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  2. Intriguing, especially in light of current advice to watch other anti-inflammatory drugs for toxic reactions. Aspirin was advised to be the healthier alternative. hmmm.

  3. Bloody hell am I glad that I read that because I have been taking asprin since having an heart attack whilst being in very close proximity.to a Tetra mast .

  4. I don’t think overdose had anything to do with it. It’s more likely that bringing down fever had much to do with the spread. Fever is a natural reaction of the body’s immune system mobilizing to kill the virus. Bringing down fever allows the virus to proliferate without opposition because the rest of the immune system is also crippled; fever is only the visible sign and symptom of the immune response.
    It’s also likely malnutrition had much to do with the spread and deadly results.

  5. I’ve looked at further reading on this. Looks like Spanish ‘Flu WAS deadly but when aspirin became widely available it exacerbated the problem and the death toll rocketed. This due to the extremely high dose of aspirin being recommended. The problem doesn’t appear to have been CAUSED by it but when treated with it, it doubled the death rate. In those days, and these days as well, it could’ve been put down to “complications”

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