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  1. You know, a fundraiser, especially for Chris, isn’t out of the question. Cheap hall hire, people bring drinks and then charge for it anyway :), £5 or £10 entry, if you need a pianist I’d be happy to do that (I have a portable piano). Could make a few hundred if done properly and it could even be regular.

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  3. Yep, like my husband Rusty. He writes the Rusty’s Skewed News Views weblog -http://thesatirestall.blogspot.com/ – and for his efforts campaigning to expose the Hollie Greig scandal – the sexual abuse of disabled and special needs kids by an elitist paedophile ring based in Aberdeen – and for the release of Robert Green – imprisoned by these pederast bastards for exposing the same – he’s up for trial in Aberdeen on the 4th November on charges of causing ‘fear and alarm’ to the now-ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini for using his blog to expose her involvement in the coverup and subversion of police investigation into the complaint by Hollie’s mother Anne.

    Anybody wants further info on this I’ll post the url links to the Hollie Demands Justice and Robert Green’s blog.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it might be kids in far away Scotland but when we take a cautious 360 degreee look around (Yewtree, Fernbridge, Pallial) – the royally-beknighted Sir Jimmy Savile and to Rochdale / Sir Cyril Smith – and more recently the Paki taxi driver’s paedo sex trafficing ring in Rochdale – and the similar set up in Oxford exposed by Brian Gerrish’s UK Column – all this is getting closer to home – and it might well be our kids / grandchildren next.

    Tough telling the TRUTH – yes – and dangerous too, the levels of intimidation and coercion these bottom feeding scumbags will go to silence exposure of their kiddie fiddling crimes – as Hollie’s Uncle Roy was murdered (assisted suicide) by this same group for attempting to expose them.



  4. Rusty was first arrested in March 2012, just after Robert Green was jailed.
    That’s the most recent post.


    The main offending blog was : http://thesatirestall.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/men-in-skirts-paedo-ring-exposed.html ……… but we did several follow-ups which targeted Angiolini and questioned her moral scruples and competence when she was ‘elected’ to the post of Principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford.

    While our blog slams global authority in general, Robert’s concentrates on the Scottish nonce arena and the Holie Greig scandal.


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  6. Totally! These people accept that the likes of David Rose and co get paid for their absolute dis-info & lies, but the people who spend their time bringing us the actual truth should somehow do this for free, in their own time whilst living off fresh air? Not enough hours in the day for the amount of work that goes into the research alone.
    Chris & Sonia are both journalists – but the kind this country has been sadly lacking in for too long. They make it quite clear that they do not expect people who can’t afford it for whatever reason to donate & that all are welcome to read regardless.
    Quite simple really – if you have a gripe about it, don’t donate and don’t have the cheek to read it if it bothers you that much, it’s called free will/choice.. The alternatives are a poor substitute.
    Of course you have to be careful about which sites you may choose to donate to, because as we all know, some donate button pimpers are complete con artists.

  7. I have seen EXACTLY the same tactic used on another blogger about two days ago. The attack was made on a Facebook page and mentioned the amount raised and queried whether any of it would be put to the uses suggested and said that it was a fraud, etc etc. I was able to dispel the myths on which the accusations were made without going into the realms of personal opinion. I hope that people read the reply. The troll in question is not alone, there are a number “patrolling” the page and seem to work set hours. Personally, I believe these attacks to be organised. I think that these are arranged by spooks protecting the interests of people running them. This is especially worrying in this case as the page in question has public access and is part of an official campaign (although it is NOT funded “directly” from the government) I wouldn’t have believed this could happen in this country but I am losing faith in my freedom.

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