4 comments on “NAPAC….

  1. Very understandable & valid question I think. As is what ties all these people together, because this is not a ‘lone wolf’ operation clearly is it?
    Some with a history of being in the media, but not for good reasons.
    The un-great pretenders.

  2. Hey Outlaw – did you get a reply yet? If NAPAC are to be believed a credible charity then they should be a little more discerning when it comes to who they allow to advertise their cause, after all, anyone who does this will be seen to be acting as their agent. Not a good thing in some obvious cases eh?
    Speaking of that blog, wasn’t the owner in collusion with Cletus Spuckler the ugly fecker? He seems to be a bit quiet atm too, wonder why that could be? Maybe he’s been washed away with the tide, wonder if a lifeguard will save him Anyway, isn’t it nice when there’s silence? I notice Moaney Whiney has gone all undercover too haha.

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