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  1. Ahh another piece of evidence of ‘malicious communication’. 2 short planks have more intelligence. Makes a change from him threatening to break womens fingers I suppose (have screen grabs of his violent threats to women too). Such a tough little ‘hard man’.

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing – I’d say it was synchronicity, only I think this particular grub leaves most people with the same impression

  3. P.S. I’m told he’s giving out personal info of 1 of his own family members. After getting so sobby about his new found (old found) friend giving his out on the www – how bizarre! – you know the incident that he STILL knowingly falsely blames you for, but the EVIDENCE shows different. Doh!

  4. Yeah, saw that tweet from Monad Time when he sent it. Couldn’t quite believe it (so I took a screenshot too). What the hell is wrong with him?
    Hope you’re ok Jimmy. Keep us updated.

    • I will, the Outlaw is one of the few places they do not try and harass me. They know that their IP numbers are displayed. They prefer the cowardly option of hiding on Twitter with the other freaks they attract. Quite a sad and empty existance really, no real life and obsessing about Childhood Abuse on Twitter 24/7. So destructive and soul-destroyingly morbid… but more people are noticing their tricks now, muddying the waters by attacking anyone with a genuine voice…

  5. Where do the trolls end and the misguided souls begin? It’s difficult for people to tell sometimes. But it must be clear to all by now that MonadTime is obsessed with you and seems to think anyone who questions him is you or one of your “troll team”. It’s all he goes on about…and he does go on.
    Almost like a “vendetta”
    Good luck dealing with these idiots and please keep us updated.

    • Thank You. I shall of course not stop identifying these ‘people’.

      They may start to target this site soon as they may wake up to the fact that not everybody lives on Twitter.

      They cannot stop people reading…. :)

  6. And 37 failed attempts to hack the site by one of them won’t either – but is in incredibly helpful for EVIDENCE purposes

  7. Oh dear, it’s not looking good for certain people and their intimidation tactics is it?
    Some of them I do believe are too thick to know that they are being menacing, however, there are certain people – including people being prompted by other people behind the scenes – who are fully in control of their contrived bullying. It is very calculated isn’t it?
    I imagine these people are disappointed right about now, disappointed that there is no court date, disappointed that you haven’t gone anywhere, disappointed that what they wanted to achieve has failed so spectacularly.
    So to you bullies out there – carry on making your stupid vids, because they are so stupid they are almost entertaining. Oh yes if you do want to continue styling yourself on certain gay TV hosts then you need to be much oranger darrrrling. Even then you are just too ugly, ugly inside and ugly outside in fact you remind me of Cletus Spuckler.
    Ah good, Onwards and Upwards Outlaw

  8. I have not been on Twitter in some time as I cannot be doing with the current backstabbing, but I almost feel it worth going back there to attempt to bring down in flames this sad excuse for a human being. I would object most strongly to being referred to as a ‘sock’, and would love to be able to somehow prove to his ‘followers’ that this idiot is completely delusional. However I think that he – and they – are too far gone for any kind of remonstration, they just keep flogging that same dead horse. Oh dear

  9. Think you are spot on there Mildred. ♫ Like a puppet on a string ♫. When the strings are cut, who lands flat on their ugly wooden faces – not the puppet master? The dumb puppets of course. But being so dumb, the puppets haven’t figured out the glaringly obvious just yet. Tut! Never mind, reap what you sow as they say :)

  10. ‘Reap what you sow’ – yes exactly Jane! I can’t wait for the day that old Cletus Spuckler the ugly Fecker falls on his mush – can’t get much uglier. Oh and as for his constant whining about his friend and lover who looks like his mutha he makes even me ill – you’d want to make sure you didn’t have that certain whiff that gonorrhoea gives off eh? Certain chemically smells can disguise so much, pity photos don’t have the natural aroma of the subject, you can tell a lot about a person from how they smell – Toliet Duck anyone?

  11. I hear the pretend friend of a pretend Chartered Psychologist is joining in now. Knew that 1 was as kosher as it’s 10-20 year out of date photo on it’s profile. Oh dear, another one to add to the evidence list.

  12. I have received notification via my email that Twitter Ades (1 day they will find a cure) is still including me in conversations with his crazy rantings of abuse & lies with someone else who has obviously seen right through him too – not difficult is it, seeing as he is the biggest numpty most people have had the misfortune to encounter.
    More evidence for the Police though – DOH & double DOH. I see sanctions in his future. Both lawful & benefit related

    • I get those notifications too, from Ades and others in the Crazy Gang(stalkers) retweeting things I said months ago. It must be so obvious to people now that they have an altogether different agenda than the prevention of Child Abuse.

      When did the abusers become the voice of the abused.

      The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum that is Twitter.

  13. Now with my ‘lovely’ new stalker via FB inbox from the crazy gang, they are obviously in a bit of a manic panic.

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