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  1. I am glad to hear your back on line has I was wondering where you got too. I bet TPTB were working overtime on the weekend afraid that your getting to close to them for comfort I hope they continue to sweat.

  2. The powers that be or the usual suspects or both, seeing as some are possibly one and the same.
    What will the lemons do next? And what purpose does it serve when everything’s backed up and their dirty little secrets are well and truly out of the bag? Just vindictive meddling because they can’t express their tantrums and frustration at being outed as disgusting lying con artists and bully boy abusers perchance?
    Funny how these arrogant toe rags think they are superior in intelligence, only I’ve seen absolutely no evidence of it so far have you? At least the real degree they have in being completely thick is definitely kosher.

  3. I closed my FB account a while ago but i remember one function where you can see the location you logged in from. Might be worth seeing if that still exists.

  4. Nerve endings in this country’s rotten establishment must be tingling like mad. You are not the only site spreading the truth to be hacked recently, even Disqus users posts are being deleted for no reason other than they are saying something the government doesn’t want them to.

  5. Looks like the sobbing sad sack is still at it.
    MonadTime @MonadTime
    @LeightonReality is back as @LeightonEarly.
    Between him and @InnaMood, #paedobritain is screwed.
    I’m not ignoring their abuse this time. – 14 Mar
    MonadTime @MonadTime
    …I’ll take everything they say, and have said as @JaneRussellsays/@mfokate/the chimp/etc, and will press charges.
    No fuss,no mess.
    So despite the fact none of us have been on Twitter since before Christmas (easily proved) Nancy McCormack is going to ‘press charges’ by lying to the police to say that whoever is showing him up for being a pathetic compulsive lying cry baby is 1 of us???
    Good luck with that brain dead – as soon as the police phone him to suggest he’s a liar, he’ll burst into floods of tears like a little girl, just as he always does no doubt! :/

      • He can put in as many false accusations to the Police as he likes, the more the better as far as I’m concerned, because it just adds to the evidence that this little wet dream team of abusers parading as anti CSA supporters/campaigners use false accusations as a way to try to get people into trouble when they have run out of ways to silence people. And you can just see Ades in the dock can’t you? They couldn’t make Kleenex quick enough to mop up the amount of tears she’d blub out. Best not wear her sisters Ugg boots that day, they’ll be ruined, ankle deep in tears! Wonder if crusty kid watcher will be able to call in a favour from his paedo judge friend or maybe a couple of MI5 witnesses like he did in the pink anarchists trial? Hahaha, Dolores better get herself some new fake boobs, socks stuffed in a bra isn’t the best look.
        I see her Wook5ter account has been bumped. Hacked according to the creepy playground watcher. Why do people tweet her pictures of their kids? Hope there’s no webcam involved like there is with his lesbian hooker friend. What kind of mother puts up pics of the results of her grubby sexual exploits alongside pics of her sick kid? *Shiver!*

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