15 comments on “WELSH HAARP….

  1. Has anyone any idea of the whereabouts is this facility is near Aberystwyth because I am going there next week for a week or so

  2. Strange coincidence Aberystwyth getting some very odd weather of late?, wasnt there also some earthquake or underground activity there too ?
    Also South Wales seems to be the place for weird happenings, from the suiciding of young men to dogs eating babies heads.
    I think a lot of experimental stuff is done in Wales, such is the hatred the shadow government have for the Celtic people.

      • Bloody hell thinking about strange things happening in wales also take into consideration April Jones bizarre disappearance . Was this satatic or some paedophile group into satanic snuff movie . Just a thought.

  3. I wish you would stop freaking me out : ) The day before you put this up I pictured this place and I didn’t even know it existed – & I’m not even joking

  4. Wales is like some weird experiment lab – I think the debauched freaky rejects from the experiments get shoved on the other side of the Menai Bridge and become human toilet roll.

  5. Last I heard, the conspiracy theorists theorised that the conspiracy theory was itself a conspiracy. Ipso facto, the conspiracy conspiracy was created, and spontaneously annihilated to leave…reality. You wasters need to get a life, an education, and some good books to read once someone comes along and locks you up.

    • For what exactly?

      Asking Questions?

      Not blindly believing everything that the Mainstream Media and the Government say?

      I could argue that the gullible and brainwashed are the real problem as they perpetuate the Status Quo with their blind, simpering acceptance.

      That’s the real problem Terry.

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