi Jimmy, I stumbled on one of your interviews on YouTube about your RH negative research and I’m very fascinated by everything you said.

    I’ve done a little research on the subject myself just because I had questions, but you had a lot more answers to those questions and connected a lot of the dots for me.

    I’m A- and I can check almost all of the boxes on your list. I’m actually unsure of the extra rib or ribs, but I’m sure a doctor would have told me if I had them. My oldest daughter is also A- and she is just like me.

    I have a question, you live in Ireland correct?

    Sorry, your accent sounded Irish, so I hope I’m not wrong.

    My fiancé is Irish and lives in Shannon, Co Clare. He is also RH neg.

    He is a more rare B-, an empath and very intuitive. You could say he has all of the clairs, such as clairvoyant etc. I don’t know if you have heard of “twin flames”, but when I met him something magical and amazing happened between us and we since have realized we are this thing called “twin flames”.

    I don’t know if there is anything to this with the blood types, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I do think that everything is in some way connected.

    Just maybe something else to for you look into.

    Thank you again for the great information!
    Angela M.

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for your comment and your kind words.

      I am not Irish I am Welsh, from the south of the country, but as you may already know there are a large number of Negs in and from the Emerald Isle.

      I am B Rh – also. I am aware of many Rhesus Negatives are now ‘finding each other’ via the internet, and speaking for myself, I have found that the vast majority of my Facebook contacts, for example, are also Rh Negs.

      So your ‘Twin Flames’ theory certainly has some merit Angela, I am aware of many examples and it’s a subject I will be examining at some point in the near future.

  13. Have just watched your interview and was fascinated. I am the O RH negative mother of five children, my husband was O positive.

    All five were tested at birth and showed to be negatives, my number one son at the age of 18 decided to be a blood donor, and guess what? He a was O positive.

    My one and only daughter is O neg, and she was a blue baby at birth…l

    Two weird anomalies for you? I do not know what the three remaining boys are, I must find out.


  15. Have you checked out the bock Saga here’s a link it’s a story of the white root race of the white people that came out of the hole from the center of the Earth when there was only color people on the planet I think from this white race is where the RH Negative came from


    And check-out John lamb Lash he wrote a book called not in His image about archons about a force terminating infiltrating the human race I and my siste are O neg….

    Thank you for all that you do that your website here

    1. Maybe but that there’s just some tied to it how the positive and negative don’t intermix like an alien force or somebody manipulating something I’m just trying to connect dots and put pieces together thank you again

  16. I would like know how many of your race (percentage) are “regressive autistics”, like myself.

    My people have a 7% bigger brain and a higher IQ than the average Aryan.

    Halfway between Aryan and Cro-magnon.

    I’ll have to find out which rhesus factor I am.

  17. Christian Forster

    I identify with much of what I’ve read about rh neg . . . When I was 16 in 1980 some secretive people threatened my parents with arrest if I didn’t attend a medical . . . They were highly interested in taking me to a clinic in London . . .

    I refused and threatened to smash their eqpt and escape and said I would not cooperate . . .

    They let me go but only after they had taken my blood which seemed to be all important . . . During my time there the nurse/asst called me a freak . . . there is much more I could add but . . not now . . . I have often thought of myself as some evolved species – different to most others … something less defined than silly things like race or class . . Oddly when I’ve asked about my blood group its like getting blood from a stone . . Is there any way I could get my own analysis ?
    I would like to meet others like me . . If only to swap information . . . I believe there is something very sinister going on

  18. I think it looks supercool, love the design!!
    After hearing a interview you did on THC Im trying to find you on facebook but cant find you? What is you name on there? Love from Sweden

    1. Hi, The Outlaw’s Facebook Page can be found at: LINK

  19. Good evening Jimmy,
    I was very interested while listening to one of your interviews about the Rhesus negative population and about what it is that makes us different from other blood types. I have been researching the RH negative blood lines and have so many questions.
    I am RH A-. I do not know what blood type my father was but I do know that my mother had the same blood type as myself. I have asked my siblings of which there are many (9) what blood type they are but none of them are sure. As a child I really felt different from other children, I was a loner, often standing back and observing rather than partaking in play. I would sometimes predict things right before they happened, not always good things and this scared me. I think I must have blocked some o my ability after predicting the loss of my own daughter.
    As a child and even into my teens I always felt that I was “older” and wiser.
    There is also the factor of just knowing things yet not knowing why I know or where they came from. This made me feel weird and very different indeed.
    I am very analytical, weigh consequences and mostly follow my gut feelings.

    As a child and until about the age of ten my hair was very white/blonde. As I got older it darkened with a bit of red pigment in it. My eyes are green and change with my moods. i have been told that I have a magnetic stare, like seeing through. i don’t know if you understand what I am saying and I do find it hard to explain.

    I have a question. What exactly is this RH – registry? Is it safe? What can you tell me about it? I am interested in hearing more about others alike.
    Thank you so much in advance for your input.
    Sincerely a seeker of the truth…Lyliane

    1. Thank you Lyliane. I was thinking the same thing about the registry.

    2. I am aware of the ‘Rh- Registry’ Lyliane, which charges a fee to be included I believe.

      Whether it’s to put compatable donors in touch with each other or something else entirely I really am not sure, but any anonymous online registry that is harvesting personal information in that way – should always be viewed with a degree of suspicion and approached with caution.

      If the people who run the Rh- registry are reading this wish to contact me with more information, then and only then …. will I be in a position to recommend them.

      (or to advise caution with any dealings with them)

  20. I am actually located in San Diego Ca (Native) where we seem to have good numbers of Rh – People.

    I have a Keen interest in everything I see on this site, and may not Sleep for a week !

    Thank You for having the Insight to create this “Base of Knowledge”.

    1. You are welcome Lance, and welcome to the Outlaw 😉

  21. Hi jimmy … Do I need to register on here .

    1. There is no need to register on the Outlaw Moira.

      Comments from all sides are encouraged

      Welcome to the site it’s good to hear from you 😉

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