4 comments on “AN ACT OF GOD?….

  1. You again seem to hit the nail on the head yet again it all makes sense. Reading what you wrote reminded me of what a weather forecaster said on Radio very early last month she said if you think the weather is bad now now just wait until next month when we are going to see weather of biblical propotions and yet we are only just starting this month so what’s it store for us.

  2. Argh! The more this type of ‘politics’ pops its head up – the more I want to either a. live in a bunker or b. live on a remote island. Either is acceptable lol

  3. Know what you mean – nothing is ever as it seems & this is no exception. Loads of grubs will be rubbing their greedy mitts waiting for the go ahead to make some more money for the super rich. No wonder Charlie was 1 of the first on the scene – he & ‘mummy’ probably stand to make the most I expect.

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