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  1. Its not mobile masts doing the damage to young peoples minds its TETRA WHICH may be working alongside mobile masts. But saying that I am more than convinced 100% its TETRA .

  2. By the way I forgot to mention that the TETRA system or better still experiment finishes in 2018 . Then it is going to be evaluated . Look at YouTube Barrie Trower.

  3. Take a look at the bbc program madness on the motorway, really freaking scary shit, interesting bit of info, it was the same time and location of the digi switch-over.
    Then finding out about the welsh haarp, i have a bit of a theory about haarp being a more technologically advanced form of pyramid, they seem to be dotted in he same geometric patterns around the planet(strategically), think about that one!
    Any news on the welsh pyramid, Richplanet mentioned it a little while back.
    Also over at the tap dutchsinse has a very good radio talk on haarp and explains it in very clear terms.
    This type of electronic harassment(a modern form of gasslighting) is just one of the many benefit/evils of this monstrous technology, it could be used for good but i know they wont’

    • Andy, I assume you are talking about the twin sisters? I’d never heard of this incident before… but I’ve just checked it out & you are right about it being weird as hell. It’s left me a little shaken up, to be honest.
      I’m not sure about the switchover theory, though. I can’t see any correlation between the dates, for example, so maybe it was just “one of those things”? But there are enough questions raised by the case to spend a lifetime trying to answer. Totally bizarre. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      • Yes think this maybe the one, and yes it was about the two sisters, should have made it clear how truly traumatic that show really is.

  4. MP Madeline moon is a total waste of time as is Carwen Jones the first minister in that corrupt welsh assembly they couldn’t assemble a piss up in a pub because those two knew about child abuse in south wales and done nothing and continue to do bugger all today. No one can tell me those two idiots don’t know what’s going on in Bridgend.

  5. On Monday March 10th 1986, The Guardian ran a piece on this very subject relating to testing being done on the women of Greenham Common Peace Camp. Subjected to low level radiation, the women suffered headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and remembering.
    Dr Farrow, a senior lecturer at the University of Wales Medical College detailed how these effects could be related to the powerful and secret electronic microwave satellite communications apparatus used at the missile base. (mindjustice.org/victims.htm [accessed 22/02/2014, online])
    There are other articles on that site giving further details of the symptoms suffered by the women.
    Makes you think.

  6. My view is that its a sonar weapon along the lines of the The sound of silence, immortalised by Paul Simon who’s father worked in that field, coupled with a Common Purpose drive on all things suicidal on tv and in the arts. My former colleague was a bit of a techie, and he reckoned that a lot of the “mobile phone” towers going up were nothing of the sort.
    I’m no expert but does it work on the same principles as those crowd scatterers that can be bought to stop teenagers congregating outside a corner shop for instance.

      • How strange – as I was reading the comments above that of POB, the first thing that popped into MY head was the possible similarity with the MOSQUITO system, as we had one here last year as an experiment. Only teenagers could hear it and it certainly had the desired effect. I think it must work on high frequency rather than low as the sound is like a high pitch mosquito whine. I am also intrigued as to why these people should all commit suicide in a very similar way, is there some form of subliminal messaging going on ? which would back up the idea of remote mind control. The fact that this is perhaps being rolled out to the entire country is very worrying indeed, not least because I have two teenagers. What may be even more worrying tho’ is that all of this – chemtrails and geo-engineering, HAARP arrays, an increase in ‘telecommunications’ masts, is eerily similar to what was predicted by Serge Monast (Project Blue Beam) with regard to mass ‘holographic images’ posted around the world. Jimmy did an excellent article on this last year.

        • Hi Rainbowsophie . Can I ask whereabouts you live when you wrote about the MOSQUITO system in your area.

  7. If it is found that it is the TETRA system causing young people to commit sucide then this filthy corrupt government is complicit in murdering its citizens. It’s about time this bent paedophile corrupt government was ended the sooner the better . How the hell can the British people let this evil government carry on doing what they are doing without a murmur from British people . It’s called cowardice you spinless gutless people to let paedophiles and those that kill thru pulsed electromagnetic radiation of our young people. For gods sake wake up people before they molest your children or kill your children thru the TETRA system it makes me sick that you people let this continue without so.much has a wimper you spinless gutless idiots .

  8. I am so glad your keeping this very important subject alive and I thank you for that. If the PTB get their way they will murder our children with or without our knowledge and its site like yours that keeps the subject alive. Let’s go to war with these arseholes and teach them we are the ones in charge not them its us the people that tells them what to do nit the other way around .

  9. I agree and disagree. High voltage power lines had already been shown to cause problems. Microwave has been used, as a weapon, by both USA and USSR. It is NOT unusual not to leave a note and although women generally choose to use less violent means of death than men, hanging is not unusual. Hanging of the type you describe, especially with something like a pair of tights, will prevent blood flow to/from the brain, this will lead to quickly becoming unconscious, the other method with rope and a drop is more painful, takes longer and can lead to choking to death. Remember that although they may be subject to power lines and microwaves, these may be just one factor leading to suicide, their ages and the fact that hormones are rapidly rising and falling may also contribute. No one will admit anything, remember the cluster of cancer deaths at Sellafield? Strangely the authorities didn’t think it was a cluster..

