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    • And one VERY important point that slipped my mind.The western Ukrainian border is the Carpathian mountain range,a natural defense against a land invasion of the former Tsarist Russia/Soviet Union.All past invasions had to go through the flatter northern plains of eastern Europe.As long as Ukraine was not tied to any other interest,it seems Russia was wary but content to leave matters alone.Now that “outside interests” (read CIA,Mossad,MI6,NATO.etc,etc,) are trying to grab Ukraine for themselves,Russia truly has an interest to defend.

  1. From my reckoning the Bear has been preparing for this confrontation for a long time. And with the alliance of China, this is great drama.
    Great read, thanks Outlaw.

  2. I see your FB account got hacked last night – from a location pretty close to the Isle of Mutant? Another 1 for the Police. Some hideously ugly Nut job flipping it’s lid again perchance?

    • Yeah, it’s easy to discredit ufo researchers and pass them off as nut jobs but that’s another subject they don’t want us to think seriously about. After all, if it turned out that governments and religions have been aware of extra terrestrial visitations for decades, that we’re not alone and neither are we the most advanced form of life in the universe everything would change over night. No doubt some of the alleged ufo sightings are our own technology although it’s probably been back engineered or given to us from elsewhere.. The advances in digital technology today has been so rapid that I think that it’s very likely that we’ve had help from somewhere else. It wasn’t much more than 150 years ago that we were still pulling a plough behind a horse! We’ve gone from that to close to star trek technology in too short a time for it to be otherwise imo.

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