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  2. Excellent write, although it didn’t improve my A.M. any. I was already contemplating the fate of the enemies of freedom. A bitter cup of Joe this morning….

  3. Very well stated. We mistakenly call these sociopsychopaths the “elite”, which means enlightened god. We are at a point where they have managed to dumb down enough generations to where it will be easy for them to maintain control. If we are to change the direction of this horrible situation, it will take turning 180 degrees very quickly, meaning much energy will be required of many.

  4. Good article. Check out Thomas Sheridans work on YouTube about psychopaths.

  5. Good stuff, Jimmy, but how did you manage to miss the name of Tony Blair from the list of sociopaths?!?

    • I shall do the unthinkable and edit the article to include him… my error completely… I seem to have left out the amiable Gordon Brown also… will add them now… Cheers Bandini :)

  6. Very well said. I cannot understand why those who do still vote can’t see the obvious & realise that that little cross they so diligently & dutifully mark means absolutely nothing, it certainly doesn’t give them a say – only on which con man will bleed them dry next and make all our lives a misery. I would include the Royals in my list, they aren’t very good at acting compassionate, but know they have to, or else even the blinkered will start seeing through the charade.
    Cameron had his cousins over for Tiffin at Chequers on Friday, wonder if they were discussing the recent warrant issued for all their arrests, being total frauds and all the rest of it.

  7. Why am I reminded by this piece,of a 1950’s “Goon Show” episode in which the sound of a braying,screaming crowd of humans was played & then suddenly cut short,with Harry Secombe (Neddy Seagoon) then announcing “that was the sound of the human race.Resignation forms will be available in the foyer”.
    But now,with the wonders of the internet,we discover just how many wierdos there are out there.You want to meet a nice German cannibal who will kill you & eat you?.DONE!.(He’ll be out soon )
    Sex with animals?.No problem!.Kids?.We have scadloads.Welcome to “the human race”.Hope you like it.

  8. And here’s a couple of links that explain a great deal of how the world came to this state.
    I remember reading Rabbi Antelman’s first book back in the 1970′s,but pre-internet,I didn’t realise the importance of his message.It was a Jewish thing & I wasn’t a Jew.He came out with an up-dated version in,I think,2005.I haven’t read this one because with the net as it is now,just about all you need to know is there if you search.I’ve been reading Barry Shamish for some years now & he gives some excellent insights into this stuff.As we can now see,it’s been going on for centuries,but only in the last 15 years or so have the origin & interlinking become clear.

  9. Yeh Rhubarb, Thomas Sheridan is very knowledgeable about psychopaths. See a roundtable discussion with Thomas Sheridan, Vinny Eastwood, James Corbett and Jay Weidner – very informative. Here :-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1878aerllI

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