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  2. The more I read about this the more I despair at this country. I feel for those poor people in Somerset, lives wrecked by a bunch of evil thieving wankers. When I read about Chris Smith donating thousands of pounds of environment agency money to gay rights groups on Mr Spivey’s site I almost fell of my chair. Don’t get me wrong i’m not against gay rights but that takes the biscuit. If the sort of info here was being reported on by the big news agencies there would be riots and loads of shit for TPTB and rightly so. Excuse me a minute………. aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!! That’s better!

      • Ha ha. I feel like shouting fuck you wont do what you tell me like the fella from Rage against the machine more and more lately. I blame the AM! Still as angry and depressed as it makes me at least it’s better than ignorance. Keep up the good work mate.

  3. Sorry I can’t give a direct link,but if anyone wants to read a long discussion on this,put
    “The real reason for flooding in Somerset Levels? Not global warming – river
    management” into your search engine.The site is wattsupwiththat & it was posted on Feb 14th.

  4. RICH:- You will understand this siphoning off of money only if you first understand that the LGBT
    thing is more than just public in-your-face affirmation of sexual tendency.

    It’s a cult,a CAUSE.

    For the good of the cult/cause ANYTHING is justified.

    Take Scientology.

    On the web you can find instance after instance of dirty deeds, lawbreaking, extreme, almost fanatical harrassment of opponents,etc.

    Now look at what happens to anyone who criticises or raises
    awkward questions which upset the cult.


    And for a more serious look at where this is heading,read this:


    Henry Makow has been exposing this stuff for years, He has LOTS of this kind of thing in his archives.

    At the moment he’s speaking of Canada & the USA….

  5. @ OldGit… That Henry Makow article has left me slack jawed in disbelief. That poor woman getting sent down for trying to protect her kid then being put on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list! WTF! The world has gone mad, or the people running it have at least. Cheers for the links.

  6. Rich:- No,the world hasn’t gone mad.It’s just the kind of utterly evil & ruthless people that have always jockeyed for position & power are getting more in-your-face blatant.Problem is that far too many people refuse to understand this.Their minds simply cannot encompass what is happening
    & why.The MSM can’t/wont tell them because they’re controlled by such people.Not always directly,
    but a newspaper will always need advertisers money,so pressure can be put on advertisers not to place ads in that paper.Paper itself may need to borrow money for new plant or premises & finds the banks just somehow can’t spare them the money.
    That’s just a small sample of the control we’re under.

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