7 comments on “MISSING HOLOCAUST….

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  2. L.O.L.You will now be condemned as an “anti-semite” in 3….2….1…secs!.Expect the Hasbara trolls to be along soon,just as soon as someone alerts them.

  3. Anyway,back on topic.About that 6,000,000.You first have to understand that Jews can be very
    superstitious people.Many rich Israelis regularly pay to consult an expert in the mystical
    “Kabbalah” to advise them on business deals.Ultra-orthordox Jews will spend money on charms &
    medallions to ward off the “evil eye”.
    Now you’ve probably heard of jimstone’s site.He was a former NSA employee,much higher ranking
    than Snowden,who left the agency a few years ago.At some point he decided to convert to
    Judaism.He was well along with this until he learnt about the “Kol Nidre” prayer.He didn’t
    want any more part of Judaism & left.But while he was being instructed,he learned the
    importance of the 6 million.
    It seems that centuries ago,a Kabbalistic prophet had prophesied that 6 million Jews must
    perish before Israel could come about.So,after WW 2,some Jews came up with the idea that if
    they could make everyone on earth believe that 6 million had really perished in what they
    would call the “Holocaust”,God or the old prophet – I’m not sure which – would come to
    believe that the prophecy had been fulfilled & thus Israel was legitmized.They introduced the
    idea step by step,utilising their near-total power in the media,& thus we come to the
    situation as it is today
    Insane,but that’s what they believe.

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