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  1. I think that perfectly sums up NAPAC. An anti abuse charity that allows abusers to pimp it with a ‘donate button’.
    Lottery donations & public donations, Rantzen as patron – she who did sweet FA about her little mate Savile and who’s paedophile friend was nicked for noncing a kid in HER swimming pool.
    A very nice shake your money maker – nothing more, nothing less.
    It seems to be making a loss – which is handy for those who can use that loss to write off tax burdens in other companies they have their fat fingers in I expect.
    I would NEVER recommend NAPAC to any CSA survivor – the best support I feel survivors probably get is from others in the same boat – those Survivors who have set up their own groups – for no money, no lottery funding and no big fat patronage cheques. I certainly wouldn’t support or champion ANYTHING where Rantzen is involved.
    I think like most other people, I wouldn’t trust that insincere old hag who seems to have paedo friends, yet has made an absolute killing out of her false campaigning against them.

  2. This is interesting.
    Gojam is an odd character – a week or two ago he had a huge row with (I think) Mark Watts from Exaro on Twitter.
    He apologised the next day and deleted the tweets (Mark did not – but Mark was very polite, unlike Gojam).
    But it was very weird.
    Exaro seem to be very good – what do you think of them Outlaw?
    Anyway, keep up the good work mate.

    • Gojam has a lot ‘Invested’ in pushing the CSA ‘Celeb’ agenda and discrediting witnesses and Exaro are plain MSM trying to be ‘down with the people’… I trust none of them and believe them even less…

    • Hello Withnail.

      I also saw the Exaro/Gojam strangeness. A few days later the Needle was again carrying a David Hencke (Exaro) re-blog.

      Gojam is now unhelpfully calling Ian Puddick on Twitter “Puddles” (“it’s an internal Needleteam joke”) but ‘clarifies’ by saying that Puddick is NOT “Puddles”. But he wants Puddick to know that HE “knows what is going on.”

      Puddick, about the Needleblog, says: “I was told not to trust your blog as it was a police account?”

      Gojam is also offering to host the Stuart Syvret archive on his own blog: “If you want an off island home for your archive then let me know. My blog has had over 3 million hits in the last 18 months.”

      So, who to trust?

      I differ in my opinion of Exaro from Outlaw/Jane. But I may just be grasping at straws as the whole spectacle has been a degrading insult to the memories & survivors of ‘what went on’.

      From my perspective, Exaro – as the group that brought all this to our attention, later leading to a police investigation – have had to find a balance between accepting the “help” of people who they most certainly know are not really to be trusted, but whom may, nonetheless, be able to assist them in putting the pieces together (or, more likely, help them discard some of them).

      I imagine that the relationship may be similar to that between the police and a “grass”: 90% of the time the police know that it’s worthless bullshit they are being fed but that it may just be worth maintaining the contact for the few times they can really be of use. (This is only my opinion formed from observing the goings on, nothing more).

      Having said that, and assuming what I have just written were true, I have to say that it is uncomfortable to witness. I won’t list here some of the people who I most certainly DO NOT TRUST but there have been interactions between some of them & Exaro. If I were a survivor of abuse – I am not – I doubt that this would help me believe in their good intentions.

      For better or worse Exaro is a news agency of professionals (i.e. they want to make money & get paid for the work they do). Given the subject matter I also understand why this might stick in the throat of some… I can’t think of a solution to this. Accurate, carefully researched blogs? I’ve seen precious few of those…

      To answer my own question, then (“Who to trust?”): trust no one, but keep your fingers crossed for the people who have put their real names to their work & will still be around, “findable”, in 10, 20, 30-years time.

      • With proven connections to Banking and Hedge Funds as well as the Liberal Democrats, ‘off-island’ hosting of a free blog (tight git), shown to be both a liar and an abuser of historic abuse survivors?

        Jon ‘I’m just a blogger’ Sawyer does sound like the ideal candidate to trust with vunerable people’s stories eh?

        Or relied upon to speak the truth for that matter….

        As for the three million hits?

        A simple WordPress widget hit counter will prove or disprove that claim.

        If true, good luck to him as it shows that Abraham Lincoln really knew what he was talking about when he said: ‘You can fool all of the people, at least some of the time’….

  3. I’m with you on that J. The tussle over survivor statements between Exaro, Maloney & Gajam have been totally sickening to watch. Who benefits from that? Certainly not the survivors & Exaro are just another wannabe top red top.
    A decent journo would surely get all the facts in a row before they started dangling carrots in front of the baying masses – not play tug of war with survivors & calling people liars?
    No different than any other msm – just trying to give that impression to boost their following is how I feel about it.

