4 comments on “FACT OR FICTION?….

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  2. Bit like someone affirming that a person they know full well isn’t genuine is genuine, especially when out of context with the rest of the conversation. A ruse to cover up the reality in the minds of the less able to see it – or in the example I’m thinking of, just a seriously sad and lame attempt to continue to fool people. Unfortunately a total waste of time at this stage, as everyone can now see what this particular wrong ‘un is all about. The death throws of a creepy weirdo. Not pretty.

  3. In the last 7 years I’ve read more than enough on the net – the only real source of true news nowadays – to know that satanic abuse is very real.Of course there will always be be someone with an agenda riding on it’s coattails,or denying it,but more survivors are coming forward.Tragically their accounts haven’t yet crossed over into the MSM,but when you know who controls THAT & what THEIR agenda is you shouldn’t be surprised.Try googling “who controls the media in the united states” for a starter course.

  4. Really thought provoking…..it is amazing and sickening to think behind this elite child abuse, lays not only ritual abuse and death, but also the murky world of MK Ultra

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