    • Sellafield Clusters? Maybe you should make yourself aware of the identity of the doctor who was behind the COMARE Report that looked into those deaths and others around nuclear installations.

  10. Sorry to come a bit late to the party here,but if you go to
    you will see,at the top of the page,a menu of articles with very brief titles,in blue print.
    Look for the one titled 3watt3G.Its almost in the upper middle of the mass of menus.
    I won’t try to give you a précis of the article but If you are interested in this topic,it’s well worth a read.
    Remember,this guy was a top NSA man for many years.
    Please note:- I can’t give a direct link because his site isn’t set up that way.
    Also,for more topics.click on the link “2″ to the “mirror” site.A lot of knowledgable
    posters on a vast number of topics.

      • I’m watching Bridgend on Netflix right now in US, found this site by searching for number of total suicides. This seems to be an extraordinary cluster of suicides. The only other place I found online like this is the suicide forest Aokigahara in Japan. At least 50 suicides occur there every year. It may be useful to look for similarities between the two in your research.

  11. I just watched Bridgend on Netflix and I too think there is a lot more behind the deaths then them being pegged as suicides.

    I have considered a serial killer literally walking them to their deaths forcing them to hang themselves, mass mind control, cantagion, cults, blackmailing, pacts, even aliens… None of which totally have me convinced.

    What really gets me is that most of them are hanged with their feet almost touching the ground or in the kneeling position.

    There is no way they all perfectly measure that, plus the kneeling ones could have stood up after the fall, you would think at least one person, if it was just a depressed suicidal person would have changed their mind and stood up.

    There is just no way, there is something just not right about these suicides.

    Even if it was a cult, or pact how would they all or most being touching the ground, like if anyone has any thoughts please tell me I am so confused.

    Also, after reading the TETRA System information that seems most logical however again back to the kneeling thing, how and why?

    You would think if it was the government they would want it to seem as least suspicious as possible. It just doesn’t make sense. 99 people in five years all by hanging, no notes…

    Hmmmm, there is more going here then just depressed teens looking for a way out.

    • The “kneeling” method so many chose can also be looked at this way: a demeaning position to someone who had power over them.

      As if each victim simply said “I surrender, Now, I’m on my knees”.

      Like they were forced or coerced in some sinister way to give in and shut up.

      Tell me what ya think.

      • An interesting point Leslie, which could fit in with the theory that they were not in possession of their own ‘thoughts’ in a manner of speaking.

        Some method could have been employed that made them feel that way.

        Would you agree?

        • Quite possibly so but a serial killer or cult leader could have done it the same way.
          I read an article where a boy in Bridgend sought help (I believe) and told his mother he was hearing voices that were telling him to do bad things, like kill himself.

          Could he be suffering from schizophrenia?

          I do not know, but I thought that was very interesting.

    • It is perfectly possible to hang one’s self using this method. If you can apply pressure on the major arteries, unconsciousness occurs. Ribbentrop did it this way in Nurenburg.

  12. People have an innate will to live and it is unlikely that so many people could hang themselves from low places where they could have just stood up. That’s the mostly confusing thing to me.

  13. I just watched Bridgend on Netflix. I found this site. I think they need to check out japan and this area. There are a lot of deaths there. Its weird not to have leave a note behind. Not everyone does it. But really maybe one out of over 100 people? Really? It’s rare. And I was looking in to this. I think there might have been 3 suicides a year before 2007. But not a lot. So why is this so different? What change to make so may go. The high school student was not the first person to do suicide. But why did his start it? And I am sure a lot of people that died had no connection with him either. I don’t think its a cult. But I am not sure what it is. But what I do know. Is not talking about stuff does not make it better.

    • Totally agree with your last statement. I wasn’t shocked to hear That the true number since it started is indeed 99+ lives.

      If I lived there, I’d get the hell out of dodge. I have two kids, a daughter who is 13 and my son is 9 yrs old. What a horrific environment to raise your kids in.

      Honestly, I don’t think I could take the worrying over my kids being at such a high risk of Suiciding.

  14. I live in Bridgend it is a nice area, there are pressures put on people everywhere not just Bridgend, it was the same where I came from in Scotland, The Bridgend area has a high population, it could just be that some right minded locals have managed to highlight the problem to the national media, or maybe the death squad got a bit over zealous, when I think of cults, I mean serious cults such as Jesuits Illuminate Druids Skull and Bones HIGH LEVEL Masons Etc, they infiltrate and manage smaller groups, they have been honing their skills since the days of the tower of Babel, only God will find them out once there time has come, they think they can run the earth better than God can, but they will fail miserably, it’s a precursor to a global Government, according to the Bible there will be a Global Government of a totalitarian type, but it will crumble at the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.

  15. On the netflix show while a girl in town was being interviewed, she stated that people would draw straws to see who would hang themselves next. She stated that it happened to a lot of people. Also, the boy who heard voices telling him to kill himself, which he eventually did, do you think maybe he was possessed?

  16. Hey there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate!

    He always kept chatting about this.
    I will forward this article to him.

    Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

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