  4. Wow! Someones money laundering transcriber friend must have worked his poor wizened old fingers to the bone (or shell).
    How many people is that now that the failed Limp Dem Councilor has had a ruck with lately? Exaro, Jervis, Puddick, Zoompad, Reeves O’Conman (or whatever he’s calling himself this week) – who next?
    The Lib Dem link – we know all about that – never trust a Limp Dem with private & confidential matters – and DEFINITELY NEVER EVER trust Gojam – ESPECIALLY if you are a genuine CSA survivor. & NEVER NEVER be anywhere near him if he loses money (especially if you are a woman) – he’s a dab hand with a tin of Halfords spray paint allegedly, but his graffiti skills leave a lot to be desired. Doesn’t seem to be very good at anything does he? A bit of a failure all round. Bet Daddy dearest is SO proud of his little reptile spawn :/
    At least people are seeing through him at long last. Some people should have absolutely nothing to do with the issue of Child abuse & he is clearly one of them, along with his little yellowed tie friend & the few remaining dopes that can’t see the compulsive lying toe rag right in front of their noses. Looking forward to being able to tell the whole www that little story my friend.
    But NAPAC clearly don’t care who is pimping their ride – as long as such scrotes have a donate button on their bad blogs anything goes it would seem. And he’s still got his partner in slime King VJ, ‘Walkerdine’ dribbly dribbly & all the many fake accounts he allegedly has all over the show.
    Anyone with any common sense would have skulked off by now, I guess some people are even thicker than they seem. Fortunately numb nads seems to have proven that too many times for people to be fooled.

  5. Oh and just in case our abuser is looking in with his few remaining cronies – What would Jane say? There is a lot Jane would say but she’d rather look a gutless little weasel like you in the face when she says them.
    Jane also says that you can keep up your little snipes on the piddle blog, you can send your little hags to stalk me on FB and send abusive psycho messages to my private email – you can keep giving me evidence to send to the Police, that’s cool with me idiot. I am sick to death of you and I’m not even your main target – I am just someone who won’t stand by and watch you pretend to be a CSA campaigner whilst trying to destroy the people you pretend to be standing up for.
    And I don’t care if you don’t like it, you are a gutless little mummys boy and eventually everyone will know what you have done and what you are and no way will any abuse survivor ever have a bar of you again – that is my main hope.
    People should be very wary of who they give their details to – some people you’d expect to be able to trust, but are in cahoots with grubby little abusers – and NO WAY should anyone trust this particular grub. The thought of anyone genuine confiding their innermost soul to this reptile makes me go cold.
    A year of this crap – even more for J & if I didn’t know better, I’d say it was the actions of a pre-pubescent school boy, but alas – this little warped child is over 50. Unreal!
    But by the amount of people waking up to him – people with absolutely nothing to do with us, it’s clear that people have worked out what a fraud he is for themselves, which is great.
    Just so glad the voters in the failed frauds area were savy enough to not vote for him – they don’t know what a lucky escape they had – but eventually they will do.

  6. Bandini – I saw the Ian Puddick thing too, & pretty much agree with everything you’ve said there.
    Gojam showed his colours when he let the psycho YouTube boy put his “thoughts” in the comments of his blog. That was the nail really.

    • Good to see that people are starting to see the ‘games’ being played. Again the only people who can possibly benefit from this are the abusers and again I must question why these people would want that to happen?

      Youtube Psycho was a manipulative, violent and abusive bully in Bryn Estyn and other care homes and he has never really changed, although he desperately promotes himself as a regular family man these days.

      Gojam, who knows? Is it political, is it cash related?

      Either way it’s plain to see that it’s more about his ego and his self-appointed position among CSA ‘Campaigners’ than it ever was about the survivors.

  7. Zoompad aka Barbara Richards has some very interesting things to say about NAPAC & Peter Saunders & Gojam – none of them good – she has also alleged that Teresa Cooper was in a film with Frank Bruno. I know very little about Ms Richards – only that she says she is a Pindown survivor & seems to be pretty knowledgeable about a lot of the small detail of things. She seems to be having lots of problems with Twitter – her block button has been removed & she is finding people on her follow liosts that she knows she has not followed & seems to be being followed by some strange sorts that she can no longer block. More hacking by Team Braindead?
    I saw the Gojam snipe at Puddick too – yet another person that doesn’t appear to trust ‘the un-great pretender’ & is also another person with nothing to do with us, so the question must be asked, why is NAPAC allowing him to have a donate button – really really not right is it? Perhaps the Charity Commission would be able to look into it seeing as Saunders clearly does not seem to give a flying fish about the people who pimp his lucrative ride – any old CSA abuser will do as long as you get that donate button on your site pressed eh?
    I’m still seeing the political connection as well as bunce where the fake anti CSA blogger is concerned – you know why that is & so will everyone else when the processes are complete. Hopefully it’ll be a career ender for some – it really ought to be that’s for sure!
    Why would any genuine abuse survivor be part of Gojams team – unless they are a dud or a compo/media limelight addict? Something really really wrong about that too. But then some people take the money and run, sign the disclaimer then still try yo grab all they can out of it for themselves, not for anyone else – quite clear when all they ever do is talk about the ‘me me me’ . Perhaps someone should reinforce the law where that disclaimer is concerned, or else the career in breaching it will be never ending?

    • Thinks Jane.

      This is typical of the woman really and I would like to say I am surprised, but I am not.

      In my opinion she should never be allowed to represent children.

      Wake up people, the NSPCC and Rantzen are not fit for purpose and genuine survivors should avoid both like the plague.

  8. She’s been in the ‘acting’ game a long old time. Her career is VERY important to her. The BBC have a habit of dredging her up for child abuse related interviews too. Some could be forgiven for thinking it’s a ploy to get her back in the publics favour. When you look around at peoples view of her, doesn’t seem to be working.
    Which naturally makes people wonder why an anti child abuse charity would choose such a person to be Patron??

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