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    • Indeed. How the hell does this geezer justify defending Currie given the things she’s said? Joe public wouldn’t defend her let alone a supposed child abuse campaigner. It makes no sense.

      • He is a wrong ‘un my friend. This latest stunt has finally proved to all that he has more self-interest, (and investment I hear) in protecting and defending those who hold the reins of power than the welfare of any CSA survivor.

        It’s taken a while, but the long, long leash he has been given has finally tripped him up and his own arrogance and stupidity has caught up with him.

        He has hung himself now, and destroyed the last vestige of credibility he is desperately clinging onto.

        Only fools would trust his word or listen to his opinion now, but sadly there are still enough of those around to flatter his massive ego.

        Or involved as deep as he is.

        Time and truth will out though, it always does.

        • Passing little love token clips to the Bryn Estyn Bully boy like a teenage girl. Very strange bedfellow of an alleged anti abuse supporter. Normal for a snaky low life pretender that everyone seems to be giving a wide berth though I should imagine.

        • Yes deeply suspect, it seems your right there. Sticking up for that vile cow sets of very loud alarm bells! It must be really difficult to tell people about stuff like this, it’s vital that the people coming forward have 100% trust in the people they confide in. Can you be on Edwina Curry’s side and the side of CSA victims at the same time? I think not. I’m not an expert on this issue nor has it directly affected me thankfully, I just think these people have suffered enough without being shat on by someone pretending to act in their best interests.

  1. Yes, he’s very good at creeping around MP’s – Watson, Hemming now Eddie – perhaps he is applying for a job as a bottom polisher – his tongue sure gets busy when he is dribbling round such people.
    And do you think he became ‘A Political’ AFTER he (THANKFULLY) got unelected from his cushy Lib Dem Councilor job – did an ensuing tantrum erupt from him not getting his own way & he spat the dummy at mummy & stomped his little tootsies? Certainly behaves like a spoiled, nasty, petulant child. If the people of Totton had voted him in again, would he still remain ‘A Political’ as reigning Lib Dem Councilor? – haha he really is a lemon!
    So someone else has twigged that he’s only a make believe anti CSA supporter? Good to see people waking up at long last. Will he be spreading libelous accusations that @TraitorHunter2 is you as per usual I wonder?
    Someone said he’d Tweeted very old news about Tom O’Carroll working with Icke years ago – but having read the article already, could it be another of his lame little subliminal digs, as the end of the drivel is O’Carroll disbelieving children are marked with knives by paedophiles – which is exactly what Gojam is trying to insinuate by disbelieving you.
    Well if Eddie is in the market for a human bidet, think she need look no further, she’s found him
    Wish I’d had a bet on her favourite film being Annie – had to be didn’t it?

  2. control opposition … a spider dressed as a truther making a artificial web to catch victims … Islamic Sex predator’s comment by Gojam clarify any doubts !!

  3. Hmmm Mrs Gojam, don’t put your ‘daughter’ on the stage eh?
    Unfortunately, it seems to be yet another epic fail, but at least he must be WELL used to those by now, as must his ‘wife’
    Not sure what his little sugar daddy will say though. Imagine he’s none to impressed with his little lap dogs humiliating downfall, taking him down with him too. Ouch!
    Most excellent work though – superbly executed, respect!

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