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  2. I wonder how many of our Grandfathers/Mothers would have been prepared to risk their lives if they had been told the truth & not conned into thinking fighting for their country was a necessity.
    And you would have thought the Jews would have been content with being given a piece of land to call their own after the war, (even though many see it as not ours to give away), but clearly not when you see how much land they have stolen off Palestine and their continued greed and kill and eat attitude & their relentless lust for power and money.
    I think after a lifetime of having propaganda and lies force fed to us, it is actually more easy to understand why Hitler seemed to have a problem with the Jews when the actual facts are more readily available and due to some painstaking research on the subject by people who could see that so much simply does not add up with the ‘official version’
    And when you see that there were actually more Jews alive after the war than there was before the war, you can’t help but see just how huge a con it all was/is.

  3. I remember reading that Woodrow Wilson was in fact of Jewish origin & his original family name was Wolfson.It was claimed that his family came from first Germany to England,changed their name to Wilson & under that name,emigrated to the US.It was quite usual in those times to disguise your Jewish origins/sympathies,but the Rothschild network could always ferret out who was & wasn’t a Jew for possible future use.So him becoming a friend of a known Jew is perhaps not so strange.It raises the question of whether a Jew ever really converts to another faith.After all,if you believe that you are a member of the Chosen People,why should you step down a rung?.

  4. OG they all do it. Just look at the CEO’s of big businesses, all with shortened names.
    One of the reasons why Hitler didn’t like the Jews is because they stockpiled money but never put it back into the economy. This helped to financially destroy Germany and the reason why money became worthless.

  5. Chaim Weitzman also signed the declaration of war on behalf of Britain to start the second world war.
    The eternal parasite, the age old enemy of all mankind, the devils emissaries.

  6. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Money, Power and Religion are the roots of all evil.

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