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  1. Who the hell on their right mind believes anything mad Icke says he use to make sense until TPTB GOT HOLD OF HIM yet he still pretends what he does is from himself . Listen people he’s told to tell you what he been told .

  2. I think it’s common knowledge by now that trusting the DI Forums is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel where intelligence goes – they’ve even found a spade to do it with. Credibility of the DI Forums is completely shot, along with Dave & TPV.
    Big shots and big shot wannabe’s – not their year so far.

  3. Served my time in horticulture, so I have spent plenty of years with spades. This is a small spade, a “border spade” Obviously it’s been chromed, inscribed and presented for the opening of the new unit. So we see it in his living room. So? If it is a different spade it is of the same type due to the very short wooden handle and the plastic handle being the same shape (which is a slightly different shape to most spades) And again…So? I can imagine that he may have opened more than one building in his 80 odd years and presented more than one spade. How is this relevant to anything? I haven’t read the thread but perhaps people are seeing things that aren’t there. If he DIDN’T have the spade, would that be MORE suspicious??

    • Exactly Gary, how is identifying a spade relevant to anything? Unless Savile was burying bodies with it or whacking people over the head with it, it should not be of any importance. My question would be, why is a confirmed and much-publicised bachelor wearing a wedding ring?

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