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  1. Have read this before and it gets logged alongside the guy that built the water powered dune buggy in the eighties, he simply used a pulse of power fed into the fuel injectors but the fuel was water the pulse split the h2o in to its component elements, hydrogen(fuel) and oxygen(waste/emission), or the guy in the states that runs his v8 corvette on hydrogen and stores it in normal oxy bottles and uses an element that is illegal to buy as it is used in the making of nukes but you can make it yourself, this enables him to store the hydrogen as it makes the gas inert and you could even shoot the tank with a gun without it exploding and all that is needed to make the hydrogen into a flammable gas again is the application of heat, genius.
    Mind you trying to change the big oil peeps minds is very difficult, take honda for example they go ahead and release their hydrogen powered car and in a couple of years later japan gets hit with a great big tsunami.
    Frequency is a wonderful thing, the cosmic glue thats binds us to not only this world but the universe as a whole.

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